My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 326: Countess Eleanor Adrestia

A few minutes before Victor arrived in Clan Adrasteia accompanied by Eleonor, Siena, Pepper, Lacus and Mizuki who was in another carriage.

Today was an ordinary day in Warfall City.

Vampires were going back and forth, going about their business. Men and women in full-length black armor, each individual passing by was carrying a weapon they were an expert in wielding.

Swords, spears, axes, great swords and shields, etc.

Every man and woman present here was in some ways an expert.

If the Royal Capital and other territories gave an air of a society of ’ordinary ’ Vampires.

Here, in Clan Adrasteia ’s territory, the place gave a feeling of a militarized society.

Even the merchants were wearing armor despite not being as heavy as the individuals who were from Clan Adrasteia. These merchants sold weapons, bombs, supplies.

Whatever kind of interesting things these members of Clan Adrasteia were interested in, the merchants went out of their way to get and sell.

Even though they were in dangerous territory, the traders didn ’t care. They trusted Clan Adrasteia, and they knew what kind of risk they were taking in creating a ’branch ’ here.

Compared to territories like Fulger and Snow, Clan Adrasteia ’s territory was not as ’rich ’.

The reason for this?

It ’s because they didn ’t want to be.

The warriors of Clan Adrasteia every month killed dozens of monsters, and using their bodies as material, they delivered the materials to the blacksmiths of Clan Adrasteia.

These blacksmiths used the skins of monsters to create more armor, and all of this was monopolized by the Clan Adrasteia.

In a way, they were self-sustaining, they didn ’t need these traders.

That was also one of the reasons the merchants here were so desperate to get the attention of someone from Clan Adrasteia.

Even though their products weren ’t as good as the materials created by Clan Adrasteia members themselves, they still tried. They wanted a slice of the cake that was Clan Adrasteia ’s ’wealth ’.

If the Adrasteia Clan had a more open policy, and sold the products they traded, they would single-handedly outperform the entire economy of the 3 big Vampire Clans alone.

But this was a reality that would never happen. Clan Adrasteia had always been and always would be a closed Clan.

The reasons for this were several.

But the main ones were, monopoly, force and discretion.

Monopoly. They were the best prepared Clan. All their weapons were top notch, and their technologies far surpassed the other territories.

Force. They knew that once they started selling their ’secrets ’, they would eventually not be the strongest Clan. They also knew that Vampires are a greedy race, not to mention that they would draw the attention of other beings like the Witches.

Discretion. Clan Adrasteia must essentially be kept ’secret ’ about their actual activities, even though they were open here in this place.

Only a few influential people knew about their real activities.

The number of people who knew about the actual activity of Clan Adrasteia could be counted on two hands. These being the King of Vampires, his Right Hand, and the leaders of the Clan of Vampire Counts, being Clan Fulger, Scarlett and Snow.

Of course, there was the possibility of information leaking; it was not uncommon for this to happen. These traders, for example. They may well try to sell this information to other beings.

But before they could do that… They would have ’several unfortunate accidents ’ fall upon them.

Although this information was fairly common for top Witches, they knew how valuable Adrasteia territory is.

And often some Witches would try to trade with members of Clan Adrasteia in search of monster ’materials ’ for research.

This was one of the reasons Victor, being a Vampire Count responsible for the exploration of Nightingale, was so valued by the top Witches who were aware of this information.

The lesser Witches who didn ’t have access to this information were after Victor because he was the equivalent of a ’pioneer ’ of a new land, and they knew that these kinds of people always found valuable things.

In other words, he smelled like money!

Within Clan Adrasteia ’s territory, in an area near the mountain, a gigantic castle was present, which was unlike Scathach ’s personal Clan Castle.

Did this castle seem to be more ’open ’? It was built to support thousands of people. Yes, instead of a castle, this seemed to be more of a fortress.

A gigantic fortress that acted as the last line of defense.

Warfall, the last defense of Clan Adrasteia, and also the personal castle of Clan Adrasteia, and the leader of Clan Adrasteia.

Eleanor Adrasteia.

And inside that castle, in an office, was a woman. She was wearing full body black armor, had long burgundy hair that reached down to her butt area, had burgundy eyes, and a serious face. .

She was doing a common day-to-day report, work she ’d been doing for over 1600 years.

And as if to break the peace of that vision, someone walked into her office!


”Commander, Commander! COMMANDER! Lady Eleanor is returning! ” A tall woman 189 CM tall entered while screaming.

She had short blonde hair and golden eyes.


Unconsciously, the woman broke the quill she was holding to write the report.

