My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 274: Scathach joins the club

”Oh, I became a vampire too. ”

”…. ” Victor ’s entire world froze, and his brain stopped working.

Images of a gorilla dressed in a maid outfit popped into his mind.

’ ”Gori? ”

Rumble, Rumble!

Victor ’s entire existence denied such an abomination.

”…? ” The gorilla looked at the sky, ”Is it going to rain? ”

”How the fuck did you become a vampire!? ” That scream seemed to come from the depths of Victor ’s entire being, and quickly he continued:

”I don ’t want a gorilla like Maid! ”

Veins started bulging on the gorilla ’s head, ”…I will not become your maid, Mother Fucker! My job is to protect the queen! ”

”…Queen? ” Victor was caught by the sudden word.

”Yes. ”

”Who? ”

”Her. ” The gorilla pointed at Dryad.

”…she ’s a queen? ” Victor asked just to be sure.

”Of course! ”

”… ” Victor looked at Dryad again and saw no trace of ’queen ’ in her, all he saw was a puppy that wanted attention.

”You ’re thinking something rude, aren ’t you? ”

”…Anyway, why did you become a vampire? I don ’t remember biting you! ”

”… ” The gorilla narrowed his eyes when he saw Victor changing the subject, and soon he began to explain, ”When I said I was connected with her, it is in the literal sense. She is my master, if she dies, I will die too, and if she gets stronger, I will get stronger too. ”

”Any change in my master ’s body will be reflected in my body as well. When you ate the fruit she offered, and you offered your blood to her, she changed and was reborn. ”

”She is both a Dryad and a Vampire, and because of that, I am now a gorilla and at the same time a vampire. ”

”… ” Victor looked at the gorilla with eyes wide in shock. He had never heard such bullshit in his life.

And worse than that, it actually made sense in some weird way…. A vampire gorilla? What the fuck?

”…So you are my relative? ” Victor was seriously questioning his sanity now.

”…Yes? Like I said, I ’m connected to her, you didn ’t directly transform me, but since your bloodline is in my master, I think so? ” He made a strange face, but soon he shrugged his shoulders as if he had no choice and started eating bananas…

Banana, gorilla, banana, gorilla… The gorilla was a simple and happy being, he was satisfied as long as he had bananas.

”…Hmm… ” Victor focused his attention on the ’connection ’ he had with his relatives.


”Yes? ” The gorilla looked at Victor.

”… ” Victor dropped to the ground on his knees and looked at the ground as if the world had ended.

”I have a gorilla as a relative… I just planned on adding cute girls so I could always watch them wearing Maid uniforms. How the fuck did that happen? ”

”Oy, OY, your desires are leaking. ” The gorilla commented dryly.

Victor looked at the gorilla and said, ”…It ’s your imagination. ”

”…. ” The gorilla was silent, he watched Victor for a few seconds, and then he ignored the man and continued to eat his bananas.

”Whatever, just don ’t let your wives find out. ”

”…I ’m not doing anything wrong. ” Victor answered truthfully since he just preferred the people who were his relatives to be women rather than men.

Because who wanted the company of a man for all eternity? If it ’s to be that way, better a pretty girl in a maid dress.

Umu, Umu! He is not wrong.

”Yes, yes. ” The gorilla rolled his eyes.


Victor sat on the floor, crossed his legs, and slapped his lap for the Dryad to sit down.

”…? ” The Dryad didn ’t understand for a few seconds, but when she heard Victor ’s voice in her head asking her to sit down.

She immediately did.

Victor started stroking her head.

”Hehehe~. ”

”… ” The gorilla looked out of the corner of his eye at this scene, showed a small smile, and then went back to eating his bananas.





The group was silent as they surveyed the landscape in front of them.

’Somehow, I feel quite at peace… Is this because of her? ’ Victor looked at the Dryad.

He felt awkward around her, it was a feeling as if he ’belonged ’ here.

A strange feeling…

A confusing feeling…

… But at the same time a good feeling…

”Speaking of which, if you ’re here, what happened to the tree? ”

”She disappeared. ” The gorilla spoke.

