My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 301: Blood Sacrifice

Chapter 300: My Beloved Maids.

”You have two simple choices from now on. ” Ruby spoke in a cold tone as she looked at Violet.

”…? ” Violet looked at Ruby.

”First choice, you abandon Victor. ” She spoke in a stern tone.

”…Wha-. ” Violet opened her eyes wide, and slowly her eyes turned hostile towards Ruby.

”Second choice, you stay with Victor and face the problem head-on with your head held high. ”

”… ” Her hostile gaze disappeared and took on a confused expression.

”Ruby… Be kinder, her father just died. ” Sasha ’s eyes sparkled.

”… ” Ruby looked at Sasha, ”Violet is not weak, and for information, to get into this fool ’s head, you need to tell her directly what she needs to do. ”

”But there are better ways to do it! ” Sasha ’s face distorted.

”How? ”

”… ” Sasha was silent for a few seconds.

”How would you advise her? ” Ruby ’s eyes seemed to poke holes in Sasha ’s body.

Sasha felt a little pressured by Ruby ’s cold gaze, but for her friend ’s sake, she didn ’t give up, so she started to think.

And in just a few seconds, she had an idea:

”You need to go home. ” She spoke to Violet with a serious look.

”??? ” This time it was Ruby who was confused.

’How will that help her? ’ She couldn ’t understand where that thought of Sasha ’s came from.

”… ” Violet looked at Sasha.

”At these times, it ’s best to have some alone time to organize your mind. ” She looked with a kind look, ”You should go back and talk to your mother. ”

”… ” Violet ’s brow twitched a little when she heard about her mother.

”… Just like you, she was the most affected in this event, she must be even worse than you. ”

”Mother… ” Violet ’s eyes became sad. Despite having her problems with her mother, she was never her mother ’s enemy. Their relationship seemed to be good and, at the same time, complicated?

She couldn ’t say for sure, but in no way did she completely hate her mother.

”… ” Ruby looked at Sasha in shock.

’I had completely forgotten about Agnes. ’ She facepalmed.

Thinking about her mother ’s condition, which could be worse than hers, Violet ’s heart was moved, and she thought about going home. But the moment she thought about it, the image of Victor popped into her head.

”But… My Darling… ” She didn ’t want to leave and be on bad terms with Victor.

Ruby and Sasha understood what she was thinking just by looking at her, they didn ’t even need to use the ritual connection to know what she was worried about.

”You are the person who knows Victor the most. ” Sasha continued, ”Do you really think he has the capacity to hate you? ”

”… ” Violet didn ’t even have to think about the answer to that question.

Violet ’s bond with Victor was much stronger than anything ordinary, they were linked by something much greater called…


Yes, this can be bad or toxic, depending on the relationship, but for Violet and Victor, this relationship worked.

”He seemed willing to die by your hands if that would make you calm your anger, he ’s that kind of fool. ” Sasha pointed to Violet and continued:

”A fool like you… ”

”… ” Violet thought about the words Victor had said to her.

”These kinds of injuries are nothing compared to what you ’re suffering right now. ”

She flashed a small smile.

”You are right. ” She looked a little more relieved.

”Go back home, visit your mother, talk to her, understand what happened. ”

”…and ask her why she married Victor. ” She flashed a small smile, a smile that screamed the phrase:

’I told you this would happen. ’

”Wait! This is new to me. Did she marry Victor? ” Ruby looked at Sasha, confused.

”…Aren ’t you sensing someone else ’s presence in the ritual the three of us share? ”

”??? ” Ruby was even more confused by what Sasha said, but soon as she closed her eyes and focused on the connection she had with Victor.

And Yes… She could feel the presence of a person far away from her current location.

She could feel her feelings, and she was quite sad and depressed.

”What the fuck… ” That was the only thing she could say right now.

’How the fuck did that happen? Darling, are you married to Agnes? Huh? Wait… Doesn ’t that mean he ’s dating the three heiresses of Vampire Counts as well as the three leaders of the Vampire Count Clans who happen to be his mother-in-laws? ’

In Ruby ’s mind, it was only a matter of time before Scathach and Natashia joined the group, and because of that, she included them in the list.

’…Oyakodon… That was your plan from the beginning!? He wanted to marry all the leaders of the Vampire Count Clans and their heirs!? ’ Ruby ’s face distorted, and for a few seconds, she thought this was Darling ’s plan.

