My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 141: A king is among us.

Victor lifted his mother up like a princess, ”Anyway, let ’s go inside! Violet, look around, some neighbors saw what you guys did. ”

”Oh, that ’s bad. ” Violet ’s eyes gleamed dangerously.

”Just make them forget everything, ” Victor warned.

”I know, Darling. ” Violet laughed casually, and then she was gone.

Victor looked at Ruby, his eyes sparkled for a few seconds, and soon the ice around Ruby began to thaw.

”Huh…? What happened? ” Ruby looked at Victor.

Victor exhibited a gentle smile, ”You froze… Like literally. ”

”… ” Ruby was silent. She never thought her power would react to her emotions like that.

”My Wife Can Be Cute Sometimes. ”

”… ” Ruby ’s entire face turned crimson red, and then she turned away, ”W-What are you talking about? I don ’t remember that happening. ”

”Oya, Oya… ” Sasha flashed a smile like a cat. ”Who knew the cool Ruby could make that expression. ”

Ruby looked at Sasha with her eyes glowing blood red, ”Shut up. ”

”Fufufufu. ” Sasha approached Ruby ’s ear and spoke in a low voice, ”I said you should show that face more to our husband, he ’ll like it. ”

”…Shut up. ” She repeated it again, but this time it was in a gentler tone.

”… ” Victor opened his mouth in shock. Somehow this interaction between Sasha and Ruby reminded him of Natashia and Scathach.

’Like mother, like daughter, huh. ’ He displayed a small, gentle smile.

Victor turned and entered his house, ”Father! ”

His voice echoed throughout the house.

”Victor!? You came back! Finally! I was worried! ” He started to come down from the second floor. When he arrived in the room, he was speechless:

An unknown man was carrying his wife like a princess, and they looked quite intimate. [In his view, of course.]

”Huh? Who are you, damn you!? ” He roared.

”Eh? ” Victor looked at his father in bewilderment.

Leon punched the wall and pulled out a shotgun that was hidden there. Like a real American, he always had a gun stored in his house, which he now had pointed at the unknown man:

”Put my wife down! ” He screamed.

”You fool! It is me! ” Victor yelled.

”Me who!? ” He screamed.

”Me! ” Victor yelled.

”Who!? ” He screamed.

”Your son! ” Victor yelled.

”… ” Leon looked the man up and down. Despite having Victor ’s voice, and Victor ’s face, he wouldn ’t be fooled!

”My son doesn ’t look like a Chad! Stop spitting bullshit and let go of my wife! ”

”Ugh! ” Victor felt a headache coming along. He started thinking about a story from the past that only he and his father knew.

Ruby and Sasha entered the house when they heard the screams, and soon they saw Leon pointing his gun at Victor. ”Father- ” When the two were about to scream for him to stop, they heard Victor ’s voice.

”When I was 13 years old, you took me to buy my first Playboy magazine. You said that a man had to learn to pet his goose from a young age so he wouldn ’t get sick in the future! ”

”… ” As if a supernatural entity had cut off the sound in the room, everyone fell silent.

”Huh? ” Ruby and Sasha didn ’t believe what they heard.

”…F-Fine, I believe you. ” He lowered the gun, somehow, looking a little embarrassed…

”… Sigh. ” Victor sighed, then he crouched down and slowly placed his mother on the couch.

Seeing the care the man took for his wife, he said, ”Are you really my son? ”

”Of course. If you don ’t believe me, I can tell you that story about when you took me to a bar-. ”

”Fine, Fine, Fine! I believe you! Stop it! ” He looked pretty nervous.

Victor got up from the couch.

”You got taller… much taller… How tall are you now? ”

”195 CM tall. ”

”Whistle… ”

”Hahahaha, I ’m just a little taller than you. ”

”I ’m 183 CM tall, you know? I ’m still short compared to you. ” He looked at Victor ’s height again and said, ”Couldn ’t you be an NBA player? ”

”Of course, I would win easily. ” With his physical abilities now, he could be anything.

”I like that confidence. ” He displayed a satisfied smile.

”Hahahahaha ” The two chuckled amicably.

”… ” Suddenly, a silence fell.


Sasha and Ruby were somehow quite tense.

”Now tell me what happened, ” Leon spoke in a serious tone.

”I turned into a vampire. ” Victor was honest as always.

Leon opened his eyes wide; he didn ’t know what to say, but…

Despite the initial surprise, he said, ”…Cool, so you shine in the sun? ”

”God no! ”

”Are you involved in some annoying love triangle? ”

”Of course not. ” Victor laughed.

”So, you are good. ” He accepted surprisingly easily.

”Yes. ”

”…. ” What the fuck is this weird conversation!? Ruby and Sasha wanted to scream now.

