My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter ​267: Maid and Witch

Chapter 266: My mother-in-law is on fire… 2

… Pictures of Victor in every possible way… Naked pictures, sleeping pictures, changing clothes, pictures of him slaughtering enemies, she had a whole collection divided into several subgenres.

Fierce. Cheered up. Kind. Sadist. Bad boy. Good boy. Muscle.

She had several pictures of Victor in genres she created herself…

… This woman is a hopeless case…

Just out of curiosity, she got this idea from Violet, as the white-haired woman has something similar too…

Although in Violet ’s case, her collection had more ’rare ’ stuff, after all, she had photos, videos, and all sorts of material of Victor from when he was a boy to his adult stage.

And her collection never stopped growing…

… The level of obsession is so high that she still keeps the clothes she wore on their first date and the day they first practiced the art of dual cultivation.

She also made sure to keep the bed sheet from that particular hotel for herself.

Now, you ask… Why did she keep the sheet…?

Well, it was her first time, and she wanted to keep the memory…

…Violet is a goner too…


Of course, in order for Victor to not be suspicious, she made a point of making several clothes the same as the first outfit she wore when she found him for the first time…

…Natashia still had a long way to go…

A photo album? If Violet heard this, she would show a big sneer.

”Wait… ” The guard narrows her eyes and looks at the photo intently, and she sees the Gorilla ’s eyes.

”That ’s a demonic beast! ”

”Tsk, Tsk, he ’s Big Guy, he ’s my pet, and he ’s hungry, because of that, I came to get some criminals to feed him. ” Victor grumbled. He didn ’t like Big Guy being called a Demonic Beast; after all, he was too smart to be called a Beast…

’How about, demonic gorilla? ’ Victor ’s smile grew a little; ’That ’s cool. ’ He really liked the name he gave it…

Yes, he still had a childish side to him.

Though men and women can grow up to be adults, the childish side sometimes never goes away. Being an adult is temporary, but being a child is eternal.

Looking into the guard ’s face, Victor asked, ”What do you think? It ’s allowed? ”

”Hmm? How would I know that? ” The guard responded with a simple question.

”… ” Victor looked at the woman with a blank expression. Woman, you should know that! He really wanted to say it now.

”I ’m just the guard, you should ask the gate. ” She spoke in a frivolous tone.

”Huh…? Gate? ” Victor understood nothing of what the woman said.

Natashia takes advantage of this moment and takes her cell phone back and puts it in her dress pocket.

Whistle, whistle.

Seeing the woman walking while whistling.

”….. ” A vein popped in Victor ’s head.

Is it okay to be so… incompetent? Isn ’t this the safest prison in the world or something?

The woman looks more like a visitor to this place than the person who is supposed to guard it…

Victor held back the urge to sigh now:

”And how do I talk to the gate? ” He felt awkward asking that question.

”Just talk to the gate? ” She looked at Victor as if that was an obvious answer, ”You ’re inside the gate, or did you forget? ” She spoke in a casual tone as she took something out of her nose and tossed it away.

She had an attitude that said, ’Every vampire knows this, how do you not know this? ’

”… ” Veins started popping in Victor ’s head.

He knows she ’s not trying to offend him or anything, but being looked at as dumb for a ’child ’ isn ’t a very nice thing to do.

But Victor is a mature man! He won ’t give in to such a cheap provocation.

And like any mature man, he did an action.

He brought his hand closer to the girl…

”…What? ” The guard felt strange being watched by those glowing red eyes, and she felt like she was in front of a predator.

”What are you doing!? Just know that I know capoeira! I have unpredictable movements! ” She started doing a capoeira style dance.

But who was Victor? He was an Alucard. No one could run away from him.

Victor ’s hand came close to the girl ’s face.

”Hi…! ” She got a little scared.

And soon…

Victor patted her head.

”Eh…? ” She looked up curiously, for the girl Victor looked so giant. After all, he was 195 CM tall.

He flashed a gentle smile:

”First, tell me all about this place. ”

’…Somehow, this is very good… ’ The girl was feeling strange.

”Second, you ’re an adult vampire, right? So act like one. ”

’That ’s good…~ ’ She seemed to be getting lost in the limbo of comfort.

This result was obvious, considering Victor was using the massage technique Scathach taught him! This result is as expected!

”Third. ” His voice got colder.

Victor starts squeezing the girl ’s head.

”!!! ” The woman opens her eyes wide.