A nefarious plan to gain political control of the entire Nightingale through relationships with the heiresses and leaders of each Vampire Count Clan.

… But, Victor wasn ’t someone who had an interest in politics until recently.

And it wasn ’t like he ran after his wives ’ mothers. On the contrary, they were the ones who ran after him, and for some reason, women who were almost the same age as Jesus himself started to like him…

Scathach, a woman who was like a devil on earth, and everyone feared her, but in front of Victor, she became docile as a cat.

Natasha, who was a crazy bitch who liked to gamble, suddenly something happened to her, and she became Natashia, a woman who was obsessed with Victor and her daughter.

And Agnes… That, for some reason, when Adonis died, married Victor?


Ruby felt her head ache with these thoughts, and she could only think of one thing.

’Which means fate was a bitch again. ’

’In other words, all of this is bullshit. ’

”My head hurts. ”

”…? ” Feeling the room getting a little warmer than usual, Ruby looked at Violet.

And saw her face…

A face that was pure darkness.

”Shit. ”


”Y-Yes! ” Natalia, who was drinking coffee, was startled by Violet ’s sudden scream.

”Come here now! ”

”YES! ”

”Sasha, why did you say- ” Ruby looked at Sasha and saw Sasha ’s smiling face.

A face that said,

”I told you. ”

”Fufufufu, welcome to the club, Violet. ”

”I do not accept that! Not my mother! ” Violet growled, now, she seemed to be preoccupied with something else.

”…. ” Ruby looked at Sasha with an expressionless face.

’Why is she acting like this? You weren ’t the one who told Violet about her mom joining the club, it was me! So why are you acting like you said that!? ’

Ruby was freaking out internally, but as usual, nothing showed on her face.

A portal appeared in the room Violet was in.

”Open a portal to my house, I ’m going back. ”

”Yes, Master. ” Natalia, who was a little calmer, spoke.

”W-Wait, aren ’t you going to say goodbye to Victor? ” Ruby asked.

”I won ’t be gone forever, I ’ll be back soon. I just need to know what happened. ” Violet knew what happened, but she didn ’t realize that the ritual could be passed on to someone else through this strange medium. She needed to talk to her mother and also see her condition.

A portal appeared in front of Violet.

”Don ’t kill your mother. ” Sasha spoke in a stern tone.

”…I don ’t need to do that… ” In her current state, she wouldn ’t be surprised if her mother committed suicide.

”I ’ll see you later. ” Violet goes through the portal.

”And that ’s what happened. ” Victor finished his explanation.

The girls were silent. Some of them, like Roxanne, Roberta, and Maria, were in shock.

But others like Kaguya, Bruna, and Eve easily accepted the situation.

”…Lord Adonis didn ’t die then? ” Kaguya asked just to confirm.

”Hmm, he ’s dead, but his soul rests in my body. ”

”Can he be revived…? ”

”Yes. ” Victor didn ’t deny Kaguya ’s words.

”But, I don ’t know how to revive a person, and I have a feeling that when he revives, he will be a completely different person. After all, I have absorbed all the information from his ’soul ’. He would be Adonis but, at the same time, would not. He would be a completely immaculate person, with his soul wiped clean. ”

”…This is complicated… ” Kaguya spoke with a difficult face.

”Hahaha, indeed. But you get used to it, I think? ” To be honest, Victor also found this strange and confusing.

But since he had Adonis ’ memories and his life experiences, didn ’t he feel completely strange?

The incongruity was rather… complicated.

”And to think that Master could do that too… ” Maria sighed.

”He never ceases to amaze, right? ” Roberta smiled.

”Indeed. ” Maria confirmed.

’…If he can absorb souls… What happens if he absorbs a god? ’ A wicked smile appeared on Roberta ’s face, her eyes thinning like a lizard ’s sclera.


”Ouch. ” Roberta held her head and looked with an irritated expression at Bruna.

”You ’re thinking weird things again, stop. ”

”…I wasn ’t thinking about anything. ” Roberta pouted.

”Last time you made that face, we almost went to war with the church. ” She commented with a stern tone.

”…Correction, we went to war, but it was Mizuki who took the lead. ” Eve corrected the girls.

”Well, I guess she didn ’t have a choice at the time? ” Maria commented.

”She was in conflict with her ideals and the ideals of the church. ” Kaguya added into the conversation.

