My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 263 - Witch Wants The … Of Alucard.

Chapter 262: Second Progenitor 2

Hearing the voice within the door again, Victor ’s thoughts cleared a little, and Natashia stopped staring at Aphrodite ’s name as if the woman had killed her entire family.

Victor looked at the eye on the door and said:

”Can you do the analysis again? I feel like you ’re making a mistake, I ’m not that dangerous of a person. ”

”…. ” Natashia was silent and looked at Victor with her eyes opened slightly wider in shock.

’What do you mean you ’re not a dangerous person? ’ She felt like she hadn ’t heard so much bullshit in such a short time, for a long time.

Not even Natashia believed what he just said.

Natashia! The woman who literally accepted all the nonsense that Victor did!

”… ” Victor looked at Natashia and saw that the face of the woman was practically screaming, ’are you serious? ’

… He decided to rephrase his sentence:

”Can you do the analysis again? I don ’t think this information is correct. ”

”{…Sure.} ” The door spoke in neutral.

Again, the whole process that happened earlier was repeated, and soon a page appeared in front of Victor.

Name: Victor Walker / Victor Alucard / Victor Snow / Victor Scarlett / Victor Fulger

Title: Second Progenitor, King of Those Who Dwell in The Night, Battle Maniac, Loved by The Night, Marked by the Chaos Witch, Loved by The Animals, Loved by the Lightning Spirits, One Who Has The Protection of The Goddess Aphrodite, Loving Father. #$#……..?

Age: 22 years old.

Sexuality: Straight.

Personality: Stupidly Honest, Sociopathic, Stalker, Violent, Obsessive, Friendly, Bipolar, Kind.

Backstory: A former human who became a Vampire, but through his special blood, he became something more.

Women with whom the individual has sexual relations:

First: Violet Snow.

Second: Sasha Fulger

Third: Ruby Scarlett

Fourth: Scathach Scarlett

Fifth: AnnasthashIa Fulger.

Seeing the new information, Victor ’s eyes narrowed dangerously.

”{… Analyzing…} ”

”{Due to new information found, user titles have been updated}. ”

Victor ’s title tab started adding new words:

Title: Second Progenitor, King of Those Who Dwell in The Night, Battle Maniac, Loved by The Night, Marked by the Chaos Witch, Loved by The Animals, Loved by the Lightning Spirits, One Who Has The Protection of The Goddess Aphrodite, Loving Father. #$#……..?

[One Who Owns a Harem of Only Crazy Women With Dubious Personalities] NEW

[Oyakodon] NEW

{User has achieved the feat of having sex with the strongest vampire in the world and maintaining a relationship with the aforementioned woman, titles updating again…}

Again, words began to be added to the titles section.

[One Who Walks Between Life and Death] NEW

”…. ” An awkward silence fell around them.

[Please, if the information is correct, sign here……]

A vein bulged in Victor ’s head:

”This piece of shit, I told you to check the information, not to update it! ” A black pressure began to come out of Victor ’s body.

”And what do you mean people I ’ve had sex with? I haven ’t done anything with them yet! ” He had progressed in his relationship with Ruby and Violet, but he still hadn ’t done anything with Sasha, Natashia, or Scathach.

’And what is this strange title? ’ Does it seem like I got that title because I have relationships with Scathach? ’

The door seemed to start metaphorically sweating again, but it kept talking.

”{The user has done nothing now… But that doesn ’t apply in the future.} ” The door spoke in a neutral tone.

”…? ” Victor narrowed his eyes as he felt the door was trying to say something.

[Please, if the information is correct, sign here……] The door repeated again.

”Ugh. ” Victor touched his head as if he had a headache and looked at Natashia to see what the woman was doing.

”… ” He saw the woman was surprisingly silent and staring at the door with a dry, black hole-like gaze.

From the woman ’s expression, it was pretty clear she wasn ’t thinking pleasant thoughts.

”Natashia? ” Victor called out to the woman.

”…Yes? ” Natashia turned her eyes to Victor and flashed an empty smile.

”Are you okay? ”

”Of course I ’m fine, I ’m in the best shape possible, I was even thinking about erasing a certain door from existence… Surely the king wouldn ’t mind, right? ” The woman ’s empty smile was causing chills to course through Limbo ’s door.

Natashia was pissed, she was pissed at the door, and about the fact that the door was telling lies all around, she always kept information on Victor close to her, and she knew that the only people the man had sex with was Violet and Ruby.

He hadn ’t touched his other wives yet, including herself…

’Oh. ’ Natashia seemed to have understood something.