”Stop yelling, Dorothy. I can hear perfectly well. ” She spoke in a neutral tone as veins bulged in her head.

”You don ’t understand, Commander! Eleanor is coming, and she ’s accompanied with the Scarlett sisters and the new Count Alucard, and a human! ”

”…Oh? Did that child make new friends? ” The woman raised a curious eyebrow.

As the commander who commanded Clan Adrasteia ’s forces when the Clan leader was not present,

The woman had inside information, she knew that this man, the ’fifth ’ Count of Vampires would come in the future, and because of that, Eleanor stayed at Nightingale while she waited for the man.

Apparently their leader was putting a lot of ’hopes ’ on this man.

This was also one of the reasons that Walter, her leader ’s butler, returned earlier than expected, and left her leader alone in Nightingale.

An attitude she disapproved of. What kind of servant leaves their leader alone?

’I ’m sure she was at Scathach ’s house, but… ’ She couldn ’t help but squint.

”Commander Rose, Commander Rose! ”

”… ” Rose felt like sighing when she heard the voice of 6 women approaching, she believed she needed to discipline these women again.

Soon a woman with long black hair and blue eyes entered, just like the other girls, she was tall, she was almost the same height as the girls present and she was wearing full body armor.

”A horde of monsters is approaching, the amount is a little higher than usual. ” She spoke in a cold, stoic tone.

”Why are you worried? Leave our weapons to deal with it. ” Rose spoke in a neutral tone as she searched for another quill to go back to writing her report.

”The problem is that they are being run by an ’Alpha ’. ”

”… ” Rose raised an eyebrow.

”An Alpha? At this time of year? ”

”Yes, I also found it strange. Usually they only show up around December. ” The black haired woman responded as she ushered the other members of her squad out of the office.

These women were just too big to fit in that small space.

Alpha was a term used for leaders, and in that context, these ’Alphas ’ were the monster ’s leaders.

Unlike regular monsters, they had intelligence, and were quite troublesome to deal with.

”…Okay, Girls. An Alpha has appeared, who will deal with them? ” She commented casually.

She didn ’t look particularly worried.

”Hi, hey, hey! Let me deal with them! ”

”Ehhh? ” A woman with green hair and a ponytail stuck her head in the door and said:

”This is unfair Dorothy, let me kill them! ”

”Shut your mouth, Alexa! You stole my prey last month remember!? ”

”Ugh… ” Alexa backed off a little, and said:

”Last month is last month. Who lives in the past is a museum, only the present matters. ” She made a slim smile.

”Oh… ” Veins started popping in Dorothy ’s head.



”… ” The girls were surprised by the sound of lightning.

”…Huh? Raining this time of year? ” Dorothy was the first to recover from the thunderous noise.

”… Wrong, this was not caused by natural means. ” The black-haired woman narrows her eyes.


Suddenly the girls heard an even louder noise, and soon they felt the presence of someone on top of the walls.

”Lady Eleanor-. ” The girls lit up their faces, but suddenly their faces turned serious as they felt a dark presence descend across the territory.

Then came the sound of their guns firing.

Rose quickly got up from her chair, she opened the window behind her, and ordered:

”Valkyrias come with me. ”

”Yes! ” x6

”Victor, you crazy fucking idiot! ” Eleanor roared angrily.

The moment they landed on top of the walls, every weapon defending her territory attacked Victor, but as if it was a stupid illusion, all the projectiles that flew towards Victor passed him and missed.

”HAHAHAHAHAHA~ ” Victor ignored Eleanor and just laughed.

’Mother fucker! He ’s not listening to me! ’ Eleonor clicked on her tongue, and jumped towards the ground, she quickly reached a guard and started giving orders.

”… ” Before she could say anything, she looked towards one of her automatic weapons and saw the weapon charging some kind of energy plasma.

’Fuck. ’ She quickly turned to the guard.

”Bring me an identification token! Fast! ”

”Y-Yes! ” The guard quickly ran towards a building, she surpassed her limits to heed Eleanor ’s order, with inhuman speed that Natashia, the self-proclaimed woman the fastest woman alive would give a 5 out of 10 for her performance.

She quickly took what her leader ordered and handed it to her.

”Thanks. ” Eleanor, as a good leader, did not forget to thank her subordinates.

Victor was looking at a splendid sight!

Creatures of various shapes and sizes, some looked like monsters that came from a fantasy world, but they were much more ’demonic ’. It was as if he was looking at beings that came out of the deepest parts of hell.

And that sight put a twisted smile on his face, he felt like he ’d been laughing like that for thousands of years.

