A few hours later, in the carriage that was heading to Clan Adrastea ’s territory.

Victor laughed a little when he thought of his encounter with the Witch Selena, and when he thought of the Witch, he couldn ’t help but think of Theo.

What better way to cause chaos? Put the blame on the Eldest Son! And from Victor ’s memory of Theo when he first met him a few years ago, he knew that, like his brothers, he was very jealous of Victor.

Evaluating that meeting with all the King ’s children and the King himself, Victor, with Adonis ’ memories, could perceive several hidden ’feelings ’.

And from Adonis ’ own memories, he judged Vlad ’s eldest son as a ’snake ’.

Species know their fellows instinctively, and if Adonis believed Theo to be one, it ’s because he ’d recognized that man as a fellow.

’Even if The First Queen isn ’t cheating on Vlad with her own son, it doesn ’t matter. This will cause a ’small ’ crack in that son of a bitch ’s family. ’ Victor ’s eyes glowed slightly blood red as he remembered the ’small ’ grudge he had with Vlad.

Victor never forgets. Vlad, Persephone, Niklaus, General James, each of these names held a very special place in Victor ’s heart.

Yes… A very, very special place.

”…why do you have that creepy smile on your face? ”

”Umu? ” Victor stopped looking towards the landscape and looked towards Eleonor, who was beside him:

”Oh, it ’s nothing, I was just thinking how interesting this trip is going to be. ” Victor changed the subject as easily as breathing.

”…Really? ” She narrowed her eyes, as she definitely didn ’t believe Victor ’s words.

By living with this man for a while, and his wives, she found that this man was very shameless. He could control a conversation easily, and before you ’d know it, you ’d fallen into his rhythm.

”Yeah yeah. ” He flashed a small innocent smile.

”Humpf, I ’m going to pretend I believe you. ” She snorted:

”Anyway, I really didn ’t think you were going to bring them. ” She pointed to the other side of the carriage.

Victor looked at the three red-haired women who were sleeping, leaning against each other.

Siena, who was the largest of the sisters, was sleeping in the middle, while Lacus and Pepper were leaning on their sister ’s body, creating a rather unique sight.

”They ’re getting too lazy. ”

”And as an overprotective father, you convinced your wife to take your daughters to the most dangerous place in the Nightingale so you could ’train ’ them. ” Eleonor spoke with a teasing little smile. She wanted revenge!

”Yes. ” He replied with the same smile on his face.

Unfortunately, her opponent was Victor, who was so shameless that his very existence made some beings spit blood.

”Tch. ” Somehow, she was irritated by the lack of reaction from this man. She needed to study him more to discover his weaknesses, and she even swore she would make him blush or make him stunned!

She couldn ’t stand being teased by this man anymore!

”Just get ready, the three of them will go crazy when they wake up… They will definitely try to run away. ” Eleonor warned.

”Yeah, I know. Unfortunately, they no longer have the ability to run away from me. ” Victor flashed a confident smile.

’And you say that with such certainty that it makes me realize how ridiculous your existence is. ’ Normally, a younger Vampire would be no match for Lacus or Siena, but this man treated these two women like a walk in the park.

”… ” Victor laughed a little and said:

”I haven ’t seen Chloe or your butler. Where are they? ” Victor didn ’t particularly care about the butler, he wanted to see Chloe! He was missing that beautiful mare.

”… ” Eleonor narrowed her eyes a little, ”Why are you so interested in my Chloe? Forget her! She is mine. ”

”Wrong, she ’s ours. ” Victor would not give up his rights to Chloe!

Even if he didn ’t have any!

”… She is mine! ” she growled.

”She is ours! ”

”Mine! ”

”Ours! ”

”Mine! ”

”Okay, she ’s yours! ”

”Yes, she is ours! ”

”…Wait, what? ”

”…. ” Victor flashed a small smirk:

”You said it yourself, you can ’t take it back now! ”

”You tricked me, you piece of shit! ” Veins bulged on Eleonor ’s head. She couldn ’t believe she fell for such a simple trick!

”Bitch please. ” Victor rolled his eyes, ”Have you ever seen a piece of shit as beautiful as I am? ” He smiled condescendingly.

