My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 142: I am not an ungrateful child.

Current location, around Victor ’s parents ’ house.

A Maine Coon cat was walking at a moderate pace towards ’his territory ’; this cat had blue eyes and black fur.

Every step the cat took, it emitted an aura like it was a king. A predator was among us!

Who was this cat? Of course, it was Victor ’s pet cat, and the name of that furball was Zack.

”Meow, Meow. ” All of a sudden, a fat yellow cat with green eyes appeared around the corner, and he clearly didn ’t mean well.

”Meow? ” Zack looked at the yellow cat with a neutral look.

*Cough, from now on, all the animals ’ speeches will be translated. It ’s not like they ’re speaking human language, okay?*

”I heard you own this territory. ” The yellow cat flashed a sneer.

”Who are you? ” Zack was indifferent.

The yellow cat seemed to snort and looked at Zack as if he were dumb. How come this black cat didn ’t know him!?

”They call me… Nyatan. ”

”… ” Zack looked at the cat with a neutral look, then cocked his head to the side and started to think about who this cat was. Then, as if a light bulb appeared in his head, he seemed to have remembered the cat.

”Oh, you are the pet cat of that Japanese couple who lives here in the neighborhood. ”

”Oh, so my fame has spread to these foreign lands. ”

”So? What do you want? ”

”I heard that you own this territory… And that you have a harem of cats… ” Nyatan ’s eyes gleamed dangerously.

”Oh? ” Zack ’s eyes seem to gleam defiantly, ”Have you come to fight? ” His fur began to rise.


Sensing Zack ’s overwhelming presence, Nyatan unconsciously recoiled, but he wasn ’t a coward! If he wanted something, he would fight for it!

”I…- ” Nyatan was going to say something.

But suddenly, Zack did something and got on his hind legs, then used a technique his master taught him.

Zack ’s shadow seemed to have grown, and he was left looking like a predator at the top of the food chain.

”This is… ” Nyatan was startled to see this technique firsthand.

He used the technique called ’T ’ pose. He was exerting his dominance!

”Come on, let ’s fight. ” The glow that blazed from the look of Zack ’s gaze was not something that anyone could bear.

”…i…- ” Nyatan froze and couldn ’t move.

”What ’s it!? Let ’s go! Let ’s fight! ” Zack exhibited a scary smile. It was a secret he hid from the females he was with, but he loved to step on those who challenged him! He was a sadistic cat!

Suddenly, Nyatan made a move!

He jumped and somersaulted in the air.

”Oh? ” Zack was impressed.

When he fell to the ground, he lowered his head in a perfect dogeza and yelled, ”Please let me be your disciple! I want a harem too! Teach me your ways, master! ”

”…Huh? ”

Nyatan looked at Zack with his green eyes shining like he was looking at an idol.

”Master! Teach me your ways! ”

”… ”

”Master! ”

Seeing the sincere gleam in Nyatan ’s Eyes, Zack couldn ’t refuse.

”…Tsk, do whatever you want. ” Zack turned his head, stopped using his technique, and went on his way towards his house.

As he walked home, he thought, ’Why does this keep happening to me? If this continues, I won ’t have any opponents to fight… As expected, the technique my friend taught me is very powerful… ’

”W-Wait, Master! Do not leave me here! ”

Suddenly, Zack heard:

”Put my wife down! ”

”You fool! It is me! ”

”Me who!? ”

”Me! ”

”Who!? ”

”Your son! ”

Zack ’s ears twitched a little when he heard Victor ’s voice.

”He returned! ” Suddenly, Zack jumped over the wall and started running back to the house.

”Eh? ” Nyatan was impressed with this display of dexterity. He couldn ’t replicate it! He was too fat!

”As expected from the master. ” He nodded his head several times.

After the initial confusion, things calmed down.

Victor started to explain how he turned. He told everything and didn ’t hide a single detail about the fateful night of how he turned into a vampire, which also led to him telling his parents how vampire society worked.

However, there were some things he decided to keep to himself. This involved information about his own powers, which Victor thought they didn ’t need to know.

Only a few knew of his real capabilities, and that ’s a good thing. The fewer people who know, the better.

While Victor, Violet, Ruby, and Sasha were explaining everything to Victor ’s parents, who were listening to each detail in silence, Victor suddenly stopped talking and looked to the side to see his cat walking in:

”Oh? ” He displayed a gentle smile.

”Meow! ” Zack suddenly jumped into Victor ’s lap and started rubbing himself against Victor.

”Hahahaha, you ’re still a sly cat, buddy. ” Victor started stroking his cat ’s fur.

”Meow~ ” Zack laid down on Victor ’s lap and stretched his legs, enjoying Victor ’s caresses, especially on his stomach! He liked it when he stroked his belly!

”Oya? ” Victor noticed something when he touched Zack ’s fur. His fur was very rough, and he could even tell through the gloves he was wearing.

”…Ugh, why does he just stay like that with you? ” Anna looked at Victor with a hateful look. She seemed to have her brain reset when the cat appeared.

”…Cat. ” Ruby and Sasha ’s eyes sparkled.

”Hey, Buddy. When was the last time you showered? ”

”… Meow. ” Zack looked to the side and ignored what Victor said.

”Hey, don ’t run away from the question, when was the last time you showered? ” Victor lifted the cat and looked the cat in the eye.

”Meow, Meow! ” Translation: ’Cats don ’t need to bathe! ’ They have their own language!

Zack began to struggle to leave.

”…Tomorrow, I ’m going to take you to the PetShop, where you ’re going to take a shower. And this is non-negotiable. ”

”Meooow! ” Translation: Noooooooo!

