My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 162: A lucky man. 2

”We can ’t just sit around here, let ’s clean this place up, ” Ruby spoke suddenly.

”What do you mean clean this place? ” Sasha asked.

”Darling is showing his power publicly. You know this is prohibited, whether he is a Count or not, he must still follow the rules. ”

”Oh. ” Sasha understood now what Ruby was talking about.

”We must prevent this incident from being all over the news tomorrow morning. ”

”…But as a Vampire Count, he has a lot of privileges, right? ” Violet spoke, she remembered that Scathach broke the rules over and over again, but nothing happened to her.

Violet knew that nothing had happened to the woman because she was ’Scathach Scarlett ’, the strongest female vampire.

But she also remembered several times that her mother caused an international incident, yet nothing happened to her mother.

Because of this, she assumed that vampires who held the title of vampire Count had special privileges.

They wouldn ’t be a ’pillar ’ if they didn ’t have at least that.

”Yes. Honestly, I ’m not worried about that. ” She knew that if it depended on her mother, nothing would happen to Victor. After all, Scathach was very fond of her son-in-law:

”I ’m more concerned about the reaction of Victor ’s parents. ” Ruby didn ’t care one bit about these humans Victor killed, but she knew that Victor cared a lot about his parents, and if Victor ’s parents were to find out he committed mass homicide, she was pretty sure they wouldn ’t be comfortable with that.

Strange or not, they ’re still ordinary humans, and humans aren ’t very comfortable when they find out that someone has committed a slaughter of their own kind.

And what kind of human parents would normally accept their child to commit mass homicide?

’Sometimes some truths must remain hidden… ’ For the sake of Victor ’s relationship with his parents, Ruby must do something!

”Oh… ” Violet understood now.

”Because of that, we must make it appear that this incident was an accident caused by a gas bomb, or something like that… ” Ruby spoke her thoughts.

”Oh. ” Ruby seemed to remember something, as she looked at the girls:

”Don ’t forget to erase the memory of all humans present. ” She was particularly aware of this little problem.

”What about human corpses? ” Sasha asked.

”… ” Ruby thought for a moment, her brain started to spin to make the best decision possible, but then a doubt appeared in her mind.

”I still don ’t know what happened, but if our husband reacted so strongly to an issue, it ’s because someone dear to him has been hurt. ” Ruby looked to Sasha for answers.

”…Yes, I was ambushed in this mansion by the hunters. ”

”… What did you say? ” Violet ’s look was anything but pretty.

Ruby ’s gaze cooled even further, ”Tell me more. ”

”I came to this mansion in search of my family heirloom, and, when I entered the vault, Kaguya and Maria stayed behind. ”

”I don ’t know what happened, but when I left the vault, Kaguya was very hurt, and Maria was unconscious. ”

”I made a mistake…I couldn ’t really assess the opponent ’s strength, I thought they would be normal worms, and because of that mistake, Kaguya was injured. ” Sasha felt quite guilty.

Violet spoke in a careful tone as if she were advising Sasha, ”…It ’s no use feeling guilty about it, just don ’t make that mistake in the future again. But if you ’re feeling really bad. Just apologize to Kaguya or my husband, you know the two won ’t blame you for what happened… ”

”Yes, I ’ll do it…. Thank you, Violet. ” Sasha felt that she should do this. ’I will apologize to Kaguya. ’ She wanted to get rid of this unsettling feeling in her chest.

She knew she made a mistake, but as Violet said, she just shouldn ’t make that mistake in the future, and she didn ’t want to make a mistake that could lead to a possible death of important people in her life.

”…It ’s okay, family is made for that, right? Forgive and move on. ” Violet flashed a gentle little smile.

”Yes. ”

”… ” Ruby displayed a small, gentle smile when she saw Sasha and Violet interact.

”Family heirloom? ” Natalia asked curiously.

”Yes. ” Sasha nodded and showed the girls a golden dagger that contained several strange runes carved into the blade.

”That ’s… ” Natalia ’s eyes opened wide.

”The inheritance that my ancestor Carmila Fulger left for her descendants. ” Sasha looked at the dagger with a nostalgic look. It was the first weapon she trained with as a child.

”Apparently, it is a dagger created by the dwarves of Nidavellir, a weapon created specifically for the direct heirs of Clan Fulger. ” Only people who held the blood of Clan Fulger were accepted and may use this dagger.

Ruby squinted, ”…Have you forgotten something so important in the human world? ”

”Well… A lot happened in a short time, and I was also emotionally shaken by Julia ’s death. ”


The girls quickly look at the explosion that happened next to them, and they see Victor fighting Father Bruno and his subordinates.

”HAHAHAHAHA~. You are indeed stronger than that man, Father! ”

”Demon, I will take you back to hell! ”

The priest ’s subordinates entered a prayer position, and rapidly a large golden circle appeared in the sky.

”Oh!? ” Victor looked up at the sky.

”May Michael ’s judgment fall on you, Demon! ”

Several giant golden swords began to fall towards Victor.

”Hahahaha, what a faithful priest you are! Are you trying to kill these humans!?! ” The magic circle of Victor ’s hands started to glow crazily, he pointed both of his hands towards the sky, and then a gigantic ice shield was created.