”Darling! I came back… Oh? ” Violet entered the house.

Leon looked to the side and saw Sasha, Ruby, and Violet.

Seeing the obvious physical changes in the girls, ’Three wives, huh? Is he the protagonist of a harem? How lucky is this! ’ he looked at his son:

”You ’re a damn lucky bastard! ”

”Thanks. ”

”Who is lucky…? ” Anna suddenly woke up.

”Nobody! ” Leon quickly spoke.

”Oh, really? I thought-. ”

”You ’re hearing things! ” Leon developed a cold sweat.

”Hmm… That might be true. I remember I had a weird dream, our son suddenly came home and said he was a vampire. Normally, I wouldn ’t believe this, but my dear daughters-in-law started using supernatural powers, etc… It was a strange dream… ”

”…Hmm, she ’s quite adorable sometimes. ” Victor displayed a gentle smile.

”Yes… ” Everyone agreed with Victor.

”…Huh? ” Anna looked at Victor.

”Yo, Mother. ” Victor displayed his usual smile.

Anna froze once again, but this time she took her time to process what she was seeing and finally let out a sigh.

”You got taller… ”

”Yes. ”

”Your skin has turned paler. ”

”Yes. ”

”Your eyes are blood red. ”

”Yes. ”

”You have this aura around your body that says you can enchant any lone Milf, and you have a body of a Chad now. ”

”…Yes. ” Victor didn ’t know what to say about the first part, so he just nodded.

”Holy fuck, you really are a vampire! ” Her eyes were glowing excitedly.

Mizuki entered the room with Fred.

The two sat at a table that was there, and then the conversation began.

”First, I work for an organization-, ” She started to explain why she was here.

She explained everything correctly so that Fred would understand that he wasn ’t being scammed.

And as always, the cultured man ignored everything and just took the parts of:

”You can gain power. ” ”Vampires, Wolves, Witches, and Hunters. ”

The rest, he just listened; Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah.

He completely ignored her tedious explanation, and suddenly he interrupts Mizuki and says,

”I accept! ”

”E-Eh? ” She was taken aback by the man ’s sudden outburst.

”How can I gain this power!? ”

Despite the initial surprise, she continued to explain:

”…You must be blessed by the church, and if you have the talent I think you have, you will be able to use the power of God. ”

”OHHH! ” Fred understood that the situation was like that of an Ecchi anime.

”Now bless me! Throw your holy liquids at me! ” He opened his hands as if waiting for the holy bath to be thrown at him.

”Huh!? ”

”I mean… ” He looked at the woman, ”You must throw your holy liquids at me! ”

”What liquids are you talking about! ” She felt he was insulting her in some way.

Fred looked at a specific part of Mizuki ’s body.

”…This mother fucker! ” A vein pops in Mizuki ’s head.

”Hiii, I mean…. Aren ’t you a hot nun? You must throw your holy liquids at me, and I will receive the power! ”

”The Power! ” He spoke twice to emphasize the importance.

Several veins started to pop in Mizuki ’s head: ”Who ’s a hot nun! ” She hit the table, and the table broke in half…


Fred swallowed in fear.

”Actually, I think you ’re a gorilla. ”

”Gori-. ” She clenched her fist angrily. Seriously! If she wasn ’t ordered to recruit this fool, she would have already killed him!

[Calm down, foolish disciple. Why are you getting so upset by what he ’s saying? It ’s not like you.]

”You talk to him then! ” The woman turned her face away.

”…? ” Fred didn ’t understand why the woman started talking to herself.

[Fine…] Suddenly, an old man came out of Mizuki ’s body.

”My name is-. ” The old man was about to say something, but Fred interrupted him.

”Ohhhh, an elder of the sect! ” His eyes were glowing.

”Eh…Eh? ” The old man couldn ’t understand, and somehow he was feeling overwhelmed by the glint in the man ’s eyes.

”Master, what is your sect!? As expected, you ’re in the body of a hot nun, so you ’re from the Dual Cultivation sect!? ”

”Huh? ”

”As expected, I ’m right! ” He nodded his head several times.

”Let me join that sect! ” He touched the old man ’s hand.

”Master! ”

”… ” Mizuki raised an eyebrow when she saw that Fred had touched the old man. ’Don ’t tell me this idiot has the potential to be an Onmyoujutsu wizard? ’

”What are you talking about, boy?! I don ’t participate in any sect! ”

”Ehhh? It ’s wrong!? ” The man looked quite disappointed as he sat on the floor in a fetal position and started drawing a circle on the floor with his finger, ”I was thinking I would get stronger doing Snu Snu… ”

”Why was he so disappointed all of a sudden!? Seriously, what ’s wrong with this kid!? ” The old man, for the first time in a long time, was at a loss for what to do.

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