My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 121: A proposal from the king.

was going to say she was kind, but Scathach just punched him in the stomach.

”Cough. ” Victor had his breath escape his lungs for a few seconds.

”You ’re talking too much, stupid disciple. ” Scathach ’s eyes glittered dangerously.

”Well, you guys seem to have a good relationship. ”

”…Y-Yes. ” When he caught his breath, he said, ”I love Scathach so much. ” He displayed a gentle smile.

”…W-Wh. ” Scathach was taken by surprise.

”HAHAHAHAHA! ” The king laughed even louder when he saw Scathach ’s confused face.

A vein popped in Scathach ’s head, ”Stop laughing! I ’ll kill you! ”

”I invite you to try. Many have tried in the past, none have succeeded, HAHAHAHAHA~! ”

”… ” Just what is this chaos? Am I dreaming? Maybe the sun is rising in the west? Or perhaps even Hell has frozen over?

The princes and princesses were still trying to process what was going on in front of them.

Despite being born with the best genes, their information-processing ability was currently worse than an ant.

”T-This Mother fucker. ” Scathach wasn ’t happy at all.

Is this that bloodthirsty woman who destroyed an entire country? Huh? 

”Oya, Oya? ” Victor flashed a sly smile, ”Master is making that face-. ”

Scathach quickly grabbed her disciple ’s head, ”Continue, and I promise you, tomorrow you ’ll wake up at the bottom of the Bermuda Triangle. ”

”…But I can breathe underwater… ”

”Tsk. ”

Crack, Crack!

Victor ’s head started to crack.

Victor broke out in a cold sweat, ’she ’s going to kill me before she throws me into the Bermuda Triangle! ’

Not wanting to provoke his master any further, Victor said:

”Yes, Yes. I ’ll stop, okay? ” He really didn ’t want to wake up somewhere unfamiliar tomorrow. And, knowing his master, she was really going to do as she said.

Scathach let go of Victor ’s face.


”I really thought I was going to die. ” He was honest.

”You are going through some difficult situations, Victor. ”

”… ” Again, the king ’s sons and even the king ’s servant were shocked.

’Our father only calls someone he recognizes by name. ’ That ’s what they thought, even some of his kids, he doesn ’t even call by name.

And upon realizing this, feelings of envy and hatred began to brew in some of the king ’s sons.

’And why is this boy not treating the king with respect!? Have some respect! He ’s the king, you know!? ’ The second and third princes thought.

On the other hand… The king ’s eldest daughter thought differently.

’Interesting… Interesting… I need to know more about him~. ’

Elizabeth looked at her sister with an uncomfortable look. She didn ’t like seeing her sister like that because she knows that when her sister is like that, normally things never end well.

”Hmm? Not really. ” Victor replied.

”Oh? ”

”I ’m used to it, she ’s always like that. ”

”I see. ” The king ’s eyes stared at Scathach.

”You found someone interesting, little girl. ”

Scathach raises an eyebrow since she felt that phrase had several meanings:

”Thanks? ”

”…For someone so old, you are really as dense as a black hole when it comes to your own feelings. ”

”Huh? ”

”Forget it. ”

”Anyway. ” The king ’s voice was suddenly serious.

”Originally, I wanted to bring you here to see what kind of man married the heiresses of Clan Fulger, Snow, and Scarlett. ”

”… Eh? ” That was the reaction of the princes, then all the princes except the first and the second one looked at Victor with unveiled hatred.

”Oh? ” Victor ’s smile grew. He wasn ’t someone who ran from conflict. The king was someone he had no chance of winning against; that much was obvious. But what about his children?

One thing Victor was sure of was that he could easily win against the third and fourth princes. They reeked of weakness, but did Victor care? Of course not. He just wanted someone to play with, and these two seemed to have some feelings for his wives, and that was a big ’NO ’ for Victor.

Seeing Victor direct his crazy smile in their direction while also remembering the earlier feeling of oppression, the third and fourth princes broke out in cold sweat.

’Forget it. It ’s not worth it. There are a lot of fish in the sea, let ’s forget about it. ’ The two thought at the same time.

”Tsk, cowards. ” Victor was disappointed and soon lost interest.

”Did you call us just for that? ” Scathach asked.

”Yes. ” He displayed a small smile.

”… ” Scathach wanted to punch that old man in the face.

Well, the king wasn ’t honest. Initially, he had thought the three clans were uniting and planning a revolt or something along those lines. However, from what he found out through his subordinates and seeing Scathach and Victor in person, he understood that this wasn ’t the case.

”Originally, that was my plan, but I changed my mind. ” The king looked at Victor.

”Victor. ”

”Yes? ” Victor looked at the king.

”Don ’t you want to be a noble vampire? ”


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