My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 186 - 186: Interesting Discoveries And Consequences.

rst thing about this woman was that she didn ’t say anything when she did that, so he didn ’t even know how he had provoked this woman!

’Just who is this man that keeps the company of so many crazy women!? ’ The man regretted a lot now accepting this mission.

Having his privates on fire was not a very pleasant feeling, especially since fire was very effective on him.

”Let ’s talk. ” Victor spoke.

”I already told that red-haired woman everything! I don ’t know anything anymore! ”

”That is debatable. ” Victor ’s eyes glowed blood red.

”Mongrel, do you know who Carlos is? ”

”Carlos…? ” The man seemed to think for a few seconds and replied:

”Yes! I remember Carlos Reiss, he ’s a new commander who was recently promoted, he ’s something of a rising star. Apparently, General James took an interest in him when he found out Carlos was killing every vampire he encountered without discrimination. ”

”I see… I see… ” Victor ’s smile grew a little, and he thought; ’Apparently, the dog turned into a mad dog when he ’lost ’ his owner to the vampires… ’

”Tell me everything you know about Carlos Reiss. ”

”… I do not know much. ” The man replied after hesitating a bit since he felt he was saying something very bad, but he couldn ’t do anything and really didn ’t know anything important.

”The only thing I know is that Carlos has been promoted to commander and that he has a hatred for vampires, and he ’s been looking for his old partner named Maria. ”

”I see. ”

”… ” Bruno broke out in a cold sweat when he saw Victor ’s weak response and was thinking he was going to be tortured now.

Victor turned and walked towards the exit of the room.

”Enjoy your stay, Mongrel. ” Victor disappeared into the darkness.

”…? ” Bruno didn ’t understand why nothing happened to him, but he wouldn ’t ask anything either. He wasn ’t a fool…

Arriving outside the room, he walked towards a place:

”Get ready maid, today we are going to find your beloved. ” He spoke aloud, as his voice seemed to echo down the hall, and reached Maria, who was hiding at a considerable distance from Victor.

’… He noticed my presence… Monster… ’ For some reason, Maria had a huge smile on her face, but suddenly her face made a strange expression, she touched her face and said:

”Yes… ”

Victor ’s smile widened a little when he heard Maria ’s response.

In the place where Victor fought the wolves, a tall, dark man appeared with short white hair. He was accompanied by 4 men and 1 woman.

”This village was massacred… ” The dark man spoke.

”Gr… Vampires… ” Someone seemed to growl.

”Liza, can you? ” The dark man spoke to a brunette woman with long black hair and a curvy body, who was wearing animal skin clothing that showed off her trained abs.

”Yes, Anderson. ” The woman called Liza puts her hand on a broken tree and says:

”Please, my little child. Tell me what happened. ” The woman ’s eyes start to glow gold, and then she says:

”Three beings attacked this village, a tall man wearing a black suit, he was accompanied by two maids. ”

”Hmm… Tall man wearing a black suit. ” The man seemed to think aloud.

”Anderson, I think this is the target your father ordered you to find. Look. ” The man ’s subordinate took a piece of equipment from his pocket and showed Anderson something:

Soon a hologram appeared in front of them, showing Victor ’s fight against Tatsuya and Einer.

”Look at his suit. ”

”His suit is wine red. ” Anderson snapped.

”… He doesn ’t need to wear a wine red suit all the time, you know? ”

”…Make sense. ” But, despite having said this, he still had his doubts.

The woman stopped using her powers and looked at the hologram, and then she confirmed, ”Yes, it ’s him. ”

”Well, if Liza says so, it ’s him. ” He made up his mind very quickly!

”…Thanks for the confidence, Anderson. ” Liza exhibited a small smile.

”Always, ” Anderson spoke in a neutral tone.

”… ” The male subordinates were silent.

He wanted to shout ’Simp! ’ but that would be disrespectful to the king ’s son.

And despite being a Simp, he was strong, and his subordinates respected him for it.

But he was still a Simp…

Although… The four men looked at Liza.

Seeing the tall brunette with long black hair showing off her trained abs, they thought:

’Make sense why he is a Simp. ’ They nodded in unison.

”But… We finally found some trace of the new Count. He ’s a pretty hard guy to find. ” One of the subordinates spoke.

”Yes, the last bit of information we got of him was that he was in the vampire world, but… In the blink of an eye, he was in the human world, it was like he could teleport. ” One of the men spoke.

”This is a little interesting… ” Anderson said as he looked up at the sky.

”Hmm? ” One of the subordinates looked at Anderson.

”What is it? ” He was a tall, muscular man who had a little ponytail.

”Look at the sky, Julian. ”

Julian looked up at the sky and saw nothing.

”…Are you high? ”

”… ” Anderson narrowed his eyes a little as he looked at Julian:

”Use your eyes, idiot. ”

”… ” The man wanted to say, ’I don ’t want to hear it from a Simp! ’

But he did as Anderson said, Julian ’s eyes gleamed gold, and he looked up at the sky.

”… That ’s it… ”

”Yes, it looks like someone from this village had one of our tools. ”

Julian ’s face turned serious, ”Where did he get this? Was it with the witches? ”

”I doubt it. We give a huge amount of money to the witches to provide these tools just for us, they wouldn ’t betray this deal. ”

”So… a clandestine witch? ” Julian deduced.

”It ’s very likely… ” Anderson said.

”Tsk, it leaves a bad taste in the mouth. These tools shouldn ’t leave our realm. ” Julian didn ’t like it one bit.

”Hmm… ” Liza looked at the destroyed village.

”What are we supposed to do with these dry bodies? ” She asked in a neutral tone.

”Burn everything. ” Aderson turned around.

”I don ’t know what the new count ’s problem was with these wolves, but they are not part of our realm, they are just Omegas. ” His voice was emotionless.

He had no pity on werewolves who weren ’t part of his ’pack ’.

”Yes, Anderson. ”

The five subordinates spoke in unison.


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