My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 168 - 168: Mother.

Before Victor took the girls to the training room where he usually trained.

He led the girls on a tour of his underground abode.

”This entire hallway was built with a lot of vampires in mind. ” Victor pointed to a hallway that had several doors.

”Hmm, how many rooms are there in this place? ” Lacus asked.

”I have no idea. ” Victor was completely honest.

”Fue…? ” Pepper looked at Victor with a disbelieving look.

”This place is huge, who built it? ” Lacus asked again.

”The witch, June. ”

”Hmm… That witch, huh? ” Scathach suddenly started walking in front of Victor.

Victor looked at Scathach and waited for what she was going to do.

”… ” Scathach flashed a small, seductive smile when she felt him look at her ass, though he only did so for a few seconds.

Normally, Victor would never do that, but then he remembered the little intimate moments he had with Scathach, and because of those moments together, he reacted unconsciously.

”Come to think, where is that witch? She keeps disappearing. ” Victor remembered that he needed to thank her too.

”…she ran away… ” Ruby was the one who spoke.

”… Did that greedy woman who loves money run away? ” Victor narrowed his eyes.

Victor looked behind him, and soon he saw Siena, Pepper, and Ruby, who looked quite depressed, while they were following the excited group '[Victor, Lacus, and Scathach] ’.

’Are they so upset? ’ It wasn ’t like Victor couldn ’t understand the girls ’ feelings, considering he knew Scathach could be pretty brutal when it comes to training.

Scathach entered the room, walked to the walls, and touched them, seemingly checking for something.

”Scathach, what are you doing? ” Victor asked.

”Nothing, let ’s continue. ” Scathach turned around.

”Okay. ”

”This place is the kitchen. ”

”… ” The group looked at the kitchen that had several current technological equipment and numerous refrigerators.

Why do vampires need a kitchen? The answer is:

This place was built with the intention of storing several hundred bags of blood for the vampires that were Violet ’s subordinates.

Often when Violet and Victor weren ’t home, the vampires who were Violet ’s subordinates would come into the kitchen and pick up bags of blood to drink.

In total, this place had a blood supply that was supposed to last for over 5 years.

”Why is this so unnecessarily big? ” Lacus asked.

”… ” Victor was silent since he wanted to know that too.

”The place where you live is unnecessarily huge too, ” Victor spoke.

”Well… ” Lacus looked at Scathach since it was her mother who built the place where she currently lived.

”Originally, my mansion was built to accommodate thousands of servants… ”

”But you never used it for that purpose, huh? ”

”Yes. ”

”…I feel a little sorry for Luna, who has to take care of everything herself. ” Victor thought of the white-haired Russian maid who was currently settling the rooms of the Clan Scarlett women.

”She ’s fine, after all, she ’s a vampire. ” Scathach spoke.

”Make sense. ” Victor nodded.

”This is the bathroom. ” Victor pointed to a spot.

”As usual, it ’s ridiculously huge. ” Pepper was the one who spoke this time.

Victor couldn ’t help but agree with Pepper, and he wanted to know how this worked. After all, they were underground, right?

How could something of this size exist underground while the structures above ground were unaffected?

Victor thought of several things, but in the end, he gave up and thought: ’Magic, Wow ’.

There was no use thinking about something he didn ’t understand; it was just a waste of time.

”Are you guys going to take a shower now? ”

”I don ’t think that ’s a good idea considering we ’re going to sweat during training, ” Lacus said

”That ’s true… ”

Lacus flashed a sneaky little smile, ”Oh? Did you want to shower with us, Victor? ”

”Hmm? Of course. ”

”… ” Lacus and Pepper couldn ’t help but blush a little when they heard Victor ’s honest answer.

”Darling… ” Ruby ’s voice was colder than the North Pole itself!

”Normally, that would be my answer, but I know that ’s inappropriate. ” Victor showed a small smile.

He ’s gained a conscience, okay!? He knows it ’s inappropriate! After all, he ’s a married man!

…But he wouldn ’t mind going into the bathroom with Scathach… But that was something he wouldn ’t say out loud.

”… ” Scathach exhibited a seductive smile as she seemed to be thinking of something.

