My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 248 - The Mistake Of The Goddess Of Love.

Chapter 247: The Goddess Aphrodite. 2

Inside an excessively large mansion, which looked like it was decorated with a Greek culture theme,

A woman was looking at a man in a suit who was kneeling on the floor.

”Belial, I ’ve told you a thousand times, I will not be your wife. ” She spoke in a tired tone.

Belial looked at the woman with desire shining deep in his eyes.

She was beautiful… Beautiful was an understatement to describe how beautiful the woman was.

She was wearing a Greek dress and had long pink hair that reached down to the floor, pink eyes, perfectly shaped full breasts, a little slender waist, a very modest and pert ass.

The woman crossed her legs, and he could see her legs jiggle.

”But… I ’m Belial, you know? One of the 72 demons-. ”

”Shut up. ” She spoke in a dry tone, but despite having spoken like that, she still looked very beautiful to the man.

”I ’ve told you a thousand times, I don ’t sleep with demons. Their energy disgusts me. ” She spoke with disgust.

”I wasn ’t talking about that… I just want to- ” The Man tried to justify himself.

The woman rolled her eyes, ”Belial, how old do you think I am? Before humanity was even born, I was already alive, your words don ’t work on me. ”

”You came here looking for only one thing. ” She flashed a small smile.

But to the man, that smile looked like a loving smile.

”You came looking for my body. ”

”This is not true! ” The man felt unjustified. Of course, he didn ’t come here to this place just to have sex with the goddess of beauty.

”Yes, Yes. Of course, it isn ’t, look at my face that believes you. ” She spoke in disdain.

Her eyes glowed pink a little:

”I don ’t sleep with demons, that ’s been my rule since that Bitch created her race. Your efforts are useless. ”

”… ” Belial narrowed his eyes. He didn ’t like what the woman said at all. Whether she was the goddess of beauty or not, she can ’t talk like that about their creator!

”Don ’t talk about Lilith-. ”

”Huh? Will you scold me? ” Her eyes gleamed a little brighter, she flashed a ’loving ’ smile, and the man lost all his motivation.

”… Of course not. ” He spoke with a slightly red face.

Her face became serious as she crossed her legs again, ”I have rules, I only sleep with men I handpicked, and everything about you disgusts me. It ’s no use faking your appearance, I can see the real you, a disgusting being with disgusting energy. ”

”Ugh… What was that woman thinking about creating disgusting beings like you? If I could, I would have eliminated all demons from the face of this world. ”

Although she was saying things that could be considered offensive to the demons, Belial didn ’t feel irritated…

In fact, he was glad she was looking at him.

’… Well, he was Charmed again. ’ She flashed a sneer, she didn ’t even need to raise her energy to the max, and the demon in front of her was already caught in her Charm.


”!!!? ”

She snapped her finger, and the man snapped back to reality.

”Go away, this is the last time I allow you into my residence, next time you come… know it will be your last. ”

Realizing that he fell for Charm again, he got angry; ’This power of hers is irritating. If it weren ’t for that, this bitch would already have been mine. ’

For a demon who is considered the ’sin ’ of humanity, Aphrodite was perfect for him. She was the oldest ’whore ’ in the world, and only a woman of that level could be worthy of being his ’queen ’.

But this bitch has a very irritating power! And he can ’t make her submit because even though she ’s a ’whore ’, she was still a goddess.

A strong goddess, a goddess who was born from the balls of the father of Chronos, the titan of time, she is strong… even if she is not a combat goddess.

In a way, she is also considered a titan because of her special status. After all, she was born from the energy of Uranus, the first king of Olympus.

[A/N: Aphrodite has two versions, I ’m using the version she was born from Uranus. Yes, I ’m also mixing the events of the two versions of her a little bit to suit the story]

Rumble, Rumble.

”…? ” Belial and Aphrodite looked out the window and noticed that clouds had started to form in the sky, and the sunny weather had started to turn into rainy weather.

”Tsk, is it Zeus? Or Thor? ” He looked at Aphrodite.

”Which of your lovers did you call? ”

”…You fucking demon, I don ’t have lovers. ” She spoke the truth, she only slept with men she handpicked, but she didn ’t get into a relationship with them for a long time.

”And who wants to sleep with Zeus? That motherfucker dared to force me to marry that shit Hephaestus. ” She still had a grudge against Zeus for this. Does he dare imprison the goddess of beauty?

The goddess of beauty is free! She does what she wants!

”So it ’s Thor? ” The man narrowed his eyes.

