My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 277: Vampire meets goddess again

Later, Victor and Violet were in their room alone.

Sasha went to visit her mother on her turf, as she hadn ’t been home for a long time, and she wanted to know what had changed.

Ruby was locked in her lab together with Roxanne. Apparently, Ruby was quite interested in the woman known as a:

World Tree.

Scathach returned to her territory along with Luna and Siena, saying that she would prepare some things for the training she would have with Victor.

Eleanor was downstairs with Victor ’s Maids and Ruby ’s sisters, them being Lacus and Pepper, who decided to stay in this mansion.

”Darling, is this the same power you used when you bit me the first time? ”

”… ” Victor looked at Violet and began to think, ”Hmm… ”

Recalling the events of when he first met Violet, Sasha, and Ruby.

After some thought, he came to this conclusion:

”I don ’t think it is… ”

”Why do you think that? ” Violet asked as she seemed quite interested in this.

”Well, at that time, I hadn ’t finished my evolution, I hadn ’t released my power yet, so I think the act of entering your memories must have only happened because of the connection we have due to the ritual. ”

”Ohh… ” Violet leaned her body next to Victor and said, ”If you think about it, it kind of makes sense. There ’s no way a newborn vampire, that hadn ’t even evolved yet, would have that kind of power. ”

”Yes, I ’m not that abnormal. ” Victor flashed a small smile and spoke with the intention that Violet would accept his reasoning.

”… ” Violet used her right to remain silent.

Victor ’s eyes narrowed a little when he saw that Violet didn ’t agree with his words.

Sensing Victor ’s gaze, Violet flashed a sly little smile and said:

”Give up, Darling, you were never normal to begin with. ”

”Ugh… ” Victor dropped the book beside him and leaned his back against the wall, as he closed his eyes and started to think:

’Seriously, it ’s not like this is a bad thing, right? It ’s better to be abnormal than to be normal!… Why does that sound like a phrase from an Emo guy? ’

”… ” Violet stopped reading the book and looked at Victor with a small smile on her face.

”Darling~… ” She called out to him in a voice that sent little shivers down Victor ’s spine.

”Hmm? ” Victor ignored the shiver down his spine and looked at Violet.

Seeing her blood-red eyes and her red expression.

”You promised me something before you went on Ruby ’s date, you remember. ” Violet ’s hand began to ’walk ’ along Victor ’s body.

”… ” Victor ’s smile grew since he already knew where this was going.

”Of course I remember. ”

Violet ’s smile grew when she heard Victor ’s voice, while her breathing started to get heavy.

The room literally started to get hotter.

While looking at Violet, Victor used his hand and pushed the books away, as he also used his ice powers to freeze the books since he didn ’t want Violet to accidentally burn Ruby ’s books.

”7 days, and 7 nights! You promised! ” Unable to hold on any longer, she jumped on top of Victor.

”Hahaha~ ” Victor laughed in amusement when he saw that Violet wanted to take the initiative.

Not willing to be placed into submission, Victor took Violet by the arms, bucked his hips to roll over and flip her on her back, and held her down on the bed.

The two blood-red eyes met, eyes containing pure primal desire and a heavy, dense desire called…


While holding both of Violet ’s hands with his right hand, Victor used his other vacant hand to caress Violet ’s face:

”Unfortunately, we don ’t have time to do 7 days and 7 nights. ”

”… ” Violet ’s face took on an annoyed expression, but that expression changed to excitement when she felt Victor ’s hand move down from her breasts towards an important area.

During the entire journey that Victor ’s hand traveled over Violet ’s body, he didn ’t forget to use the ’massage ’ that Scathach taught him.

”Darling~ ” Violet moaned softly, her face a little red.

The effect was immediate.

”Strong or weak? ” He asked a question that only the two of them would understand.

”…I don ’t care, just give it to me now! ” She roared like a lioness who wanted something.

”Heh~ ” Victor ’s smile grew teasingly, and he felt an urge to continue to tease the long white-haired woman lying beneath him.

”Ouch, cold. ” Violet looked up and saw that both her wrists were bound in two ice shackles.

”…? ” She didn ’t understand for a moment what was happening.

”…In that case, I will treat you the same as Ruby. ”

”!!! ” Her entire body shuddered when she heard Victor ’s voice in her ear.

She looked at the man and saw his expression, which was smiling, and a little…sadistic.

Victor, using his sharp nails, slowly started to cut Violet ’s clothes, and he started from the bottom up.


Violet swallowed hard.

In less than a few seconds, he could see two pale rabbits that were rigid like a frightened animal.

”Oh… They ’ve grown… ”

”…your fault… ” Although she said it in a hateful tone, she didn ’t seem sad about it.

Continuing to cut through her clothes, he got to an important part of Violet.

