My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 265 - My Mother-in-law Is On Fire

Chapter 264: Selena Moriarty, Daughter of queen witch.

Soon Kaguya appeared, accompanied by a witch.

”…. ” Scathach raised an eyebrow a little in amusement when she saw the woman ’s alertness.

’Is it because of me… Or because of Kaguya? ’ Scathach thought quickly, and then an answer popped into her head:

’It ’s because of Kaguya… Is she afraid of the Assassin Clan? ’ Scathach thought there was no reason for the woman to fear her. After all, she was harmless, she was only the strongest female vampire in the world. She was harmless like a rabbit, right?

”…. ” Selena felt her spine prickling a little when she saw Scathach ’s smile; ’Why is she smiling? I did nothing! I just walked through the door! ’

Feeling another hostile feeling, she looked at the white haired woman who was looking at a specific place on her body.

’This bitch, she came to seduce my Darling with this outfit? ’ Despite no longer having issues with her body due to the changes that had taken place due to drinking Victor ’s blood regularly.

Customs were hard things to kill, so Violet would always be against busty women. It was her basic instinct, considering she knew men liked that, and her Darling was no exception! Just look at Ruby and Scathach!

Both women have their own Mount Everest ’s on their chests!

And not just them, Victor ’s two Maids, Roberta and Bruna, were also like that!

Looking at Violet, Selena thought, ’Well, that ’s unexpected…or maybe expected? ’ Despite hearing information that the first time the new count went public, he introduced himself as someone from Clan Snow, Fulger, and Scarlett.

She didn ’t expect him to be directly connected with the heiresses of those two Clans.

’Wait, he ’s romantically involved with Countess Annasthashia… So, does he have a good relationship with her daughter? Is he close to the three heiresses? ’ Elizabeth narrowed her eyes a little.

She hated it, the information coming from that man never seemed to be concrete or 100% correct.

”Mother? ” Ruby looked at Scathach.

”… ” Scathach looked at Ruby, and seeing her daughter ’s gaze, she understood what she wanted.

Despite looking young, Selena was old… VERY OLD.

Scathach didn ’t know her exact age, but since she was young, she had heard some rumors about the first daughter of the witch queen, but the information was never consistent. After all, we were talking about witches.

But one thing is for sure, at least the first three daughters of the witch queen were older than a 2000 year old vampire.

And did that mean anything?

Not really.

Witches weren ’t like vampires, so they didn ’t get stronger the longer they lived.

This was a characteristic of vampires.


The older witches were the most difficult to deal with, considering they have had thousands of years to ’prepare ’ for anything unforeseen.

And not to mention that they had magic never shown to the public. The woman in front of them was just a being covered in several doubts for younger girls.

Because of this, Ruby asked Scathach to take over since, with the strongest female vampire instinct, Scathach would know when to step in or not.

Selena let go of her staff, the staff began to float beside her as she grabbed the edges of her dress and gave a brief curtsey:

”Countess Scathach, Lady Ruby, Lady Violet. ” She was not very formal and treated the women mentioned as friends.

Which was a rather strange attitude for a professional witch.

”My name is Selena Moriarty, I am the daughter of the witch queen, I came here to meet with Count Alucard, is he present? ” She spoke in a neutral tone as she looked at Scathach.

”Currently, he is not here, he has gone to solve something. ” Scathach spoke in a neutral voice as she crossed her legs and arms.

”I see… ” Selena was silent, but she had a plan in mind in case that happened.

”In that case, can I wait here in your mansion? The matter at hand is quite important to us witches. ” She flashed a small professional smile.

”…. ” Scathach didn ’t answer right away, as she kept looking at Selena and then said:

”You know? I don ’t really like witches. ” She narrowed her eyes.

”… ” The whole atmosphere was tense at Scathach ’s few words.

Ruby and Violet looked at this situation neutrally and didn ’t intend to intervene.

”…. ” Selena ’s professional smile didn ’t die.

”Dealing with witches is the same thing as dealing with Demons, they are beings you can ’t trust, and since I don ’t have patience, I usually solve everything on the gallows. ”

”If a witch is lying to me, she gets slapped, if she lies twice, she gets slapped twice… If she lies three times, she dies. ”

”Simple, right? ” Scathach ’s smile grew.

’This crazy bitch… I just want to meet the new count, my business is not with you! Why are you giving me that smile? ’ Despite continuing to smile professionally, on the inside, Selena was complaining nonstop.

At the rate that Scathach aged, her patience for things was decreasing, and she no longer had the patience to deal with the witches ’ or demons ’ games. Because of that, she usually resorted to force directly, as a faithful follower of the saying. ’force solves all problems ’.

She believes that the fist could solve all the problems in this world… And she wasn ’t wrong.

Only on rare occasions did she use dialogue, as in Ruby and Victor ’s situation, that she needed to ’talk ’, considering the man was getting involved with her daughter, and she hadn ’t liked it at all initially.

”…. ” Selena didn ’t initially answer Scathach ’s question, but not to be silent, she said:

”I don ’t understand what you ’re getting at. ” She replied with the same professional tone, she was aware enough to know not to offend Scathach now, not out of fear but because it would be stupid.

She was in the woman ’s house.

She was in the lion ’s den, and only madmen would poke the lion with a short stick looking for trouble.

She preferred to play passively until she achieved her goal.

”Witch, what I ’m trying to say is… ” Scathach ’s smile died, and a black pressure left her body.


That pressure fell around like it was creating its own gravitational field.

Crack, Crack.

Things around Scathach began to crack, and Scathach ’s entire being seemed to be covered with pure darkness.


Unconsciously, the woman swallowed hard when she felt this aura. And for a few seconds, she had a vision of a woman looking at her from above a mountain of hundreds and thousands of dead bodies:

’Just… just how many beings did she kill? ” The woman ’s death aura was much stronger than hers!