”…Thor, he ’s been busy trying not to die from the werewolf king ’s pet. ”

”…Huh? Has Fenrir allied with someone? ” He opened his eyes wide, he thought he was hearing bullshit from the woman, but he knew the information network of an ancient god, like Aphrodite, was as big as the size of her pussy hole.

”How? ” To the devil, this was unthinkable.

”And why should I tell you? Why don ’t you ask the wolf? ” She flashed a small smile.

The demon found that smile dazzling, but he wasn ’t crazy to approach Fenrir. He didn ’t want to be devoured by the wolf that was described as the wolf of Ragnarok.


Everyone heard a crash of lightning falling nearby, and in the blink of an eye, a man appeared in the room.

He was tall, had short black hair, blood-red eyes, and had an aura of confidence exuding around him.

”A vampire? ” Belial turned away without understanding. He didn ’t expect to see this race here.

”…Oh. ” The woman seemed to know the man in front of her. ’He has grown splendidly since the last time I saw him. ’ She flashed a gentle smile.

”… ” Victor looked at the woman.

’Badump, Badump. ’ He felt his heart pound, and for a few seconds, he could see Violet ’s appearance, Sasha ’s, and even Scathach ’s appearance on her.

’…I see, I understand now why everyone is Charmed by her… ’ As the personification of beauty and love, any being will see their ’love ’ or their ’ideal ’ of beauty in her.

In the case of Victor, he could see his wives, only in a more beautiful way?

Not even he could understand why he had these feelings.

’That woman is not them. ’ Victor was convinced of that. He wasn ’t here for jokes, he wanted to know something, and he would immediately leave.

’Staying here is dangerous. ’ All his instincts warned him of this, that the woman in front of him was dangerous.

In a completely different sense.

She is strong? Yes, he could tell that too, she was incredibly strong.

But the problem was her beauty.

Victor looked at Belial:

”My name is Alucard, who are you? ”

”… Alucard? The new vampire count? ” The demon touched his face and began to think, remembering the information he ’d gotten by chance about the new vampire.

”… ” Victor was silent and waited for the man.

”My name is Belial, one of the 72 Dukes of Hell. ”

”Oh… Cool. ” 

”… ” Belial narrowed his eyes. What was this lack of reaction? He ’s a duke of hell, you know? He ’d expected more of a fearful reaction, not this indifferent reaction.

’Oh, doesn ’t he know who I am? The new count is certainly ignorant of the supernatural world, so he doesn ’t know me. ’ He had high self-esteem.

Victor only introduced himself out of politeness. He had no interest in the man, he had more important things to do:

The word ’hell ’ didn ’t even register in his mind. He was too focused on his goal as he looked at the woman.

badump, Badump.

Again his heart began to beat madly, but he managed to remain calm:

”Goddess Aphrodite, my name is Alucard, I came here seeking a request. ” He was respectful.

”Oh? Of course, what do you want to know? ” She responded quite positively, and that surprised Victor a little.

”…? ” He didn ’t understand, wasn ’t that very easy? But he wasn ’t going to waste this chance.

”I want to know- ” As he was about to ask his question, the two of them heard someone speak.

”Hey. ” Belial called out to Victor.

Victor looked at Belial with a neutral gaze, but inside he was a little irritated by the man ’s meddling. Couldn ’t he just shut up and let him solve his problems?

”Alucard, I hear you ’re a disciple of Scathach. You can introduce me to that bitch, I hear she has an amazing body-. ” The man didn ’t even have time to finish what he was going to say when he felt his instincts screaming for danger, but it was too late.

Victor suddenly appeared in front of the demon, while his whole face turned into pure darkness, his eyes were glowing blood red.

The whole place was covered in dark energy.

Rumble, Rumble.

Lightning sounds were heard.

”Hey, Hey, don ’t get so angry, it ’s just a question. ” He didn ’t seem intimidated by the man ’s presence.

”And what is this energy? You look more like us than a vampire-. ” He was going to say something, but his whole body suddenly started to show cuts.

By the time the lightning was heard, Victor had already approached Belial, and when he got close to the demon, he created a blood dagger that was covered by the lightning ’s power and slashed Belial, 10 times, 100 times, hundreds of thousands of times.

Belial ’s body didn ’t even register what happened because it was just too fast…

He held Belial ’s head, and his hand began to discharge a large amount of electricity:

”Piece of shit, who do you think you ’re talking about? ”



The demon ’s head exploded into thousands of pieces.

Belial really caught Victor at a bad time, he was entirely in a bad mood, rushed, and cautious, and this demon decided to insult Scathach in front of Victor. What did he expect would happen?

