”Master? ” Mizuki didn ’t understand why her master presented this offer.

”Ohhh, that ’s a good idea, old man. ” Victor suddenly spoke. He had a huge smile on his face and looked like he was planning something.

”Right? ” The old man nodded since he thought it would be a waste to leave so much potential in the hands of those hypocrites, ”He will be a great Onmyo mage in the future. ”

”Oyyy! Don ’t decide things for me! ”

”Tsk. ” Victor clicked his tongue in annoyance.

Victor approached Fred, bent down, and said:

”Think, Fred. Think! ”

”… Think what? ”

”Mago Onmyo are not restricted by church rules! He can do Snu Snu! If you get strong and have money, you can create a harem! Even Mizuki can be in the harem as the main wife! ”

”Oyyy! Why was my name brought up in this weird conversation all of a sudden!? ” Mizuki stomped the ground angrily.

”That ’s right, boy. My student may be clumsy, but she ’s a good woman. As long as you improve her personality, I ’ll allow you to marry her! ” He spoke as he stroked his beard.

”Master!? ” She couldn ’t believe even her master said that!

”…Victor… ” Tears started to fall from Fred ’s face, ”You ’re a great friend! ”

”Of course I am! ” Victor displayed a big smile that, for some reason, sent shivers down Fred ’s spine!

Victor ’s thinking is simple, if Fred became an Onmyo mage, he would be able to get in touch with Mizuki ’s exotic techniques, and he was quite interested in those techniques.

He had another reason too! He wanted his friend to stay strong!

Why did he want this!? It ’s obvious he wants to fight his friend! The more strong people around, the more fun he will have! It ’s a great plan where he has fun and gets stronger! And consequently, his friend gets stronger too!

In the end, everyone lived happily ever after!

’HAHAHAHAHAHA~. Fred, my friend. I really hope you get strong, I ’ll be looking forward to that day! The day I will fight you! ’ As an immortal vampire, all Victor had in this life was time!

”…What is this chaos? Why does everything turn like this when Victor is around? ” Edward asked himself while looking tired.

”It ’s decided, I will become an Onmyo mage so that in the future, I can practice dual cultivation! ”

”…Your mindset is a little wrong, but you ’ve got determination, boy! I like it! ” The old man displayed a small, amused smile.

”Master! Please teach me the ways! ” Fred looked at the old man as if he were looking at an idol.

”Hahahaha, of course, just trust me! ” The old man looked like a suspicious man who was recruiting someone into a suspicious cult.

”Yes, master! ”

”STOP DECIDING THINGS AS IF I WERE NOT PRESENT! ” Mizuki kicked Fred in the face.

”Ughyaa! ” Fred yelled strangely as he felt his face being kicked.

Fred flew for a few meters and soon fell to the ground.

”… He died? ” Edward asked.

”Of course not. ” Victor laughed.

”That hurt! ” Fred got up from the floor.

”See? If there ’s anything good about this man, it ’s his stamina. ”

”And I don ’t like men like this pervert! My type of man is more like him! ” Mizuki pointed at Victor.

”…? ” Victor looked behind him as if he was looking for someone, he looked around and saw that there were no people beside him either, realizing she was talking about him, he showed a small smile:

”Oh? Thank you for liking me. I will be honest. I wasn ’t expecting this sudden confession, but I, unfortunately, have to say: I ’m sorry, I ’m married. ”

”…Ugh, I don ’t like you, idiot! I ’m saying that my type of man is like you! Confident, strong, gentle…- ” Mizuki suddenly stopped talking, and her face began to take on small shades of red.

”Hahahaha~. ” Victor, the old man, and Edward started to laugh a lot.

Victor knew she didn ’t like him. He was just teasing her since people always get it wrong when they see a friend or friends flirting with each other.

Upon seeing this, they immediately would think that these two individuals liked each other, which was a very silly and childish thought.

People were not so simple, a childhood friend could flirt and play with their childhood friend, but that did not mean that the man liked the woman, or the woman liked the man. They were just playing with each other.

This was something his mother always taught him, ’Unless the woman presents clear evidence that she likes you, you shouldn ’t take rash actions. Especially if it is a friend, to make that mistake, you will fall in Friendzone and lose a precious friendship …

’His mother was quite knowledgeable about human relations, as expected of a renowned lawyer. ’

”She is surprisingly cute, ” Edward spoke.

”Oh, you don ’t know anything, in the past-. ” The old man looked like he was about to reveal Mizuki ’s dark secrets.

”Shut the fuck up! ” She screamed in embarrassment.

”Naruhodo, Naruhodo. Strong, gentle, and confident. Good to know. ” Fred seemed to be jotting something down on his cell phone.

Mizuki looked at Fred with an annoyed gaze, ”What are you doing, damn you? Why are you mumbling like a pervert? ”

Fred, like an experienced soldier, dodged that bullet and said, ”I ’m writing down what you like so that in the future I can try to win you over. ” He displayed a gentle smile that caught Mizuki off guard.

”…T-This is impossible. Just give up, you ’re disgusting. ” She huffed and turned away.

Whistle, Whistle!

Victor, Edward, and the old man whistled. They were like those friends who threw gasoline on a fire to make the situation even more embarrassing.

”Nice job, Fred. You are going the right way! ” Victor laughed.

”Keep it up, Buddy! ” Edward supported.