She, who was a witch that dealt in necromancy! A witch who dealt with death daily! This is nonsense.

”Stop using your magic on my residence. ”


The shield covering Selene ’s body broke into pieces.

”…. ” Selene lost her professional smile and looked at Scathach with a serious look.

The pressure exuding from Scathch ’s body slowly started to wear off, and she said with an innocent smile, ”Did your mother never teach you that it ’s disrespectful to use magic in someone else ’s house?

”…. ” Selene didn ’t answer Scathach.

”Especially in the house of a Vampire Count? ”

[Master…] Selena heard a dark voice inside her head, her eyes glowed Neon Blue for a few seconds, but quickly returned to normal:

’It ’s okay, come back inside, I ’ll call if I need to. ’


’Hmm…? ’ For a moment, Scathach seemed to sense something dangerous coming from Selene, but that something quickly disappeared.

Selene took on her professional smile again, and she created another shield around her, clearly an act of disrespect to the Countess.

”… ” And Scathach noticed this, and she didn ’t like it at all:

”Unfortunately, Countess Scathach, I ’m not foolish enough to be left unprotected in the house of a Countess like you. ” Selena spoke in a simple and easy to understand tone, then she turned around:

”I ’m leaving. ” She had no reason to accept Scathach ’s orders, she was professional and did nothing against the woman, but even so, the woman attacked her.

In normal situations, this would lead to confrontation, but she preferred to get out of that place and reevaluate her options. A fight against Scathach wouldn ’t be a fight between just two women, if it was just that, she could easily get into a fight.

Given the right conditions, Selene was 100% sure she could beat Scathach.

After all, for a witch like her, there were thousands of ways to kill a vampire, whether she was a countess or not…

She wouldn ’t have the confidence to fight Vlad, after all, that monster was on a completely different level, but Scathach? And if she was in her ’territory ’, she had absolute confidence that she would win.

But… The moment she decided to fight Scathach, she would need to fight the entirety of Nightingale, and that might cause a war, something she didn ’t want, considering war was never a good thing.

’I don ’t care about other beings ’ wars, but I won ’t involve my sisters in a pointless fight. ’

A fight against Scathach was just…


She wouldn ’t gain anything, she would just lose… Her pride was not worth the lives of thousands of her sisters.

”Well, this is something new, someone other than my Darling didn ’t listen to Scathach ’s orders. ” Violet spoke with a small smile. It wasn ’t every day she saw this vision, someone who openly confronted Scathach and ignored the woman ’s orders.

Violet looked at Scathach and thought, ’If it was with another being, it would probably put a smile on Scathach ’s face, but it seems the older woman is prejudiced against witches. Just what happened to cause her to react like that? ’ She wasn ’t acting like she normally would if she saw someone strong.

”Most ancient beings would not listen to Countess Scathach. ” Kaguya suddenly spoke up.

”Indeed, especially the old witches who are older than my mother. ”

”…. ” Scathach narrowed her eyes when she saw the girls talking about her, even her daughter!

A vein bulged in Selena ’s head when she heard what Ruby said, ’I ’m not that old, bitch. Shut fuck up. ’ She really wanted to say that, but she just kept her face professional and slowly walked towards the exit.

She just wanted to go through the door, so she could use movement magic to get out of this place.

Kaguya turned around, and looked at Selene ’s back, ”Wait, Witch. ”

”…. ” Selene stopped walking and looked at Kaguya.

”My name is Kaguya Blank, nice to meet you. ”

”… ” She narrowed her eyes a little and looked at Violet, thoughts started racing through her head, but those thoughts died when she listened.

”I am currently under contract with Count Alucard, I am the Clan ’s Chief Maid. And I am also responsible for Clan Alucard when my master is absent. ”

”…. ” Selene ’s eyes widened a little. She never thought there was a representative of the count here.

’Shit, I can ’t judge someone by their appearance. ’ She kept forgetting that fact.

She assumed a professional smile, ”Unfortunately, the business proposal cannot be accepted unless the count directly accepts it, but as his representative, I can tell you why I came here. ”

”Is it so important that I can ’t accept or refuse? ” Kaguya narrowed her eyes.

”It is. This proposal is related to the future of witches. ” Thinking about her mother ’s plan, it was no lie what she said since this deal could essentially take the witches to a whole new level if everything went well, and everything went through without a hitch.

When she says ’everything ’, she was talking about the discoveries and acquisition of new lands.

According to the information network of witches who are in the territory of Clan Adrastea, the lands outside of Nightingale were very hostile and toxic to witches, but if that were all it wouldn ’t be a problem for witches and their spells, the problem began with the fact that ’Nightingale ’ was owned by Vlad, and that old man had always made it clear that this was vampire land, and he would not accept any new ’competition ’.

Whoever denied this would feel the wrath of the progenitor vampire. To avoid a possible unnecessary war with the progenitor vampire, the witches were silent for a long time, but with the appearance of a new count, they gained a new opportunity. Because of this, she needed to make this plan work.

It was for the witches ’futures ’ after all.

”… ” Scathach narrowed her eyes a little, and she looked like she was going to do something, but she suddenly heard her daughter ’s voice:

”Mother, wait… We need to know what this witch wants. After that, you can do whatever you want. ”

Scathach looked at Ruby, who was at one point beside her:

”Fine, but I don ’t want her in my house, throw her into the woods or something. ” Scathach was in a completely bad mood.

”…Sure… ” Ruby could only say it with a wry smile.

’Future of witches, huh? …Such bullshit. ’ Kaguya held back the urge to roll her eyes but maintained her professional demeanor.

”Let ’s talk in a more private place. ” Kaguya spoke as she turned towards the exit.

”Of course. ”


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