My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 186 - 186: Interesting Discoveries And Consequences.

Walking through the underground corridors of his ’lair ’, Victor was thinking about the walk he took tonight.

”That was fun… Maybe I should do it again in the future. ” Victor really enjoyed his ’little ’ walk.

In just one night, he ’d acquired two Maids and a weird weapon that he ’d ask someone to check later for what it is.

As for the weapon, he decided he was going to show it to Scathach since, as an older vampire, she might have an idea what the weapon was.

’That red fire… I want to know what it was. ’ Victor felt that fire was not normal.

’Fuck, I should have left that wolf alive… ’ He regretted having killed the wolf a little, but not much. After all, that wolf just disgusted him a lot.

While walking, Victor saw an open door, so he entered the room and was suddenly faced with the sight of four women looking at him:

”Darling/Victor… ” Scathach, Violet, Ruby, and Sasha spoke while looking at Victor with a look that could kill any mortal.

Unfortunately…or fortunately, in this case, Victor wasn ’t mortal.

”Sup, Girls, I ’m back. ” Victor exhibited a small innocent smile as he attempted to use the ’play innocent tactic! ’.

Cough! Explanations.

When Victor was younger, his mother, Anna Walker, taught him something.

”If you know you ’ve done something bad and don ’t want anyone to know about it, feign innocence! Pretend to be an airhead, and people will believe you! ”

A good lawyer was one who knew how best to lie best!

”… ” The girls just looked at Victor with a dry look.

The tactic didn ’t work!

Master Anna ’s teachings had no effect!

”Fuck ” Victor muttered. But despite being in a ’bad ’ situation, his smile never left his face, he wouldn ’t let his thoughts be known, but secretly he expected the 4 women to attack him. And, with how angry they are, they would likely use all their power against him.

And that was a good thing! He would fight the women and get stronger!

Somehow he was getting excited!

…He really was a Battle maniac…

”First, who is that girl in your arms? ” Violet ’s gaze was as dark as a black hole.

That ’s right, he hadn ’t let go of Eve since he got to his house. He was clearly playing with fire! But it did not matter! He was immune to fire, after all!

”Oh, her? ” Victor looked at the girl in his arms and said with a gentle little smile, ”She is Eve Alucard. I found her while I was on my walk. ”

Rumble, Rumble!


”… ”

Victor ’s words were like lightning that shocked all the women.

”Wha-… Wha-… ” Violet didn ’t believe what she ’d heard.

”Alucard… Not even I… ” Sasha was still in shock.

Ruby smiled with a ’gentle ’ smile, ”Darling… Please explain what happened… like now? ” This was clearly not a request. It was an order!

But who was Victor? Victor was the man who walked into the lion ’s mouth [Scathach] of his own free will!

”Umu, I ’m sorry, but I ’m busy. I ’ll explain to you girls later. ” Victor turned and walked towards somewhere else.

”Wha-… ” Ruby couldn ’t believe what she ’d just heard.

”Victor… ” Scathach gripped Victor ’s shoulders and called out to him in a voice that sent a small shiver down Victor ’s spine.

The tactic didn ’t work again! The lion was present too!

”Fuck… ” He muttered, then turned his face and looked at Scathach with a big smile. He wasn ’t even trying to hide that he was enjoying it all.

”… ” Scathach looked at Victor ’s smile and more or less understood what was going through his mind.

’He ’s enjoying teasing us, huh? ’ Somehow that made her a little more annoyed.

”Victor-… ” Scathach was going to say something, but suddenly Victor spoke.

”Don ’t worry, she ’s not what you guys are thinking. ” Victor still has the same smile on his face, ”She ’s my Personal Maid. ”

”Huh? ” The girls didn ’t understand. They started to think and soon remembered something; Victor had casually commented in the past about the creation of a Maid Squad.

”Don ’t tell me you were really planning to do this!? ” Violet screamed, and the place around her began to heat up a little.

”Umu? Of course. ” Victor ’s smile widened, but what stupid question was that? It ’s a Maid Squad, you know!? Of course, he will!

He must do this!

”… ” The girls were a little speechless when they saw his honesty, even though they appreciated that side of him.

”Although I changed my mind a little, ” Victor spoke with a neutral face.

