My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 125: Sanguis noctis regis.

”Ugh… ” Victor put his hand on his head as if he had a headache. Hearing an old man laugh in his head was not something pleasant.

”Hmm? What was it, Victor? ”

”It ’s nothing-… ” Victor looked at Scathach and suddenly opened his mouth in shock; ’was she always this beautiful? ’

Long hair as red as blood itself, blood red eyes, pale skin like all vampires, defined face that held a gentle little smile. She was the perfect image of a blood beauty.

A duality of beauty and danger. Scathach now appeared absolutely stunning to Victor.

”Victor…? ”

”!!! ” Victor woke up from his stupor and quickly shook his head over and over, ’Fuck, now that I think about the possibility of a possible future relationship, the thought doesn ’t leave my head. ’

Victor looked toward the king, ”I accepted, now what? ” He decided to finish all this soon.

”…? ” Scathach didn ’t understand Victor ’s reaction, but she didn ’t mind so much. She was used to his oddness.

”Hahaha~, no need to hurry. ” The king could no longer stand it and laughed.

Veins started to pop on Victor ’s head:

”Fuck you, this is your fault! You don ’t know the size of the problem you put on my shoulders! One small mistake and a catastrophe the size of a nuclear bomb could happen, you know!? ”

Victor understood very well the personalities of his wives, and especially Scathach…

And even though he loves these personalities very much, he knows these personalities are quite… explosive. He doesn ’t want to make a mistake that can cause unimaginable damage.

He wasn ’t worried about the damage around him. Instead, he was worried about the damage it could cause to his and his wives ’ relationship. He knew the current peace in his relationships was due to Violet, Sasha, and Ruby ’s status as childhood friends. And, only because of that do they understand each other.

Victor completely ignored the day Violet tried to kill Sasha… As expected, his brain works in convenient ways…

Hearing what Victor said, Alexios ’ eyebrows quivered a lot.

”Kid- ”


”Eh…? ” Alexios was going to ask Victor to show respect toward the king, but he didn ’t expect the king to ignore what Victor said.

”You ’ll be fine, Victor. ”

Victor narrowed his eyes, ”Why do you say that like you ’re 100% sure? ”

”Well… in the past, I was like you. At least you don ’t have to deal with a woman who wants to destroy the world. So it ’s okay, it ’s okay~, you can handle it. I ’ll even give you my blessings in this long relationship. After all, this little girl is like a daughter to me. ”

”… ” Scathach and Alexios looked at the two men with strange eyes. When did the two men become so close? And why are they talking in codes?

”…Why did the conversation escalate from 0 to 100 so fast? Destroy the world? Huh? ”

”You ’re imagining things, don ’t worry. ” Vlad smiled, and inside, he thought;

’With that, he has two crazy women to deal with. Now he won ’t have time to interact with my beloved daughters, good… ’

The king received some very interesting information from his subordinates. Natashia, Victor ’s mother-in-law, was killing all the insects in her house while saying something about husband this, husband that, my daughter ’s husband, etc.

It doesn ’t take a genius to find out who she ’s talking about.

Upon receiving this information, Vlad thought of a plan. The plan was very simple. Throw all the problems at his new ’friend ’.

And he also wanted to help this little girl grow up too.

At the end of the day, he was the king, and the king ’s job is to make his servants happy!

But that was just an excuse he gave himself, and the real reason was:

The king was a very overprotective man with his daughters…

And seeing Ophis interacting with Victor made him very jealous and scared. ’What if my daughter grows up and wants to be with him? Hell no! I do not approve! ’

Despite being king of an entire race… He was still a doting father.

”Sigh… ” Victor had never felt tired of dealing with someone before.

”Well, back to business. Look… ” Vlad looked at Alexios.

”Yes, master. ” Understanding his master ’s intentions, Alexios snapped his finger.

And like magic, a vast map appeared.

Victor looked at the map with a curious look. He saw that the map appeared to illustrate the areas of this world. He could even see that forest where he met the strange gorilla and tree. ’Thinking about it, I promised I would visit them, huh? ’

”The Nightingale map. ”

”Yes. The area that is in red is my territory. ”

Victor looked at the red area on the map, ”This is so small… ” He muttered. He thought the king ’s territory would be bigger.

He saw that on the map, the territories were marked according to the name of each respective Clan of the Vampire Counts. He also noticed that Clan Adrasteia was very far from the capital.

Seeing how small his friend ’s territory was, he understood something.

’They ’re acting as the first line of defense for this country, huh… Now I understand why she invited me to go to her territory. She probably wanted to show me these monsters. She can ’t talk about them, but she can show it? I guess. ’ Victor tried to deduce Eleonor ’s motives.

”Yes… ”

The king made a slightly annoyed expression, ”A few millennia ago, when I found this world and decided to create a country here, I thought that conquering this world would be smooth, but I ran into unexpected problems. ”

”Oh? ” Problems that even the vampire king couldn ’t handle? This is interesting…

Victor ’s curiosity was piqued.

The image changed, and soon several monster-looking creatures appeared.

