My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 327: Master Scathach Scarlett has acquired newdisciples

”Let ’s Dance. ”


The Behemoth roared as if the monsters were ordered to attack Victor. At the same time, a pressure fell around them, creating a thin aura that covered the monsters.

And soon the monsters began to roar as their eyes glowed red with profound madness.

Victor noticed that the monsters grew stronger because of that giant monster, and upon learning of that fact, a smile appeared on his face.

Like an unstoppable force, Victor charged towards the monsters.

And when he collided with the monster army, the monsters were blown backwards as if fired from a canon. Like an experienced warrior, Victor started to fight the monsters with his bare hands.

He dodged the monsters ’ claws with as little effort as possible, only to deliver counters by picking up one monster by the head and throwing it towards others. Just with his strength alone, he could easily break the skulls of these monsters.

At some point that people didn ’t notice, the walls began to fill with Clan Adrastea warriors.

The warriors didn ’t even greet their leaders, because the sight in front of them was too shocking for them to remember that common sense.

”…Monsters are flying into the air as if they were that man ’s toys… Am I dreaming? ” A warrior in full body armor scratched her eyes in shock.

”…Is this martial arts style similar to our leader…? ” A man put his hand on his chin. He felt it was similar but at the same time different. It definitely held the essence of the style he was familiar with, but seemed more chaotic? He didn ’t know if that was the correct word he was looking for, he just felt weird.

”Look! An Ogre has appeared! ” Someone yelled.

Soon everyone saw a large monster leap into the middle of where Victor was wreaking havoc, roaring as it caught Victor ’s attention.

But Victor didn ’t stop attacking the surrounding monsters with his fists.

Noticing Victor ’s apparent dismissal, the Ogre got angry and, with a swing, attacked Victor.

”Isn ’t he planning to dodge!? ” Dorothy asked in shock. Even though they were Vampires and had great regeneration, the people here wore armor for a reason. When a monster attacked and wounded a Vampire ’s body, a ’corruption ’ would be applied as a consequence, much like a debuff.

This debuff would render a Vampires ’ natural regeneration disabled until they could eliminate this corruption from within.

By fighting for thousands of years against Vampires, the monsters had also evolved to hunt them down.

”He doesn ’t know how to fight monsters… ” Rose looked at their leader.

”Well, he didn ’t ask. ” Eleanor shrugged with a smile on her face.

Looking at the twisted smile on Eleanor ’s face, the women thought, ’And there she goes with her sadistic side again. ’

They felt a little sorry for the man, he would die without even knowing what happened…

”And it ’s not like he needs me to say anything, after all… That man is in his own league. ”

”Eh…? ”


A huge explosion sounded out, causing a shockwave to expand outwards and impact the observers. Thus, they quickly turned their attention to the fight.

”Impossible… ” Judith, the woman with long black hair, spoke in shock, even her cold expression was undone.

The ax that planned to split Victor in half, just stopped… The Ogre couldn ’t pierce Victor ’s skin.

”… ” Victor looked deeply into the Ogre ’s eyes:

”I ’m not impressed. ” Victor punched the monster in the belly, causing it to soar upward from the impact.

”Grr? ”

’Is his skin as tough as our armor? ’ Judith couldn ’t help but question her sanity just thinking about it.

Their armor was special, you know? They were made of monster materials! They were not mere decorations!

Originally, if a Vampire didn ’t have a power that could be used in defense like Clan Scarlett ’s ice power, a Vampire ’s natural defenses were very weak, especially when compared to those of Werewolves.

And getting hurt in a fight with these monsters was just asking to die.

Wait… Ice?

”Did he use Clan Scarlett ’s power to defend himself? ” Judith asked as she watched Victor soar into the heavens holding the ax with just one hand, as if the ax itself was weightless.

”Let me show you how it ’s done. ”

”Grrr!! ”

”He didn ’t. ” That was the only answer Eleanor gave as she looked at the sight of a man who was much smaller than a monster swinging the ax in his hand at blinding speeds and cutting the Ogre in half.


As soon as Victor cut the Ogre in half, the Behemoth roared again, but Victor merely rolled his eyes in disdain.

