My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 144: Report from June.

A day later, in the basement of Victor ’s house.

In the underground complex, a room had been created by June for training, designed to be able to withstand the power of the noble Vampires that would train there.

Of course, this room was situated quite far underground, and June had made sure to put in lots of magical protections.

It would take several missiles to even cause a scratch on the protections she ’d placed in that place.

As the greedy witch she was, June charged a hefty sum to make this place, though Victor paid without even thinking if he was being robbed or not. After all, he now earned a lot of money, which in turn caused his money sense to be completely shattered.

Victor was standing in the middle of the ridiculously large room. He had his eyes closed, the air around him was heavy, and the magic circles on his gloves were glowing crazily.

’Scathach, and Vlad told me not to use that transformation, but they didn ’t say anything about using my own blood power. ’ Victor thought.

Victor bit his lip, and soon a drop of blood left his lips.

Slowly, the drop of blood began to fall to the ground.

But like magic, just as the drop of blood would make contact with the ground, it began to float.

Victor opened his eyes, which were glowing dangerously.

He reached his hand forward as if he were grasping at something, and suddenly, the drop of blood turned into a GreatSword.

He held the Blood Greatsword and pointed forward.

”I finally managed to use blood manipulation without needing to transform. ” Victor spoke with a sigh as he wiped some of the sweat that was falling off his forehead.

’Ugh, it ’s hard… ’ Victor grumbled inwardly.

Unlike the powers of Fire, Water, Ice, and Lightning, Victor had a hard time controlling his power over blood. It was a power that was just very unruly, and didn ’t seem to listen to his commands.

’Although when I ’m in that transformation, I can control my power easily. ’ Victor thought as he looked to the wall in front of him.

Victor raised the Greatsword, and with a quick movement, cut through the air ahead of him.


A blade of blood came out of his attack like a Sword Beam and flew towards the wall.

When the blade touched the wall.


An explosion happened.

The entire basement seemed to shake violently.

”Master!? ” Hearing the noise coming from the room, Kaguya, who was guarding the room Victor was training in, quickly entered.

”…Bloody hell… ” She spoke with her mouth open as she looked at the damage caused by Victor ’s attack.

A gigantic fissure had appeared on the wall. The attack had been so strong that it easily destroyed the barrier created by the witch June!

’Just how deep was this cut? I can ’t see the limit. ’ Kaguya thought as she looked at the fissure, and, even for her being a creature that could see in the night at a very long distance, she couldn ’t see the depth of the size of the cut that Victor made.

Wrong…This is not a cut. It can already be said that he created a cave in a straight line.

”Hahahaha, Vlad, you old man, you were right. ” Victor chuckled contentedly, ”I really need to train my basic powers first. ”

Victor was a stubborn man. He really wanted to know the extent of his power. Before, he could only access his blood power in Vampire Count form, and because of that, he couldn ’t accurately tell how powerful his blood manipulation really was.

After all, in Vampire Count form, all of his power is increased, and he could previously only use his blood in that form.

Looking at the damage from his attack, he was not disappointed with the result…

Slowly he began to collapse backward. ’Natashia, that monster managed to dodge several attacks like that, huh? As expected from an older vampire. ’ He thought as he dropped to the ground.

”Master!! ” Kaguya used her speed and appeared beside Victor to support him.

”Oh? Thank you, Kaguya. ” Victor smiled kindly.

Looking at her master ’s face, Kaguya spoke:

”What are you doing? Why did you get so tired? ”

”I was just testing something… ” He wore a neutral smile and didn ’t say much.

”Don ’t worry too much, I ’ll be fine soon, just give me a few seconds. ”

”Master… ” Kaguya felt her urge to sigh. Her master was hopeless, just doing whatever he wanted and never bothering to listen to her!

And just as Victor had said, when a few seconds passed, he was fine again.

”Thank you, Kaguya. ” He patted Kaguya ’s head.

”… ” Kaguya exhibited a small satisfied smile when she felt Victor ’s hand caress her head.

Victor chuckled amusedly when he saw Kaguya ’s expression and then walked away from her.

After he moved a bit away from Kaguya, Victor spoke.

”I don ’t have a choice. I can ’t rush my training as it will only hurt me in the long run. I will train properly. ” Victor ’s eyes began to sparkle wildly, and so did the magic circles on his glove.


Suddenly, Victor ’s entire body went up in flames.

”First, it ’s going to be my wife, Violet ’s, power. Fire, this power is the easiest to control but also among my more annoying powers because it messes with my emotions. ”All the powers associated with the Count Clans had a side effect of power itself.

