My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 240 - Anderson Goes To Visit His Friend Alucard. 2

That same day.

A tall, dark man stood at the gate outside Scathach ’s mansion.

”I still think that this is too risky, just what kind of fool does this? ” Yuran complained.

”Does what? ” Juan asked.

”Goes to the door of your supposed ’enemy ’, to call for a fight? ”

”Ohh… ” Juan started to wonder what kind of man Anderson was. Despite being a perceptive man, he was still a battle maniac who was raised by the werewolf king.

And, as the werewolf king always said, if you want to attack your enemy, attack him head-on!

Only cowards attacked from behind, and we are not cowards!

Anderson was just following his father ’s ideology.

”I think all werewolves are like that, ” Juan spoke with conviction.

”… Where I come from, doing this would be sheer foolishness, ” Yuran said.

”Oh? How did you resolve your conflicts? ” Juan was a little interested, he knew this man came from the werewolf queen territory, but Juan had never left the werewolf king ’s ’territory ’, thus was interested in other werewolves ’ cultures.

”We poison the food, send assassins, etc. ” Yuran explained it very briefly.

But it was quite noticeable that the methods they used were considered ’cowardly ’ methods.

”… ” Juan ’s face distorted in disgust as he found this attitude despicable.

Seeing Yuran ’s face, ”Just to clarify, our queen also used this method to kill her father. ”

”… ” Juan felt he had learned some useless information, and somehow, the respect he had for the wolf queen began to wane a little.

’To think that that kind-looking woman would do that… ’ He began to realize that you should always be careful with ’gentle ’ looking women. After all, you never know when that woman will stick a knife up your ass.

”Shhh, things are getting interesting, ” Julian spoke.

”Hmm? ” Juan and Yuran looked at Julian

Seeing Julian looking at Anderson, he looked around and realized he was getting a lot of attention, and he decided he would warn his teammates about it.

”There ’s no way to be silent, look. ” Yuran pointed around.

”…? ” The two men look to where Yuran pointed.

And they saw several vampires looking at the group with pitying eyes. They were looking at him as if they were mentally ill.

”They ’re crazy. ”

”They ’re really looking for death. ”

”Hey, isn ’t that the son of the werewolf king? ” One told his friend.

”Yes… It ’s him, I wonder what he ’s up to… ”

”I just hope he doesn ’t provoke a war, I don ’t want to fight a war. ”

”Yes, war is irritating. ” They didn ’t want to bother fighting each other ’s fights. They just wanted to live in peace and look for interesting things to do.

But obviously, the two men ’s opinions weren ’t the same as some vampire groups.

”What are you talking about? War is great! We ’d have unlimited supplies of blood! ” This vampire was clearly acting on his wishes.

”Yes, Yes. ” The two men didn ’t want to waste time discussing a pointless subject, so they looked ahead and continued to observe the werewolf pack.

After all, this was much more interesting.

”We ’re getting too much attention. ” Juan.

”Well, we ’re werewolves in a vampire only world, so of course, we would stand out, ” Julian spoke.

”…Make sense, ” Yuran said.

Soon the three men looked at Anderson and Liza.

Anderson took a deep breath, he seemed to suck in all the air around him, and suddenly, he opened his mouth:

”Alucard, I ’ve come to bargain! ”

”Ughhhh. ” The werewolves and the vampires put their hands to their ears. The man ’s voice was too loud!





A hush fell over the place, but suddenly all the vampires around them felt a chill down their spines.

The air started to get heavy, a dark pressure started to come out of the gate, and everyone could feel ’something ’ coming.

A ’darkness ’ covered the entire gate, and then several pairs of blood-red eyes opened and looked at the visitors.


’What is that? ’ The vampires felt quite threatened by those eyes. What in the seven hells was that?

”Hahahahaha~ I must say you ’ve got balls, Anderson. ” Victor ’s voice was heard by everyone around.

Step, Step.

Footsteps were heard, and soon a being ’passed ’ through the gate.

Victor looked around and saw a dark-haired woman looking at him with a look that called for death:

”Did you come back for a new massage? ”

”… ” Liza narrowed her eyes, and a frightening pressure began to leave the woman ’s body, but she became calmer when Anderson touched her shoulder:

”It ’s my turn now, you fight him later. ”

”… ” Liza was speechless.