And unconsciously, he released his ’pressure ’ around the entire city.

All the warriors and inhabitants of Warfall looked towards the walls.

”Hey, hey, hey… Isn ’t that the new Count? ” A tall muscular man spoke as he looked on in shock.

”Yes… He ’s the new Count… ” The woman carrying a large ax behind her spoke up, she had short hair and a stern expression.

Even if the area as far from the Royal Capital, those in Warfall knew about the new Count. After all, the man seemed to go out of his way to cause chaos in Vampire society.


Again the automatic weapons fired huge projectiles towards Victor, but just like before, the projectiles miss their target.

From Victor ’s perspective, these projectiles were so slow he felt like he could sleep, and even then, they would never come close to him.

It was very simple to dodge it.

But make no mistake children, these projectiles, when fired, easily surpassed MACH 3!

It is this man who is irregular!

Step, Step STEP.

The horde of monsters began to move even closer to the walls.

”Take it! ” Eleanor, who returned to the walls, threw something to Victor.

Victor raised his hand and took the identification symbol.

He glanced quickly at what Eleanor had given him.

”Keep this, this is an identification that prevents my weapons from attacking you. ”

”… ” Victor nodded, and put it in his pocket, and soon he went back to looking at the monsters.

Suddenly everyone heard a loud demonic roar.

A gigantic creature was coming out of the ground. The creature got to all fours, and roared again.

The creature appeared to be a demonic mixture of a land dragon with various schemes that were the color of the desert. It had sharp teeth, sharp claws, and from its mouth dripped liquids that seemed to melt the ground.


Victor looked at the giant creature with eyes gleaming with excitement, he looked like a child who had found a new toy.

”Oh? A Behemoth this time of year? ” Eleanor didn ’t seem surprised by the creature ’s appearance.

’The way she reacts, this seems to be quite common around here. ’ That thought made Victor even more excited, he couldn ’t help but look at the woman as if he had found the most precious treasure in the world.

”…Eleanor, we really have a lot to talk about when I get back. ” He spoke in an extremely serious tone that took Eleanor by surprise for a few seconds.

”… Eh? What do you mean when you come back-. ”

Victor took a step towards the air.

And then gravity took its toll.

He landed on the ground crouching a little from the impact. However, unlike what everyone expected, a crater was not made, he ’d landed quite smoothly.

’Does he plan to fight everything alone? ’ Thinking a little about Victor ’s personality, she showed a small imperceptible smile: ’Yes, he will fight everything. ’

”Lady Eleanor! ”

”Hmm? ” Eleanor looked back and saw seven tall women who were wearing full body armor.

Recognizing them as members of her squad that she personally led, she flashed a gentle smile,

”I ’m back, Girls. ”

”You took too long, Lady Eleanor. ” Rose commented casually, while raising her hand so the women close to her wouldn ’t say anything, she knew that as soon as her subordinates started talking, they wouldn ’t stop for a while.

”And you brought something quite dangerous with you… ” She said as she looked at Victor with a serious look.

”Does he plan on fighting alone? ” Dorothy questioned.

”… ” Eleanor showed a small smile, and said, ”Of course. ” and then she looked back at the man.

”… ” The women looked at their leader with their mouths open in shock.

”Alexa, slap me please. ” She couldn ’t believe that Eleanor could make that smile and especially for a man! She was sure was dreaming! Yes! She was in an illusion! It ’s some technique of some Witch!!

”Sure. ”


The green haired woman didn ’t even hesitate!

”OY! ” Dorothy yelled angrily.

”You asked for it. ” She turned and looked to the side while whistling, even though one of her eyes was glued to the man.

’What a horrible blood pressure, it ’s even a little hard to breathe. ’ She thought to herself.

Victor ’s eyes were covered by his long black hair that at some unknown moment had grown out.

He looked up, and his blood red eyes could be seen.

When the creatures felt Victor ’s gaze, as if it were common sense, all the creatures stopped running, and faced the man.

Slowly, a big toothy smile appeared on his face, and his face at some point had disappeared and only his teeth and eyes were visible.

The creatures unconsciously took a step back.

’Are the creatures afraid…? ’ Eleanor looked at this sight with her whole face in shock. In her 27 years of existence, she had never seen anyone who could imbue these monsters with fear.

Victor took a deep breath, and shouted,

”Creatures! ” Victor ’s voice echoed across the battlefield.

”!!! ” Unconsciously, all the warriors in the city put their hands on their respective weapons, their instincts screaming danger at just the man ’s voice.

The valkyries could clearly see that the creatures ’ bodies visibly trembled,

”Let ’s Dance. ”


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