’He sucks our blood every day… ’ Natashia remembered that every time they go to sleep together, Victor sucked the blood of all the women, and the women sucked his blood.

’That ’s why the door said he had sex with me. After all, when he sucks my blood, he always bites me on the neck, which is an exclusive place for lovers… ’ For vampires, the act of sucking blood from the neck of another vampire could be seen as an act between lovers or even sex itself, depending on the era.

Victor narrowed his eyes a little, ”Is it possible to destroy it? ” He glanced at the door.

Natashia woke up from her thoughts and said:

”Yes, but you ’d need a ridiculous amount of power. I would need to step into my perfect vampire Count form, but it ’s possible… ” Natashia ’s smile grew.

”I see… ” Victor ’s smile grew a little.

”{…Just saying, if you destroy this door, the most dangerous beings in the world will be released, and the portal to limbo will be opened. Chaos will reign in Nightingale.} ”

”…. ” The two continued in silence, but the smile of the two did not leave their faces, and, in fact, it grew a size larger.

”{And not only will the Vampire World be in danger, the human world as well… The first place these types of beings would attack would be the USA… And Japan.} ”

”…. ” Victor ’s smile died, and a lifeless expression appeared on his face as he clearly understood the message from the door.

”{No need to look at me like that, Second Progenitor. I ’m just saying~….} ” For a moment, Natashia and Victor swore they heard the door hiss.

[If the information is correct, sign here……] The door spoke again.

”Ugh, let ’s just sign this, Husband, I don ’t want to be here anymore. ” Unconsciously, Natashia didn ’t control herself and spoke the word ’husband ’.

”Oh… ” Realizing what she had just said, she was going to correct her words, but before she could say anything, Victor said:

”Yes, you ’re right. Let ’s get out of here. ” He removed a glove from his hand and bit his finger with his fangs.

”…… ” Natashia looked at Victor with her eyes widened in shock.

Victor put his finger where the door showed him to, and soon the blood that fell on the paper started to move and formed Victor ’s full name.

Specifically speaking, the name Victor Alucard.

”Natashia? ” Victor turned to face Natashia when he noticed the woman staring at him for a long time.

”!!! ” The woman was startled by Victor ’s sudden movement and turned her face to the side, and soon her long blonde hair covered her face.

”Hmm? ”

”It ’s nothing, I ’m just admiring the scenery. ” She made the worst excuse possible.

”Scenery…? ” Victor looked where Natashia was looking, and all he saw was…

An immense forest.

The place they were at now was relatively isolated, in a region far from the royal capital.

’Now that I think about it, is this place safe…? ’ Victor ’s eyes glowed blood red, and he looked around, and just as expected, this place had no one guarding the gate.

Natashia, who had her face turned to the side, hid a small smile on her face.

’He didn ’t deny it… ’ Her smile grew into a loving smile; ’Yes, he didn ’t deny my advances… ’

Natashia started to feel more confident when she saw that Victor didn ’t stop her from calling him ’husband ’.

And that put a happy smile on the older woman ’s face.

Natashia always felt like she was walking a tightrope when it came to Victor ’s relationship with her, considering the first impression she gave him was really bad.

’Natasha ’ got in the way a lot, and because of that, the woman had to work hard to get what she wanted…

’Now all that ’s left is for him to fuck me. ’ She thought with a big smile on her face and eyes glowing blood red, she wanted him inside her since yesterday! She will never forget her ’secondary ’ goal.

The main one was to make Victor notice her and accept her advances, and the other main objective was to make Victor look at her as she was now, instead of how he looked at ’Natasha ’.

Now the second objective… was to practice the act of copulation. She wanted him to fill all her insides! She wanted that white liquid inside her!

Somehow, that thought made her body feel a little hot, and her breathing felt a little heavy.

”{Analyzing…} ” Suddenly, the two of them heard the voice from the door that had been surprisingly silent for some time.


Natashia swallowed hard and tried to control her feelings, and soon she looked at the door with a neutral gaze and a neutral expression.

”{Sorry for the delay, it ’s been a while since I ’ve had a guest of your level, and because of that, it took me a while to prepare everything.} ” The door spoke in a neutral tone.


The sound of something creaking was heard, and slowly the door started to open.

”Welcome to Limbo. ”

”Second Progenitor… And his wife, Annasthashia Fulger. ”

Hearing what the door said, Natashia ’s smile grew a little, but she wasn ’t going to give in to that cheap flattery! She hadn ’t forgotten what had happened before!

Definitely not! She was not that kind of woman!

”Finally, you ’re being polite… ” Natashia spoke with a satisfied smile.

…she gave in…


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