”A necessary sacrifice! ” A golden power shot out of the priest ’s hand and flew towards him, and when the power got close enough to Victor, the power turned into a golden sword.

”Oh? Thanks for the weapon, Father! ” Victor raised his hand and took hold of the golden sword.

”What…? ” The priest didn ’t believe the absurdity he was seeing.

Victor covered the sword with fire and attacked the sky.

A massive slash of fire left the sword and flew to the sky.

Victor dispersed the shield, and the slash of fire flew towards the golden circle in the sky.


An explosion occurred as Victor ’s power collided with the golden circle.

Soon the golden circle was undone.

”Monster! How can you touch that weapon and be unharmed? What are you!? ”

”You ’re wrong, Father. I didn ’t come out unscathed. ” Victor showed the palm of his hand that was burned, he threw the golden sword back to the priest.

The priest turned his face a little, and the sword passed by him.

”And I ask that same question of you, how can you use this power when you are a Mongrel? ”

”… ” The Father was silent, as he just braced himself and jumped towards Victor again.

”We ’ll leave this conversation for later. ” Ruby suddenly spoke when she saw that the fight had started again, ”Our mission is simple: First, erase the memories of all humans… Sasha you are the fastest of us, so I am counting on you. ”

”Roger. ” Sasha accepted.

”Second, don ’t let this incident appear in all the papers tomorrow morning. Natalia, you are experienced at cleaning up this kind of mess, right? ”

”Yes, leave it to me. It ’s a simple job. ” Natalia flashed a small smile.

Ruby ’s smile suddenly grew frighteningly, ”Third, blame this whole incident on the hunters… Knowing our husband, I ’m sure the hunters responsible for this mess must already be dead, let ’s use these men . ”

”Oh? ” Sasha and Violet ’s smile grew the same way Ruby did.

”I like this idea. ” The two spoke at the same time.

”Violet and I will work together on this. ”

”Roger. ”

”And fourth… We need to calm our husband down. ”

”… ” The group was silent while they looked at Victor and, seeing his current state, thought that this was an almost impossible mission. They knew Victor very well, and when he gets angry, he would only calm down when everything that made him angry was burned to ash.

’Probably, we will manage to calm him down, but… He will only be at peace when he eliminates everything that bothers him. ’ Ruby thought, in a way, that kind of temperament was the same as her mother and Violet.

Ruby looked at the girls, ”You understand what to do, right? ”

”Yes. ” Sasha, Violet, and Natalia spoke

”In that case, let ’s clean up this mess. ” Soon the three women disappeared.

Victor was really lucky to have wives like that…

Rumble, Rumble!

Sasha appeared in front of the SWAT agents.

”W-What!? Who are you!? ” one of the agents yelled.

”Worms, look into my eyes! ” Sasha wasn ’t in a good mood and didn ’t want to waste time with these humans.

”… ” All the agents looked into Sasha ’s red eyes.

”You will all forget everything that happened here. ” She pointed to the subordinate agents.

”Yes. ”

She looked at the commander, ”Tell me your name, tell me who was responsible for ordering you to mobilize, I want to know everything. ”

Sasha thought something; ’They mobilized too quickly. ’ Police are never this efficient anywhere in the world; they are always late. And, if they mobilized so quickly, it ’s because someone knew what was going on and ordered the agents to mobilize, and her thoughts gained more certainty when she saw the six priests who were now fighting her husband.

”My name is David. General James ordered this operation… ” Commander David began to explain everything he knew to Sasha.

”I see, I ’m going to visit this general… ” Sasha thought that if she manipulated someone at the top of the chain of command, it would be a quicker task.

Before she left, she asked just in case:

”Do you have some kind of camera recording everything that ’s going on here? ”

”Yes, some vehicles have front cameras that record everything. ”

”Tsk. ” Sasha looked at all the agents ’ vehicles.

She points her hand towards all vehicles.

Rumble, Rumble.

Golden lightning bolted from Sasha ’s hand and damaged all vehicle systems.

”… ” Finishing her work, she looked at the commander again:

”There are more people besides you here-. ” Before Sasha could finish saying what she wanted, she heard:

”Commander? Commander, respond! ”

Her eyes lit up in annoyance, and then she asked, ”Where are these people? ”

”They are… ” The commander explained where the voice was coming from.

Finishing receiving all the information Sasha spoke:

”Forget everything that happened here, and when you get back to your base, you ’ll think you just slept on the job because you were too tired… I want you to wait for further orders from me. ” Sasha thought it would be better to have this commander in the palm of her hand.

`Knowing Ruby, she will definitely think of a way to use this man. ’ Sasha thought with a small smile on her face.

”Yes, I will. ”

”Good. ” Sasha smiled smugly.

Rumble, Rumble.

Sasha ’s body was covered in lightning, and as soon as she disappeared from everyone ’s view, she only left behind a golden trail.

”Gentlemen, we are going back! ” Suddenly the commander raised his voice.

”Yes! ”

In a way, Sasha has just saved the life of the commander and all his remaining subordinates…


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