My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 107: Victor meets the in-laws.

I open my eyes and find myself in a dense forest with big trees.

Huh? Where am I? I remember being with my wife… That was my first thought.

”Sniff, Sniff. Somebody help me, Mommy, Daddy…. ” I hear the sound of a child crying, I try to move my body in search of that child, but I can ’t move.

My field of vision drops a little, and I see something that surprises me.

Why is my hand so small like a child?

Wait… Let ’s take it easy, I ’m sure I wasn ’t kidnapped. After our time together, I remember sleeping next to Violet, that I can be sure of.

This feeling… I remember going through something similar in the past…

…Oh, my wives ’ memories, that ’s the same feeling I had when I went into my wives ’ memories…

Am I in Violet ’s memory?

But why can ’t I move like before?

”Sniff, Sniff. Help me, Daddy…. ” The child looked around, and, for the first time, I could see that she was in a dense forest, under a hidden tree, and I could feel her feelings of fear.

Despite wanting so much to cry, she was holding back since she didn ’t want to show weakness.

Suddenly, I hear the noise of branches being broken.

The child ’s small body trembled, and she felt like crying, ”D-Dog? ”

She couldn ’t speak proper words, but she was terrified of this word.

The sound of branches breaking started to increase, and it looked like someone was approaching her.

”Hiii! ” The girl hid behind the big tree, her eyes were glowing blood red, and she was muttering as she put her little hands together, ”Fire, Fire… ” She was trying to use her power, but it didn ’t seem to be working.

The sound of footsteps seemed to be closer than ever, and, realizing that there was no way to face the threat, the girl hid in a very dark part of the tree and put her hand over her mouth.

”Tsk, I got lost again, this is getting old, should I ask my dad to buy me a map? At least I wouldn ’t get lost so easily. ”

The dog she was waiting for did not come, but a child…

That ’s ME!?

A boy with blue eyes and black hair, wearing clothes that looked like a kid ’s suit, and he had an annoyed expression on his face.

”Oh, a big tree. I think this will serve as a place to spend the night. Knowing my mother, she must be causing a stir right now at the party because I disappeared. ”

The boy approaches the tree very confidently and sits in the part where the moonlight is most visible.

He leans against the tree lazily and looks at the moon, and smiles, ”Ah~. It ’s a beautiful night, a beautiful night indeed…. ”

Suddenly the boy ’s expression turns to an annoyed one, and he looks at his arm.

”Tsk, I hurt myself. I think it must have happened when I was walking through the woods. ”

… Is that me? Huh? Did I have this attitude as a child!? I do not remember!

”What a good smell…. ” Suddenly the little girl started getting thirsty, and I could feel an insatiable thirst in my throat.

Crack, Crack!

Unconsciously, the little girl put so much force on the tree trunk that the trunk cracked a little, and that sound seemed to alert my younger self.

”Who ’s there!? ” The boy quickly gets up from the tree and looks around for the noise of the sound.

The little girl feels her heart beating very fast, ”What do I do? What do I do? What do I do? ” She started to panic.

”Mommy and Daddy told me not to talk to strangers… ” The girl hid again.

”But…that delicious smell… ”

”Oh? Who are you? ” Suddenly the little girl hears a voice beside her.

”Hiii! ” She jumped back in fear.

”Oh, it ’s just a child. ” The boy seemed to smile in relief when the moonlight bathed the little girl and allowed him to see her appearance. my younger self looked at the child with his mouth open in surprise, then he exhibited a gentle smile:

”Correction… It ’s a beautiful little girl. ”

”… ” The little girl got slightly red in the face.

”Hmm, you look like you were crying? Is everything all right? ”

”Hmm… Hmm… Well… ” She didn ’t know what to say for a moment. Her heart was panicking, and her mind was spinning so much, she couldn ’t form a train of thought.

”Hmm, do you have problems communicating? ”

The little girl ’s face turned even redder. ”A-Aren ’t you scared? ”

”Scared? For what? ” The boy looked quite confused.

”Eye glowing…Fangs… ” She pointed to herself.

”Hmm… ” The boy put his hand on his chin, stared at her face as if he was thinking about something deeply, and looked at the eyes of the little girl and her fangs.

”Eyes shining… Fangs… ”

”Hmmm… ”

”Fangs… ”

The girl swallowed a little saliva when she saw the boy ’s gaze, and her heart began to beat faster because of the fear of being rejected again by the humans.

