My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 159: They never learn. 3

On top of a building several KM away from Sasha ’s old mansion, two beings were looking towards the mansion.

These two beings had blood red eyes that shone, creating a stark contrast in the dark night.

”What do we do? Zandriel has been captured, and if this continues, they will know our secret. ” A woman ’s voice was heard.

”…I have contacted SWAT through one of our faithful. They will break into that place and retrieve the body of Father Julian and Father Zandriel. ” A man ’s voice was heard.

”Father Bruno is going with SWAT to keep everything under wraps. ”

”This is the safest option right now. ”

”Is it okay to involve humans in this? ” The woman asked

”Yes. The new Count seems to care a lot about his old life, he won ’t cause any problems for the humans. ” The man spoke with absolute certainty.

”… ” The woman was silent and seemed to be thinking of something.

”Despite having absurd strength, at the end of the day, he is not a monster, he still has his human side… He will not commit mass genocide. ”

”And when he leaves, we ’ll retrieve Zandriel ’s body. It doesn ’t matter if he finds out about our secret. Eventually, everyone would know that; this is just a little bit sooner than expected… But. ”

”We must retrieve Zandriel ’s body at any cost. ”

”… ” The woman agreed with the man ’s words. Zandriel ’s body was just too valuable to fall into vampire hands.

”When humans invade the place, do you think he ’s going to retreat? ” the woman asked.

”Yes, I think so. ”

”…You seem to be 100% sure of that. ” The woman spoke in a curious tone, ”How do you judge the personality of the new Count? ”

”Why the sudden question? ”

”Just answer. ” The woman demanded.

”…Well, he is a loyal and protective man to his family, he likes to fight strong people, he seems like the kind of man who would never turn down a challenge… Overall, he could be a hunter if he were not a vampire. He has good qualities. ”

”…I think a little differently. ”

”… ” The man looked at the woman.

”I think he ’s like a caged monster. ”

”His wife and his family are the chains that keep this monster caged… But when he ’s poked, he won ’t mind releasing this monster. You see it, right? His ’face ’. ”

”…Yes. ” The man wondered what that abnormality was since he had no record of that kind of power.

”Normally, this man wouldn ’t cause trouble in the human world, but he ’s not in a good state of mind right now… He ’s just seen someone precious to him in a pretty deplorable state. ”

”And you, my friend, provoked/defied this monster. What do you think will happen? ”

”… Fuck. ” Only now did the man realize what he had done.

He seemed to think about what to do for a bit, but then he said, ”Well, some human lives are unimportant, they breed like rabbits. ”

”… ” The woman just looked at the man with a neutral gaze.

”Let ’s go back, we need to report what we ’ve learned to our superior… Oh, don ’t forget to bring the faithful who passed our test. They ’ll be good tools. ”

The woman looked at Sasha ’s old mansion, which had several helicopters flying over the place, and when she saw the SWAT entering the mansion, she exhibited a small disdainful smile. ’Let ’s see if you ’re a monster like they say, Count Alucard. ’

”Okay… ” She spoke.

”… ” Leona looked at Violet once more. It ’s been a few hours since Victor, Edward and Fred left, and since the moment they left, Violet hadn ’t said anything.

She just stayed silent as she stroked Zack ’s head.

To be honest, Leona was internally freaking out; ’Why does it seem like I ’m the only one caring about this weird situation? ’

The sound of the door being opened was heard, and soon Fred and Edward appeared:

”Sup, we ’re back. ” Fred was the first to speak.

”… ” Violet narrowed her eyes when she saw that Victor wasn ’t with them.

”Where ’s my Darling? ”

”… ” Fred was silent and turned his face. He didn ’t want to answer that question. He felt that something would happen if he answered that question.

”Victor left with Mizuki somewhere, they looked like they were going to fight or something. ”

”Oh… ” Violet ’s eyes darkened a little when she heard that Victor went out somewhere with a woman. She wasn ’t worried about Victor, she knew he was a trustworthy man, but she was worried about Mizuki.