”… ” She opened her eyes a little surprised, ”W-What are you going to do with me…? ” she asked in a voice filled with anticipation.

Victor looked at the woman below him who was the way she came into the world, and his smile grew:

”I ’ll mess you up. ”

”AHHHHH~ ” Violet ’s voice echoed throughout the mansion.

On the floor below.

Eleanor was talking to Pepper until they heard something.


”…. ” The entire place was utterly silent.

Pepper ’s face turned red, followed by Lacus.

”Ara, they started~. ” Roberta smiled as she touched her fingers to her lips with a dreamy look.

”… ” Natalia was silent with a stoic face, but Maria, who was close to her, could see a small hint of shame on Maid ’s face.

”Oya, Oya? ”

”What? ” Natalia looked at Maria

”Fufufu, you are so cute Natalia. ”

”… ” A vein bulged on Natalia ’s head; ’Does this bitch dare to provoke me? ’

”…Indecent… ” Eleanor muttered with her cheeks a little red. She didn ’t need to be a genius to understand why Violet moaned like that.

The only women who weren ’t disturbed by that moan were Kaguya…and surprisingly, Eve.

”Kaguya, please. ” Eve spoke while looking at Kaguya.

”I know. ” Kaguya gave a small sigh.

She lifted her hand up, her hand was covered by darkness, and soon Victor ’s entire room was covered by Kaguya ’s darkness and Violet ’s ’moans ’ that were being heard by the super sensitive ears of the female vampires disappeared as if everything was a lie.

”…Thank you, Kaguya. ” Eleanor thanked her with complicated feelings in her heart, she felt like she wanted to hear more, and at the same time, she didn ’t want to hear it.

It was a complex feeling.

”You ’re welcome. ” Kaguya spoke with a neutral smile.

”That man is still as inconsiderate as usual. ” June spoke while drinking orange juice.

”…. ” The girls looked at June.

”Why are you still here, witch? Have you not finished your work? ” Kaguya asked, as she clearly remembered seeing a wooden house in the backyard of Scathach ’s mansion, which meant the witch had already finished her work.

”Waiting for my payment. ” June spoke in a neutral tone.

”Oh. ” Kaguya understood now.

”How much was the cost this time? ” she asked as she took a cell phone out of her pocket.

”It wasn ’t much, the job was very simple… ” June took a sip of her juice and continued, ”I didn ’t use much magic either. Most of the house was done by that new Maid. ”

”5 thousand dollars is enough. ”

”…. ” As a former human, Maria couldn ’t help but look at June with a narrow gaze.

’Bitch, you said it was a simple service, but why is it so expensive? ’

”That ’s cheaper than the previous service… What ’s with the sudden change? ” Kaguya narrowed her eyes as she used her fingers to punch in the mentioned number.

’THIS IS CHEAP!? ’ Maria looked at Kaguya in disbelief.

”Hmm? It ’s nothing, I ’m just in a good mood. If all goes well, by the end of the year, I ’ll have a new ’toy ’! ” She flashed a mysterious little smile.

”… By new toy… What are you talking about? ” Pepper asked curiously.

”It ’s a new personal spell I bought from a witch! ” She couldn ’t wait to put this magic in her hands.

’I ’ll still need to spend some time studying the magic, but it doesn ’t matter! All for the sake of my money! ’ June was thinking big.

”Wow… This is rare, most witches don ’t sell their personal spells. ” Lacus was a little surprised.

”… Just out of curiosity, what is the effect of the magic? ” Natalia asked with a little interest.

”That is a secret. ” June flashed a small smile. She wasn ’t stupid enough to tell them the magic she was going to buy.

”Tsk, if you ’re not going to tell me, why did you bring it up? ” Lacus was annoyed.

”Yes, being suspenseful for no reason is irritating. ” Maria supported Lacus.

”Done. ” Kaguya suddenly spoke up, as she had just finished sending the money to June.

”Oh, thanks for your patronage. ” June flashed a professional smile.

”Yes, yes. Now tell me about this new spell, or I will tell the master to stop hiring your services for a while. ”

”…Ugh… ” June looked at Kaguya as if she were a demon, ”Fine, I can ’t say much because it ’s a trade secret, but this Magic has a permanent ’beauty ’ enhancing effect! ”

”…Wha-… ” Natalia, Maria, and Roberta opened their mouths in shock.

”…? ” Pepper, Lacus, Kaguya, and Eve didn ’t understand the three women ’s reaction.

”Is that so impressive? ” Eve asked since she couldn ’t suppress her curiosity.

”Of course it is, most witches haven ’t reached enough level to increase their longevity, witches who can ’t advance in magic and can ’t move up in class are destined to die of old age and become ’ugly ’. ” Natalia explained.