And he saw a humanoid on the Behemoth ’s head. The humanoid had long pointed tails, his eyes were blood red, and his skin was grey. Behind him were two large wings, he was completely without clothes, but the ’scales ’ on his body seemed to cover the important parts.

Victor could feel that man was strong!

The man punched the air.

”Wha-. ” Victor felt something invisible hit his body and he flew away from the horde, he did several somersaults in the air and fell away from the monster army.

”Alucard, this is not your war. ” His demonic voice sounded throughout the battlefield, and he made a gesture with his hand, and soon three more Behemoths and more monsters began to emerge.

The amount seemed to be infinite, and even the monsters that Victor had killed started to rise up as if they were being revived.

”Go back where you came from, and go play house. ”

”… ” Victor ignored what the man said, rising to his feet and patting his clothes a little when he realized they were dirty. He didn ’t seem the least affected by the man ’s blow.

’There is a leader, there is a leader, there is a leader. Which means there is someone stronger, someone stronger! An opponent! An enemy! ’ Slowly Victor ’s smile began to grow.

”… ” A vein bulged on the man ’s head when he saw the sneer on that Vampire.

”Shit, the Horde ’s level has increased! ” Dorothy spoke in a serious voice.

”We must- ” Alexa was about to propose aiding Victor, she heard laughter echo across the battlefield.


”!!! ” Everyone felt a chill down their spines when they heard the man ’s voice, even the monsters.

”This isn ’t my war!? This is not something for you to decide! I decide what my war is! ”

”…. ” The man ’s back broke out in a cold sweat when he saw the face of the man in front of him, he was feeling a bad feeling.

”Furrrrrr…. ” Cold air started to come out of Victor ’s mouth: ”Let ’s raise the level of this prank. ”

Victor took a step forward:

”Absolute Zero. ”


In the blink of an eye, the entire battlefield was covered in ice.

”Wha-. ” All the monsters were frozen by that attack, creating a very artistic view of various ice sculptures.

”This… This… This is bullshit. ” The younger Valkyries couldn ’t believe what they were seeing.

”Is that the power of a Count? ” Alexa looked at Rose with expectations. She knew that apart from that butler, this woman was the oldest Vampire around here.

”Yes… They are that kind of existence, beings capable of changing the battle with just their existence… Although… ” She looked at Victor.

”That man is even more special. ”


All the Behemoth ’s roared at the same time, and the entire horde broke their ice, and began to be revived.

”Tsk, those annoying monsters. ” Alexa complained. When a Behemoth appeared, the strategy was always to defeat them first, because if not, they became annoying. After all, it had the ability to strengthen enemy troops.

”Fool, you cannot destroy an immortal army. ”

The Valkyries, the soldiers of Clan Adrastea, and even Eleanor rolled their eyes when they heard what the leader said.

Eleanor looked at Victor and saw him trembling.

”HAHAHAHAHA, are you shaking with fear? What a Vampire Count you are! ”

”An immortal army, this…this…this is so much fun~. ”

”Eh? ”

”That means I can completely let go and you guys will never die, right? Right!? RIGHT!? ”

”Wait a minute… ” His whole body started to shake when he saw that man ’s lifeless eyes, Victor was honestly scaring him to death.

Rumble, Rumble.

Victor ’s body began to be covered by lightning, and with one step, he was in the midst of the horde again.

He took another step, and appeared on the left side of the horde.

In his wake, all that was left was a bloody painting.

All the monsters on the left line had their bodies decapitated quite cruelly.

Victor took another step and appeared on the right side of the horde, and repeated the process.

”He ’s so fast! What the fuck! I do not see anything! ” Dorothy grunted angrily when she saw only the streaks of lightning on the battlefield.

”The fact that he is able to pierce the flesh of these monsters with his bare hands while using the power of lightning is what I am most impressed with. Look, even a Behemoth. ” Judith spoke.

”Ohhh that ’s true, I had forgotten about it because of this vision. ”

Victor appeared again in the midst of the horde and noticed that they have all started to regenerate again.

”It ’s useless, you can ’t kill us, you ’ll just get tired and we ’ll kill you. ” The leader sneered.

”… ” Victor ’s smile grew a little.


The leader swallowed hard when he saw that smile.



Victor ’s whole body began to catch fire.