Anderson looked at Victor with eyes glowing bright blue:

”You promised me a fight. ”

Feeling Anderson ’s fighting instinct, Victor ’s smile grew:

”Of course, I never forget my promises. ”

”Good. ” Anderson ’s smile grew.

Victor turned around and said:

”Come in. Fighting out here is not proper. ”

The red eyes that were watching everything at the gate entered Victor ’s body, and then the appearance of a normal gate was seen.

Victor walked up to the gate, ’passed ’ through the gate, and kept walking.

Soon, as if by magic, the gate began to open by itself…

Anderson started walking while looking at Victor ’s back.

”… ” Anderson ’s subordinates saw their leader walking, and they started to follow him.

As the visitors passed through the gate, the gate suddenly closed.


A loud noise was heard.

A few minutes ago.

”Alucard, I ’ve come to bargain! ”

Pepper, who was calmly eating her ’breakfast ’ was surprised by the sudden voice as she looked at Lacus, ”Pffft, Did I wake up in a Marvel movie and not know about it…? ”

”Disgusting… ” Lacus, who fell victim to the sudden blood on her face, didn ’t have a pretty face now as she glared at her sister with an annoyed look.

”Ugh, so loud. Does this guy have no sense of time? ” Violet complained with an annoyed face since the man ’s voice was simply too loud.

”Yes, yes. Normally, you shouldn ’t do this in the morning. ” Natashia complained.

”…But how do we know when it ’s morning in Nightingale? ” Maria asked with genuine doubt. After all, this world had no sun, it was an eternal night.

”It ’s easy enough. ” Natashia looked at Maria, ”The time you wake up is in the morning, and the time you go to sleep is at night. ” She spoke in a serious voice.

”… ” She looked at Natashia, a little shocked, and couldn ’t help but say, ”Why does that make sense in a weird way? ”

”Pepper, don ’t spit out your food, ” Scathach warned her.

”Ah…Yes, Mother. ”

Luna appeared beside Lacus, ”Here, Lady Lacus. ”

Lacus looked at Luna, took the towel from the woman ’s hand, and said, ”…Thank you. ”

Luna flashed a small smile: ”… You ’re welcome. ”

”I have to say he ’s a pretty respectful werewolf, considering he didn ’t trespass on our property, ” Sasha spoke up.

”…our property? ” Scathach raised an eyebrow.

Sasha looked at Scathach, ”Yes. ” She spoke in a simple, easy-to-understand tone, then she continued:

”Everything that is yours belongs to Victor. And Victor is our husband, so everything that is his is ours. ”

”…Communism is strong with this one. ” Pepper couldn ’t help but comment as she adjusted her glasses.

”… ” Lacus and Siena looked at their sister.

”…What? ”

”Where did you get those glasses? ”

”Natalia gave them to me. ” She spoke in a convincing voice.

The two sisters looked at Natalia and saw the maid making a ’V ’ symbol with her hand while smiling gently.

”…It doesn ’t make sense-. ” Scathach would deny such absurdity, but suddenly Natashia spoke:

”Tsk, Tsk. Don ’t be mean, Scathach. ”

”Huh!? ”

”Remember, everything that is mine is my husband ’s, and everything that is my husband ’s is mine too. This applies to you and Violet. You must not deny this absolute truth. ”

Nod, Nod.

Violet couldn ’t deny such a brilliant idea. After all, she ’d thought like that before.

Scathach ’s face distorted, and she complained, ”That doesn ’t make any sense! Why is everything mine, Victor ’s? He is only my disciple! ”

”…. ”

Everyone was silent as they looked at Scathach with dead eyes.

Woman, you literally sleep with him naked day and night, you suck his blood, you have intimate moments with him. It is quite obvious that he is already something far beyond a ’simple disciple. ’

They really wanted to scream it now!

”Anyway, what are we going to do with this man? ” Siena asked Scathach, who owned the mansion, while she was clearly trying to change the subject.

”We? ” Scathach glanced lazily at Siena.

”We don ’t do anything. ” She spoke in a simple, easy-to-understand tone.

”Why…? ” Siena didn ’t understand. The standard procedure was to ask what it was the man wanted, and if it was something irrelevant, just freeze him and throw him in a secluded place; Scathach herself taught them that.

But she couldn ’t do that to the werewolf king ’s son, right?