”This world was being inhabited by these kinds of creatures. Creatures of the night who were the original inhabitants of this world. ”

”… ” Scathach was silent throughout the whole conversation. She didn ’t have much to add. She already knew all this, and she just couldn ’t tell her disciple this before because of a special magical contract she signed.

”Heh~, even you can ’t handle these monsters? ” Victor looked at the monsters with curiosity. He saw that the monsters had many different shapes.

”Hmm? ” The king looked at Victor, ”It ’s easy for me. ”

”…Huh? ” Victor didn ’t understand.

”The weak are easy to deal with, I can kill thousands easily. The problem lies with the leaders of these monsters. ”

The image changed, and soon Victor could see the appearance of a gigantic creature. It had a rather disturbing shape, with several heads and tails that look like the monster ’s arms?

Victor couldn ’t describe what kind of creature he was seeing.

”Elder Gods, that ’s what they call themselves… ”

”The number of leaders? Unknown. ”

”The number of subordinates of these leaders? Unknown. ”

”Do these monsters have intelligence? Unknown. ”

The king began listing several things he didn ’t know about the enemy.

”… ” Victor ’s smile only grew and grew every time he heard what the king said. He also understood something: ’This old man is useless. In all these years, he doesn ’t know anything about the enemy? Impossible. He doesn ’t seem that incompetent, so he ’s definitely hiding something. ’

Seeing Victor ’s smile, the king thought: ’… As I thought, he ’s like her. It looks like I made the right decision. ’ He displayed a small, imperceptible smile.

”I fought one of their leaders once. It was an uphill battle, but I was able to win relatively easily. ”

The image changed to the king on top of a gigantic monster. He seemed to have won the fight.

”The problem starts to get more complicated now. ”

”Look. ”

The king snapped his finger, and then the image changed,

The monster the king defeated began to regenerate and come back to life.

”…An enemy who is truly immortal. ” Victor ’s eyes gleamed with interest. He felt it would be nice to have these monsters as a punching bag.

’I knew he was hiding something. Well, at least he was honest and spoke. ’

”Yes, but… I do not believe these monsters have true immortality.

”Oh? Explain. ”

”My theory is that there is some device or someone who is resurrecting these leaders when they die. ”

”After all, I ’m sure that during my fight, I completely destroyed the monster ’s soul, and as you know, the soul is the anchor of life in the physical body. If your soul is destroyed, immortal or not, you will die…. Well, that was what was supposed to happen. ”

”Hmm… ” Victor was thoughtful.

Vlad looks at Alexios, his subordinate.

Understanding the master ’s intentions, he said, ”Yes, Master. ” Soon he started walking towards somewhere.

”That explains why the vampire counts have powers split as if you were preparing for war. ”

”You noticed, huh? ”

”Actually, it was pretty obvious… If anyone with even the slightest knowledge of war strategy knew about the Counts, and the way you divided the powers, they would deduce it. ”

Victor elaborated, ”Snow is responsible for internal policy and is responsible for securing possible allies. Fulger takes care of food and household matters, while Adrasteia and Scarlett take care of defense and offense. ”

”But… ” Victor looked at his master since he was sure she didn ’t have any subordinates.

”Yes…I originally intended this little girl to raise an army… But. ” The king looked at Scathach.

”Humpf, an army? I, alone, am enough. I don ’t want anyone to delay me! ” Scathach snorted and turned away.

It ’s not like she didn ’t try to have subordinates in the past. It ’s just that Scathach had had bad experiences with subordinates in the past.

”Sigh… ” The two sighed at the same time.

Victor and Vlad could understand Scathach ’s feelings. But in a war, and especially in a large-scale war, that luxury was not possible. Having subordinates is useful in situations like this.

”… A question, ” Victor spoke.

”Which is? ”

”Why are you offering this to me? I don ’t understand. I just got here, and I ’m a vampire who, from your perspective, is still a baby. ” Victor was quite skeptical about the king ’s motive.

”…Huh? ” The king thought he was suddenly deaf, so he looked at Scathach, who was clearly to blame for all of this.

”You didn ’t explain anything to him? ”

”Well… I didn ’t want him to grow arrogant. So because of that, I hid it. ”

”Make sense… ” The king thought that was a good reason.

”… ” Victor ’s eyes narrowed, ”What are you talking about? ”

”Victor, you know about your blood, right? ”

”Yes. Rh Null Blood, a rare blood type in the human world, and in the vampire world, they are considered a delicacy, called The Golden Blood. ”

”Yes, you are correct. ” Vlad nodded in satisfaction, ”But, you don ’t know everything. ”

Using his fingernail, Vlad made a small cut on his hand, and a scene that shocked Victor took place.

Vlad ’s blood began to move as if it were alive.

”In the past, thousands of years ago, the oldest vampires called this blood another name… ”

Vlad created a small blood dagger and held it in his hand:

”Sanguis Noctis Regis… Or rather: The Blood of the Night King ”

”And just like you, I also have this blood running through my veins. ”


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