My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 212 - 212: A Gentle Demon.

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Natashia was walking through the basement of Victor ’s house while looking around with curious eyes. Now you might wonder.

What is she doing?

She was exploring, of course!

She ’d been walking all over the basement to memorize all the places in Victor ’s home. She ’d visited every corner of this place, places like Ruby ’s lab, the room where Scathach ’s daughters were, and Scathach ’s room that she hadn ’t visited.

And why didn ’t she? Because she had no interest!

And she was 100% sure that Scathach practically slept next to Victor now, which, while very annoying from her point of view, was also a good thing. Slowly but surely, Victor was reaching for the strongest warrior ’s heart.

Just imagining the strongest warrior riding on Victor ’s instrument, unconsciously, a slight feeling of satisfaction began to well up in Natashia ’s heart.

After all, that hateful woman was very tyrannical in the past, so she wanted to see this ’weak ’ version of Scathach as petty revenge.

Strangely, she didn ’t care about Scathach or Victor ’s other wives, but when she thought about a strange woman having a relationship with him, some complete stranger, her face would go completely lifeless, hating the mere thought of it.

Now, she didn ’t care about Violet, Ruby, Scathach, and Sasha.


Because she knew the women mentioned, she knew the mothers of the women, and the daughters were like the copies of the mothers, so everything was ok! After all, everyone was in the family!

”How is it said even here in the U.S?… ” She started to think and soon found the correct word:

”Sweet Home Alabama!! ” When everything is in the family, everything becomes colorful like a rainbow!

…She was not making any sense anymore…

Natashia was about to enter a place she hadn ’t been to yet, so Natashia looked at the sign above.

Interrogation room… [Can also be used for torture]

Seeing the name on the plate, Natashia ’s smile couldn ’t help but raise a little since she was almost sure that that handwriting was from one of Victor ’s wives. Now the question is which…

Maybe Ruby? I don ’t think so; she seems too serious to do that.

Maybe my daughter Sasha? Hmm… She crossed her arms and started to think, and soon she understood that her daughter wasn ’t someone who would care about that.

So what ’s left is Violet…

After giving some thought to Agnes ’ personality, she couldn ’t help but think that Violet was the one who did it. Since if Violet was anything like Agnes, which she most definitely was, then she also had a bit of sadistic humor and tendencies.

Natashia looked down and saw something that made her eyes glow red for a few seconds.

She saw Victor leaning against the wall with his arms crossed across his chest. He had his eyes closed, and he seemed to be waiting for someone.

The moment she saw Victor, Natashia ’s desire almost took hold of her. She wanted to pick him up, take him to a room, and do this and that with him! She would even kidnap-… Cough, invite her daughter to participate too!

But as a former predator, she knew… Her old methods wouldn ’t work on this man, which was why she liked him so much!

Of course, it was not just that. There was also that way he looked at her like no man had done so before in her entire life.

Natashia ’s eyes were glowing blood red, and her breathing was in chaos, as she was clearly not in good shape.

’… Oh no, I ’m getting horny, I should calm down… calm down… and respond with a natural smile… Yes! A natural smile. ’

”Hus-…Cough, Victor, what are you doing here? ” It was just, just barely, that she almost called him her husband, and just barely, she could manage a ’natural ’ smile.

”…? ” Victor opened his eyes and looked at Natashia. Then, seeing the distorted smile on the woman ’s face, ”Oh? That ’s a good smile. ” He chuckled a little, maybe she hadn ’t even noticed the smile she had now.

”Eh…? ” She touched her face and realized that she had failed to make a natural face! But if he liked it, fine, right!?


”… ” Victor ’s smile grew a little when he saw the woman all confused, acting like she was a teenager who did something wrong, but soon he returned to his neutral expression and said:

”I am here to support my wife. ”

”Which one? ” Natashia ’s face displayed a confused expression.

”Sasha. ” He spoke in a simple tone and closed his eyes again.

”Oh? ” Natashia walked to Victor ’s side and saw that he was next to a door.

”Maria, he ’s there. He ’s all yours, do what you think is best. ” Sasha spoke in a neutral tone that held a small hint of cruelty.

”Daughter? ” She was curious about what was happening on the other side, but just as she was going to touch the handle to open the door.

Victor put his arm in front of her.

”Stop. ”

”Ara… ” She looked at Victor with her eyes glowing blood red. She stared into the man ’s eyes, ”Why are you stopping me-. ” She was going to ask why he was stopping her from going in.

