My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 143: A stubborn man.


”Darling, what are you doing? ” Violet, Sasha, and Ruby hit Victor on the head.

”Eh…? ”

”Don ’t scare your parents! ” The three spoke.

Victor looked at his parents and saw that they were paralyzed with fear.

”Ah… ” Victor scratched the back of his head; he felt bad now.

And then he did something that left both Leon and Anna surprised.

”I ’m sorry about that, Father, Mother. I didn ’t mean to scare you. ”

He bowed his head and apologized…

”… ” Even Victor ’s wives were surprised by this demonstration. They thought he wouldn ’t ever lower his head to anyone, not even his parents.

”Hmm? ” Victor looked up when he noticed the silence in the room.

”Is something wrong? ”

”…Didn ’t you just say you wouldn ’t bow your head to anyone? Not even to God himself? ” Leon asked.

”Yeah? What ’s the problem? Oh… I see, that ’s what this is about. ” Victor understood what Leon asked, so he displayed a gentle smile:

”You are my parents, the people I respect the most in this life. You are the people who gave birth and raised me from a young age without asking for anything in return, the people who took care of me when I was sick, the people who fed me, the people who taught me all that I know… How can I not bow my head to you? ” Victor felt that the people who deserved the most respect from him were his parents.

Without them, Victor wouldn ’t be who he was today. It ’s sometimes hard to realize that the people who raised and looked after you without asking for anything in return are the most important people in your life.

But Victor? He always knew that. He still remembered all the times his mother took care of him when he was sick, all the times his father worked several extra hours to get a little more money to help his mother and himself.

Even though a lawyer ’s job is good, it ’s very taxing, and Leon knew that. Because of that, he always worked very hard to help Anna and Victor.

And he always kept those precious memories to himself.

Even the little moments when Victor watched movies with his father or his mother gave him advice.

All these memories were stored in his heart.

For a moment, the image of the current Victor seemed to stand out from the image of the old Victor.

”…My Son… ” Anna ’s eyes watered a little, and she understood that even though Victor had become a vampire and changed a lot, he was still the same boy she ’d taken care of since he was little. He was still her son.

And, in understanding that, somehow a weight that she felt in her heart, that she didn ’t even know existed, disappeared like leaves in the wind.

”I ’m not an ungrateful son of a bitch. ” Victor laughed a little.

”Language, ” Leon spoke while looking out the window as if there was something interesting in that place.

”Yes, Yes. Sorry. ”

Seeing that the atmosphere around them became softer and warmer, Violet, Sasha, and Ruby all flashed gentle smiles. They were happy that everything worked out.

”Anyway! ” Victor suddenly got up and put Zack on the couch.

”Mom and Dad, you must meet Violet Snow. ”

”Eh? ” Violet was taken aback by this abrupt change.

”She is my wife. She is a very caring woman who always wants the best for me, to the point that she sometimes even forgets about her own safety, and she is so cute. ”

”D-Darling, what are you talking about!? ” Violet ’s face turned pure red.

Anna wiped her eyes a little as she displayed a gentle smile, ”Ara, she really is a good girl. ”

”… ” Leon displayed a gentle smile and understood why Victor suddenly changed the subject. ’He has matured, huh? ’

”Umu, Umu! ” Victor nodded in satisfaction.

”H-Huh? ”

He approached Sasha:

”This beautiful woman with long blonde hair, and green eyes, is my other wife, Sasha Fulger. ”

”D-D-arl-guh . ” Sasha stuttered too much and ended up biting her tongue.

”As you can see, she is a very shy woman, but recently she has been getting better, so please be patient with her. ” Victor pat Sasha ’s head: ”And just like my wife Violet, she is very kind and loving! She has her sadistic side too, but I won ’t tell you that. After all, a couple ’s private activities should be in the bedroom, right? ” Victor made a silent gesture with his finger.


”Fufufufu, and she seemed to be the most innocent of all. I can ’t believe she likes that kind of play. ”


A small burst of lightning appeared above Sasha ’s head, and she overloaded!

”Umu, Umu! ” Victor nodded his head several times.

He approached Ruby.

”W-Wait, do not say-. ”

”This beautiful woman with long red hair and green eyes is also my wife; her name is Ruby Scarlett. ”

It was too late! She couldn ’t stop him!

”As you can see, she has a cooler attitude, or so it would seem, ” Victor spoke in an extremely serious tone.

”Oh oh? ” Anna was enjoying being part of this game of Victor.

”But this is all a lie! ” Victor exhibited a kind face, ”She is a kind woman who always cares about those close to her, but she keeps a lot to herself and rarely talks about it to me. My god, she ’s so troubled… ” Victor caressed Ruby ’s face.

”… ” Despite not saying anything, Ruby ’s face was almost the same color as her hair.

He brought his face close to Ruby ’s ear, ”I still remember what happened in the forest… ”

”Forget it! ” Ruby yelled with a completely red face.