”When ideals conflict, beings tend to prioritize their side, and that ’s what happened to Mizuki. ” Eve spoke to the girls.

”…Yes, and because of that, we ’ve gained a powerful ally…Although she can be troublesome at times, ” Roberta commented.

”Indeed, Indeed. ” Maria agreed 100% with Roberta:

”What the fuck does she mean by liberation army? What a cringe name. ”

”Believe it or not, I suggested she change the name. I even suggested a few names, and she said she would think about it. ” Victor intruded on the conversation.

”… ” The girls stared at Victor with an expressionless look as they quickly gathered and started talking:

”So master suggested a name. Does that mean the name of that woman ’s organization has gotten worse? Remember, he has no good taste in names. ” Kaguya started the discussion.

”I don ’t doubt it. Honestly, Mizuki seems to share the bad tastes for my master ’s naming sense. ” Eve commented.

”Geh, I bet it ’s going to be a cringe name that makes me want to die inside. ” Maria commented.

”…Ugh, don ’t talk about it. My body shudders just thinking about it. ” Bruno spoke.

”Speaking of Mizuki, is that woman going to become our colleague? She seems like a good candidate for a Maid. After all, she is just like me, and Bruna, she has a decent body. ” Roberta suggested as she placed her hand between her breasts and made them sway.

Boing, Boing.

”… ” A vein popped in the heads of Eve, Kaguya, and Roxanne, who was away from the group. She was close to Victor, but just like Victor, she was listening to the conversation.

”I doubt it. ” Eve, despite being irritated, spoke her opinion.

”Oh? Why? ” Roberta looked at Eve.

”Becoming a vampire will go against her ideals, she wants justice for humans…and for vampires. ”

”…Tsk, Tsk, this hypocrite only changed her mind when she saw the vampire children being used as experiments. ” Maria was irritated at the thought of Mizuki ’s attitude.

”…But if you think about it, that ’s a good thing. ”

”…? ” The four maids looked at Kaguya.

”Think, she ’s a straightforward woman. She ’s not going to be a bad leader like Alexander the pope. ”

”We need someone like her in the world. Even though she is annoying, she is much better than the Vampire leaders and the Hunter leaders. ”

”…I never thought I would hear those words from your mouth, Kaguya. ” Roberta commented with a little shock as the girls around her nodded.

”What? ”

”I never thought I ’d hear you badmouth Vlad. ”

”My Master isn ’t it Vlad, and… For some reason, I don ’t care about the King of Vampires anymore? ” Kaguya felt awkward. Before, she felt a ’familiarity ’ with Vlad and felt like he should be respected, but now she didn ’t feel any of that.

”… ” Roberta, Maria, Bruna, and Eve smiled when they heard what Kaguya said.

”The blood is taking effect. ” Eve spoke.

”Finally, it ’s about time. She drank so much blood from my Master. ” Bruno pouted.

”Indeed, it was annoying that she always drank Master ’s blood straight, I was jealous you know? ” Roberta commented.

”Petty Kaguya doesn ’t want to share, abusing her authority. ” Eve commented dryly while Maria nodded in agreement.

”Ugh… ” Kaguya felt a little offended, since she was definitely not abusing her authority to get some benefit from Victor. She was a Maid, and she wouldn ’t commit such an atrocity to her colleagues…

… I mean, only once in a while she did it, but it wasn ’t always.

”…. ” Victor flashed a gentle smile as he watched his Maids chatting.

”You look happy, Master. ” Roxanne commented.

”You think…? ”

”Yes, you usually only wear that silly smile when you look at your wives. ”

”…Well, I ’m just glad that Kaguya, Eve, and Maria are socializing more. Although not in a profound way, I can tell there ’s a trust between all the Maids. ”

Eve still had trust issues, and she only trusted Victor 100%, but that didn ’t mean she didn ’t get along with girls. She was just very quiet.

Kaguya always had a leader attitude, and because of that, it was sometimes difficult to approach her and have a normal conversation.

Maria still had a few problems related to her past, her hunter past, and because of that, she held back a lot when talking to the girls.

’It ’s good to see they ’re making progress. ’

Honestly, Victor would spend years watching his Maids talking, and he would feel like he wouldn ’t get bored.

”It ’s time to go… ” He needed to explain what happened to Ruby, Sasha, Scathach, and Natashia.

Although he had a little hunch that Scathach knew what happened, she always seemed to know these things.

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