My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 293: Victors change

the pieces were starting to fall into place in her head.

Victor ’s abnormal development.

Strange powers that normal Vampires shouldn ’t have.

’… This… This is impossible. ’ She was in a state of disbelief, but for the first time, she decided to observe the man that Violet, the heir to the Snow Clan, had chosen as her husband, more closely.

Victor internally smiled when he saw Genji ’s expression; he ’d achieved his goal.

…Yes, he didn ’t expect to say those words in his anger, but he was going to pretend he hadn ’t said that. Luckily no one was commenting on that either.

As stated earlier, force was also an effective negotiation tool that, if used efficiently, could become much more terrifying than a simple display.

”Genji. ”

”Y-yes? ” The nine-tailed fox awoke from his stupor and looked at Victor with obvious terror in his body and expression, but he quickly tried to control his tumultuous emotions.

”You did a good job. ” Victor flashed a small smile.

He turned and walked towards the ice throne he ’d created previously.

”…Huh? ” Genji looked at the man ’s back in disbelief; ’Did he just praise me? ’ He was perplexed.

”… ” Victor sat on the throne, supporting his head with the hand of his right arm, and looked at Genji with a neutral look:

”Tell me what you want. ”


Genji swallowed again; ’That look, it was like he knew what I was going to ask for. ’

Genji tried to calm down, displaying a fake smile, and said:

”What are you talking about, Count Alucard? I just came here to fulfill your request. ”

”Hmm…weird. ” He looked at Genji with a bored expression:

”I thought you would ask me to spare the lives of this man ’s Clan members. ”

”!!! ” Genji ’s body visibly shook, ’How did he know? ’

Victor flashed a small smile, a smile that made the nine-tailed fox ’s entire body break into a cold sweat:

”Don ’t worry; I ’m not a demon. I wouldn ’t slaughter an entire Clan because of one member ’s mistake… ”

”I..I see… ” Before Genji could be wholly relieved, however, Victor continued:

”Of course, the situation would change if everyone in that man ’s Clan supported that man ’s attitude and actions. ”

A look of horror abruptly fell on Genji ’s face, but he quickly tried to rein it in.

”But I ’m sure that ’s not what happened here, right? ” Victor ’s smile sent chills through Genji ’s entire body.

’Monster!! Just how much does he know? That information shouldn ’t have been leaked. ’

By eating Genji, Victor acquired quite a bit of interesting information. Apparently, the Arachne Clan wanted to ’approach ’ Agnes through questionable means. The act of provoking Agnes in the middle of the meeting was just a mistake by the man himself.

The initial plan was to use a ’good impression ’ talisman, and in doing so, Agnes would get a good impression of the Arachne Clan and support them. Through various future encounters, they would attempt to manipulate Agnes with these strange techniques,

And make her fully support the Yōkai, thus creating a small ’influence ’ in Nightingale.

Needless to say, Victor was quite annoyed by this information.

”Y-Yes! The Arachne Clan knew nothing! He acted of his own volition. ”

”… ” Victor looked at Genji with a neutral look. Several thoughts went through his head. Then, slowly, he started to look at the other Yōkai who were accompanying Genji, making a point of observing them one by one.

Genji ’s subordinates gulped when they saw Victor ’s violet gaze upon them, the image of the man being swallowed by that monster still very much visible in their minds.

’He knows… He knows… Fuck, I knew this wasn ’t a good idea. ’ Victor ’s silence and his neutral gaze were making Genji ’s entire existence shudder.

”I see… That ’s good news. Thank you very much for visiting, you can go now. ” He spoke with a gentle smile.

”H-Huh? ” ’We can go? ’ He felt strange since he had already been getting ready to fight for his life.

”Guards, show our guests out. ” Victor ordered the Snow Clan guards outside.

The guards entered the mansion and responded, ”Yes! ”

”… ” The Yōkai looked confused at each other, but they weren ’t going to miss this chance to run away from this place.

Genji was the same. He made a simple gesture of respect and walked towards the exit. When they were about to pass through the threshold between being trapped in a mansion with a monster and freedom, Victor said:

”Oh, I forgot to say something. ”

Victor ’s voice startled the entire group.

”…Tell your boss, she should be careful with whom she chooses to be her enemies. ” He flashed a gentle little smile.

”Wha-. ”

”Give ’her ’ my message. ”

”!!! ” Genji ’s entire face visibly trembled when he heard the way Victor spoke and his underlying meaning.

’How does he know about her!? Someone leaked information!? ’

Slowly, Victor ’s face changed to a serious, sharp expression. A part of his face seemed to have disappeared and turned into pure darkness whose only visible part was his eye:

”Nightingale is not your playground. ”

”Stick your ’divine ’ paws elsewhere. ”

”Or I will ensure The Crimson Nightmare repeats itself… ”

Victor ’s eyes slowly changed to blood red, and a big smile that showed off all of his sharp teeth was displayed on his face:

”And this time, it will be many times worse than what happened in the past. ”

The Crimson Nightmare was a beautiful event. An event that happened when Victor ’s beloved master, Scathach Scarlett, went to Japan and wreaked havoc, chaos, and destruction throughout Kyoto.

Thousands of Onmyoji mages died that day, and it was also this event that Abe-No-Seimei, Mizuki ’s master spirit, received a trauma, a trauma that triggered every time Scathach was mentioned.

This event was dubbed as The Crimson Nightmare,

An event that weakened the Yōkai faction considerably as it wasn ’t just Onmyoji who were massacred, the Yōkai were as well.

A dead silence fell on the place, and no one dared to speak a word. Everyone was too terrified. The man was just sitting there, doing nothing at all, yet that was enough to cause psychological terror to all the Yōkai.

”…I..I will ensure your message is delivered. ”

Victor ’s entire face changed to a neutral expression, his darkness receding, while he flashed a smile as if he were welcoming a guest:

”Good. ” Victor raised his hand, a red power covered his hand, and soon he made a gesture with his hand.

”It was a pleasure doing business with you, Genji. ”


The door closed.

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