”… ” Eleonor opened her eyes wide and couldn ’t help but be attracted to those violet eyes.


She swallowed hard and turned away.

’And what about this pink aura? What is that smile? Why is he so stupidly handsome? ’

”Oya…? Hey? You turned away. ” Victor asked as he propped his head with his arm on the window and rested his head on his arm.

Several veins began to bulge on Eleonor ’s head, and she glanced at the window beside her as if finding something interesting in the landscape.

’Damn it, that smile annoys me. ’ Even if she wasn ’t seeing it, she could tell what kind of smile this hateful bastard was making.

”Eleonor, Elounour, look, ” Victor spoke as he touched Eleonor ’s belly, and with a little touch, he realized that her belly was just like Scathach ’s.

’She has ABS! ’ Victor ’s eyes glowed blood red for a few seconds and then returned to normal.

”!!! ” Eleonor ’s body shivered a little because of the sudden touch, as she felt a little tickle!

”Stop this! Do not touch me! And speak my name correctly! ” She looked at Victor with an irritated look.

”Whoa, no need to react like that. I did it because you ignored me, you know? ” He wore a gentle smile that took Eleonor a little by surprise.

”… whatever. ” She huffed and turned her face away again. She was going to ignore him from now on!

”You look like a couple playing with each other. Has Victor finally decided to unite Nightingale while marrying all the Heiresses of the most prestigious Clans? ”

”… ” Victor and Eleonor, who was a little red in the face, looked at the voice and found Siena looking at the two with a dead look.

She looked like someone who ’d just eaten dog shit.

Before Eleonor could say anything, Victor said:

”Heh~, you finally woke up, my daughter. I was tired of waiting. ” He totally ignored what she said a few seconds ago.

Siena ’s eyes glowed blood red, and she looked at Victor with an irritated look.

”What kind of father kidnaps his daughter while she is sleeping? ” She growled in a hateful tone.

’She isn ’t denying that she ’s his daughter!? ’ Eleonor was shocked.

”The best parents. ” Victor ’s smile grew.

”… ” Veins bulged in Siena ’s head when she heard Victor ’s answer.

’This shameless man! He ’s getting more and more like my mother! In fact, I feel like he ’s already surpassed her in terms of shamelessness! ’

Knowing she couldn ’t win an argument with Victor, not when he ’d gained this new look, since now he was even more shameless.

Siena turned away and looked out the window.

People around Victor needed to get used to the man ’s new look, especially women who knew him. They couldn ’t be fooled by this handsome face!

They knew that behind that face was a psychopathic battle maniac!

Looking at the deserted surroundings of trees, Siena realized she was far from her territory.

She was somewhere close to Clan Adrastea ’s territory.

Unlike the territories controlled by Clan Snow, Clan Fulger, Clan Scarlett,

The territory around Adrastea was largely deserted with vegetation.

The Adrastea Clan had the largest territory of the three Vampire Count Clans, but most of that territory was unused.

The reason for this?

Siena stuck her head out of the window and looked in the direction where the carriage was going. Using her supernatural vision, she could see several kilometers ahead, bringing into view two gigantic mountain ranges that seemed to make a big corridor, and she saw a gate. Alongside the gate were two giant hooded skeleton statues that carried two large scythes.

’This is the second time I ’ve seen this structure in my entire life… ’ Siena thought as she unconsciously held her breath.

Tartarus Gate. A great gate that separated the western territory from all others, it was made in the middle of two gigantic mountains.

Myths say that when you pass that gate, only death awaits you. At first, Siena thought this name was an exaggeration, but myths were told for a reason.

It is a way of passing on a ’message ’ to future generations.

The message this gate conveyed was obviously…


’No matter how many times I see these mountains, I can ’t help but think how unnatural these mountains are. ’ She couldn ’t help but suspect that these giant mountains that run several kilometers away were made by someone.

And knowing what kind of power the bloodline of Clan Adrastea had, it wasn ’t difficult to believe that an ancestor of Clan Adrastea did it.

”Just letting you know, I ’m really looking forward to you running away… ” Victor said as he looked at Siena.

”Humpf, I won ’t run away, I ’m already too far from home, and I know I can ’t run away from you. ” She huffed as she sat back in her seat.