’If he dared break into this mansion, I could do it… ’ Maybe she could.

”Didn ’t you notice? ” Scathach raised an eyebrow as she looked at Siena.

”… ” Siena ’s entire body shivered when she saw the woman ’s gaze. She knew very well that when the woman asked, ”Didn ’t you feel it? Didn ’t you see it? ”

This kind of question was clearly Scathach ’s way of always testing her daughter ’s abilities.

”…Of course I saw it, that ’s it, right? ” She was starting to be covered in a cold sweat.

”That, what? ”

”What do you mean, what? Of course, Victor has already done something! ” She threw random words.

”…Hmmm… ” Scathach didn ’t answer, as she just kept looking at her daughter with a gaze that was glowing blood red.

Siena looked like a rabbit being stared at by a predator, and her whole body was shaking now:

’Please, no training, no training! I don ’t want to train! No training! ’ She repeated those words in her mind like a divine mantra.


Eleanor was just looking at all this while drinking a red liquid through a straw. For her, this situation was quite fun, and she never thought she would enjoy just watching the girls interact.

Somehow, she felt like she wanted to participate too… It sounded like fun.

”…Hmm? ” Violet looked at Eleanor, her senses were warning of ’danger ’, but she didn ’t know what it was…

But she knew something… The danger is coming from Eleanor.

”Western Bitch, aren ’t you going home? ”

”… ” Eleanor looked at Violet with a neutral gaze.

”…Haven ’t we already talked about this? I will only go when Victor goes too. ”

”Hmm… ” Now it was Violet who was staring at Eleanor like a predator.

”…. ” Why did I become the focus of this madwoman? Eleanor was questioning Violet ’s sanity because she had literally done nothing but watch.

’Ah… She has no sanity from the beginning. ’ Eleanor realized a divine truth.

”… Master? ” Maria suddenly turned her head and looked at a spot, her eyes were glowing blood red, and she had a slight smile on her face.

”Yes, master. ”

Maria looked at the girls:

”My master, he ’s calling us, he wants us to watch his fight. ”

”….. ” Violet, Scathach, Sasha, and Natashia looked at Maria with a dry gaze.

”…What? ”

”That ability of yours to talk to Victor anytime is quite enviable. How do I acquire this? ” Violet was honest and to the point.

Nod, Nod.

Natashia and Sasha nodded at the same time, while Scathach ’s eyes seemed to glow a little more intensely.

”Become a ’kin ’ of my master, it ’s up to you to acquire that, ” Maria spoke with the same smile on her face.

”… Shit, that ’s impossible. ” Violet made an annoyed face because, for her to become a relative of Victor, she would have to be a ’human ’, and that ’s something she never was. After all, she was born a vampire.

”…But you can feel the master ’s emotions, right? ”

Natashia and Scathach both assumed an annoyed face.

”Oops… ” She scratched her head and laughed innocently, as she ’d forgotten that only Ruby, Sasha, and Violet had that ’privilege ’.

”Scathach. ” The blonde looked at the redhead.

”What? ”

”I feel like we ’re at a disadvantage here. ” She spoke with a serious look.

”What are you talking about? ”

”I mean, my daughter, your daughter, and Violet have these special ’features ’, even his Maids have these ’features ’. Why don ’t we have anything!? ”


”This is unfair, this is unfair! ” She began rocking Scathach ’s body back and forth.

”We must do something! ”

”We? ” Scathach didn ’t understand why she was being included in this.

”Mother, Stop! ” Sasha hit Natashia on the head.

”Ouch! Why did you do that!? ”

Sasha ’s eyes glowed blood red, ”Just stop, you ’re bothering Scathach. ”

”… ” Is she a child now!? Natashia wanted to scream, and not just her, even the daughters of Scathach, wanted to say it.

”…I would really like to know why you are treating me like a child. ” Scathach ’s eyes narrowed.

A cold sweat started to break out of Sasha ’s body as she quickly turned her face away and started whistling.

Whistle~, Whistle~.

”What are you talking about? I did not say anything. ”

Rumble, Rumble.

”Darling is calling. We should go, I ’ll see you soon. ” Soon she disappeared, leaving behind a streak of lightning.

Scathach ’s focus was on Natashia.

”Oh, I ’m going too! ” Natashia quickly followed her daughter.

”… ” They ran away…

The whole group thought.


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