My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 139: Victor returned home.

Current location, somewhere in New York.

A man with black hair and black eyes, wearing a shirt depicting an anime girl, was running desperately. He was a rather tall man, around 180 cm tall.

”What did I do to deserve this!? What did I do to deserve this!? ” He repeated the same phrases over and over as he ran through the alleys very nimbly.

”Wait! ” He heard a woman ’s voice. In a normal situation, the man would be happy to be called by a woman, but in this situation? He just got more scared!

”HIII! ” He ran faster and started dropping trash in an attempt to hinder the woman.

”Ugh, he ’s too fast for a normal human. ” The woman was upset. ”Tsk, there ’s no way. ” The woman seemed to take something out of her pocket and say:

”Oh, Takemikazuchi, lend me the power of your lightning. ”

Rumble, Rumble.

”…!? ” The man looked back and saw the woman being covered by lightning.

”What the fuck is this!? ” This only made the man more scared, and, using a very impressive dexterity, he seems to walk on the wall and suddenly jumps on a fire escape.

”Hahahaha, Altair, your teachings were not in vain! ” Soon he started climbing the stairs.

He looked like a man quite experienced in the art of Parkour.

”…This kid is quite talented, Stupid Disciple. ” The woman heard an aged voice.

”Shut up, Master. ”

Rumble, Rumble.

The woman disappeared, and only a golden trail was left behind.

The man climbed up the building and looked down, ”Sigh, did I lose her? ”

”Did you finally give up? ”

”AHHHH! ” He freaked out like hell and quickly climbed to the edge of the building.

”Wait…- ” The woman seemed to want to say something.

But the man interrupts her saying, ”Look, if it were a normal situation, I would be excited to be chased by a hot Japanese Milf, but you ’re scary as hell! ”

”Huh!? ” A vein popped in the woman ’s head. She didn ’t like the man ’s rude attitude.

”Hiii! ” The man seemed to have stumbled, ”Eh-? ” He slipped from the building! If he falls from that height, he will die!

”Ah…Wait! You will fall! ” The woman used the lightning and appeared in front of the man, but, when she went to take the man ’s hand, she suddenly saw the smile on the man ’s face.

As the man fell off of the building, he suddenly turned in midair and fell backwards right into a Dumpster.

”Ouch, it doesn ’t work the same in games, it still hurts… Luckily this Dumpster had just regular garbage, if there was anything else, I ’d be fucked. ” He got out of the Dumpster and started running.

”Oh? This boy is awesome. ” Suddenly an old man ’s spirit appeared beside the woman.

”…Did he plan this? ” The woman was stunned, ”Is he really a normal human? ”

”Yes, he is a normal human. I don ’t feel any power of the creatures of the night in him… He ’s just a bit dumb. ” After all, what kind of human jumps into a Dumpster without knowing what ’s inside? Is he crazy?

”… Interesting. ” Somehow the woman seemed to be interested in the man.

”Sigh… ” The man sighed in relief when he realized he had lost the woman.

”Damn, this is all happening because I took that damn spear. I should have ignored that shit! ”

The man wondered why all this was happening to him.

On a beautiful day, on a sunny day, a man wearing an anime girl shirt was going out after buying several divine games called ’Eroge ’. As he was a greedy and wasteful man, he spent all his salary on games, but he was okay! It was all for the greater good!

He could handle eating Ramen for an entire month!

”I ’m melting… ” He looked like a melted slug.

Everything was normal that day until the moment he felt something calling him. As he was a curious man, he didn ’t think about anything and just followed his instinct. His instincts led him to an alley, and in that alley, an extremely suspicious spear was standing there.

If he were a normal person, that person would ignore this extremely suspicious spear and would go on with his life, but the man was not a normal person.

”Wait… Isn ’t this the kind of situation that if I take it, my life will change? ” As a good man of culture, he was already aware of the situation he was in.

Eyes gleaming with adventure, he picked up the spear…

”… ” He waited, and he waited…

But nothing happened…

”As expected, nothing happened, I ’m dreaming too much… Sigh. ”

The man assessed the spear and realized that it looked like a rather old spear. ”Whatever, I ’ll just take it home and put it as a decoration or something. ”

And that was the worst decision he made that day. Suddenly that night, when he was stroking his goose, several men wearing priest ’s clothes arrived at his house, used some kind of weird power, and erased his memory. They also took the spear.

But if they erased his memory, how does he remember that? Simple, that Japanese Milf restored his memory.

Because of the shock of having restored his memory, he did what every normal person would do; he ran like crazy.

Coming out of his memories, he said:

”But that woman… She sure is hot… ” As he thought he was alone, he spoke his honest thoughts.

”Ara, thank you. ”

”!!! ” The man jumped back and saw a Japanese woman looking at him… She didn ’t look very happy, although she was smiling.

”…You ’re going to talk to me now, right? ”

”… Well, I have to feed my black cat… ”


The woman stomped on the ground heavily, and the ground cracked in the shape of a spider ’s web.

