My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 184 - 184: Hes Coming For You. 3

”My name is Dog. ” She spoke in a neutral tone.

Victor ’s eyes twitched, ”Who named you that? ” He looked into the girl ’s lifeless eyes.

”My parents. ” The girl spoke in the same neutral tone as before.

”I see… ” Victor looked at the girl ’s body and could see that she was wounded and scarred. He looked down and saw two humans sitting on the couch.

[A clear child abuse situation, huh?] Kaguya spoke in a neutral tone.

Victor agreed with Kaguya. What kind of parents locked their daughter in a cage? And left her in a dirty room?

Victor got up and looked around. As a creature of the night, he could see the room as if it were bright as day.

A messy room full of scattered books, he saw that there were some books with torn pages, and with just one look, he could tell that those books had been read over and over again.

He looked at the girl again, ’Initially, I came here because I saw something I had never seen before with my eyes. ’

The girl in front of him was just too weird. She had the heart of a human, but unlike normal humans, she had the silhouette of a woman floating beside her like she was sleeping.

Victor looked at the silhouette of the body, and the only thing he could see was a ’void ’, as if it were waiting to be filled by something.

Victor thought for a moment, but soon he made a decision.

He knelt down in front of the girl and asked:

”Girl, how old are you? ”

”I am 18 years old. ” She replied in a neutral tone.

”… ” Victor looked at the girl again and understood something; ’Her body hadn ’t had enough nutrients, and because of that, it couldn ’t develop properly, huh? At first glance, she looked like a child, but in fact, she was already 18 years old.

”Are you a virgin? ” That was the most important question. Given the girl ’s situation, the probability of sexual abuse was very high.

”… ” The girl was silent, she squinted her eyes for a few seconds, and a small hint of embarrassment appeared on her face.

”Answer me, Girl. ” He spoke in a serious voice. He wasn ’t kidding, as, given the girl ’s injuries, even if he took her to the best hospitals, the aftereffects would still linger.

’If she ’s not a virgin, I have to take her to the witches, maybe someone has a healing spell or something. ’ Victor was really curious about what this ’silhouette ’ the girl has that appears to have been following her.

”…Yes, I am. ” She spoke in a somewhat difficult voice.

”I see… ” Victor gave a small, relieved sigh inwardly.

He extended his hand towards the cage, ”Girl, do you want to be reborn? ”

”…? ” The girl looked at Victor with a confused look.

”What do you mean by being reborn? ” She asked again with a neutral, lifeless look.

”Exactly what the word means. You will be reborn, you will throw your name away, you will abandon your current fragile shell, and you will become something like me. ”

Victor ’s eyes slightly glowed blood red:

”A vampire. ”


The girl gulped.

”…I-… ” The girl hesitated a little, and she seemed to sink into deep thought.

”Answer me, Girl. ” Victor ’s eyes glowed blood red.

The girl looked at Victor again, and then she looked at his hand.

She lifted her hand and slowly brought her hand closer to Victor ’s.

When she took Victor ’s hand, she said, ”Please help me… Please… Get me out of this hell. ” She spoke in a very fragile voice that seemed as though it could break at any moment,

”… ” Victor opened his eyes wide in shock.

Surprisingly, she didn ’t ask to be reborn or become like Victor.

She just asked for his help.

Victor wasn ’t annoyed that she ’rejected ’ his request. Instead, for some reason, the girl ’s request made Victor adopt a strange expression.

The girl ’s call for help made Victor ’s heart flutter a little, and he stopped thinking about his curiosity, or witches, he stopped thinking about everything, and just something crossed his mind:

’… What am I doing? ’ He asked that question from the bottom of his heart.

He looked at the girl in front of him again, and, seeing the state of the girl who clearly needed help, Victor ’s mind cleared:

Then he spoke with a gentle smile:

”Yes, I will. ” He held the girl ’s hand gently.

”Thank you… ” She displayed a small hint of a smile.

”… ” Victor looked into the lifeless eyes of the girl who carried an immense hatred for everything. It was this hatred in the girl ’s eyes that made him interested in her.

He knew that by turning this girl into a vampire, he would gain a very strong Maid.

Victor was not a saint, nor was he a devil. He was just someone who did what he wanted. And from the moment the girl asked for his help,

He just decided he would help her.

He was no longer moving because of the curiosity he had about the silhouette that accompanied the girl, as with Bruna ’s case, where he felt disgust for the wolves that were using the nuns to make children, the same could be said for this situation. He felt disgust for the girl ’s parents.

And he was moved by the girl ’s words, and because of that, he ’s going to move.

… He really was a troubled man… An unpredictable man who changed his mind as easily as a woman changed her clothes…

And it was because of this type of personality that Victor ’s enemies had trouble dealing with him.

He was just very inconsistent with his actions. When someone thought Victor was walking down a street along a certain path, he would suddenly change his mind and start going in the opposite direction.

”Wait for me here. ” Victor let go of the girl ’s hand and got up off the ground.

”Oh… ” Somehow the girl was disappointed when she felt Victor release her. She had never received that kind look from anyone before.

Victor grabbed the girl ’s cage, and like magic, the whole cage except the place where the girl was sitting froze, allowing Victor ’s next action.

Crack, Crack.

The cage began to crack, and with a small gesture of force, he shattered the entire cage into pieces.

”… ” The girl looked at this demonstration with her eyes open in sheer shock.

It was as if a red-eyed angel had descended from heaven and had helped her, but she knew it was just her imagination. The man had said so himself, he wasn ’t an angel.

’A vampire… ’ She thought.

For her, seeing someone break her prison so easily was more shocking than seeing that same person walk through the wall.

”You ’re not an animal. You don ’t belong here. ” Victor ’s eyes glowed blood red, and he glanced toward the door.