”What do you mean? ” Ruby was the one who asked this time, as she wanted to know what her husband ’s thoughts were.

”In the past, I ’ve thought about bringing several women into my Maid Squad, but I ’ve realized that that ’s not effective. ” He spoke the truth.

”Heh~. ” Several veins started popping in the heads of Scathach, Sasha, Violet, and Ruby when they heard the part about bringing ’various women ’…

”What do you mean by bringing ’various women ’? ” Scathach asked, her eyes glowing blood red.

”… ” Victor looked at Scathach, Violet, Ruby, and Sasha.

…Women only listen to what they want, huh?

Are they getting Natashia ’s disease?

Somehow he found it cute…

”Like I said, I ’ve changed my mind now… ” Victor ’s smile widened in a distorted way.

”I am satisfied with only 7 Maids capable of destroying this world. ”

”… ” The women were speechless again.

7 Maids capable of destroying the world? Huh? Is he trying to cause the apocalypse?

And what does he mean by ’only ’!?

Currently, Victor only had three Maids, Kaguya, Bruna, and Eve, so he still needed more members to be part of this squad that he is building.

”Oh…? ” Scathach looked at the girl in Victor ’s arms with a death glare:

”Are you saying the women you ’ve chosen have that potential? ”

”I do not know. ” Victor was honest. It ’s not like he could see the future, so he was just making a bet, a bet based on his instincts.

Faced with an irrational situation, Bruna, an innocent nun, was brave enough to bathe in blood, and he saw potential in that courage.

And having been through a deplorable situation since childhood, Eve had a great rage contained within her heart, and he saw the potential in that rage.

”I don ’t know where you get that confidence from… ” Scathach couldn ’t understand; talent didn ’t grow on trees, you know? It was hard to find! Especially talents that were capable of growing enough to become a world power.

As a teacher who had the experience of teaching many people over her two thousand years of life, Scathach knew all too well how difficult it was to do what Victor was trying to do.

”Have you forgotten what I am, Scathach? ” Victor flashed a small smile.

”… ” The girls opened their mouths in shock as they remembered what Victor did.

”Don ’t tell me… Are you planning on using your blood? ” Ruby thought that if Victor regularly gave his blood to these Maids, eventually the women would grow to become as strong as Victor wanted, but wouldn ’t that take too long?

She couldn ’t see the effectiveness of that plan… And… She didn ’t like it one bit when she learned that another woman would regularly drink Victor ’s blood.

”That too, but I plan on training them regularly and sending them on tough missions to grow faster. ”

”… ” Violet, Scathach, and Sasha ’s eyes twitched when they heard that Victor would give his blood regularly, but as they were calmer, they could hear the last part of Victor ’s sentence.

”What missions are you talking about? We are at peace, you know? ” Violet was the one who asked.

”… ” Victor looked at Violet with a lifeless look, ”Peace…? ”

”Pffft… ” He tried to hold back his laugh, but he couldn ’t, ”HAHAHAHAHAHA~. ”

His laughter echoed throughout the underground. Then, as the whole place seemed to shake with Victor ’s laughter, he continued:

”Peace!? ” The magic circles on Victor ’s gloves began to glow blood red:

”From the moment my wife was ambushed by hunters, their fate was already set in stone! They will pay, all of them, all will be destroyed. I will not be satisfied until I have the person responsible for this incident impaled on a stake while burning in my fire. Peace was never an option from the start! ”

”!!! ” Violet, Sasha, and Ruby somehow recoiled a little at the intensity of Victor ’s conviction.

But they weren ’t really afraid, and it was just a reflexive reaction.

”… ” Scathach exhibited a big smile when she saw Victor ’s gaze. That was what she expected to see! That ’s what she wanted! ’Ahh~, it ’s still a long ways away, but he ’s on the right path… ’ Somehow she was getting wet.

”You decided to recruit the Maids because of what happened to me…? ” Sasha couldn ’t help but ask with a slight smile on her face.

”Of course. ”

”Darling… ” Sasha flashed a loving smile.

”I can ’t be in several places at the same time, they will be useful. ”

”A squad of specialized individuals, ” Ruby commented.

”Yes. ” Victor didn ’t deny it.

”They will help us if we are in danger. ” Violet was beginning to understand what Victor wanted.