”… ” When she realized she screamed, Ruby looked at Victor ’s parents and saw them smiling.

”Ugh… ” She quickly turned her face away, desperately wanting to stick her head in a hole! She was so embarrassed! And most of all, she wanted to kill Victor a lot now!

”See? ” Victor displayed a gentle smile.

”So please be kind to her… She keeps a lot to herself, but I hope that one day she will confide some of that weight to me. ” His voice was so calm and peaceful that it surprised Anna and Leon a little.

Ruby looked at Victor ’s face out of the corner of her eye; ’Darling… ’

Victor looked at his parents:

”And these are my three beautiful vampire wives. ”

”I ’M DONE! ” Mizuki yelled and hurried out of the room.

”E-EH!? ” Fred didn ’t know how to react when he saw the woman ’s reaction.

Mizuki couldn ’t take it anymore. She felt that if she were to get any closer to Fred, she would likely kill him! That man was just too disrespectful!

He seemed to live in his own world! He never listened to what she was saying!

And what is this holy liquid!? He is so shameless!

[…] This time, her master didn ’t say anything since he felt the same as his disciple. This boy was very difficult to talk to… But he was very interesting, mainly because he could actually touch a spirit.

In theory, this should be impossible.

Mizuki opened the door and left. She didn ’t even bother to close the door.

”Oh, oh. She left. ” Leona didn ’t look sad.

Fred left the room and walked towards Leona and Edward, who were at the front of the store.

”Oya? It ’s already night. ”

”Yes, didn ’t you notice? You ’ve been talking for quite a while. ”

”Yes, that woman was beautiful, a Japanese Milf who is a vampire slayer. If Victor were here, he would ’ve enjoyed such a sight. ”

”Don ’t compare Victor to you, he ’s not a degenerate! ”

”Hahahaha, I know that; he ’s a very loyal man. But I think he would like a Japanese woman who works at a suspicious organization called The Inquisition. He seems to have that kind of taste for psychopathic women. ”

”Well, that ’s true… ” Leona didn ’t deny Fred ’s words.

”… ” Edward facepalmed again. He didn ’t really know what to say when his sister didn ’t notice the obvious trap in Fred ’s words.

”… ” Realizing the store was suddenly silent, she looked at Fred. When she saw her friend ’s face, she realized what had happened.

”Fuck. ”

”Looks like you guys don ’t even intend to play dumb, huh? ” All of Fred ’s frivolous behavior disappeared.

”Sometimes I feel like you ’re too perceptive for your own good, Fred. ” Edward spoke.

”Well, it ’s not like I never suspected anything. You were always much stronger than the common people… But you knew how to hide it well, but… Our friend Victor, he doesn ’t have that kind of personality. ” Fred took his phone and showed it to Edward.

”I was able to save this video before it was deleted. ” The video was about Victor jumping from the middle of the court and burying the basketball in the hoop.

”…As expected of you, I think? ” Edward chuckled.

”One of the benefits of being an Otaku is that you spend 24 hours on your computer looking for information about your favorite Animes. ” Fred put his cell away.

”I wouldn ’t call it a benefit. ” Edward was honest.

”So, what is he? ” Fred pointed

”A vampire. ” Leona was the one who spoke.

”From your face, I can tell you don ’t like that fact… And knowing Victor ’s personality, he wouldn ’t accept bullying if he had the strength to do anything about it… So it ’s like in anime? If you get bitten, do you turn into a vampire? ”

”Your head runs fast as usual. ” Leona exhibited a little smile.

”You just need to connect the dots. Any fool could do that. ” Fred snorted.

”Tell that to Andrew. ” Edward leaned against the counter.

”Andrew is more concerned with chasing after Milfs… Although I don ’t judge him, if I had those social skills of his, I would do the same thing… ”

”Well, I hear he stopped doing that. ” Edward displayed a small smile.

”Oh, that ’s a good thing. He would end up dying if he continued on the path he was treading. ”

”… ” Edward and Leona felt strange when they heard Fred talk about the death of a possible friend so coldly.

”Well, what are you guys? ”

”Werewolves, ” Edward spoke.

”Cool. ”

”… ” Leona raised an eyebrow, ”Aren ’t you going to ask why we never told you this? ”

”Everyone has secrets, Leona. I have no right to demand that people tell their secret to me… But yeah, I ’m a little upset that you didn ’t tell me anything, but… As I said, I understand you. ”

”… ” Edward and Leona flashed a small smile when they heard Fred ’s words.

”Did you piss her off on purpose? ” Leona was curious.

”Huh? Of course not, I don ’t even know why she got angry. ” He was completely honest.

”… ” An awkward silence fell around.


Edward and Leona sighed in unison, and they didn ’t know what to say. He was always a strange man. He was very insightful about some things, and sometimes, he was very scary. But most of the time, he just seemed like a useless man.

In the end, they couldn ’t understand their friend ’s head, even after they ’ve known each other for years.

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