My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 149: The fifth count.

”Not bad. ” Victor spoke with a satisfied smile, then he chuckled in amusement, ”As expected of the wolves, you have extraordinary physiques. ” Despite saying this, he ’d never met a wolf before in his life… Not that he knew of, at least.

But he had heard several stories about werewolves while he was training with Scathach.

”… I ’m the one who should be saying that. Aren ’t you a newborn vampire? What ’s with this absurd strength? ”

Despite having stopped Victor ’s attack with his hand, Edward was feeling his arm trembling a lot.

”Hmm? ” Victor looked at Edward with a strange look, ”What are you talking about? I didn ’t even put much force into that; it was just a love tap. ”

”…You ’re kidding, right? ” Tiny beads of cold sweat began to fall from Edward ’s face.

”You know me, I never lie. ” Victor laughed. He spoke the truth. The attack he had made just then was only to test his friend since, if he had used all his strength, the entire area of effect in a straight line would have disappeared from existence, and it would have wreaked havoc in the human world.

That was something he wanted to avoid at all costs, he would not mind doing this elsewhere, but unless forced to do so, he wouldn ’t use that type of attack in his hometown …


Edward and Leona gulped. Just how strong had he gotten in 6 months!? What did he do!?

”Why did you suddenly attack me? ” Edward spoke as he released Victor ’s fist.

”I wanted to test you… After all, this is the first time I ’ve seen a werewolf in person. ” Victor displayed a small smile.

”…Aren ’t you upset that I hid this from you? ”

”Umu? Of course not, everyone has their secrets, and I have no right to demand that you tell me anything. Even I have secrets. ”

”… ” Leona and Edward exhibited a slight smile since they knew Victor would respond like that.

”…That was amazing! It was like witnessing a scene out of an anime! ” Fred ’s eyes were glowing with excitement.

”I want to do this too! ”

”Hahaha, good to know you never change, Fred, ” Victor spoke in nostalgia.

”You know me, I never change! I ’m a man of culture! ”

”Indeed. ” Victor had a small smile as he raised his fist to Fred.

”Do you remember the sibling code? ”

”… ” Fred was silent, he looked at Victor ’s fist, and for a few seconds, he was reminded of a memory.

It was the memory of three teenagers showing their fists to each other, the sibling code of conduct was more than a promise to not be with a friend ’s sister.

It was a promise from three friends… Wrong, three brothers.

”Of course. ” Fred flashed a small smile, and then he closed his fist and slammed it into Victor ’s.

”It ’s good to see you again, my friend. ” Those were Victor ’s honest feelings.

”Well, I ’m sorry. I don ’t leave the house much… Hahaha. ” Fred scratched his head self-consciously.

”… ” Edward exhibited a nostalgic smile as he looked at this scene and closed his eyes as he remembered the promise they made in the past. It all started as a joke, but it turned out to be something very serious over the years.

”…? ” Leona and Violet did not understand what was going on. What was this aura of friendship and companionship? What is this blue aura? What the fuck is going on?

Leona and Violet looked at each other, and for a moment, the two women could understand each other even though they hadn ’t said anything; their thoughts were simple:

’Boys are weird. ’

Victor took his fist away and said, ”Hey, how did you find out about this world? ”

”Oh, a hot Japanese milf who claimed to be a hunter appeared and told me that I was the chosen one and that a holy spear chose me, or something. ”

… He completely distorted what Mizuki said…

”…Japanese milf? ” Victor put his hand on his chin and started to think. He remembered seeing a woman like that in the past.

”Yes, she said that for me to become a hunter, she should throw her holy liquids at me! Those divine sacred liquids! But she ran away! ” Fred was quite disappointed.

He wanted to bathe with the sacred liquids and become strong!

”Sacred liquids…? ” Victor didn ’t understand and looked at Edward.

”That thing. ” Edward made some hand gestures.

”Oh… Are all hunters perverts…? ” Somehow Victor ’s opinion of hunters just went down and down.

”… ” Violet and Leona had stoic expressions on their faces, but it was visible that the two women ’s ears were a bit red. They couldn ’t understand how Fred could say something like that out loud.

Crack, Crack!

Everyone heard the noise of something breaking, and they looked at the entrance to the door, and in the doorway, they saw a Japanese woman wearing a scary smile.

She was staring at Fred with a distinctly murderous expression.

”Hiii! ” Fred hid behind the counter, ”She ’s back! That milf! That hot milf! ” Important things must be said twice!

”Oh, you were the one he was talking about. ” Victor displayed a slight smile that showed all of his sharp teeth.

He clearly remembered Mizuki.

Mizuki assumed a neutral expression as she opened the door and entered:

She looked at Victor and said, ”I ’m really surprised you ’ve grown so much in just six months… As expected, I should have killed you that day. ”

”Hahahaha~ I ’m hard to kill, you know? ” Victor ’s eyes glowed blood red.

”… ” Leona, Violet, Edward, and even Fred looked at Mizuki with a hostile look. They didn ’t like what they heard.

”Yes, I know. ” Mizuki spoke coldly, and she added, ”I think introductions are necessary. ”

”My name is Mizuki, and I am one of the generals of The Inquisition organization. ”

She showed a disdainful smile:

”It is a great displeasure to meet you, Count Alucard. ”

”Oh? ” Victor ’s smile grew even more expansive; he liked Mizuki ’s bold attitude.