”Overall, this basement is just that. It is very simple, so I think I ’m going to ask June to add a game room and movie theater. ”

”Oh? ” Pepper, Lacus, and Ruby ’s eyes lit up.

”We can make an anime room too! ” Pepper yelled excitedly.

”…That ’s a good idea. ” Ruby was definitely not against what Pepper said.

”Indeed. ” Lacus too.

”…Hmm, how about a massage room? ” Scathach suddenly spoke,

”… ” The group looked at Scathach strangely  since they couldn ’t understand why she suggested it.

”I mean, Victor learned a pretty… Deadly massage technique. He could use it on you. ”

”!!! ” Ruby suddenly had flashbacks to when Victor used that deadly technique on her.

When she figured her sisters would get it too, she started to panic.

”I refuse! It ’s definitely banned! ” She made an ’X ’ with both her arms.

”That massage, huh… ” Siena, Pepper, and Lacus began to remember Violet, Ruby, and Sasha ’s expressions when they received that massage.


Unconsciously, they gulped and backed away from Victor.

Victor narrowed his eyes, ”… Why are you looking at me as if I were a criminal? ”

”Well, instinct? ” The three sisters said in unison.

”… ” Victor didn ’t know what to say when he heard what the sisters said.

”Tchee… In that case, he can use it on me. ” Scathach flashed a seductive smile, and soon she began to lose herself in her thoughts.

”… In that case, everything is fine. ” Ruby nodded.

”Huh? ” Victor looked at Ruby blankly.

”She taught you the technique, right? So it ’s only fair that you use it. ” Ruby spoke.

”… ” Victor, at this point, really wanted to buy a book that could explain the thought process of women!


He sighed, and then he walked towards a hallway:

”Follow me, I ’ll show you where I train. ”

Arriving at the training room, Victor opened the door.

”Welcome to my training room! ” He spoke with a big smile and seemed visibly more excited when he was in this place.

’A battle maniac… ’ All three sisters thought.

”… ” Scathach couldn ’t help but smile when she saw Victor ’s smile :

”Oh? ” Scathach seemed to have noticed something and was looking at the walls with curious eyes. ’And to think that a spell to protect a castle would be used to do something like this… Did that witch have such abilities? ’

Scathach thought she misjudged June, and, in fact, she hadn ’t even cared about June ’s existence.

She didn ’t like witches very much, but… She liked talented people.

”…Why is it so empty? ” Lacus asked with curious eyes; ’This place is huge! It ’s bigger than the other rooms! So this is where he trains, huh? ’

”I still haven ’t had time to leave this place as I like it, but as Scathach always says, to train in a simple place is better. ”

”Indeed. ” Scathach exhibited a small smile.

”Hey, hey. ” Pepper tugged on Victor ’s arm.

”Hmm? ” Victor looked at Pepper, ”What ’s up, Pepper? ” He displayed a gentle smile.

”What is that? ” Pepper pointed to a spot where Ruby and Siena were looking at.

Victor looked at the cut in the wall he had made while training:

”Oh, this is the result of a power test I was doing. ” He spoke like it was no big deal.

”I see… ” Pepper replied with neutral eyes, then she pointed to Ruby, who was looking at the cut in the wall:

”Then why is she so shocked? ”

”A little explanation. ” Kaguya, who was silent throughout the tour, suddenly spoke.

Siena, Lacus, and Pepper look at Kaguya.


Kaguya coughed a little to adjust her tone.

”This place was built by the witch June for Victor to train. This place was specifically made to withstand the power of a 1000-year-old vampire, and that tunnel is the result of an attack that exceeded the established boundary of this place. ”

Pepper took a pair of red-framed prescription glasses that were tucked between her breasts and put them on:

”Naruhodo, Naruhodo. ” Pepper lifted the glasses a little, and, for a moment, the glasses reflected the light from the lamps lighting the room.

She looked pretty smart!

”As always, Victor took common sense and destroyed it as if it didn ’t even exist! A terrible existence indeed. ”

”… ” Everyone didn ’t know how to react except Victor.

”Hahaha, don ’t you want to become someone like that? An existence that breaks common sense? ” He looked like a loan shark who was offering a girl a rare opportunity.