”…? ” Suddenly Violet felt something, and, for a few seconds, Violet placed her hand on her heart while looking in a direction; ’Sasha… What happened? ’ She could feel immense anger and a lot of worry coming from Sasha.

But the moment she felt these emotions, the emotions disappeared as if everything Violet was feeling was an illusion.

But Violet knew it wasn ’t an illusion.

”… ” When Edward saw Violet ’s gaze, he began having flashbacks to the past when he dated a woman who was mentally insane.

”I knew it… ” Fred nodded his head several times; he ’s 100% sure that if he had answered that question, he would be the one receiving Violet ’s gaze right now.

Violet went back to looking at Zack, petting the cat, who seemed to be unconcerned about everything. He was even sleeping while drooling… He was a lazy cat.

”Finally, you came, honestly. I was about to freak out when I was left alone with this woman. ” Leona spoke in a low voice.

”Why? ” Edward asked.

”Well, she hasn ’t said anything since you guys left, the mood was super weird. ” Leona was honest.

”I think this is normal? As a Yandere, she only cares about Victor. ” Edward spoke in a low voice.

”Yandere, huh. I knew Victor had weird tastes, but he went way beyond that this time… Although I can ’t help but be jealous. ” Fred said.

”…Do you want to wake up with a knife in your chest? ” Leona spoke coldly.

”… ” Fred broke out in a cold sweat when he imagined someone waking up next to him, and suddenly that person stabbed him!

”It ’s alright! As long as you never cheat, and accept a Yanderes ’ feelings, you ’ll be fine! Probably… ” Fred wasn ’t sure, considering he wasn ’t experienced in these matters.

After all, reality was very different from fiction. He knew that Yanderes react badly to various situations because normally, all the protagonists of these animes were indecisive and never showed the affection that women were looking for…

”You guys know I can hear you, right? ” Violet spoke.

”… ” The three were silent.

A strange atmosphere fell over the place.

”You know? I don ’t really care what kind of friendships my husband has. He seems to value you a lot, and because of that, I don ’t interfere too much. And unlike what this woman expects me to do, I won ’t go crazy over the fact that she tried to turn my husband into a wolf. ”

”…I wasn ’t expecting you to freak out, ” Leona spoke in a neutral tone.

”Really? Well, in the end, it doesn ’t matter. ”

”Oh? Why? ”

Violet flashed a big smile, ”Because, he ’s mine. In the end, I came out victorious; there ’s no point arguing on a useless subject, right? ”

”… ” Leona ’s eyes sparkled a little blue.

”… ” Edward and Fred were in a cold sweat now.

Rumble, Rumble.


”What!? ” Fred yelled.

”!!! ” Leona and Edward quickly assumed a combat stance when they saw the being in front of them.

A tall monster covered in lightning passed through the door, but as it was too tall, it ended up destroying the door.

”Sasha? ”

”Violet, I don ’t have time to explain, come with me. ” Sasha grabbed Violet and left.

”Meow? ” Zack woke up because of the noise, looked around then, noticing that Violet wasn ’t around, he did what any cat would do in this situation, he went back to sleep…

”Just what was that? ” Fred asked.

”…And to think that one of his wives could access that form… ” Leona spoke up.

”Yes… It ’s surprising, isn ’t it? ” Edward commented, looking at the damage, he said, ”I ’ll put it on Victor ’s account. ”

”Yes. ” Leona nodded.

”Hello? Guys!? ”

”… ” The siblings looked at Fred with a tired look.

”Can you explain? ” Leona asked.

”Fine… ” Edward took the job.

Inside a black car, Ruby looked out the window; ’Sasha… ’ Like VIolet, she could sense that something was wrong.

”Natalia, can you hurry up a bit? ” Ruby asked.

”Yes, Lady Ruby. ” Natalia accelerated the car even more.