”Right? ” She continued to smile gently.

Seeing the woman ’s lifeless smile, he said, ”…Yes, Milf. ”

”Huuh? ” Several veins popped in the woman ’s head.

”I mean, lady. ”

”Good. ” The woman exhibited a neutral smile, ”Do you have somewhere we can talk? ”

”Yes, I do. Follow me… ” The man turned and started walking.

”A warning, don ’t run away. Next time, I won ’t be kind. ”


”…Yes. ” Somehow hearing it from a hot milf got him a little excited.

”… ” The woman ’s gaze twitched several times, ”I feel like you ’re thinking bullshit. ”

”It ’s your imagination! Let ’s go! ” He started walking faster.

The woman nodded her head, but before following the man, she took another item from her pocket and threw it on the floor, so the floor she broke seems to be fixed as if it ’s going back in time.

The man took the woman to a Petshop.

”Pet Shop? ”

”Yes, this is an establishment created by my childhood friend that should be easy to talk to here. ” The man spoke when entering the establishment, while he totally ignored the closed sign.

”Hmm… ” The woman looked around.

[This is magic… A high-level barrier has been placed here, be careful.] The old man spoke in the woman ’s mind.

When the man entered the establishment, he said:

”Leona, can I borrow the back rooms for a few minutes? ”

”Hmm? ” A woman with long white hair and pale skin, sapphire blue eyes looked at the man, ”Oh, it ’s you Fred. ”

”Yes. ”

”Why do you want the back rooms…- ” Leona stopped talking when she saw the Japanese woman enter the establishment.

”… Frederick Winter, my dear childhood friend… You didn ’t become a degenerate, right? I don ’t want my childhood friend to become like Andrew… ” Leona smiled gently as she held a knife in her hand.

Fred sweated a lot, but he said in a dry tone, ”…Are you serious? Look at me, do you think I have the potential to be Playboy? ”

”… ” Leona stopped, looking at Fred from top to bottom.

”If you took that ridiculous shirt off, cut your hair, corrected your attitude, you ’d look good…you ’d look good just like our friends Andrew and Victor… ” She looked sad for a moment when she spoke Victor ’s name.

’That idiot, he hasn ’t been in touch for six months. ’ Somehow she was getting annoyed, but she tried her best to control herself. ’Take a deep breath, don ’t let the wolf ’s side influence you. ’

”Impossible. ” Fred shook his head several times and made the ’X ’ symbol with his hand. ”I will never abandon my culture. ”

Fred ’s voice brought Leona out of her thoughts.

”Sigh… ” She sighed, she put her hand on her head like she had a headache, she pointed her finger at him, ”Look, I like anime and games too, but you take it too seriously. Who is the fool who would train Parkour just because he likes Altair!? ”

”Do not judge me! This is my ninja way! I will never betray the brotherhood! ”

”Ugh… You ’re not making any sense anymore. ”

”… ” The woman looked at Leona.

[A wolf… And it ’s not just any wolf, it ’s an Alpha. It seems that this boy is not as normal as we thought.]

”… ” The woman didn ’t say anything, but she agreed with her master, she was thinking about something, ’Victor… Victor… It ’s not possible that she ’s talking about the new vampire count, is it? ’

”And who are you? ” Leona looked at the woman.

”Mizuki. ”

”Hmm… Just this? ”

”Yes. ”

”… Okay. You can use the back rooms, but don ’t do nasty things here! ”

A vein popped in Mizuki ’s head, ”Don ’t you get something wrong, girl? ”

”Huh? ”

”I have no interest in men…like this… ” She had no words to describe Fred.

”Oof. ” Fred suffered critical damage, but he was used to it…

”…Make sense, ” Leona spoke in a neutral tone. Although Fred was handsome, the way he dressed and acted was just too ridiculous.

”Ooof, ” Freed sat on the floor in a fetal position and started making circles on the floor. He didn ’t expect his childhood friend to agree with Mizuki.

”Even his reactions are exaggerated… ” Mizuki didn ’t know how to feel about this potential hunter candidate…

Suddenly the door opens, and Edward appears.

”Hmm? ” Edward looked around, ”What ’s going on? ”

Mizuki looked at Edward. When she looked into Edward ’s eyes, a cold sweat fell from her face.

[Another Alpha… And he looks like that woman too; they ’re related.] Her master speaks.

If two Alphas are around like that, it just means something; ’A family of Alphas… ’

[Don ’t forget your objective, and the hunters have nothing against the wolves, just ignore them… And of course, don ’t let your guard down.] Her master advised her.

”Oh? Fred, and who are you? ”

”Mizuki. ”

”I see. ”

”Are you his girlfriend? ” He looked at the woman, and he couldn ’t help but think she was beautiful.

”Of course not. ” Her tone was cool and dry.

”…Make sense. ”

”Cough ” Fred just lay on the ground like a man who ’s just been shot all over the place.


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