My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 242 - Alpha Werewolf Vs. Vampire Count.

higher speed than normal.

Everyone could still follow what was happening.

Unlike the other times they ’d fought, the two were hurting each other now.

Wrong, it would be more accurate to say that they weren ’t avoiding each other ’s blows anymore.

Victor was cut by Anderson ’s claws. Anderson had his chest pierced by Victor ’s hand.

Sometimes Anderson was punched by the ice gloves, and sometimes, he had his arm cut off by Victor ’s greatsword.

”That fool… He ’s switching weapons during the fight. ” Scathach flashed a small smile.

”Yes. That fighting style is pretty rare. ” Natashia spoke.

”Indeed. ” Scathach spoke.

’So that ’s why he wanted to become a ’master ’ at everything, huh? ’ Scathach could now understand one of Victor ’s goals.

If you ’re going to say it simply, he became a ’God of War ’.

Why god of war? Because only the god of war had dominion over all weapons.

Even Scathach did not have ’complete mastery ’ in all weapons.

After all, she still preferred using the spear compared to other weapons.

’What he ’s looking for is something far beyond what I looked for. ’ To Scathach, this was an absurd thought, but…

She liked it, that ’s how it should be! If you are a man, you must fight for your goals, however stupid and irrational they may be!

A big smile started to appear on her face.

’Ahhh~, it ’s been a while since I felt this excited… I ’m getting excited! ’ Scathach ’s eyes began to glow blood red, and she began to feel a strong urge to train again.

’Wait… Don ’t tell me? ’

Scathach looked around, precisely speaking, she looked at the girls.

Seeing Violet and Sasha ’s clenched fists.

Seeing Lacus ’ and Pepper ’s puzzled looks.

Siena ’s annoyed look.

Eleanor ’s determined gaze.

She finally understood Victor ’s purpose.

”I see… ” She flashed a gentle little smile: ’No matter how much time passes, he ’s still a gentle fool for the ones he loves, huh? ’

Victor and Anderson separated and assumed a distance from each other.

Both were completely bruised and with blood oozing from their bodies.

But despite their bloodied appearance, the two men ’s smiles never left their faces.

”Let ’s level up, My Friend. ”

”Oh? I like that idea. ”


The auras of the two men died completely, and a silence descended on the battlefield.

’The end is approaching… ’ Scathach could deduce that their combat would end at any moment.


The sound of bones breaking shattered the silence in the courtyard.

Everyone looked at Anderson.

”Grrrr…. ” The man ’s eyes began to glow azure blue, hair began to grow from his body, the man ’s expression became even more animalistic and slowly began to change.

The man began to grow, as even more powerful muscles began to be created, a wolf ’s tail appeared behind him.


He roared to the sky.

The atmosphere started to get heavy as if gravity was multiplying in the immediate vicinity.


A pillar of Light ascended to the heavens.

”… This feeling. ” Liza broke into a cold sweat as she felt the power of an ’Alpha. ’

”HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH~ ” Victor laughed with genuine happiness, he clenched his fist, and the magic circle of his gloves began to glow brightly:

”This is how it has to be, otherwise it wouldn ’t be fun! ”

His eyes began to glow more intensely, and a suffocating heat began to leave his body as his hair began to defy gravity.

”Will he change into the shape of your family? ” Sasha asked Violet as she felt the atmosphere around her warmer.

”… ” Violet didn ’t answer and just kept watching intently.

Sasha looked like she was going to say something but fell silent when she felt something familiar coming from Victor ’s body.

She quickly looked at him and saw that clouds of lightning began to form near him, and lightning began to dance around him as if nature itself was celebrating the rise of a new power.

”Don ’t tell me… ”

Rumble, Rumble.

”Oh? ” A small smile appeared on Natashia ’s face, ”Does he have the form of my family too? ”

Natashia ’s question was answered by a large yellow pillar of lightning that rose from Victor ’s body.

”Pfft…. HAHAHAHAHAHA~, He really does! ” Natashia laughed like a madwoman, while she looked very happy.


Anderson used his claws and tore apart the pillar of light surrounding him, and soon everyone could see his werewolf form.

He was a werewolf over 2 meters tall, muscular, he had a huge tattoo on his right arm, and everyone could see little ’golden lights ’ coming out of the creature ’s fur.

’As expected… He inherited the blood of that woman… ’ Scathach seemed to have understood something when she looked at those ’lights ’.

”Sister… ” Pepper went behind Siena. She was feeling strange… her body was shaking when she saw that creature.

”…Pepper? ” Siena looked back, and when she saw her sister ’s state, she was silent and let her do what she wanted.

Violet felt someone holding her hand, and to see it was Ophis…

”… Are you okay? ” She wasn ’t good at dealing with kids.


Ophis gave a simple nod.

”I see. ” Violet spoke and squeezed the little girl ’s hand a bit as suddenly a thought crossed Violet ’s mind, and she quickly stopped holding Ophis ’s hand.

”…? ”

”I mean, you feel weird, right? ” She was talking about Ophis ’ ’curse ’.

”… Violet is good… Father, good memories… ” She spoke a few words.

”…I see… ” Violet flashed a small, gentle smile and took the little girl ’s hand.

”…What is this strange feeling…? ” Sasha asked the question all newer vampires wanted to know the answer to.

”When we say werewolves are the opposite of vampires. ” Scathach began to speak.

”That ’s literally it. ” She pointed at Anderson.

She looked at the group, ”They are a species contrary to us. ”

Natashia added, ”It ’s like angels and demons, we are opposites of each other. ”

”And consequently, we have a ’little ’ instinctive fear when we meet werewolf ’royalty ’. ” Scathach finished.

”… ” The girls were silent while they were processing what they had just understood.

Scathach and Natashia smiled. 

”Of course… It also means the same to the other party. ”

”…? ” The girls didn ’t understand what the two women were implying.

But when they felt the atmosphere get heavier than it already was, they immediately looked at Victor.

”He doesn ’t have the perfect transformation yet. ” Natashia spoke curiously.

”…For now… Just give him time. ” Scathach spoke.

”Indeed. ”

Much like Sasha ’s transformation, Victor had his entire body covered in lightning. In this form, he didn ’t have long bat wings, but instead, his limbs had a high concentration of power. Precisely speaking, his legs were brimming with lightning power.

Victor took a deep breath and let it out of his chest as he opened his blood-red eyes and looked at Anderson.

Vampire and Werewolf look at each other.

A silence fell on the place until Victor ’s body seemed to distort in the air, and he displayed a big smile:

”I wonder if you ’ve ever been kicked at the speed of sound. ”







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