My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 308: l love my mother-in-law

[And that ’s all that happened…] Kaguya finished telling Victor everything that had happened.

”… ” Victor bit his lip a little, feeling quite conflicted.

On the one hand, he wanted to be close to his wife and help her, but on the other hand, he knew that what Violet was going through right now was necessary.

And by openly helping her, it would only hurt her decision to help her family, and not only that, he would trample on Agnes ’ resolve.

Violet was doing her best, and Victor wanted to respect her decision.

”Darling…? ” Sasha touched Victor ’s face with a loving, worried look.

”…. ” Natashia didn ’t say anything, while she just hugged him tighter as if announcing that her presence was here.

Victor looked at Sasha.

”What happened? ”

”It ’s nothing, I ’m just worried about Violet. ” Victor spoke his honest thoughts.

”Violet… ” Sasha assumed a sad expression.

Initially, it was her idea to send her back to the Clan.

She had her reasons for this, but the main one was that Sasha understood Violet… Not completely. After all, she didn ’t have a father like Violet did.

But she thinks that the best support Violet needs right now isn ’t Victor, Ruby, or Sasha herself.

She needed the support of her mother, who was also the person who suffered the most from this news.

But that doesn ’t mean she wasn ’t worried…

After Adonis and Agnes, the people closest to Violet were her childhood friends.

”You will go tomorrow, right? ” She spoke quietly to Victor.

”Yes. ” Victor understood that she was talking about the trip he had promised Eleanor.

”…. ” Sasha looked at Natashia for a few seconds, like she was seeking permission or some advice from Natashia.

But the woman herself only nodded and said:

”Just do what you want, my daughter. I will always support you. ” Natashia commented.

Sasha flashed a small smile, looked at Victor, and said,

”I will not go with you to Eleanor ’s territory. ”

”…why? ”

”I will support my friend. ” Even though it wasn ’t the same situation, Sasha still understood Violet, and she couldn ’t just go somewhere else and ignore Violet ’s current state.

And being close to Violet will give Victor some peace of mind as well.

Sasha could easily tell that Victor was holding himself back from running to the Snow Clan and staying by Violet ’s side.

But he doesn ’t for a number of reasons, the main one being that Victor ’s presence can cause unwanted reactions from Agnes and Violet herself.

Victor is literally waiting for the ’dust ’ to settle.

”…. ” Victor opened his eyes a little shocked, and soon his expression turned gentle, and he gently touched Sasha ’s face.

He caressed Sasha ’s cheeks.

Sasha was, without a doubt, one of the kindest wives he had. She is the perfect embodiment of chivalry, companionship, and nobility.

Despite being a vampire, she is undoubtedly someone who fits the title of…Knight.

Victor could easily guess the other reasons why Sasha had decided to stay with Violet.

Sasha is like a light. Really, if she wasn ’t a creature of the night, he could sometimes mistake her for an angel… A very shy angel.

Because of the way Sasha is, Victor refuses to let Sasha deal with the rotten side of the world.

He ’d done something like that several times in the past, and he ’d always protect that gentle light that was Sasha.

”Thank you Honey… ”

”Hahaha. ” Sasha laughed a little and scratched her head, ”I ’m too soft. I just can ’t ignore my friend, although I know that-… ”

”Shhh… ” Victor takes Sasha ’s head, holds it to his chest, and closes his eyes as he hugs the woman.

”It ’s okay… I love the way you are… ” He patted Sasha ’s head a little.

”…. ” She opened her eyes a little in surprise, but slowly her expression changed to a gentle smile as she closed her eyes and enjoyed Victor ’s caresses.

”I love you Sasha… Thank you for coming into my life… And thank you for being you. ”

”…Mm… ” She nodded as her cheeks turned a little red.

”…. ” Natashia flashed a small smile, and she snuggled even closer into Victor ’s body.

’You are really lucky, My Daughter. ’ To think the first man she dated was someone like Victor.

”Natashia, will you go with me? ”

”…I can ’t. I have work to do, not to mention there ’s this damn meeting. ” Natashia felt like throwing all her duties into the air, but in doing so, she wouldn ’t be a ’good woman ’, or a good ’Clan leader ’.

She needed to be an example to her daughter, so she couldn ’t be selfish now.

”I see… ” Victor nodded when he heard Natashia ’s reasons.

”Ruby probably won ’t go with you either. Knowing my friend, she won ’t be able to ignore Violet ’s state for long either. ” Sasha commented in a low tone while keeping her eyes closed.

”…And probably Scathach won ’t either. ” Natashia also commented.

”… ” Victor was silent. In the end, he would have to make the trip alone without his wives or his mothers-in-law.

Though he won ’t be completely ’alone ’.

Victor looked up at the sky and saw the moons in the sky.