Crack, Crack.

Sounds of something cracking can be heard.

”This hurts, this hurts! ” She began to struggle like a cat.

”Stop being casual. You ’re working, be more professional, okay? ” He spoke with a smile that wasn ’t a smile.

”Gahhhhhh! My head! My head is broken! ”

”Okay…? ” His voice got heavier.

”Yeahhhh. ”

”Good. ” Victor flashed a satisfied smile, and then he let go of the woman ’s head.

”Ugh… My Head… ” She held her head with a crying face.

Clap, Clap.

”Hmm? ” Victor looked at Natashia, who was clapping her hands.

”As expected of the disciple of Scathach, solving everything on the gallows, this is how we do things. ” She nodded several times in satisfaction.

’All Scathach disciples have the attitude of a Hooligan, as expected of the older woman, she spread her disease around! But don ’t worry, I won ’t leave you because of that, husband! ’ Natashia ’s smile was very bright since she had the attitude that she would love Victor no matter what he became.

Her smile was as bright as a perfect wife, and a ’divine ’ aura seemed to be oozing all over her body.

”…… ” Victor ’s eyes twitched a little when he heard what Natashia said and when he saw all that ’glow ’ coming out of her body. Had this woman ’s happiness fried the last of the sanity that she had?

Victor really thought this was possible.

Victor ’s smile grew, and he raised his hand a little, ”Do you want it too? ” He tried to threaten her with his massage technique.

”YES, PLEASE! ” Knowing what he was talking about, she wasted no time.

She quickly approaches Victor and shows him her head.

Her eyes were shining with anticipation! She tried this massage once when she was showering with the girls and Victor, and this is something that took all the stress out of her body. Apparently, this type of massage has the opposite effect on older women…

Scathach and Natashia were glowing with happiness, and their skins were glowing.

While Sasha, Ruby, and Violet looked like they ’d had several nights of intense sex… Their faces were completely white, and they were passed out.

”…. ” Victor opened his eyes a little in shock since he didn ’t expect an instant response…

Seeing the expectant look, Victor ’s smile can ’t help but grow, and soon he says:

”Later. Now is not the time for that. ”

”Ehh…? ” She was a little disappointed.

Victor approaches her ear, ”I ’ll give you a full body massage later. ” He didn ’t ask her opinion since she just said she wanted one.

And she loved that tone of order…

He gently touched her face, ”Just be patient for now. ”

”!!! ” Natashia ’s eyes glowed blood red, her cheeks turned a little red, something started to drip from her private part, and her nipple became a little hard.

A seductive aura exploded from her body, and she seemed to be on edge, her eyes turned dark as a black hole, and her smile grew distorted.

Victor flashes a small smile and walks away, ”Later. ” He spoke again with the same tone that allowed no refusal.

Hearing what he said, Natashia regained her consciousness and thought; ’Ugh… My husband is evil… he ’s playing a negligence prank on me… But… ’ A seductive smile appeared on her face…

’That ’s good too. ’ Her entire body was shaking with excitement.

…she was a goner…

”… ” With the same smile, Victor thought; ’Ah~, she ’s so cute, I feel like teasing her forever like this~. ’ Victor felt a sadistic urge to tease the woman for all eternity, but he knew he shouldn ’t delay any longer, or the woman would actually rape him. She was already on edge in every way possible.

’I need to put out her fire… ’ Victor ’s eyes gleamed predatorily, and he looked at every corner of Natashia with desire radiating from his body.

”!!! ” Natashia ’s entire body shivered as she felt Victor ’s evident desire, and it put an even bigger smile on her face.

’He wants me, he wants me, he wants me, he wants me! ’ She was utterly broken; ’I ’ll feed that fucking animal or whatever, and I ’ll have him inside me! ’

Her breathing was completely messed up.

’Just wait, my dear mother-in-law… ’ His smile grew a little, and he turned to the guard.

”L-L-Lewd. ” The guard ’s face was pure red, and she was stuttering a lot.

”Stand up, get professional, and most importantly, ignore what you saw. ”

”Yesh! Master, I will do whatever you say! ” She spoke with a red face in embarrassment and quickly did as Victor asked, and soon she was looking like a decent guard.

”….. Huh? But I didn ’t use my powers… ” Victor didn ’t understand the woman ’s reaction.

Her eyes were shining as she looked at Victor, while her eyes seemed to contain immense respect.

… What the hell is happening?

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