”Don ’t be petty! What if your girls walk away from you because you stink? ”

”Meow…? ” Translation: Eh?

”You don ’t want to have your girls run away from you, right? ”

”Meow… ” Translation: Yes…

Zack seemed to have given up.

”… ” Ruby, Sasha, and Violet looked at Victor and Zack with hollow eyes. They just weren ’t believing what they were seeing.

”…It ’s kind of late to ask this, but is this cat normal? Why is he reacting to Victor like he understands him? ” Sasha asked.

”…More importantly, why is my husband talking to a cat as if he understands him? I know he ’s weird, but this is already on another level. ” Ruby said. She thought that Victor must have gained the power to talk to animals or something. ’He can also be like that wizard whose name should not be mentioned, don ’t tell me he knows how to talk to snakes too!? ’

Ruby started to enter her own world.

”Hmm, this cat… He ’s very smart. ” Violet looked at the cat suspiciously. Then, she looked at Victor ’s parents and saw that they didn ’t react to that like they were used to it.

”Don ’t you find this strange? ” Violet asked.

”…You get used to it… ” Anna and Leon spoke at the same time. Somehow their eyes were dark as if they had given up on something.

”Eh…? ”

”I mean, Victor was always weird. He talks to Zack, and Zack responds like he understands him, so everything is okay. ” Leon spoke.

”Isn ’t Zack like a dog? ” Anna looked at Zack.

”… ” Violet and Sasha didn ’t know what to say when they heard what Leon and Anna said.

Getting what he wanted, Victor placed Zack back in his lap again and began stroking his fur.

”Do you have any more questions? ” Victor asked.

”Hmm… It ’s kind of hard to swallow this. I still feel like you ’re kidding me, but… ” Anna looked at Violet.

Violet flashed a smile, held out her hand, and soon a small fireball was created atop it.

”I can ’t deny something that is happening in front of me… ” Anna spoke with a sigh, ”I just need time to process all the information. ”

”I see… ”

”…What is the name of your Clan? ” Leon asked his question. He seemed to accept it more easily. After all, he thought it was a lot like the movies he watched, and somehow he was jealous of Victor. He wanted to be a vampire too!

But… He needs to be a virgin…

’Ugh, why didn ’t I become a sage? ’ He sighed, but it ’s no use crying over spilled milk.

”… Why do you want to know that? ” Victor asked.

”I ’m just curious… ” He looked at the three women, ”Their clan names are Fulger, Snow, and Scarlett… so what is your clan name? ”

Victor sighed, and he said:

”Alucard. ”

”… ” Leon ’s smile grew.

”You are a Count, aren ’t you? ”

”Yes. ”

”Count Alucard, huh? ”

”Yes. ”

”Alucard is the opposite of Dracula, isn ’t he? ”

”Yes. ”

”And the name of the king of vampires is Vlad Dracula Tepes. ”

”Yes, Yes. ”

”Isn ’t that clear disrespect to the king? ”

”Well… Yes? ”

”Are you crazy? ”

”… ” Violet, Ruby, and Sasha nodded their heads several times in agreement with Leon ’s words, ’show him some common sense! ’ They screamed in their minds.

Victor flashed a smile and didn ’t respond at all.

”HAHAHAHAHA! ” Leon suddenly laughed so hard as he patted his legs. He seemed to have heard the best joke of his life.

”Eh? ” Ruby, Violet, and Sasha didn ’t understand what happened.

”Sigh. ” Anna sighed since she already knew where this was going.

”That ’s my boy! I like your courage! I didn ’t teach you to be a coward! ”

”But remember. ” He suddenly spoke in a very serious voice.

”While it ’s good to not be a coward and to always fight back, you must protect your family and not bring trouble to your home. You shouldn ’t be reckless either. ” Leon spoke sternly. He was going to continue, but Victor interrupted him, finishing off his sentence:

”Choose your fights wisely and if you must, bow your head and retreat to fight another day, right? ” Victor laughed:

”I remember. ”

”… It ’s good that you know that. ” Leon was a little surprised at first that his son still remembered it, but he soon smiled in satisfaction.

”But… My thinking has changed a little. ” Victor spoke in a neutral tone.

”Don ’t be a coward, don ’t be a man who brings trouble to his home, don ’t be reckless, always protect your family… These are your teachings that I will always follow. ”

”But when I trained with my master, something changed. ” Slowly, his smile changed to his usual smile.

”No matter what kind of opponent you face, don ’t show weakness to your enemies… And most importantly, never bow your head to anyone. ” This was something he already felt, and it was reinforced even more when he trained with Scathach.

”Even if your opponent is the king of all vampires, or even a mighty god, don ’t bow your head to anyone. ” He spoke with such neutrality that it was as if it were an absolute truth.

”… ” Anna and Leon opened their eyes wide and looked at Victor.

A king… A king was sitting there… That ’s what Anna and Leon thought. They couldn ’t understand how he had changed so much in just 6 months.

”Do you know why I think so…? ” Suddenly his whole peaceful atmosphere changed, and he smiled a smile that showed all his sharp teeth.

”W-Why? ” Leon was taken aback by Victor ’s sudden change.

”Because even gods can bleed. ”


Leon tried to gulp, but his mouth was dry.

Victor raised his hand and stared into his open palm, ”And if they can bleed… They can be devoured by me. ” Victor clenched his fist, and the magic circle on the back of his hand began to glow angrily, all while he stared into his parents ’ eyes.

Was this really their son!? He ’s scary!!


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