”Since I ’m going to be away from you for a few days… ” Victor didn ’t plan on staying long in Eloenor ’s territory, he would just observe the place and help with whatever Eleanor needed, and then he would come back, after all, he did make a promise.

It is a man ’s duty to live up to his words.

If he can ’t do at least that, he wouldn ’t be considered a trustworthy man.

Worse than that, he will be considered trash to himself.

”I need to stock up. ”

The bodies of Sasha and Natashia, along with Scathach, who was listening to the conversation from afar, visibly shuddered.

”Indeed, you ’re going to be away for a few days, so we have to make sure you don ’t freak out from the bloodlust, considering that now you have four wives, and two of them are far away… You need nutrients to ensure that you won ’t lose your mind. ” Natashia flashed a seductive smile.

Though she had mixed feelings when she spoke of Agnes, she understood that the woman didn ’t become Victor ’s wife of her own volition, and it was something more like a…consequence.

But that doesn ’t mean she liked this situation.

But since she was trying to improve her personality and be a good woman, she wouldn ’t be mean about it.

…Yes, she definitely wouldn ’t be mean about it…-

’This is unfair! I would even understand if it was Scathach, but why Agnes!? ’ Despite what she thought, she didn ’t speak aloud and kept it to herself.

’Control yourself, Natashia, don ’t fall to the dark side. You fought so hard to get what you wanted most in your life, don ’t fuck it up now. ’

She spoke to herself as if she was scolding a child.

”Let ’s go to the bathtub… ”

”Yes. ” The two didn ’t deny Victor ’s request since they knew what they were going to do.

Victor moved away from the two women and rose from the ground as his eyes fell for a few seconds on Scathach, and in those seconds that they looked at each other, they communicated.

Soon the woman nods and walks into the bathroom ahead of them.

”Girls, I ’ll take a shower. When I get back, we ’ll continue training. ”

”…have fun~. ” The girls spoke at the same time; they didn ’t seem to be paying attention to Victor. Instead, they were talking to each other about their powers and new ways to use them.

Mainly about battle tactics.

For a brief period, Scathach trained the Maids, except for Roxanne.

And with just a little bit of advice from a GM like Scathach, they realized a lot of things that could evolve, and they were using that ’slack ’ to think about these strategies.

The only people who understood what Victor was going to do were Kaguya, Eleonor, and Roxanne herself.

”Ahh~ ” Small muffled moans were heard in the large bathtub.

And inside the tub was a man and three women the way they came into the world.

The women seemed to be melting in the man ’s arms as they bit various parts of his body and sucked his blood.

The first victim of his fangs was Sasha herself, who was on his lap.

She was biting his neck, and unlike the usual time she took to get satisfied, it only took a few seconds, and she was completely full.

The quality and density of Victor ’s blood were very different from before.

And because of that, what once took several minutes for her to be completely satisfied, now?

Now, with just a few seconds, she was satisfied…

But that didn ’t mean she would stop sucking his blood… It just tasted so good!

Feeling a firmness touching her important place, her face got a little redder, but far from running away from this situation.

She took advantage! She began to move her hips and caress Victor ’s firmness with her important place.

Victor stops biting Sasha ’s collarbone and licks a little where he bit it, and in less than a few seconds, the small holes that Victor made in Sasha ’s collarbone were healed.

”HaaaaHaaaa~. ” Sasha stops biting Victor and starts breathing heavily.

Her entire gaze was intoxicated, and she glared at Victor with eyes of lust, and without the slightest warning, she pounced on Victor ’s mouth and gave him a long, passionate kiss.

And as she kissed him, she felt electric currents coursing through her entire body due to the pleasure her private part was giving her.

Suddenly, she felt an electric current run through her entire body, and she twitched her legs tightly.

She stops kissing Victor and hugs him again.

Taking this opportunity, Victor once again bit Sasha ’s collarbone.

”Ahhhhhh~-…. ” She moaned heavily, but soon her moan was muffled by her own hand.

The feeling of pleasure in her private part, along with the sudden bite on her neck, made her whole body shudder with pleasure.

A few minutes pass, and Sasha feels completely drained.

Victor stops biting her.

And slowly, the woman got off him and crawled to the edge of the tub and laid her head down.

Her breathing was ragged, her face was completely red, and despite wanting to continue what she was doing, she was feeling completely drained. It was as if Victor had stolen her energies.

…Which she wasn ’t wrong. Due to his new condition, Victor needs more blood than usual.

What Sasha was feeling now were common symptoms of lack of blood, but she would quickly be fine with a few seconds ’ rest. After all, she had also absorbed Victor ’s blood.

Unlike the younger vamps who got satisfied quickly, for the older vamps who were biting Victor ’s arm, this was a different story entirely.

Starting with Scathach, who suffered from a lack of blood due to the ritual ’s consequences in the past, despite Victor ’s blood having improved in quality, she wouldn ’t be satisfied with just that ’little ’.

