My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 136: They provoke the wrong monsters. 2

he tapped the prince on the shoulder, ”Congratulations, you ’ve just acquired two Scathach ’s as an enemy. ” Then he walked towards the exit.

”… ” The prince wasn ’t happy about it at all. ”Tsk, just forget it, he can ’t do anything right now anyway, and not even Scathach would dare attack me… ” He was silent.

Suddenly the memory of a woman torturing/training him appeared in his mind…

For a moment, his face darkened a lot when he thought that there would be two existences like that woman.

”Well… ” He looked at Victor with eyes glowing blood red, ”I just have to change my plans. ”

After the incident, Victor was sitting in his room on a couch, and Ruby was lying with her head on his lap.

Sasha was resting against his side, and Violet was leaning over the backrest of the couch.

She was sucking Victor ’s blood.

They were watching television.

”Yesterday, Count Alucard, and Countess Scarlett attacked and completely destroyed… ”

”Wow, they sure are fast… ” Victor spoke as he stroked Ruby ’s red hair.

”Well, you were very flashy… ” Sasha looked at the television and saw the place that was once the domicile of Clan Amon that was left with nothing but small burn marks.

”That is a level of destruction only my mom and I could do. As expected from Darling~! ” Violet stopped sucking Victor ’s blood and spoke.

”You are more amazing. ” Victor praised.

”Hehehe~ ” Violet laughed, then she went back to sucking Victor ’s blood.

”Hmm… Come to think of it now, I ’ve never seen you guys fight properly. ”

”… ” An uncomfortable silence fell in the room.

”Umu? ” Victor looked at his wives.

Ruby sat up a little and said, ”Darling… You won ’t let us fight. ”

”Eh…? ”

”Violet and Ruby and I have improved a lot compared to the past, but… You don ’t let us fight… ”

”…Hmmm. ” Victor put his hand on his chin and started to think:

”But I never forbade you from fighting. ”

”… ” Violet bit Victor ’s neck harder.

”Ouch. ” Victor pretended it hurt.

”Darling, it ’s not that you forbade us from fighting, it ’s that you always jump into battle first and take all the enemies for yourself. ” Ruby lay down on Victor ’s lap again and accepted Victor ’s caresses.

”Oh… ” Victor thought it made sense. Even in the last invasion, he did something like that.

”In that case, the gift that Scathach and I prepared for you could be quite useful… ” Victor flashed a small smile.

”Hmm? ” Violet looked at Victor. She stopped sucking his blood and licked his neck like she didn ’t want to leave a drop.

”My Mother? ” Ruby looked at Victor.

”Yes. ” Victor chuckled as he patted Ruby ’s head.

”… ” Ruby started to think about this supposed gift, and soon she opened her eyes wide, ”Are you talking about those Assassins? ”

”Yes, although they are not on the same level as the king ’s shadows, they are quite strong. So you can use them as punching bags. ”

”… Punching bags, huh? ” Ruby, Sasha, and Violet all exhibited big sadistic smiles. They didn ’t like those Assassins one bit, who dared to try to kill Victor and broke into their house.

”Oh? I like those smiles, hahahaha~. ”

”… ” The three hid their faces.

”Hahahahaha~ ” He laughed even more when he saw his wives ’ slightly red faces.

Although, Violet was having an easier time. After all, she was on Victor ’s back, and she believed he couldn ’t see her behind him… Little did she know that he could see her through the mirror in the bedroom.

”But it ’s a shame you guys can ’t use the punching bags, ” Victor spoke.

”…Oh, today is the day we return, ” Ruby spoke.

”Yes… ” Victor exhibited a gentle little smile, ”I will be able to see my mother again… And my father, of course. ”

”… Why was your father forgotten? ” Violet asked as she stopped drinking Victor ’s blood and licked the area where she ’d bitten.

”Well, that old man, he ’s forgettable, Hahahaha~, but I love my dad so much. ”

”If you love him, don ’t forget! ” The three spoke.

”Hahahaha~, he probably won ’t mind, it ’s just that kind of relationship that we have. ”

”… that ’s weird. ” As the three girls didn ’t have a father very present in their lives for different reasons. They didn ’t understand Victor ’s relationship with his father.

Ruby had her father killed by her mother.

Sasha had a parasitic and useless father.

Violet has a father who was always very sick and always sleeping.

”Hmm, if I tried to explain it in words, my dad and I have the relationship of friends who watch movies, and at the same time, he ’s my dad, and I ’m his son. ”

”Huh…? ”

”Hmm, it ’s like, my dad is my friend, and my dad at the same time, we have a Bros relationship. ”

”…? ” They haven ’t understood yet.


”Just forget it. ” He was bad at explaining too.

”Oh, by the way, who ’s going home with me? ”

”Of course, it will be the three of us, Kaguya, Natalia, and Maria, ” Violet replied.

”Oh… And Yuki? ”

”Well, her contract with you ended… ” Violet continued.

”Oh, that ’s too bad… ” Victor felt that Yuki ’s existence was more like a clumsy little sister than a maid to him. ”Will she return to her house? ” he asked.

”Yes, she will be in Hilda ’s care. ”

”Hilda? ”

”The Chief maid of my Clan. ”

”Oh. ” Victor didn ’t mind too much since he just asked out of curiosity.

”Anyway, we should go. ” When Victor was about to ask Ruby to get up from his lap, Sasha yelled.

”Wait, Darling! You forgot something! ”

”What? ” He looked at Sasha.

”Your appearance! How are you going to explain to your mother all these changes!? You ’re 195 cm tall now, you know? And your eyes are blood red! The puberty excuse won ’t help now! ”

”…Oh. ” Victor, Ruby, and Violet totally forgot about it.


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