After the incident that happened at the bar, Ruby asked Natalia to go to her apartment that she had in this city. She went to pick up some things she had forgotten in that place.

Now, they were heading back to Victor ’s house.

”Lady Ruby, are you really planning to do as you say? ”

”Hmm…? Of course. ” Ruby looked at Natalia with a neutral gaze.

”…I am absolutely sure that what you are planning to do will directly provoke the three kings. ” By the three kings, she was talking about the king of vampires, wolves, and the queen of witches.

”Does not matter. ” Ruby flashed a small smile of disdain, ”They were in power too long, they wouldn ’t complain if someone took their place, right? ”

”Well… ” Natalia didn ’t continue to speak and just thought; ’I shouldn ’t have listened to this conversation. ’ She was honest with herself,

”No need to worry too much, what I ’m planning could take years to materialize. I think it will take about 500 years? ” As an immortal vampire, all Ruby had left in this world was time. She could wait.

And that ’s also why Natalia didn ’t want to get involved since, at the end of the day, she was still just an ’ordinary ’ human. One day she ’ll die of old age. And, as the heiress of a Clan that served the king directly, she was supposed to share this information with the king, but…

’Currently, I ’m serving the Snow Clan, so this has nothing to do with me. ’ She completely ignored the subject, and she ’s going to pretend she didn ’t know anything.

After all, this problem would only happen after her death.

A few minutes pass, and suddenly.

Rumble, Rumble!

The noise of lightning hitting the ground was heard nearby.

And in the blink of an eye, Violet and Sasha appeared in the car beside Ruby.

”Sasha? And Violet too, what happened? ”

”Natalia, use your powers, take us to my old mansion! ”

”What ’s going on? ” Natalia asked.

”Hurry up! ”

”… ” Natalia looked at Violet to see the white-haired woman nodding.

Natalia said, ”Okay. ”

A few minutes before SWAT stormed the place.

”Who sent you? ” Victor asked Julian that had all his limbs facing strange directions.

He seemed to have gone through intense torture, and his eyes were lifeless as if he had mentally broken.

”General James, ” Julian spoke in a robotic tone.

”What does this man want with my wife? ”

”He wants the blood of the heiress of Clan Fulger, the former Clan of Count Vampires. ”

”… ” Victor clenched his teeth visibly.

”What were your orders? ”

”Capturing Clan Fulger ’s Heir alive or dead. ”

”Is he not afraid of Clan Fulger ’s retaliation? ” Victor was curious about this.

”Since Clan Fulger is no longer a Clan of vampire counts, he thought it was okay. The plan would work if it weren ’t for the failed mission of Agent Carlos and Ex-Agent Maria. ”

”And why does he want my wife ’s blood? ”

”He wants to make new ’faithful ’ to our cause… The blood of a vampire of a stronger lineage seems to be the best ingredient to make more ’faithful ’. ”

”…? ” Victor didn ’t understand, but when he remembered Zandriel ’s eyes, he made a face of disgust.

Using his eye powers, he looked again at the tall priest. He saw vampire bite marks on the man ’s neck and saw that the man ’s heart was glowing like a human ’s.

”Hybrids. ” That was the only thing on Victor ’s mind right now, and it would also explain Zandriel ’s high regeneration, even now the priest ’s body was regenerating.

”That bastard wants to use my wife as a lab rat, huh…? ”

”How many of you came to capture my wife? ”

”A group of hunters who were killed by Ex-Agent Maria, two veteran hunters, and a mercenary werewolf. It ’s just those who came with us. ”

”Werewolf? ” Victor looked around with his eye powers, and when he saw a body covered in a green aura, he said,

”I found you. ”

”HIII! ” The wolf tried to run away, but in the end, it was useless, and, in a flash, Victor appeared in front of the wolf and grabbed him by the neck. He brought the man ’s face close to his eyes and ordered:

”Tell me everything you know. ”

”Yes… ”


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