That he would stand by and let Scathach be insulted? Huh?

That ’s not Victor ’s way of doing things.

And as he realized that the man was stronger than him, he decided to attack first. After all, it was a universal rule. Whoever attacks first wins.

Blood covered Victor ’s entire body, but the man didn ’t care and just looked at Aphrodite.


A gigantic being with big horns and wings, the being looked like a mixture of several weird species as he looked at the floor of his throne with a strange look.

”He just killed me…? ”

”How? Even if I was in a human body, I should still be immortal. ”

Belial tried to access the soul he was using and suddenly realized something:

”The Soul disappeared? ”

”Huh? How did he do it? ” The demon didn ’t understand anything, but… He knew something.

”Does he dare attack me? I, Belial!? ” The being ’s face distorted in rage.

’…Aphrodite was interested… ’ When he thought about it, his body gave off a red aura.

”This motherfucker is going to get her ’love ’. ” And that seemed to make him angrier than losing his ’body ’ on Earth, or being insulted by the man.

He raised his big hand, and then a human soul appeared:

”Tsk, this one isn ’t as pretty as the other shell, but it will do. ” The being ’s eyes began to glow red.

”… Gulp. ” She swallowed a little when she saw the man ’s state.

A tall man, covered in the blood of enemies, a confident and courageous man, a mighty warrior!

Exactly the kind she liked!

’Ah~… He ’s really grown up splendidly… ’ Her eyes started to glow pink a little, but quickly stopped glowing; ’Wait, wait, I can ’t. Calm down, Aphrodite, first listen to what he has to say. ’

”… ” Victor didn ’t notice Aphrodite ’s change, considering the woman just kept looking at everything with an interested look.

But… Victor felt the danger increase, and he decided to ask the damn question right away:

”Goddess Aphrodite, do you know why the Nightingale gates are closed? ”

”Huh? ” She made a strange expression, ”Are the gates of that world closed? Give me a second. ” She took out a cell phone that was hidden in her breasts and dialed a number:

”Aphrodite? ”

”Hi, hi, Kairos, how are you buddy? ” Aphrodite spoke as if she were a teenager.

”I ’m fine, thank you. What do you want? ” Kairos, the god of opportune ’time ’ spoke in a dry tone

”It ’s no big deal, can you check Nightingale for me? ” Aphrodite.

”Vlad ’s kingdom? ” Kairos.

”Yes. ” Aphrodite.

”Sure, give me a sec, I just need to make a call to a friend of mine. ” Kairos.

”Oh, speaking of her, how is she? ” Aphrodite.

”She ’s still doing her tedious job of preserving the present. ” Kairos.

”I see… And how are her sisters? ” Aphrodite.

”They are the same as they always were, standing in the same place trying to preserve the past and the future. ” Kairos replied with the same dry tone, but this time it contained a little sadness.

”Ugh, can ’t they go out and have some fun? ” Aphrodite complained.

”Of course not. If she does that, the entire past, present, and future of beings from her mythology will literally fall apart. ” Kairos replied as if it were something obvious.

”Meh, who cares? It ’s boring to stand in one place for thousands of years. ” Aphrodite didn ’t seem to mind.

”Well, that I can agree with you. ” Kairos.

”… ” Victor narrowed his eyes a little. Isn ’t this woman just gossiping?

’And why does she look so beautiful doing something so simple? ’ Victor bit his tongue hard to wake him up from his stupor.

’Fuck, woman stop gossiping and tell me what I want to know! ’ Staying longer here is dangerous!

Realizing that she was gossiping too much, she said, ”Anyway, let me know as soon as you know something. ”

”Sure, soon, I ’ll give you an answer. ” Kairos spoke.

”Bye Bye. ” Aphrodite said goodbye as she hung up the phone and looked at Victor.





An awkward silence fell over the place since Victor didn ’t want to talk to the goddess.

But the social goddess did not like to be silent:

”Let ’s talk? ”

”… How about no? ” He didn ’t want to talk to her, Victor ’s body started to heat up, and soon all the blood evaporated from his body.

”…Mooh, I ’m helping you. How about answering some of my questions? ”

’Are you a cow, woman? ’ Victor really wanted to say this now.

She had a point. She is helping him, and it doesn ’t hurt to answer a few questions:

”Fine, but I won ’t answer anything I don ’t want to… And the limit for questions is three. ”

”Of course, of course… But you must answer honestly, I ’ll know if you ’re lying. ” She flashed a sly smile.

”…Fine. ”


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