”Yes. ” Victor nodded again.

”Now why do they have to be Maids? Don ’t tell me you have a taste for it? ” Ruby asked with a skeptical eye.

”Yes… Ah… Well… ” Victor looked away. He just dug his own grave, didn ’t he?

”…Darling… ” Ruby, Violet, and Sasha all looked at Victor with a dry look.

Whistling, Whistling.

Appearing as though to save the day!

… Eve woke up…

”…Hmm… ” She opened her eyes slowly and realized she was being carried by Victor.

”Oh? Good morning, Eve. ” Victor displayed a small smile that showed his sharp teeth.

”Mm… Good morning… ” She didn ’t know what to call Victor yet.

”… ” Scathach, Violet, Sasha, and Ruby all looked at Eve with a curious look.

Victor set Eve down, and the girl started looking around.

”Whoa… ” She had never seen such a bright place before since, despite being underground, the place where Victor stayed with his wives was very well lit.

Very different from what was expected of a vampire…

The girl felt someone watching her, and she looked with her lifeless eyes towards the direction that she felt the gaze.

”… ” Scathach narrowed her eyes a little when she saw Eve ’s lifeless gaze, that lifeless gaze reminding her so much of someone she loved dearly.

’…She reminds me of Pepper… ’ In some weird way no one expected, Scathach seemed to have been touched:

”Where did you find her, Victor? ” This time she asked in a calmer tone.

”… ” Ruby, Sasha, and Violet nodded. They could understand that no woman should have those eyes if she hadn ’t gone through something terrible.

”… ” Victor ’s eyes narrowed in disgust, but that look quickly returned to his neutral gaze, and he replied,

”I found her on my walk. ”

”… I see… ” Scathach could understand why he said that. He didn ’t want the girl to remember something bad.

”Kaguya. ” Victor called his maid.

Kaguya stepped out of Victor ’s shadows and looked to Victor for any orders from him.

”Bring Bruna out. ”

”Yes, My Master. ” Kaguya gave a shallow bow, and soon her shadow grew, and a voluptuous woman stepped out.

She was a tall woman, around 183 cm, had long black hair, blood-red eyes, and was wearing a maid uniform that looked pretty tight on her.

”Master. ” She bowed the way Kaguya taught her.

Boing, Boing.

’Sugoi Dekai… ’ Somehow Ruby couldn ’t help thinking that when she saw the woman ’s breasts, they were bigger than hers and her mother ’s!

”… ” Violet, Sasha, and Scathach ’s eyes narrowed a little when they saw Bruna ’s seductive body.

’This woman… Isn ’t she secretly a Succubus? ’ Violet thought with disdain.

Ignorance is a blessing, and no one could have imagined that Bruna was a nun before.

”This is Bruna…- ” Victor didn ’t know his Maid ’s last name, so he looked at the woman and asked, ”What ’s your last name? ”

”Francesca, Master. ” She replied in a neutral tone.

”Umu, thank you. ”

”… ” Bruna showed a little smile on her face.

”Her name is Bruna Francesca, she is my second Maid. ”

”Hello, ” Bruna spoke with a faint smile.

Victor touched Eve ’s head and said:

”As you know, this is Eve Alucard. She ’s my third Maid and my first Clan member. ”

”… ” Eve just hid behind Victor and said nothing.

”… ” Veins began to pop in the women ’s heads when they heard that she was the first member of Victor ’s Clan.

”… ” Victor displayed a small satisfied smile when he saw the women ’s reaction.

’That smile! He is definitely enjoying this! Hateful man! ’ Ruby thought angrily, but her expression remained unchanged outside.

”Eve, and Bruna you come with me, I ’ll show you to your rooms. ” Victor turned toward the hallway.

”Yes. ” The two spoke at the same time.

”Kaguya, tell the girls what happened. ”

Kaguya ’s eyes twitched a little. Her master just threw all the responsibility on her, right?

But it ’s alright!

That ’s a Maid ’s duty!

Fulfill her master ’s selfish desires!

”…Yes, Master. ” Kaguya looked at Scathach, Violet, Ruby, and Sasha, who were looking at her with blood-red eyes.

’…Maybe… Just maybe, I should change jobs… ’ That little thought crossed Kaguya ’s mind.


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