”…Huh? ” Leona and Edward thought they had heard something wrong.

The Lost Club

In Madam ’s office.

”Tell me about the business. ” The witch sat in her personal chair and got straight to the point since she didn ’t want to waste time on a pointless conversation.

And that ’s something Ruby appreciated.

Ruby sat down on the sofa and crossed her legs elegantly while Natalia stood behind the couch where Ruby was sitting quietly.

”First. I want you to hear this. ” Ruby took the device from her pocket and showed it to Madam.

”Oh? It ’s been a while since I ’ve seen one of these. ” Madam made a gesture with her hand, and, as if by magic, the device began to float towards Madam.

Madam used her magic, and soon the device was active.

Ruby and Natalia listened to the audio along with Madam.

They patiently waited for Madam to finish listening to the audio.

A few minutes pass…

”I see… ” Madam handed the device back to Ruby.

Ruby dodged, and the device passed her, which allowed Natalia to isolate the machine with her power.

”Clean, ” Natalia spoke, and soon she took the device and handed it to Ruby.

”… ” Madam raised an eyebrow when she saw Ruby ’s attitude.

”… Witch? ” Ruby spoke with obvious disdain, ”Do you think I trust you? ” Trusting a witch was the same as trusting a demon. They were not trustworthy beings because all they sought were benefits.

But… It was because of these characteristics that they were also easy to do business with.

”…Isn ’t that too cold coming from someone who ’s helped you in the past? ”

”Yes. You helped me in the past. ” Ruby said coldly, ”An innocent Clan Scarlett heiress knocks on your door in the middle of the night asking you to hide an incident involving her friend, and the kind witch says she ’ll help for free. ”

”But when the witch finishes the job, she charges an 8-digit price. ”

Clap, Clap.

Ruby clapped her hands.

”Wow, what a nice witch you are. ”

”,,, ” Madam was silent.

”…But that was a good lesson, since, that day, I learned something. Witches are never to be trusted. ” In the end, her mother was right. Witches can ’t be trusted, she won ’t make that mistake again in the future.

”… Well, you ’re the one who was deceived. ” Madam would be honest, she took advantage of Ruby ’s situation a little bit, but she didn ’t exploit the girl much because she didn ’t want that girl ’s mother knocking on her door the next day.

”You ’re right. I was deceived… But. ”

”You really are fortunate, ” Ruby spoke in a cold tone.

”What? ” Madam did not understand.

”If I didn ’t want to keep what happened a complete secret, ”

”You would be sitting in the devil ’s lap by now. ” She displayed a small smile.

”… ” Madam ’s body broke out in a cold sweat and became a little apprehensive when she heard Ruby speaking with absolute certainty.

In the past, Violet had blown up a building and used her powers in public… And Ruby had to fix that little problem somehow. In the end, she made the worst choice at the time; she trusted a witch…

”Putting the past aside. ” Ruby started to explain why she came here:

”I came to buy information about this audio. ”

”… ” Natalia raised an eyebrow when she heard what Ruby said. ’In the end, she came just for this? ’ Somehow she was disappointed in Ruby. If it had been easy to find that kind of information, she would have found it a long time ago.

”Interesting. You seem pretty sure I have this information. ” Madam laughed.

”You didn ’t deny that you had this information. ” Ruby smiled briefly.

”But I didn ’t confirm anything either. ” Madam continued, ”You know, witches are lying beings, you shouldn ’t trust them. ” Showing a small smile,

”I may or may not have that information, it depends on how much you want to pay. ” She flashed a greedy smile.

’I see… ’ Natalia was a little curious now, considering that, by the witch ’s attitude, she could tell that the woman knew something.

Ruby ’s eyes twitched a little when she saw Madam ’s attitude, ”…I see, you ’re gonna play that game, huh? Okay. ” She picked up her phone and started fiddling with her cell, as she seemed like she was looking for something.

”Take a look. ” She threw her cell phone to Madam:

Madam caught Ruby ’s cell phone, ”What is this? ”

”Just look. ” Ruby exhibited a small smile.

When Madam perused the contents of Ruby ’s cell phone, her entire body froze, and for the first time, she assumed an unmistakable expression of hostility.

”Even witches have weaknesses… And I was always taught to take advantage of an enemy ’s weakness. ”

Crack, Crack!

Madam squeezed the cell phone and broke it, then, rapidly, a green fire erased the phone from existence.

”You know I have several copies, right? ” Ruby flashed a cold smile.

”… Of course. ” Madam had changed entirely and had become very serious now.

’What was on that cell phone…? ’ Natalia was curious.

”Now, my dear Witch. ” Slowly, Ruby ’s smile changed from a cold smile to a big distorted smile.

She loved that feeling when the subject realized they were trapped in her hands like a puppet.

Ruby didn ’t tell anyone this, but she was just as spiteful and petty as her husband and mother… Wrong, she could be even worse because she never forgets slights no matter how much time passes.

Although that day she had learned a lesson in never trusting witches, she still felt humiliated…

’The humiliation she suffered that day would have to be paid for in the future ’, that was what she promised in the past, and today… She got what she wanted so much.

”Let ’s talk business, witch. This time, I will deal the cards, and if you don ’t obey me… Well, you ’re not stupid enough not to do that, correct? ”

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