”… ” Victor showed a small smile and looked at Eleonor.


Eleonor felt a bad feeling when she felt Victor ’s gaze on her, and just as she had expected…

This hateful man started teasing her!

Eleonor tried hard to ignore Victor ’s teasing, but she was no saint, and she wouldn ’t take such teasing for long.

… she wouldn ’t admit it, but… She liked these interactions.

Even if she hated it sometimes.

She still liked it.

Siena looked at her two younger sisters and couldn ’t help but think while the two were sleeping carefree.

’They are literally going to the devil ’s nest, and they are sleeping so comfortably. ’ She looked at Victor, who was playing with Eleonor, and couldn ’t help but think that this was because of him.

After all, they might look cute and innocent, but these women were trained by Scathach. They weren ’t going to be lounging around like that when they were kidnapped… Right?

Siena hoped so…

A few hours passed again, and all the way through, Eleonor and Victor were arguing with each other while Siena watched in silence.

Suddenly, Victor and Eleonor became silent and looked straight ahead at the same time with a serious look.

”??? ” Siena looked confused at their reaction, but a few seconds later, she felt pressure descend on her.

”… ” Lacus and Pepper ’s faces twitched a little, and they were about to wake up. However, they felt Victor ’s presence and went back to sleep.

Their thoughts were simple; ’If He is here, then all is well. ’

”My Lady, a horde of monsters is approaching the city walls. ” A messenger in black armor appeared beside the carriage. He was riding a horse very much like Eleonor ’s, which was covered in armor.

”Which size? ” Eleonor replied neutrally.

”Slightly larger than the usual size. ” He replied calmly.

Victor, who in the meantime had climbed on top of the carriage, looked at the gate with a curious look.

Victor ’s entire body could feel it.

Unlike Nightingale, this place…

This place was perfect for someone like him, a place that reeked of blood and danger that was always lurking, a place where you could fight at will!

Victor ’s entire existence shook with pleasure, and he couldn ’t help but put on a big grin that showed every sharp tooth on his face.

”Eleonor, I ’m going ahead. ”

Rumble, Rumble.

”Wait, idiot! ” Eleonor opened the carriage door and jumped on top of the carriage as she spoke while looking at Victor, who was brimming with a desire to fight.

”Don ’t fly over the mountain, you will be bombed by the anti-aircraft defenses. Go through the gate! ”

”… ” Victor turned to face Eleonor.

Eleonor ’s heart fluttered a few times when she saw Victor ’s expression, and before she knew it, she felt her breasts brush against Victor ’s muscular chest.

”H-Huh? ”

”You come with me. ” Then, without asking permission, Victor took to the skies with Eleonor in a burst of lightning.

”…He ’s really rushed… ” Siena muttered and looked at the guard:

”We are guests of Eleonor, my name is Siena Scarlett, and these are my sisters. ”

”… ” The guard looked at the woman and then looked at the sleeping sisters. He looked at the guards who were accompanying the carriage and spoke a few words to be sure.

He knew the woman. After all, who didn ’t know the daughters of Scathach?

The man also had a lot of respect for this woman ’s daughters, considering that she was the woman who trained the soldiers of Clan Adrastea.

He broke out in a cold sweat at the mere thought of treating these women poorly. He knew what kind of fate awaited him if he did.

What he was doing now was just standard procedure.

”I ’ll notify the doorman, take these. ” The guard displayed three black symbols.

”These are your IDs, put a drop of your blood on it, and as long as you have it in Clan Adrasteia ’s territory, you ’ll be fine. Definitely don ’t lose it, or our automatic weapons will attack you. ”

”Hmm… Isn ’t that inconvenient? What if a weapon attacks your people? ” She asked curiously. After all, if these automatic weapons attacked anyone who didn ’t have that symbol, wouldn ’t that be a problem?

”Our weapons recognize members of Clan Adrasteia, and since all the inhabitants who live behind those mountains are members of Clan Adrasteia, and we don ’t get many outside visitors, that ’s not a problem. ”

’They ’re really isolated, huh… ’

”These tags were made for visitors like you. ”

”I see… ” Siena said as she placed the identifications on her sisters ’ clothes and on her own.

”Thanks. ”

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