”These witches will pay any price for this magic… ”

”Oh… ” They finally understood now.

”Don ’t forget that this is a ’permanent ’ way, meaning ’fake ’ beauty products will see a big decline if this comes to market. ”

”Of course, it ’s not just witches; human women will also benefit from this. ” June laughed.

She could already smell the money. She would literally ’swim ’ in the money when she started using her new product.

”…Hmmm…Isn ’t that bad? ” Kaguya suddenly spoke up.

”…? ” The girls looked at Kaguya, confused.

”By using this new magic, the current beauty market will practically be monopolized by you… You will create many enemies… In fact, I wouldn ’t be surprised if all the witches in the beauty market were against you. ”

”Now that you mention it, that makes sense. People get pissed off when a monopoly occurs. ” Natalia added.

”June will die? ” Pepper asked in an innocent tone.

”…Well, yes…? ” Maria confirmed.

”Hey! Don ’t kill me off so soon! I will not die! ”

”Oh? ” Maria showed a small smile:

”What do you plan to do then? ” She asked.

”Of course, I ’ll lean on Vic-. ” June quickly put her hand over her mouth.

”…Ara, I really want to know now about this plan. ” Roberta spoke with a smile that wasn ’t a smile.

And as if followed by Roberta, all of Victor ’s Maids looked at June with a not-so-friendly look…

”Hiii… ” June ’s entire being shook as she felt the gaze of basically every woman in the room, excluding Eleonor, Pepper, Lacus, and Natalia.

”…Now, she ’s definitely going to die. ” Eleonor commented casually. She wasn ’t very interested in the conversation from the start. After all, she prefers to focus on other things rather than ’beauty ’.


June pretended to cough.

”I need to feed my black cat, if you ’ll excuse me. ” June quickly got up and ran!

”Maids… ” Kaguya spoke in a cold tone, ”Capture that witch. ”

”Yes. ” All of Victor ’s Maids spoke at once, and soon they disappeared.

A few seconds later, the remaining women heard the cry of a certain witch.

”Ughyaaaaaaaaa, S-Stop, I didn ’t do anything! I am innocent! Why is my magic not activating!? ”

”Fuck, why does this keep happening to me!? ”

”…. ”

”She really doesn ’t learn, huh? ” Lacus commented in a neutral tone.

”She should have known that doing something involving other people, and not letting those other people know, could cause that kind of reaction. ” Eleonor commented.

”…Does she have a chicken brain? ” Pepper asked in genuine confusion.

”Although her brain skills are dubious, she is a gifted witch. ” Natalia surprisingly defended June.

”… That ’s true… ” Eleonor couldn ’t deny that fact, she ’d learned a little about the witch through the girls, and she must say that June was quite talented…

Despite having a chicken brain…

Footsteps were heard, and soon the girls came back with June tied with rope to a wooden log. Roberta and Bruna brought the witch to the middle of the room, and they lifted the wooden log and left the woman there.

”…Is this a new method of torture? ” Lacus asked curiously.

”Hmm, is this more like a form of humiliation? ” Bruna replied.

”Not much for torture, but enough for her. ” Eve continued.

”Oh, you are surprisingly kind. ” Eleonor laughed a little.

”Kind…? ” Kaguya and the Maids looked at Eleonor.

”This is only temporary, she will tell us her plans involving our master. ” Roberta spoke in a cold tone.

”If there ’s something we consider harmful… ” Eve continued.

”Well… ” She flashed a small, cold smile and added:

”She will no longer be in the world of the living. ”

”… ” Eleonor opened her eyes a little in shock.

”I take back what I said, you are cruel. ” She shrugged as if she had no choice.

”That ’s why… ” Kaguya looked at June, who was tied to the log with her mouth covered to keep from screaming.

”You ’re going to tell us everything, right? ”

”…. ” A cold sweat broke out on June ’s face.

Slowly Kaguya ’s face began to distort, and an expression that no one had ever seen before appeared on her face:

”Right!? ”

”!!! ” June ’s entire body visibly shuddered.

Nod, Nod.

And she nodded furiously.

”…Good. ” Kaguya ’s face returned to normal as she displayed a neutral smile.

”…. ” A silence fell over the place.


”Kaguya is scary… ” Pepper muttered as she hid behind her sister.

”Like Master, like Maid? ” Eleonor said something to herself aloud as if she was trying to understand something.

”Kaguya, you let yourself be influenced too much by your master… ” Natalia spoke.

”What are you talking about? I am not like my master, I am normal. ” She rolled her eyes and looked back at June.

”…. ” Everyone fell silent and looked at Kaguya with a look of disbelief.

Just what has happened in that one year for the Maid to change so much to be able to make that kind of scary face? The girls thought.

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