”Where did she go? ”

”…The tree is inside you, master. ” She spoke in a calm tone while her face was a little red.

”…. Huh? ” Victor thought he was suddenly deaf.

”What did you say? ”

”It is inside you… ” She repeated in a naive tone.

”What? ”

”The tree! ”

”Oh… ”

Why does she make it sound like this is a perverted action?

’Inside me, is she talking about that place? ’ Victor closed his eyes, and when he opened his eyes again, he was in a completely red world.

”…Where is the tree? ”

”Look down. ” He heard the voice of the self-proclaimed ’another me ’.

Victor looked down, and under the red sea, deep down in the midst of that sea of blood, was a gigantic tree.

”Holy Fuck… ”

”Yes… I was surprised too. ”

”Why is the tree submerged? ”

”…That ’s because Master hasn ’t absorbed all the blood yet, you ’re completely satisfied, and there ’s no way to drink any more blood for now. ”

A woman appeared beside Victor and looked down innocently.

”… ” Victor and the other being were shocked when they saw the woman here.

”…You can come in here? ”

”Shouldn ’t I…? ” She asked with a little scared face since she thought she had done something wrong again.

”It ’s not that, I ’m just surprised you can come in here… You can stay here anytime you want…? ” Victor actually felt very awkward saying that last sentence.

”Oh… Good. ” She sighed in relief.

”…. ” An awkward silence fell over the place.


The woman coughed and began to speak:

”Master is my Master, so it is only natural that I can enter this place. After all, we are connected by a very… VERY deep bond. ”

”… Hmm… ” Victor touched his chin and thought of something, then he spoke his thoughts:

”Are you saying you ’re not just my relative? ”

”Yes. ” She flashed a gentle little smile.

”You ate a part of me, and I ate a part of you, in Dryad culture that is… ” Her face turned a little red.

”…, ” ’I have a bad feeling about this, ’ Victor couldn ’t help but think about it when he saw the woman ’s face.

”That is…? ”

”A Wedding! ” She spoke with all her strength, while her face was completely red, ”You are my king, I am your queen! You are my husband!! ”

”….Wha- ”

”Pfft… And there you go again, getting married because you got into a messy incident… Is this a repeat of what happened in volume 1?… Wait, was that planned from the start? ”

Victor was so shocked by what he had just heard that he simply didn ’t register the being ’s words.

Crack, Crack!

The world shattered into several pieces, and Victor was back to reality, but he was still frozen in shock.

”M-Master…? ”

”…He ’s paralyzed… What did you do? ”

”I said we ’re married… ” She looked at the gorilla.

The gorilla facepalmed, ”I told you to wait. It ’s all very recent, and you ’ve seen it, right? He has five wives. ” He could easily say that, after all, those women, in particular, carried Victor ’s scent.

”Yes, but… If it weren ’t for him, I would still be just a sprout struggling to survive, he ’s my savior and my everything, so it ’s only natural that I would offer him my fruit. ”

”…Ugh, I know your feelings, but you should wait a little longer, it ’s all very recent. ” The gorilla scolded the hurried girl.

”Ugh. ” She pouted.

”…It seems that when you were reborn, you inherited this man ’s impatience as well. ” He rolled his eyes when he realized that His master might have gone through some drastic changes that would take some getting used to.

’I just pray that she doesn ’t become crazy like him, I want a gentle master, a gentle master… ’ The gorilla thought to himself.

”I made a mistake…? ” She asked the gorilla while looking at Victor.

”…It ’s hard to say, but definitely, now wasn ’t a good time. You should have waited a few more days. ”

”…But my core is already inside him… We are already married… ”

”I know, but this ’fact ’, and the feelings are completely different. Remember that the law of the jungle is different from the laws of intelligent beings. ” The gorilla taught the woman how to be good, a gorilla as teacher…

”Ugh, this is complicated. ”

”Hahaha~, ” The gorilla laughed gently.

Victor woke up from his stupor, he looked around, and when he realized he was back to reality, he looked at the Dryad.

”… ” Seeing Victor ’s gaze, Dryad ’s heart began to beat rapidly, and several thoughts began to appear in her head.