”I ’m not, actually. You look even more beautiful with those eyes and fangs. ” Suddenly the boy spoke.

”Eh? ”

”Hahahaha~. Your expression of surprise is quite cute. ”

”C-Cute. ”

”No need to think too much, just Smile~, Smile~, ” He touched his face and made a gesture of smiling.

”S-Smile? ”

”Yes, a crying face doesn ’t suit you. I think you ’ll look prettier if you smile more. ”

”Oh… ” She didn ’t know what to say.

”Hahahaha, my mother said that regardless of the situation I find myself in, I always have a smile on my face. ”

”Eh? ” She didn ’t seem to understand why he ’d suddenly mentioned his mother.

”Like now, I ’m scared to death, but if I have a smile on my face, everything will be fine, right? ”

”I do not know…? ”

”Hahaha, don ’t think too much, come, come! Let ’s go together. ” my younger self suddenly approaches the girl and takes her hand, and soon he starts pulling her and taking her somewhere.

”H-Eh? ” The girl didn ’t understand, and she just looked at the back of my younger self, confused, ”W-Where are you taking me? ”

Suddenly the boy turns and smiles gently:

”It ’s easier to get through this situation together, right? And I would feel bad afterwards if only I was rescued. Come on, let ’s stay in that tree until dawn! Knowing my mom, she must be looking for me now, hahahahaha~. ”

”O-Oh… ” Somehow the girl started to be influenced by the boy ’s words and exhibited a small smile on her face as she held the boy ’s hand a little tighter.

Crack, Crack!

Suddenly the world shattered like a mirror, and soon I woke up in the room where I slept with my wife, Violet.

”… Well, that was a weird memory… ”

I look up at the bedroom ceiling with deep thoughts.

And to think that I was like that when I was younger… I don ’t remember much about my childhood. After all, I was a kid, few people remember things that happened in childhood, and I was definitely not one of them.

But… I close my eyes and try to recall something from my childhood.

And as always… Nothing appears.

No info, no clue, no memory, nothing…


But… Is that what Violet meant in the past when she said that she had been watching me for a long time?

This encounter must have activated the personality of my wife that I love so much.

But I think this brief encounter may not have been enough to activate my wife ’s personality; something else must have happened…

”Hmmm… ” Hearing a noise, I opened my eyes and looked at my wife, who was lying on top of me the way she came into the world while hugging me.

I felt a warm sensation entering my chest, and soon I displayed a gentle smile while I started stroking her head.

”Hehehe, Darling~ ” She displayed a happy smile and hugged me tighter and seemed to be talking in her sleep. She is probably having a good dream.

A sweet feeling and a possessive feeling started to grow inside me when I saw the smiling figure of my wife.

Ahh~, I really love my wife, I love her very, very, very much~.

Feeling my caresses, Violet ’s eyes slowly start to open.

”… Darling… ”

”Good morning, my wife. ”

”Hehehe~ ”

Seeing her goofy smile, my heart seems to have received an intense charge of sweetness. She is so cute!

Unconsciously, I move my face closer to hers and kiss her mouth.

”Hmm? ” She looked surprised for a moment, but then she returned my kiss.

But the kiss doesn ’t last for long, as Violet suddenly gets up and sits on my waist, and then, with her cheeks a little red and breathing a little wild, she said:

”Darling~, let ’s continue~. I want more~. ”

My brain froze for a few seconds when I saw this vision, the sight of my wife sitting on my waist the way she came into the world and speaking those words took a critical blow to my heart.

”Heh~. It already seems to be ready. ” Violet ’s sneaky hand touched my hardness.

She gets up a little and sits on top of my hardness as she starts teasing me.

”Tell me, Darling, do you want me? Do you wanna eat me~? ”

My smile grew, ”My wife is definitely a perverted woman. ”

”You don ’t like it…? ” She displayed a seductive little smile.

”You ’re wrong. ” I move suddenly and toss Violet on the bed.

”Heh? ”

I caressed Violet ’s face, ”I love it when my wife is a pervert. ”

”Darling~ ” Violet jumps on top of me again, and I fall back onto the bed.

”We ’re going to have another kind of battle, but this time, I ’m on top! ” Her eyes were glowing blood red.

”Hah! Never! I ’m on top. ”

”…So this is a war. ” Violet ’s smile grew, her teeth sharpened, and a dangerous aura began to leave her body.

”Oh? ” Victor ’s smile grew like Violet ’s.

”This war, I will not lose~. ”

”Let ’s see if that ’s true. ”


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