My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 197 - 197: Isnt That Too Easy?

She wanted to be pampered! She wanted attention!

”Hahaha~, my wife is so cute… ” He hugged Sasha tighter.

”… ” A small smile appeared on Sasha ’s face. She wouldn ’t deny that when she saw Violet sitting on Victor ’s lap and enjoying his caress, she felt a little jealous. She wanted that too!

”… You done? ” Suddenly a cold voice can be heard.

Victor, Violet, and Sasha look in the direction of the voice, and they see Ruby wearing a lab uniform. She has little red glasses on her face, and her red hair is tied back in a ponytail.

She looked very professional.

”You look beautiful in this uniform, Ruby. ”

”… ” Ruby adjusted her glasses up and said:

”Thank you, Darling. ” Despite speaking in a cold tone, her cheeks were a little red.

”… Anyway. ” Ruby turned when she saw the small smile on Victor and Violet ’s faces, and she could even see Sasha wearing a teasing smile.

”Come. ” She started walking towards a place.

Victor put Sasha down, and soon the three started following Ruby.

As they walked through the hallways, Victor could see people transformed into macabre ice statues that had small cuts on their necks, and some had a hole in their chest.

With only the remnants of battle, Victor could understand what happened. It was quite simple actually.

’Ruby froze everything, and Sasha killed them all with her unnatural speed. ’ Victor looked at the cuts and realized it was made by a small blade, maybe a dagger?

Passing through the corridor full of statues, the group arrived in front of a laboratory.

Ruby took a card from her pocket and turned to look at the group:

”Before you go in, put on that mask. ” She pointed to some masks used to filter several substances and chemicals from the air.

Sasha was the first to move and put on the mask, and soon Victor and Violet followed after.

Victor and Violet were having second thoughts, they wanted to ask questions, but they decided to hold back for now.

After all, Ruby doesn ’t do anything useless.

”Good. ” Ruby exhibited a small smile, then put on a mask as well.

”… ” Why are you acting like you own the place?

Violet really wanted to talk about it right now, but she was silent and walked in with Victor.

And when entering the place, she saw something strange.

”…bodies inside a tube? Is that what you wanted to show us? ” Her voice came out a little weird due to the mask.

”… ” Ruby and Sasha were silent, and they didn ’t answer Violet ’s question, as they just kept looking at Victor with curious eyes.

”… ” Violet narrowed her eyes a little, and then she looked at Victor.

”Hmm… ” Victor walked towards the beings that were inside the capsules that had a strange green liquid.

He saw that on one side of the room, there were only men, and on the other side of the room, there were only women, and the count was the same for both genders.

Six women and six men.

Victor saw a strange number on top of each of the capsules.

”F-061. ” Victor ’s eyes narrowed, then he looked at another capsule and looked at the top.

”F-068. ”

”F-039 ”






All capsules appeared to have an identifying code name at the top, but the numbers did not appear to be in order. Some were higher, while others were lower.

”… That way of naming them… ” Violet opened her eyes a little as she seemed to understand something.

”Yes, it ’s the same as the information from that man we captured. ”

”An identification number, they are categorizing by specimens, ” Victor spoke in a neutral tone that contained disgust.

”Yes. ” Ruby nodded.

Victor ’s eyes begin to glow blood red, and he glared at every being in the room and noticed something:

”They are all mongrels. ”

”Yes. ” Ruby nodded and added:

”Although they are all failed experiments. ”

”What do you mean? ” Victor didn ’t understand.

”They are dead, ” Ruby spoke.

”Huh? ” Victor didn ’t understand. After all, from what he could see, they were all still alive.

Normally when a creature dies, Victor couldn ’t see anything anymore, it ’s like the creatures have become part of the red ’world ’ he sees.

Ruby elaborated further, ”They ’re in an unconscious state, but if you wake them up…well, they ’re going to die, it is like a vegetative state. ”

”For now, I just know that the green liquid is what keeps them alive. ”

”And that the ’F ’ series of experiments were completely unusable because of an unknown complication. ”

”The result of mixing the species, huh? ” Sasha spoke.

”Yes. ” Ruby nodded.

”…What do you mean about a series of experiments? ” Victor asked.

”The experiments seem to be divided into levels… ” Ruby grabbed a report from a table near one of the pods. This was the document she was reading when she heard the noise of Victor, Violet, and Sasha arriving.

”The levels are based on the potential of the specimen, the level is divided into B, C, D, E, F, and Z being the lowest, and the weakest and least mutated, and the B being the strongest . ”

’… Was that priest the strongest? … Of course not, the document is out of date… ’ Victor immediately noticed an incongruity in the information.

”… ” Ruby flashed a small satisfied smile when she saw Victor ’s face of accomplishment, she could more or less understand what he was thinking, and that made her happy.

Her husband was quite a battle maniac, but at least he could use his brain!

Ruby passed the sheet, and a document with Zandriel ’s photo was shown.



”Experiment Z-000: Codename Zandriel: The first human/vampire to survive the empowerment experiment.

Personality: He is very religious.

Mutation Status: Failure, he only inherited the basic powers of the noble vampires.

Lifespan: Unknown, but estimations show that, due to failure, it is predicted he will die in a few weeks.

Note: Human blood is not compatible with vampire blood. The two cannot mix properly, and something must be done… ”



”… ” Violet, Sasha, and Victor were silent while they seemed to be thinking about something.

Ruby threw the report on the table.

”It was from this place that that man who attacked Kaguya and ambushed Sasha came. ”

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