But Victor interrupted, saying in a voice that sent shivers down Natashia ’s spine, but it was for a completely different reason than fear:

”She must do it. ”

”Those dogs attacked and killed someone precious to her. ” Half of Victor ’s face went completely black, and it looked like two voices were speaking at once.

”She must do it. ”

”They killed her mother. ”

”She must do it. ”

”Revenge must be taken by her own hands. ”

”She must do it. ”

”No one can stop this moment, not you, not God, not even me. ”

Slowly Victor ’s face went completely dark, and he spoke in a demonic voice that seemed to merge with his own voice:

”She must do it! ”

”… ” Natashia ’s face turned a little red, and her breathing started to get erratic again, while she was just barely holding back. She couldn ’t bear that intense gaze for different reasons that she didn ’t want to express right now.

She turned her face away, biting her lip hard, as she turned her face away, or she would do something she might regret later!

Victor used his hand and slowly turned her to face him.

”!!! ” Natashia ’s whole body trembled when she felt Victor ’s touch, as she looked at Victor ’s ’face ’ with a clear look of desire in her eyes:

”Be a good woman, and wait for her out here. ”

”Yes~ ” Unconsciously, her voice came out more sensual than she intended.

”Good. ” Victor released the woman and returned to the position he was in, and soon his face was back to normal.

”… ” Natashia looked at Victor with blood-red eyes. She seemed to be thinking about many things, but her thoughts focused on one thing.

’This is bad… I got a little wet… I need to change my panties. ’

But she felt like she couldn ’t get out of here now, and silently, as she stood on the wall on the other side of the door, she couldn ’t get close to Victor now. Why couldn ’t she?

Because she didn ’t know if she ’d have the strength to hold back anymore, so it was best to stay a little farther away.

badump, Badump!

’Calm down, calm down… ’ She was thinking about it like a mantra.

In a dark room, Sasha and Maria were facing a man who was in a chair that looked to be quite sturdy.

”Demons, know my will is made of iron, torture does not affect me! I will not go-.. ”

Sasha pointed her finger at Carlos:

”Shut up. ”

Rumble, Rumble.

A small bolt of lightning shot out of her finger and hit the man ’s chest, and then.

”AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! ” He screamed in pain.

”Tell me, Maria. ” Sasha looked at Maria, who was still a little bruised, but much better than last night, all thanks to the small drop of blood Victor had given her, at Sasha ’s request:

”What do you want to do? ”

”Master… ” Maria looked at Sasha, and slowly her face began to grow paler as if it were a corpse, and several scar-shaped cracks started to appear on her face, her teeth became sharper, her eyes, her eyes turned blood red, and she looked at Carlos:

”I want to eat him. ”

”… It seems your motivation hasn ’t wavered. ” Sasha ’s smile grew.

”Master, he ’s not the Carlos I know anymore… He ’s been twisted and manipulated, he ’s turned into this freak that is a Simp of ’God ’. ”

”And… ” Red threads began to come out of Maria ’s body and spread around the place, ”I ’m not the same Maria as before. ”

Those red threads went towards Carlos.

The man faced all this with a neutral gaze while he looked at the ’monster ’ in front of him.

[Hybrid Commander Experiment has been discarded.]

He heard a robotic voice in his mind, and soon he felt something coming out of his mind.

And for the first time in a long time, he felt ’free ’ again.

”Sigh, as expected. Despite everything, what I did was still not enough. ” He spoke in a neutral tone.

”… ” Maria ’s strands stopped in front of Carlos ’ eyes.

”… ” Sasha ’s eyes twitched. What was that sudden change? Why did he go from being a crazy fanatic to a normal person?

He ignored Maria ’s wires and Maria herself and spoke:

”Sasha Fulger. ”

”… ” Sasha looked at Carlos with neutral eyes.

”What happened to you was inevitable. ”

”… What did you say? ”

”In the end, you and I, and even Maria, are victims of something we had no control over. ”

”Do not change the subject! ” Sasha roared in a voice like lightning crashing to earth.

Carlos kept looking at Sasha, ”You must know why your house was targeted, right? ”

”It was because you found out that my house lost the title of count. ”

”Yes, and the leaders of the inquisition thought it would be a good idea to further weaken Clan Fulger. ”

”And we took the job because the pay was good. ”

”It was just business. ”

”AND? ” Sasha wanted to know what he meant by all this.

”Of course, that doesn ’t take away my guilt, I still killed someone important to you. ” He looked at Maria:

”And you did the same to me. ”

”…. ” A moment of silence fell over the place, and then he continued:

”What I mean is… ”

”You and I are victims. ”

”… ”

”Humans have never accepted anything different from them, especially beings like vampires. ” Carlos looked at Sasha again.