Victor took a long breath; he couldn ’t give an answer to that sudden confession.

Why? Why couldn ’t he?

Because he could feel Dryad ’s feelings… All her feelings.

She was literally an open book to him, and he could see that she had nothing but goodwill for him.

”Let ’s take it easy, okay? ” That was all he could say at the present moment.

”Huh…? ”

”I said let ’s take it easy. Slow down your steps a little. Baby Step, Baby Step. ”

”Baby Steps? ”

”Indeed, it ’s a saying that as its name says, small steps… That is, we need to slow down a little. ”

”Oh… ” She looked like a child who was learning new words.

”… ” The gorilla flashed a small smile and then turned away, ’As expected, you can trust this son of a bitch. He ’s a good man. ’

”First, what is your name? ”

”World Tree? ” She spoke with an innocent face, she remembered hearing an old man say this to her, that old man seemed important, and because of that, she thought that was her name.

”… ” A cold sweat broke out on Victor ’s back when he heard what she said, and several questions started to pop into his head now.

”Not that one. I ’m talking if you have a name. Look, my name is Victor… This gorilla ’s name is Big Guy. ”

Cough, Cough.

The gorilla choked on the banana and looked at Victor with an irritated look, ”My name isn ’t-. ”

”… ” Victor looked at Big Guy with a look that said, ’shut up! ’

”Tsk. ” The gorilla turned away and continued to eat his bananas, ’I try to help, and I am shut down. The world is not fair. ’

Looking at the gorilla eating bananas: ’…Now that I think about it, how the fuck is he eating bananas, isn ’t he a vampire? Are gorilla genes stronger than vampire genes? Huh? ’ More questions began to pop into Victor ’s head.

”…Oh…I don ’t have… ” She made a sad face.

Victor flashed a gentle smile and said, ”Can I give you a name? ”

”…. ” The Dryad opened her eyes wide, ”S-Sure… ” Despite responding shyly, her ears were moving quite excitedly.

That was a pretty cute sight, in Victor ’s opinion.

With the same gentle smile on his face, Victor began stroking the Dryad ’s head.

He made her lay her head on his chest, and he started to think of an appropriate name for her.

He wasn ’t very good at naming, but he had come up with a name…

”How about Roxanne? ”

”Roxanne? ”

”Yes, that name means ’Clarity ’, ’sunrise ’, and ’dawn ’. ”

”…Hmm, does that suit me? ”

”This name also means, ’awakening. ’ ”

”…. ” She looked at Victor with her mouth open in shock.

Victor caressed the Dryad ’s cheek, ”I think it ’s a very appropriate name for someone who ’s just been born. ”

”What do you think? ”

She flashed a big smile that seemed to lighten everything around Victor. It was such a beautiful smile that Victor froze for a few seconds.

”…I like it… ”

”…. ” Victor was unresponsive to that smile.

”…, ” ’This boy knows tricks, who taught him? ’ The gorilla thought out of curiosity… ’Although he was taken by surprise, kekeke, don ’t underestimate the charm of a Dryad. ’

”Master? ”

”Oh, oh. ” Victor woke up from his stupor, as quickly organized his thoughts and said:

”From today onwards, you shall be known as Roxanne Alucard… my sixth maid… ” And maybe my future wife…

Victor sighed a little at that thought of his at the end. He couldn ’t make such a big decision as her becoming a wife right now.

After all, he didn ’t even approach his other wives ’properly ’, the only ones he progressed with were Violet and Ruby.

Not to mention that Roxanne was still a ’child ’? And even though she was stunning, she still lacked an attribute that was essential to getting Victor ’s attention.

…She wasn ’t crazy… Or a psychopath…

Because of this, despite finding her stunning and beautiful, he didn ’t feel any ’lewd ’ desires for her.

But like he said, Baby Steps. They ’ve only just met, maybe in the future she ’ll change, who knows?

”Maid…? ” Roxanne ’s smile became a little hollow for a few seconds.

”…Fine, I ’ll accept this, for now, considering it ’s my fault… ” She pouted and leaned her head against Victor ’s chest.

’… Well, looks like it won ’t take that long… ’ Victor ’s smile grew.

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