”…Nani? ” Pepper ’s eyes sparkled with interest.

”… ” Kaguya looked at Pepper with a strange look; ’why is she speaking in Japanese all of a sudden? Has she gone crazy? ’


Lacus and Ruby slapped Victor over the head, ”Don ’t lead Pepper astray! ”

”Ouch… ” Victor pretended it hurt.

”… Victor. ” Scathach ’s voice was very cold because she could immediately understand what kind of power he used to deal that kind of damage.

Victor ’s entire body visibly shook, and then he looked at Scathach.

”You never listen to me. ”

”I learned that from you, Scathach. ”

Scathach squinted her eyes a little, ”Why are you talking like I ’m a stubborn person? ”

”Are you not? ” Victor laughed.

”I ’m not. ” Scathach strongly denied it.

”Hoo, Hoo? ” Victor ’s smile grew, and soon he began to speak, ”I remember clearly that when I told you to stop-. ”

”!!! ” Scathach quickly created an ice spear and pointed it at Victor ’s neck, ”Silence. ” She spoke in a tone that did not allow for refusal.

Victor ’s smile changed to a gentle one as he ignored Scathach ’s spear at his neck and said,

”This is a fight you can ’t win, Scathach. ”

”Heh~, I wonder about that. ”

”… ” Ruby ’s eyes twitched tightly as she saw her mother ’s interaction with Victor. ’She really doesn ’t realize what she ’s doing now? Isn ’t she denser than my Darling? ’

”…This is fucking bullshit, I ’m done. ” Siena suddenly spoke up since, as a vampire who knew about witch society, she couldn ’t help but say it when she saw such irrationality.

’I blinked my eyes, and he suddenly got stronger than me? ’ Siena felt the world was very unfair. What Siena didn ’t know was that this kind of destruction was only possible when Victor used his blood power.

A power he still doesn ’t know how to control very well.

Siena completely ignored the interaction of Victor and Scathach since, in her mind, she had already accepted that they would have this kind of relationship.

After all, she had clearly seen that when her mother was with Victor, she seemed to be more ’alive ’.

Siena turned, and just as she was about to leave, Scathach grabbed her shoulder:

”Where do you think you ’re going, my Daughter? ”

Siena ’s entire body shuddered when she heard her mother ’s voice.

”If I said you ’re going to train, it ’s because you ’re going to train. Refusing is not an option. ”

”…Ugh. ” Siena lamented her fate.

”Now, go to the middle. ” Scathach suddenly kicked Siena in the back.


She landed right in the middle of the room.

Scathach jumped towards the middle of the room, ”As you tried to run away twice, I will personally train you for 30 minutes. ”


Siena coughed a little, and when she heard her mother ’s words, she quickly spoke.

”W-Wait, mother! Let me prepare! ”

”The enemy won ’t wait for you to prepare like a fool, you always have to be prepared! ” Scathach seemed to disappear for a moment.

”Fuck. ” Siena quickly turned her body around and tried to defend against Scathach ’s attack.

But the woman just smiled and disappeared again as Siena felt her head being hit.


She flew towards the wall while she was broken all over.

”This is brutal… ” Kaguya couldn ’t help but mutter, isn ’t she her daughter? Why did she suddenly do this? As expected from the crazy woman!

”You get used to it. ” Victor, Pepper, Lacus, and Ruby all spoke in unison while, for some reason, they all had lifeless eyes like they had given up on something.

”Eh? ” Kaguya looked at the group with an expression that said she didn ’t understand what they were talking about.

”At least Scathach isn ’t pulling out her guts. ” Victor shivered a little.

”Or forcing you to punch the toughest material on Earth until you can scratch it. ” Pepper had the same reaction as Victor.

”She didn ’t freeze my sister ’s heart either or break her legs with heavy material for her to gain stronger legs. ” Lacus was surprisingly silent…

”She didn ’t stick a sword in her body and split her body in half to test her ’regeneration ’. ” Ruby spoke in a neutral tone as if this was no big deal.

”Surprisingly, she is being very kind. ” The four said at the same time again.

”… ” Kaguya looked at the group as if she were looking at a bunch of crazy people.


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