”Whether you like it or not, vampires are the natural predators of humans, and they ’ve always felt threatened. It ’s natural. ”

”In this war that has lasted over thousands of years, there is no way to have a status quo. One side has to win and subdue the other side. ”

”And humans are feeling pressured, and when they are pushed to the limit, they start committing unforgivable acts, even towards their own kind. ” Carlos spoke with disgust as he remembered a location that was full of captured vampires and ’faithful ’ humans being used as experiments.

”What do you mean? ”

”Count Alucard. ”

”…! ” Sasha and Maria ’s bodies shook a little when they heard Victor ’s name.

”A freak who wields the powers of the three strongest vampire houses of counts, disciple of Scathach, and the youngest vampire in history to be awarded the title of count. ”

”A monster in every way possible. ”

”Anderson, second son of the Werewolf King, Fenrir. A monster said to have the same talent as his father, and I don ’t even need to mention his brother Fenir. Both are freaks who have endured the Spartan-like training of the Werewolf King. ”

”Not to mention the… Daughters of the Witch Queen. ”

”Women who specialize in certain spells capable of wreaking great havoc on humanity. ”

”And to add more, all these groups are not weakened. ”

”The vampire side, the king still has his vampire counts, and his eldest sons are strong too. ”

”The same situation applies to werewolves, just how many wolves are there in that realm? Thousands? Hundreds of thousands? ”

”I don ’t even need to talk about witches, right? Considering, they never fought a war after the witch hunt. ”

”… What ’s the point of telling me all this, Carlos? ” Sasha ’s eyes weren ’t pretty since, to her, the man was just talking nonsense.

”Humans are overwhelmed… The inquisition doesn ’t have enough power to fight all these beings. ” Carlos spoke in sad tones when he saw reports of several werewolf packs which were kidnapping women and a group of vampires who kidnapped humans to serve as livestock in Nightingale.

”And because of that, they ’re messing with powers they shouldn ’t mess with, and I ’m the result of that. ” He spoke while looking at his right hand, which was previously covered in black power.

”Bullshit, ” Sasha said suddenly, with a colder voice than before.

”… ” Carlos looked at Sasha.

”Do you know how that sounds to me? Just an excuse for you to hunt supernatural beings. ”

”… ”

”In the end, you ’re afraid of something you don ’t understand. ”

”I ’ve never heard of the Werewolf King exclusively attacking humans. He only attacked when humans provoked werewolves. ”

”Yes, some wild wolves wreak havoc on the human world, but these wolves have no connection with the Werewolf King. ”

”Nightingale ’s vampires live peaceful lives in their realm, just a few fools who go out into the world to cause chaos. The Vampire King has never spoken when you kill these vampires. ”

”And the witches, they ’ve never broken their neutrality, they ’ve never done that because they know that the moment they take a side, they ’re going to make a lot of enemies and lose the ’resources ’ they get from every race with which they negotiate. ”

”Are you treating me like a fool? ”

”I am not… ”

”Huuuh? ” Sasha ’s face was anything but pretty if she ’d hated Carlos before, now she was disgusted by his existence.

”… ” Carlos was silent.

”At the end of the day, you ’re using the same excuse you used thousands of years ago. ”

”Vampires are evil. We must eliminate them, God commanded it to be so! ”

”After all, where is this god? Thousands of years have passed, and no one has ever seen the face of this being. ”

”That ’s… ” He didn ’t know how to answer.

”Isn ’t this god of yours just the leaders of The Inquisition? Corrupt politicians, who use their leader ’s name to carry out their will? ”

”The excuse that humans are overwhelmed won ’t work on me. At the end of the day, you ’re still the same as before! ”

”They use any excuse to murder the ’evil of humanity ’. ”

”And what is this ’evil of humanity? ’ ”

”Vampires? Werewolves? Witches? ”

”Of course not! ”

”The evil of humanity is all beings that do not agree with its ideology or all beings that do not submit to its organization! Everything you have no control over, you eliminate! ”

”That ’s what you always are, and always will be! ”

”Hypocrites! ”


”…As expected, there ’s no way for a vampire to understand humans. ” Carlos sighed.

”Tsk… ” Sasha ’s eyes glowed blood red.

”I wasted my time talking to you about this useless subject. ” Sasha spoke with disgust.

She looked at Maria and said:

”Maria, he ’s there. He ’s all yours, do what you think is best. ” Sasha spoke in a neutral tone that held a small hint of cruelty.

”Yes, master. ” 


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