My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 277: Vampire meets goddess again

And learned everything…

Just the basics of course.

He was like a beginner who knew how to use various weapons, like a student who learned to use a weapon properly after training the basics for a long time.

Of course, he didn ’t forget to practice the martial arts that he ’d learned from Scathach.

But while practicing the martial art of Scathach, he had a sudden thought…

”What if I use Scathach ’s martial arts and all these martial arts that I learned, together? Like a merger? ”

It was an absurd, stupid, and reckless thought…

But even knowing that, he went ahead with that thought.

The result?

He failed of course…

Victor was not a bullshit system user, or a super genius who could learn everything and master it in less than 1 day.

But… He was a persistent man who was trying to distract himself, a man who was doing everything he could to contain himself, and not fall into a cycle of anger.

He is also a ’Night King ’, a rare type of vampire who could be said to be the king of an entire species.

’The progenitor. ’

And with these strange motivations, along with his progenitor status that gave him many benefits, he achieved a strange miracle… He didn ’t merge the martial arts techniques that Scathach taught him with the ’beginner ’ techniques he learned when reading books.

He failed to achieve this impossible feat…

Instead, he adapted.

When learning to use various weapons, it was the basics of every martial art that these weapons were used.

And using the martial art of Scathach as a base.

He achieved the strange feat of using multiple weapons in the midst of combat without losing strength or performance.

Normally, when a fist user used a weapon, he ’d be unable to achieve the full potential of the new weapon, and performance would drop.

But that didn ’t happen with Victor.

Whether with a spear, his fists, or a sword, his performance and efficiency would be the same.

Despite being in the initial phase, the experiment was a success.

’This miracle ’ could only have happened because the very martial art that Scathach taught was an amalgamation of several martial arts.

If Scathach heard what Victor just did… She would literally call him a freak.

After all, it may seem easy to ’adapt ’ a technique for your own use, but it ’s not as simple as it sounds, it takes time, and a great deal of battle experience.

Even Scathach only managed to do something similar after spending 200 to 600 years of intensive study.

But even then, she couldn ’t do what he did, after all, her main weapon would always be the spear. Of course, she could use other weapons, but just giving it up will take away all of Scathach ’s potential.

But Victor did all this in 6 months? And to make matters worse, didn ’t lose any efficiency? Even if he had a ’shortcut ’ which came in the form of Scathach ’s personal martial arts, he would still need to understand all the martial arts that Scathach taught and master it completely.

You couldn ’t just skip training steps and go straight to the end, and then go back to the beginning! That ’s not how martial arts work!

If you put it in gaming terms, what Victor just did was literally take some level 1 martial arts and bypassed all the restrictions on those skills and adapted them to a MAX level skill that he already had.

He was literally walking down a path that was ’mastering ’ everything at the same time, that was fucking bullshit!

Yes!! He was breaking the rules! A cheater! Call the admins!

”Hey, hey~. ”

Victor awoke from his thoughts and looked at the woman with long pink hair, seductive body, and clothes that seemed to be made on purpose to stoke a beings ’ desire.

”Why are you taking martial arts books that weren ’t made for your race? ” she asked with her eyes glowing a little pink.

”This… ”

”This…? ” Her eyes gleamed in curiosity.

”This is none of your business. ” Victor turned, and walked towards the exit.

”… Wha-. ” Aphrodite ’s entire body appeared to have been broken when she heard what Victor said.

”…. ” Roberta ’s eyes widened a little when she saw the way Victor treated Aphrodite.

’He ’s treating the goddess of beauty like trash… ’

”Isn ’t that very rude!? ” Aphrodite was at first irritated.

”Why are you treating me like this!? ” She thought about it for a while and then found out why. ”Ah… Are you still angry about what happened!? ”

Aphrodite ’s expression turns annoyed, ”Don ’t be mean, that happened six months ago! Why don ’t you forgive me? ”

”What are you talking about, woman? ” Victor looked at the woman with a confused look all over his face.

”Eh…? ”

”Since when am I obligated to answer your questions? ” Victor ’s eyes narrow, ”Just because you ask for something, you expect me to say; ’Yes, I will answer all you want ’? ”

”…Of course? ” She was the goddess of beauty, don ’t you know? Literally every man and woman was a SIMP for her, she was the queen of cattle!

”Treat me with more respect! ” she demanded.

”…. ” Victor flashed a neutral smile but everyone could see veins bulging on his head, he was irritated, he really didn ’t want to offend this woman, but the woman seemed to click on every point that pissed off Victor ’s entire existence.

He really didn ’t want to meet this woman again…

But fate was a whore, and he met her again.

With the same neutral smile on his face, Victor made a respectful gesture, he touched his chest and lowered his head a little.

”My Goddess… ”

Seeing Victor ’s gesture, Aphrodite made a happy smile, ”Oh… You ’re finally getting it. ” She looked like she was going to say something, but Victor interrupted her.

”With all my respect, and my sincerity embedded in my words, I, Alucard kindly say to you. ” Victor lifted his face and looked at Aphrodite.

”Fuck off, bitch ” He gave her the middle finger.

”….. ” A silence fell on the place.

Esther and Roberta looked at this situation with wide eyes in shock.

”Wha-… ” Aphrodite couldn ’t believe what she heard.

Victor soon turned around, opened the door, and slammed it shut.


”Ugh. ” Aphrodite put her hands to her ears as she was taken aback by the sound of the door slamming.

’He really is crazy… ’ Esther wouldn ’t be surprised if Aphrodite decided to kill Victor now.

She glanced at Aphrodite, and was shocked at the sight of the woman. ’She is smiling…? Huh…? ’ Esther ’s brain couldn ’t process what was happening in front of her.

Everyone knew that calling the goddess of the Thots a Bitch was a big no since she would get very angry.

”Esther… I ’m leaving, we ’re done with our business. ” Aphrodite turned and looked at the witch.

”…Huh…? Sure… ” She could only say that.

Aphrodite was then covered in pink light and disappeared from Esther ’s vision.

When the goddess left, Roberta woke up from her stupor and looked at the door that Victor left from in pure shock. Her head started to spin, several thoughts running through her head, and soon she displayed a smile:

’Can he grant my wish…? ’ That smile turned into a cold, cruel smile.

”!!!? ” Esther felt a chill down her spine, and looked at Roberta, but all she saw was the woman ’s usual gentle smile.

”What happened, Esther? ”

”… It ’s nothing… ” Esther looked back to the front and thought; ’Am I imagining things? ’ For just a few seconds, she felt that thousands of snakes were entwining her body, and eating every part of her being.

”Anyway, I ’d better let Ruby know what happened. ” Esther took out a cell phone and called Ruby.

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