”Let ’s see if you can come back from the ashes. ”

”W-Wait. Fuck, kill him! KILL THAT MONSTER! ”


The monsters roared madly and attacked Victor, even the monsters that were regenerating attacked him madly, but every time the monsters ’ claws came close to Victor, they turned to ash. They didn ’t even have the capabilities to break through his defenses.

Victor took a deep breath, and the heat started to become more unbearable, it was as if a volcanic eruption of unimaginable magnitude was imminent.

”…All of creation turns to ashes. ”

Unlike the last time he used this skill on Clan Amon, the effect was much stronger.

Flames exploded with Victor in the middle creating something resembling a mini sun. This sun began to crumble into a sea of flames and burned the entire horde to ash.

Everything was faster and more natural, the heat also seemed to be much stronger.

”Bloody hell… ” Rose couldn ’t help but comment in shock, she wasn ’t impressed very easily, but that man… He was just too much.

Clan Fulger ’s speed, and their lightning attacks.

The defense, and the ice of Clan Scarlett.

And the destructive power of the Snow Clan.

His existence was a combination of the three strongest clans into a single Vampire.

Speaking of destruction…

Everything…. Everything within a 5km radius turned to ash, and all that was left was a single, lone Vampire.

”… ” An awkward silence fell around them.

Everyone was looking at Victor silently waiting for him to do something.

”Well, looks like you can ’t come back fro-… ” Victor ’s ear twitched a little; he heard something.

And as if it were a vision of hell, literal flesh began to be created out of thin air, and he saw a kind of green miasma coming out of that flesh.

”… ” Victor narrowed his eyes as that miasma touched him and his skin melted.

Victor took a step towards the wall, and he appeared next to Eleanor. He looked at his wound that was taking a long time to heal, even with his absurd regeneration.

Victor narrowed his eyes harder; he felt something trying to invade his body, and quickly he cut his arm off.

When his arm fell to the ground and separated from his body, Victor ’s arm had completely melted.

”Good choice. ”

Victor looked at Eleanor.

”If you had let the infection linger, you would have died…just like that arm. ”

”… ” This news didn ’t startle Victor, he just smiled as if he found it all interesting.

”…They are an immortal army. That is true. ” Eleanor began to speak.

”No matter how they are killed, they always come back. ”

”You ’ve experienced this firsthand. ”

”Indeed… ” Victor said with a small smile on his face.

Eleanor showed a small smile when she saw Victor ’s usual attitude: ”Now the question is in the air; if they are an immortal army, why did they never manage to invade this city? ”

”… ” Victor looked at the white haired woman who had her hair fluttering in the wind.

”… ” Rose and the Valkyries had a small smile on their faces when they heard Eleanor ’s words.

”The answer is simple, even though they are immortal, just like vampires, they have a weakness that can kill them permanently. ”

”To kill a vampire, you need a special weapon that is blessed by the church. ”

”And to kill a monster… ”

A Valkyrie threw A Greatsword to Eleanor.

Eleanor lifted her left hand, and took hold of the Greasword without looking.

”You need to become a monster. ”

Victor looked into Eleanor with a little shock.

The sclera of her eye were completely black, and her pupils were as thin as a reptiles and the color was green with golden undertones.

When all the monsters had half their bodies regenerated, including their leader,

A blue power with shades of red covered Eleanor ’s Greasword, her right arm started to grow a kind of black scale, soon her arm was completely covered by this new skin, with a casual swing of the sword horizontally, all the monsters had their bodies shattered.

All of them never got up again, and even their regeneration stopped.

Victor looked at this sight with pure shock, now it was his turn to be surprised.

Victor could see again that that strange power was coming from Eleanor ’s arm, and it matched perfectly with the weapon she was holding.

”The reason my Clan remains in this isolated place from the world is because only we can do this work. No one else can take on that responsibility. ”

Victor looked around and saw that the Valkyries and members of Clan Adrastea had eyes similar to Eleanor ’s, but each had a different pupil, as if they were eyes of different kinds of species.

’That man, he has the same eyes as that Ogre… ’

”And… The reason I became a Vampire Count even though I was only twenty-seven years old is not because I inherited that title from my mother and father when they died. ”

”It ’s because I deserved it. ”

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