My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 292: Changes are not always welcome but they are necessary

st doing the work she had been doing for a long time.

”… What are you doing? ” She asked again.

”Counting. ”

”…? ” Hilda didn ’t understand what Victor meant, and as she saw that he wasn ’t going to say anything else, she fell silent.

”… How is she? ” He asked carefully.

”The same, she ’s still grieving. ” Hilda spoke while looking at Victor ’s reaction.

”I see… ”

And she was a little surprised that he didn ’t show anything visibly, though she could tell by the tone of his voice that he was a little sad, but that was all.

Victor touched his chin, ”All important Snow Clan documents have been personally reviewed by me. I have made several changes, and fixed several things that Agnes left out. ”

”… ” Hilda was surprised again, has he finished organizing that mess already? She didn ’t want to be presumptuous or anything like that, but even she wouldn ’t finish those documents that fast. After all, they were important decisions that could affect the entire clan.

”I have changed the policy on accepting new investors or people who want to do business in Nightingale. ” This was an important point that Adonis always wanted to change, but he didn ’t have the strength or capacity for it at the time.

”…Wha-. ”

”From now on, all supernatural beings who want to enter the Nightingale economy, all supernatural beings who want to live in Nightingale, must go through a ’Charm ’ process. They will all be interrogated without exception. ”

”This is ridiculous, not everyone will accept to do this. ” Everyone had secrets they wanted to hide, and asking to be Charmed by the Snow Clan was basically asking someone to snoop around all your secrets.

Victor raised his hand.

Kaguya nodded her head.

”Use this. ”

”A magical contract… ” Hilda opened her eyes as she understood Victor ’s intentions.

She opened the magic contract and saw simple interrogation clauses relating only to what the person wanted to do in Nightingale.

”I understand what you want to do, but this is just ridiculous… Do you know how many people walk into Nightingale every day? ”

”How are we going to manage all this? ”

”… ” Victor looked at Hilda with a neutral look:

”Think outside the box, Hilda. Our Clan doesn ’t need to manage everything, we just need to control everything. ”

”…Huh? ”

”Make more stringent magical contracts with all clans affiliated with the Snow Clan, make magic contracts with all people who enter nightingale under the influence of the Snow Clan. ”

”Keep records of who enters and leaves Nightingale. Record everything, and for God ’s sake, buy a fucking computer. ” What kind of government still uses paper today?

”But the security… ”

”Just hire a witch who specializes in security. ”

”… But-… ”

”Of course, some important documents should be recorded on paper and not on the computer, but useless documents like this, should be stored on a computer, the process will go faster. ” That was Victor ’s idea.

”… Even so, there are many beings. ”

”You have competent people with you, right? ” Victor looked at Kaguya.

”… ” Kaguya displayed a small smile when she heard what Victor said.

”…Even with Clan Blank ’s help, it ’s impossible-… ”

A vein popped on Victor ’s head, and he looked at Hilda with a smile that wasn ’t a smile:

”Just do it. ” He ordered in a tone that allowed for no refusal.

”Ugh… ” She groaned in frustration. This man was literally reforming the entire Snow Clan! And she couldn ’t argue against it because whatever he was proposing could be achieved, it was not an impossible reform.

Hilda looked into Victor ’s violet eyes while several thoughts seemed to be going through her head, thoughts that only she knew.

”…Hilda backed off… ” Yuki commented in shock.

”…hahaha, it feels like I ’m in a bad dream… ”

”Even the Chief Maid can ’t argue with him… ”

”Guys, you missed an important point. ”

”…? ” All members of the Snow Clan look at the man who spoke.

”He ’s doing all these policy changes… Which means we ’ll have more work. ”

”…Wha-… ” Everyone realized that they would work themselves to death this way!

Some members fell to the ground with dead eyes in despair.

”I do not want to work… ”

’…I don ’t think it ’s a good idea to comment on it here. ’ That ’s what Yuki wanted to say, but she was silent.

Hearing the depressive murmurs of the Snow Clan members, several veins started bulging in Victor ’s head; ’These pieces of shit, they ’re too lazy. ’

Victor sighed inwardly.

Victor looked back towards the door.

’Tsk, Agnes… I know she was worried about Adonis, but did she ignore all the corruption within her Clan? ’ Victor lost count of how many frauds or incongruous reports he found.

Of course, to all these people, he sent his new neighborhood friends.

The Blank Clan.

Everyone he found to have committed irregularities or embezzlement was stripped of all the assets they had, of course, if they refused this, they would die.

The Snow Clan capital was in chaos, several Clans disappeared overnight, and Victor was treating an entire capital as his Playground.

”…they ’re finally here. ” Hearing what Victor said, everyone looked towards the door.

Victor took his cell phone and looked at the time.

’My prediction time and their arrival time was only 6 hours. ’ Victor used this opportunity to test how far into the future he could see.

’This time, it was only 6 hours… ’ He needed to understand this skill first.

By understanding the skill, he could find a clue as to how to control it.

This was something Adonis was never able to do because every time the skill activated, he was weakened.

’Now that I think about it, I didn ’t feel anything when the skill was active. ’ Victor had several answers to that question.

The first and most obvious one owed to his status as a Night King. Essentially he was a more evolved version of all noble vampires, he was a progenitor.

And because of that, he could withstand the skill ’s recoil.

The second and more unlikely option is that he had divine energy in his body, and because of that, he didn ’t feel the recoil.

”Guards let the guests in. ”

”…Y-Yes! ” The guard responded with a little fear.

When the gate was opened, all Snow Clan members saw several strange beings.

They looked like monsters straight out of Japanese folklore.


Victor looked at the man who was commanding the group. He was wearing a rather elegant white kimono, he was a bit tall, with a height around 180 CM, and the most important and detectable features of him were his white fox ears and 9 tails dancing behind him.

”I was waiting for you, Kitsune Clan Leader, Genji. ”

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