Clan Snow ’s Fire amplified strong feelings. If Victor were to experience anger while using the power of fire, the feeling would be amplified.

If Victor experienced bouts of jealousy while using the power of fire, this feeling would also be amplified.

It was due to these traits that the members of Clan Snow were known as pretty intense individuals who were prone to losing control.

Of course, this quirk didn ’t affect older vampires who had fully trained their power.

Victor took a deep breath:

”I ’ll master it in 100 years… Maybe 50 years… preferably in two years… ”

Victor decided that focusing on one power at a time was a better strategy than trying to master them all at once.

His thought process was along the lines of: ’Take a problem, divide that problem into several smaller problems, and solve them in due course. ’ He applied that thought process to the situation in which he found himself.

”The time barrier is absolute, but… ” Victor ’s face twisted in disdain, ”Who made the rule that only a vampire who ’s trained for several years could control their power perfectly? Who decided that? ” He growled.

”Bullshit. Rules and standards are meant to be broken. I will master the power of fire in a year! Somehow I ’m getting excited! ” Victor was very motivated, and he was literally on fire!

”…Master. ” Kaguya wanted to say that even though he was a monster genius, fully mastering the power of a Vampire Count Clan in such a short time was not an easy feat… Wrong, it was literally impossible.

But she didn ’t want to break Victor ’s motivation.

Slowly, Victor started floating in the air, stopping a few meters above the ground while pointing his hand forward.

Victor spoke, ”Scathach said: The secret to training power and controlling it is to use it to the limit. Consequently, you ’ll be exhausted, but that ’s a good thing. The more you use your power, the more you can control it… ”

The secret Scathach was talking about was: Abuse your regeneration as a vampire! So what if you get mentally exhausted? That ’s normal! Get used to it! Inappropriately using your powers can kill you? We will all die one day! Why not risk your life to get stronger!?

’HAHAHAHAHAHA ’ Somehow, Victor could hear Scathach ’s crazy laughter in his mind.

He stopped thinking about it and shouted!:

”Since I have so much power, it ’s a very difficult task to make me tired… ” Victor ’s eyes began to glow with a blood red glow.


And as if by magic, a fire sphere similar to a sun manifested in front of him. This sphere appeared to be much bigger than the one he created during his fight with Einer and Tatsuya!

”…The amount of power is higher than when he used it in Tatsuya ’s fight, and Einer… ” Kaguya spoke in a low voice.

Victor pointed his other arm towards the wall, and soon another gigantic sphere of fire was created.

”Holy Fuck… ” Kaguya knew her master was abnormal, but this? This was Bullshit! What is that!? He has so much power! No wonder he needs a magical tool to help control his power.

For a moment, she completely lost her composure.

Looking at the two spheres of fire, she said,

”…I hope this place will hold… ”

While Victor was training, Ruby, Sasha, June, Natalia, and Violet were in a room talking.

Quake, Quake!

Feeling the tremor caused by Victor ’s training, June ’s face darkened:

”Is this place okay? I really don ’t want to be buried underground… ” June spoke, a little scared.

Violet and Ruby ’s eyes twitched:

”…Don ’t you trust your own magic? ” Violet spoke.

”Yes, I trust my own magic. The room I created should be able to withstand the power of a 1000 year old vampire easily, but… That man is very abnormal. Honestly, I don ’t feel confident that the room I created will last that long. I think it will only last 50 years? ”

”… ” The women were silent when they heard what June said, they had the same thoughts as the witch, but they wouldn ’t speak out loud.

”Normally… This room should last about 500 years. ” She looked pretty depressed.

”…That ’s something you don ’t see everyday. ” Sasha spoke.

”What? ” June didn ’t understand.

Sasha elaborated, ”A witch that has no confidence in her spells. ”

”Oh… ” June nodded, thinking that this is true. Witches were usually very proud of their magic, and she was like that too…

Why did she change? June began to think about why she had changed.

”Ahh… ” And in less than a few seconds, she understood!

The culprit is Victor! That man breaks the spells she is so proud of as if they were nothing! Hateful man!

”Ugh. ” Several veins started popping in June ’s head when she remembered that Victor easily broke her magic.

Quake, Quake!

”… ” Everyone was silent when they felt the tremor again.

”It was a good idea to leave the training room in such a deep place. ” Natalia spoke in a gentle tone.

”Yes… ” Everyone agreed with Natalia…

Sasha looked at June and suddenly remembered why she was here, ”June, tell me why you ’re here? What did you find out about the Horseman Clan? ”

”… ” All the women looked at June while waiting for her next words.

Seeing all the women looking at her, June started to sweat a little coldly, but work is work, and she needed to share what she found!

”Well… ”


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