She stops biting his arm and, looking with lustful desire, quickly jumps on Victor ’s left side and bites his neck.

”Ugh~…. ”

The second was Natashia. Despite not needing as much blood as Scathach, she was greedier than the woman, and besides…

She didn ’t have many opportunities like this to drink Victor ’s blood freely and without restrictions.

She looked at Victor ’s collarbone, and slowly she approached that area, and…


Victor ’s body was hot, and his mind was blank as he just thought about enjoying this moment and pulled Natashia on top of him.

The woman stops biting Victor and looks with lustful eyes at the man.

Victor looked at Natashia ’s figure with the same expression as he looked at Natashia ’s bunnies and saw that they were erect.

”Back to normal… ”

She opens her eyes a little and then pouts:

”Why do you always ask for this? ”

”…I already said I like your ’original ’. ”

Natashia ’s smile grew, and Victor ’s words seemed to dance in her euphoric mind. No matter how many times she heard those words, she always liked them.

Slowly, visible changes began to happen in the area of Natashia ’s bunnies.

Natashia ’s bunnies, which were almost the size of Scathach ’s, slowly began to shrink back to their original form: a pair of not too big, not too small, rabbits.

But it was a perfect size and fit perfectly in Victor ’s hands.

By continually drinking Victor ’s blood, changes took place in Natashia ’s body as well. The old bunnies that were almost non-existent slowly grew to this size.

Needless to say, she was extremely pleased with it.

”Better? ”

”Of course. ” Victor laughs and pulls Natashia closer to him.

The woman leans on his body and lifts her hips a little, and feeling Victor ’s firmness near her important area, she had a great desire to greedily devour the man ’s member.

It would be an understatement to say how much she was leaking down there.

… But she held back, now was not the time for that because the moment they started this activity, they probably wouldn ’t stop for several days, and both Victor and she had commitments, not to mention that there was still her daughter.

She didn ’t want to betray her daughter ’s trust because of her desire.

She supports herself with her hand and just sits on his cock, much to his immense disappointment.

But she wasn ’t going to leave this place without enjoying it, and as soon as her daughter started to move her hips, she wanted to make sure her younger sister remembered the smell and feel of her betrothed.

”Ugh~… Ah~…. ” Deciding he couldn ’t let Natashia take the lead.

Victor pulled the two bunnies that were erect from Natashia as he caressed that area for a while, then went down to the abdomen until he reached the thigh area, and then squeezed the thick thighs of hers that he loved.

Thighs that Sasha inherited perfectly, although Natashia ’s thighs still slightly surpassed her daughter ’s.

”Ahh~. ” She moaned a little softly, and due to Victor ’s caresses, her hips lifted unconsciously, and her lower mouth opened and closed as if looking for something.

Victor ’s younger brother proudly ascended to heaven as Victor uses his hand to massage Natashia ’s ass and pulls in a way that opens the woman ’s part even more.

The tip of his cock touches the entrance of the woman, which was convulsing as if she wanted to suck everything out.

Victor let go of Natashia ’s ass and pulled Natashia ’s face closer to his.

”!!! ” Victor fervently kisses Natashia ’s mouth. The woman is surprised for a few seconds but quickly returns Victor ’s kiss with more fervor.

She holds back her urge to sit fervently on Victor ’s instrument.

Victor stops kissing Natashia and licks the woman ’s lips a little.

”Haahaaaa~ ” Natashia ’s face was a total mess, and her breathing was ragged as Natashia turned her face to the left and showed her collarbone to Victor.

He knew exactly what she wanted.

Victor opens his mouth and then bites Natashia ’s Collarbone.

”Ahhh~. ”

Stronger liquids began to flow out of the woman, and this liquid began to wet her lover ’s member.

Sasha lifts her face. She was completely recovered, she looked at her mother, and soon she showed a small smile, approached the woman, and lightly touched the area of Natashia ’s spine.

”Ughhhh~. ” She lifted her hips at Sasha ’s sudden touch, and her daughter could see all of her intimacy.

”Whaa… it ’s so wet… It ’s opening, and closing like it wants to suck it all in… How indecent~. ”

”S-Shut up… Ahh~. Natashia ’s face turned a little red with embarrassment. It was a strange feeling to have her own daughter see something so intimate of her.

Sasha flashed a wicked smile when she saw her mother ’s state but instead began to tease her mother even more as she didn ’t forget to caress an important part, a part she always felt curious about every time she saw her husband the way he came into the world…

Over time, she started to feel like drinking more blood until she ignored her mother and bit Victor ’s arm that was more accessible.

While mother and daughter had fun with Victor, Scathach was silently feeding. She wasn ’t even paying attention to what was happening around her.

’Delicious, delicious…. I want more…. I want more! ’ She had been satisfied for some time now, but his blood was just too good. She was completely addicted.

Looks like this will be a bit of a long bath…

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