My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 299: Two choicesone obvious decision

sily and asked something in return that caught the Goddess ’s attention.

And she quickly forgot the question she was going to ask.

Victor felt awkward talking to the Goddess since he could manipulate the conversation easily, which was very strange.

Isn ’t she a Goddess of thousands of years? Why is she so…naive? And at the same time, she looked like a crazy bitch?

Was it like she didn ’t get in touch with anyone, and her personality got twisted from just meeting strange people?

Victor had no idea.

Through Adonis ’ memories, Victor knew that the Goddess lived in the underworld and had a luxurious life. He remembered that she always boasted to Adonis that the underworld was a good place and that he should go there when he died.

And another thing, the Goddess knew nothing about the current state of Olympus!

Every question that involved Olympus, she always answered, I don ’t know, I don ’t care, etc.

Realizing that she would be upset if he just kept asking about Olympus, Victor changed the subject.

But the conversation was not in vain since Victor had a good understanding of the Goddess ’s personality.

Maybe it was because now they were talking as equals, but he could understand her better than Adonis.

Basically, she was an isolated Goddess. She didn ’t know anything, and she avoided socializing.

The only people she came into contact with are the dead, Hades, Aphrodite, and her mother, Demeter.

She seemed to be quite close to these two Goddesses, and seemed to know quite a bit about them.

Demeter was unimportant, and he didn ’t want to know about this woman.

He wanted to know about Aphrodite, but every time Aphrodite ’s name was brought up in conversation, her mood would go bad, and she would start cursing the Goddess with every possible and creative name she could come up with.

At some point in the conversation, Victor was staring at the Goddess like she was a piece of trash.

She ’s completely useless… She ’s an ornamental Queen.

He was disappointed, and his day was ruined.

’Victor think positive. She is still a queen, and she can be useful… ’ Victor decided to think positive.


He sighed internally.

Honestly, talking to this woman was irritating. Her thoughts, her way of talking, her way of acting, everything was irritating.

As a Goddess, she believed herself to be the center of the world.

As a Queen, she believed that all mortals must obey her.

And if anyone refused to obey, she ’d curse those mortals and take their souls for herself.

A completely irrational being.

He felt like he was talking to a spoiled child.

”And in the olympo-. ” Persephone ’s voice started to go static.

”Hmm? ” Victor looked confused for a few seconds, but then he remembered that this was what happened when he was about to wake up in reality.

’Tsk. The time is over. ’ She grumbled internally.

But she didn ’t show it on her face.

’His soul is very strong, and because of that, I can ’t keep him here for long… ’ She was slightly annoyed by this fact.

’Well, it doesn ’t matter, he ’s still scarred by me. Every time he sleeps, I ’ll meet him… And when I get back, I can investigate this man. He refused to talk about himself all the time throughout the conversation. ’ She thought it wasn ’t such a bad time to end up here.

”I ’ll see you later. ” Victor began to feel tired as he slowly began to close his eyes.

”…Yes, we will meet again, Alucard… ”

Victor ’s smile grew a little:

’Of course, we will. I still have scores to settle with you, bitch. ’ That was Victor ’s last thought before he woke up.

No matter what she looked like, Victor would still get revenge. Violet ’s tears wouldn ’t be in vain.

Victor opened his eyes and found himself in another dark place, but this time all of his maids were present.

”Master!? ”

He heard the voices of his six Maids.

”How long did I sleep? ” That was his biggest concern right now.

”Only for 8 hours. ” Kaguya spoke.

”I see… ” Victor sat up on the floor.

”Any change in my soul? ”

”There were some small attacks, but your soul defends itself, I didn ’t have the opportunity to intervene. ” Roxanne looked a little sad.

”Don ’t be sad Roxanne. You did a good job. ”

”…? ” She looked at Victor, confused.

”You are my last line of defense. You are important. ” Victor didn ’t lie since, if something went wrong, he could only count on Roxanne to protect his soul.

”…Master… ” Before Roxanne could fall into her own world, she heard Roberta.

”Master, are you going to tell us what ’s going on? ” Roberta asked the question that all Maids wanted to ask but didn ’t have the courage to ask. They were waiting for their Master to tell them what was happening willingly.

”… ” Roxanne fixed Roberta with a penetrating gaze, but the woman completely ignored the Dryad.

Victor looked at Roberta for a few seconds while he was thinking about his decision.

But he didn ’t have much to think about. His Maids were part of him, and he wouldn ’t let them get away even if they wanted to.

And he was planning on telling them what happened anyway. He just didn ’t have time to do it because, unlike his wife, who can know what happened just by drinking his blood,

Victor would have to explain from the beginning what happened to all his Maids.

”This is going to take a while. You want to hear the short version or-. ” He didn ’t even finish talking, and soon he heard everyone talking.

”The long version. ”

”… ” He displayed a small smile, and soon he began to narrate the events.

Inside a room, a woman with long white hair was sleeping, while two women, one with red hair and one with blond hair, were watching her.

”She looks like she ’s having a nightmare. ” Ruby commented.

”It would be weird if she wasn ’t… ” Sasha said.

”Her father died, after all, and at the hands of her own husband. ”

Violet suddenly opens her eyes, ”Darling, nooo! ” She jolted up in bed and pointed her hand forward as if she was stopping Victor from doing something.


”…? ” Violet looked at the two women.

”…Ruby…Sasha… ” She recognized the two women, and slowly the glow of life seemed to return to Violet ’s gaze.

”You woke up. ” Ruby initiated the conversation.

Violet looked down. Her head was empty, and she couldn ’t think of anything, she felt numb.

And waking up having a nightmare was not a good sign either.

”Violet… ” Sasha didn ’t know what to say to her friend.

She ’d been through the same thing in the past, but Violet ’s situation and hers were completely different.

”… What do I do, I… I… I did that to Darling, and… My father… ” She was confused, her feelings were conflicting with her obsession, and she couldn ’t make a decision.

”You have two simple choices from now on. ” Ruby spoke in a cold tone.

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