”He still lacks tact, but he is on the right path. ” The old man spoke as he placed a fan over his face.

”Huh? What are you talking about? ” Fred spoke as he looked at the group since he didn ’t understand why they reacted that way.

”… ” Victor, Edward, and the old man just looked at Fred like he was stupid.

”Somehow, he reminds me of you, Victor. ”

”Oyyyy, I ’m not dense like a black hole. ” Victor strongly denied it!

”… ” Edward just looked at Victor with a dry look, his face said: are you serious?

”Anyway, in the end, I thought it was impossible… ” Fred put away his cell phone and continued, ”I can ’t change myself to be that man. ” In the end, he was true to himself and wouldn ’t change who he was because of a woman.

”…he ’s honest with himself, huh? ” Victor exhibited a small smile, liking that attitude.

”This is a good thing. ” The old man nodded, as he had the same thoughts as Victor.

”Well, at least he can find someone who likes the same hobbies as he does. There are many girls who like anime all over the world. If he is lucky, he can make a harem with them… Just avoid cosplaying women, you might have a bad experience… ”

”… You seem to have bad experiences, buddy, ” Victor said,

”Believe me, you don ’t want to know… ” Edward didn ’t say any more.

”Hmm… Maybe you ’re right. ” Fred thought it was a good idea, there are a lot of fish in the sea, and if he becomes strong, maybe he will find a woman who has the same hobbies as he does and accept him for who he is.

”Sigh…I thought my disciple would finally get a boyfriend…I need grandchildren. ” The old man looked rather disappointed.

”It ’s hard being you, huh? ” Victor spoke.

”Yes, it ’s quite irritating to be in a woman ’s body, they are so emotionally unstable, but as you get used to it, I want grandchildren too… ” Important things must be said twice!

”Don ’t give up hope. In the future, she might find someone she likes. ” Victor patted the old man ’s shoulder.

”… ” The old man was a little surprised that Victor could touch him so easily, he ’s a spirit, did you know? It cannot be touched by an ordinary person!

”… Impossible. Her man standards are very high, and men of this age are all weak. ”

”… ” Victor and Edward couldn ’t deny those words.

”She is lost, ” Edward spoke.

”RIP…Forever Alone. ” Victor was brutal.

”Sigh… ” The old man just sighed.

”…. ” Suddenly everything went silent, a few seconds passed, and the three men showed a big smile:

”HAHAHAHAHAHAH. ” The three men started to laugh as if they thought something was amusing.

They were obviously having fun at the expense of Mizuki ’s misfortune.

Crack, Crack, Crack.

Sounds of stones breaking could be heard around.

”… ” The three men stopped laughing and looked at Mizuki, who had several veins pulsing in her face, and, although she was smiling gently, her smile was anything but kind.

”You sons of bitches… I hope you ’re prepared to die. ”

”Well… ” Edward and the old man didn ’t know what to say.

”I ’m out. ” Edward disappeared and hid behind the water tank.

”Hmm, I need to feed my black fox. ” The old man ’s spirit became invisible.

They abandoned Victor! Traitors!

Now he was the target of all of Mizuki ’s rage!

”Heh~. ” Victor ’s smile grew frighteningly, he didn ’t care about the motives, but if it was a fight Mizuki wanted, a fight was what she would have!

And he wanted to fight too! He wanted a rematch!

”Come! I will deal with all your frustrations! ”

The words! His words were very misleading!

”Oh? I hope you can take out all of my frustrations, because right now…I ’m really angry. ”

Woman! Look at your words! You can cause a misunderstanding! Fred wanted to scream this, but he was too scared of Mizuki right now.

”Don ’t worry, I can dance with you as long as it takes, I ’m pretty tough. ” The magic circles in Victor ’s hand began to glow crazily.

Rumble, Rumble.

Lightning began to crackle around Victor, and in the blink of an eye, he disappeared and then reappeared in front of Mizuki, and with one movement, he brought his hand closer to Mizuki ’s face.

”…! ” Mizuki was startled by the sudden movement, she used her hands to defend herself, but something happened that caught her off guard.

Victor grabbed Mizuki and held her like a princess.

”H-Huh? ”

”Close your mouth, or you ’ll bite your tongue. ”

”Wait-. ”

Rumble, Rumble.


Without giving Mizuki time to respond, he flew skyward like a rocket, and when he reached a considerable height, they heard a sonic boom, and soon the only thing everyone could hear was the sound of lightning in the distance.

Edward appeared next to Fred, ”He really is irrational. ” He remembered that a few minutes ago, Victor didn ’t want to fight.

’In the end, he just does what he wants, his opinion changes very quickly. He ’s pretty unpredictable. ’ Edward felt tired as he tried to think of logical thoughts for Victor ’s actions.

And in the end, he found that he couldn ’t. He was pretty irrational, like a selfish king who did what he wanted and expected everyone to follow his will.

Normally, that would be a bad thing, but unlike these selfish kings. Victor had a very high charisma, and that unconsciously attracted people.

”…That was cool, af…I want to do that too. ”

”…Sometimes I envy its simplicity. ” Edward chuckled.

”Where did they go? ” Fred asked.

”I don ’t know, but probably in a place where they can fight without worrying about their surroundings. ” Edward walked towards the stairs.

”Where are you going? ”

”Home. ”

”Oh, I will too, ” Fred walked along with Edward.


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