My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 144: Report from June.

”… ” Sasha and Violet flashed a small smile when they heard Ruby ’s words.

”Natalia, go with Ruby, you seem interested in the subject. ” Violet walked towards the sofa and sat down elegantly.

”…Yes, Lady Violet. ” Natalia was a little surprised that Violet noticed her interest in this subject. ’I ’m sure I didn ’t show any emotion on my face… That ’s weird, she usually only cares about Victor. Is she now paying more attention to me? ’

”To think that I would have someone from Clan Alioth protecting me, that ’s an honor. ”

”Ara. ” Natalia flashed a gentle smile, ”Protecting someone from Clan Scarlett is a great honor, you know? After all, everyone wants to be on Scathach ’s good side… And the new Count Alucard. ”

”Heh~ ” Ruby ’s eyes glowed red for a few seconds, then she turned her face away and said, ”Let ’s go. ”

”…? ” Natalia didn ’t understand Ruby ’s reaction.

”Yes, Lady Ruby. ”

”… ” Sasha kept watching Ruby and Natalia ’s back until she turned to Violet, ”What do you think they ’ll do? ”

”I don ’t know, and I don ’t care. ” Violet says, then she continued, ”Ruby never does anything without purpose. She ’s probably only interested in this subject because of you. ”

”…I see. ” Sasha displayed a small, gentle smile.

”Hmm. ” Somehow Sasha was feeling restless; she didn ’t like to do nothing while her friend was off working. ”I ’ll go out too. ”

”Okay, ” Violet replied in a disinterested way.

”…Aren ’t you going to ask where I ’m going? ”

Violet looked at Sasha with eyes dark as black holes, ”Are you going to need any help? ”

”Hmm…not that I know of, ” Sasha spoke after thinking for a while.

”Then it ’s settled. ” Violet turned her face away and continued, ”Just be careful out there. Even though you don ’t like her, I recommend you take Maria. I don ’t need to say what will happen if something happens to you, right? ”

”Yes… ” Sasha nodded her head in agreement. She knew that if something happened to her, Victor would freak out, literally speaking. She then continued, ”And that ’s a good idea, I ’ll take Maria. ”

Sasha got up from the couch, and she looked at one place, her eyes starting to glow blood red:

”Maria! ” Sasha yelled, her voice like a lightning rumble.

”Yes! ” She heard Maria ’s voice.

”…Why are you imitating Scathach and Darling? Can ’t you call her the normal way? ” Violet spoke in an annoyed tone as she covered her ears.

”Oh… There is that option too. ”

Around afternoon, Victor came out of training.

”Hmm… ” He was walking in just a pair of black shorts that looked to be badly burned. His suit had long since been destroyed, and all that was left was this little piece of clothing. ”I need sturdier clothes, the clothes Scathach gave me can ’t withstand all my power. ”

He was speaking his thoughts out loud, ”I can use the money I earned to make 10 pairs of clothes, the problem is finding a trustworthy witch who won ’t steal from me. ”

Victor knew that the witch ’s wares were way above what they really should be, and good prices depended on the connection you had with a particular witch.

”Have you made any progress today, master? ” Kaguya, who was walking beside Victor, asked.

”Umu? ” Victor looked at Kaguya:

”I made little progress, considering I don ’t know what to train… ”

”What do you mean? ” Kaguya didn ’t understand.

”The power of ice is very different from the power of fire. ” Victor looked ahead and continued explaining, ”And when I trained my ice power, Scathach taught me personally. She was very proficient in ice control, and in teaching people. Because of that, I was able to evolve more quickly. ” Victor points his palm up and starts creating ice sculptures:

”Look, I just need to imagine, and I can do it. ”

Kaguya looked at the sculpture of Scathach, Violet, Ruby, and Sasha with awed eyes.

The ice sculptures looked exactly like the real ones.

As she looked at the sculpture, Kaguya thought, ’It doesn ’t work that way, even if the teacher is proficient in teaching, you don ’t learn something at that level that quickly if you don ’t have the talent. ’ But she didn ’t say it out loud.

”I see… So you need a teacher? ”

”I don ’t need a teacher. ”

”Eh…? ” Kaguya didn ’t understand.

”I need an experienced opponent who knows how to control the power of fire. If I were to fight against this opponent, I feel I could improve at a rate faster than what simple training can provide… ”

The reason he thought this was because that was the feeling he had when trained/fought with Scathach. He evolved better through battle.

”Ah… ” She understood now. After thinking for a moment, she said, ”In that case, how about Hilda? ” she suggested.

”Hilda, are you talking about the Chief maid of Clan Snow? ” Victor remembered hearing about her from Violet.

”Yes. She is a vampire who is about the same age as Agnes, and she is very proficient in the power of fire. ”

”Oh? ” Victor ’s eyes gleamed with interest, ”I wonder what I have to do to get her to help me. ”

”It ’s hard to know. Unlike other maids like Yuki. Hilda only accepts orders from Countess Agnes. ”

”Hmm, I think I ’m going to ask Violet for help. ”

”That might work. ”


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