”!!! ” The girl ’s body visibly trembled when she heard Victor saying she was not an animal.

He tried to open the door but found it locked.

”… ” His eyes twitched a little.

Noticing Victor ’s killing intent growing up, Kaguya spoke:

[Master, if you kill the humans and cause too much noise, the police will be alerted, and this could compromise your position.]

”I don ’t give a fuck. ” Victor had decided something, and he was going to do it. He was not going to be stopped by rules or any bullshit like that.

[Sigh… Master is so incorrigible.] Kaguya ’s shadow exhibited a gentle little smile.

Crack, Crack.

Victor squeezed the door handle, then he pulled the door open.

The entire door was ripped out, and it caused a huge noise.

”Who ’s there!? He heard a man ’s voice.

”…F-Father. ” The girl ’s body visibly trembled.

Victor saw this, and his eyes twitched even more.

[Master, do what you like, I ’ll take care of the extras.] Kaguya spoke, and soon she left Victor ’s shadow and went somewhere, like a hardworking Maid. It was a simple job to control some humans, so they didn ’t mind what was going on. She ’d done it several times when Violet lost control of her powers.

”Who are you!? ”

She walked past the girl ’s parents and said, ”Hello, worm. And have a safe trip to hell. ” She greeted him and went straight through.

”Huh? ”

”Honey, look! ” The woman pointed to the tall man in front of their daughter ’s room.

When the man looked at them both, the girl ’s parents ’ bodies froze in fear, and they couldn ’t speak.

Kaguya walked towards the exit of the apartment and closed the door.

[Kaguya, do you need my help?] Bruna asked in a neutral voice, but it was clearly visible that she was brimming with hostility.

”I don ’t need it, just stay in my shadow. My master will take care of everything. ” Kaguya spoke and soon began to do her job.

[… Okay.]

Victor was sitting on an ice throne. He had his eyes closed and his hand on his head like he had a bad headache, but really, he was just thinking about what to do.

He had a girl who had a wounded body covered in bruises, and in front of him were this girl ’s parents, sitting on the floor.

The girl ’s condition was so deplorable that she couldn ’t even stand up straight.

This clearly looked like a judgment scene, although Victor wasn ’t consciously doing it. He just didn ’t want to sit anywhere that belonged to these two humans.

And he needed to think about his next steps. He didn ’t want to traumatize the girl further, and that was why he believed he couldn ’t do things the way he was used to.

Now that the girl was out of her room, everyone could see her appearance correctly. She had western features, was around 150cm tall, with long, messy black hair that reached to the floor.

The girl looked at her parents with her lifeless black eyes.

”W-Who are you…? ” The girl ’s mother asked cautiously as she stuttered a little.

Victor opened his eyes and looked at the girl ’s mother.

”Hiii! ” The woman was just startled when she looked into Victor ’s eyes.

”… ” Victor ’s whole face distorted when he saw this pathetic demonstration, and he just felt like wiping them both out of existence.

”Girl, ” Victor spoke in a neutral tone.

”!!! ” The girl ’s parents ’ whole body shuddered when they heard Victor ’s voice. To them, this man was just too scary!

”Yes…? ” She slowly turned her gaze to Victor.

”You know? I ’m a monster. If this situation were a normal situation, these two worms would have already been erased from existence, but… That is not a decision I should make. It is yours. ”

In the end, he didn ’t have to think too much, and, just like in Bruna ’s case, he would let the victim decide.

”Remember, do what you want to do most, don ’t be hypocritical with yourself. ”

”… ” The girl looked at Victor with a strange look; ’A monster wouldn ’t go out of his way to help people, you ’re not a monster. ’ She thought inwardly.

She looked at her parents with her two lifeless eyes.

”D-Daughter, you wouldn ’t do that, right? We are your parents! ” Her father said.

”Y-Yeah, you wouldn ’t do that, right? ”

”… ” Victor ’s face distorted even more, but he held back his urge to kill these two beings and waited for the girl ’s response.

Looking at her parents ’ faces, she began to remember everything she had been through.

”Useless! You can ’t even do the laundry correctly!? ”

”B-But, Father. I can ’t reach… ”

”Silence, Dog! You are not my daughter! ”

”I shouldn ’t have had you! You can ’t even wash the floor! ”

”Mother-. ”

”Silence, Dog! Just go back to your cage! ”

”We are going to receive important guests tomorrow, do not leave your room! I don ’t want to show them a defective daughter! ”

From the moment she became aware of herself, she had received this kind of treatment. She couldn ’t do anything to please her parents, and every action she took would be rewarded with a beating.

From the beginning, they rejected her existence. To them, she was just a tool, she was just a slave…

’Ah… what my imagination said was correct. I haven ’t had parents since the beginning. ’ Of course, she knew this fact before but knowing and understanding was something else entirely.

Crack, Crack.

Something inside her started to break into several pieces.

She finally understood what these two people in front of her were to her…

’They are nothing to me. ’ Upon realizing what they were, the girl somehow felt more relieved.

”Die… ”

”D-Daughter…? ”

Slowly, the girl ’s smile began to turn into a dark, distorted smile:

”I want them to die. ”


Was this their daughter? What is that scary smile?

”Are you sure? ” Victor asked.

”Yeah. ”

”Then it will be done. ” The magic circle on Victor ’s glove began to glow.

”W-Wait, don ’t! ”

”Y-Yeah, we didn ’t do anything! ”

Victor snapped his fingers and suddenly,


The bodies of the two humans started to burn.


And seeing this sight, how did the girl react?

”Beautiful… ” She found Victor ’s flames quite beautiful. As someone who had lived in darkness for a long time, Victor ’s flames seemed quite warm to her.


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