My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 332: A Saint and a Succubus

Chapter 288: Your legacy. 3

”Your life… ” He had no words to describe what he witnessed, and all he could say was.

”It was shit. ”

”Hahahaha, I know. ”

”…. ” Victor was silent when he saw the man ’s empty smile, and for the first time, he realized that despite having found happiness at the end, halfway through, he was left completely broken.

”To be born weak in ancient times was a sin. This kind of scene of goddesses and gods taking advantage of mortals and treating them like cattle was pretty common in the past. ”

”I don ’t need to tell you about Zeus, right? ”

”… ” Victor was silent, he was thinking about something else.

Thinking that Victor didn ’t know about the tales of Zeus, he decided to speak up:

”Zeus, the greatest rapist of all ages… he used his power to transform himself into anything to take advantage of women, and that bastard is the King of Olympus. ”

”Olympus is fucked up, these gods should have been destroyed a long time ago. ”

”…Don ’t worry, I have some problems with Olympus too, it ’s not just you. ”

”…Oh? ” Adonis looked at Victor, and seeing the man ’s neutral gaze, he dropped the subject, after all, it didn ’t matter to him anymore.

”Adonis, will I have to see all these memories? ” He looked around and saw hundreds of thousands of memories.

”Yes, I made it that way, so you don ’t overload yourself, and lose consciousness and seal the memories. ”

”After all, even though I spent most of my time sleeping, I ’m still a being that lived 1700 years, your brain won ’t handle this wave of information, and it will find some way to protect you. ”

”…. ” Victor thought about what happened when he bit into that fruit Roxanne had given him.

”Sigh… This will take… ”

”Yes, but don ’t worry, consciousness time and real time are different. ”

”Hahaha~, let ’s go to the next memory. ”

Victor opened his eyes.

”How long did I stay in that place? ”

”Well, that doesn ’t matter. ” Victor got up, and the first thing he noticed when he got up from the floor was that his black hair reached his waist.

He walked over to the mirror and looked at his reflection.

”Wha-… ”

A tall man with violet eyes, and a beauty that could charm anyone.

”Is that me…? ” He touched his face several times. He looked like a man who had undergone several plastic surgeries and acquired ’perfection ’.

If a cultivator were here, he would say that Victor was a true jade-skinned beauty.

”What the fuck? ” Despite getting better looking, his appearance hadn ’t become androgynous. It ’s like he ’s the epitome of male beauty?

”And those eyes… ” Victor touched his violet eyes, ”Did I acquire that ability? ”

Suddenly the vision of Agnes running to Adonis ’ room was shown in front of Victor.

Looking in the mirror again, he saw that his eyes had gone back to blood red, but as soon as the vision ended, his eyes went back to violet.

”Hmm…so, did those violet eyes replace my old blue eyes that I lost when I unlocked the Vampire Count transformation? ”

Victor decided to test this and used his basic vampire skill, the red world.

But the moment he used this ability, the world didn ’t turn blood red.

The world changed to Violet, and he could see several red lines floating in the sky.

”??? ” Victor did not understand anything. He looked towards the door and saw that Agnes was approaching alone with slow steps.

He focused his vision on Agnes, she looked just like the real world, and she wasn ’t completely red as he was used to.

”What the fuck is going on? ”

His observation ability changed in a strange way as he absorbed Adonis ’s foresight power.

First, he no longer saw the world as a red color. The world was violet, but it had the colors of the real world.

In this world, there were several red lines floating in the sky, some red lines were thicker and thinner.

For example, the red line that was coming out of Agnes ’ body and going towards Victor was an extremely thick red line, it was as if several sailors used an anchors ’ rope with experienced knots.

Victor tried to interact with these lines, but he couldn ’t, and his hand just passed through them.

Second, if he focused his vision on a certain location, just like before, he could see through the wall, and he could see everything more clearly.

His vision literally ignored obstacles now.

Another thing…

Victor looked at Agnes again, and he could see a bite mark on her neck.

Previously, this meant that this individual was a vampire.

That is…

”Has my skill not weakened, but evolved in a strange way? I can still do the same things as before, but now more clearly. ”

Another thing he noticed is that his thought process was faster.

If we ’re going to talk about it in terms of the computer, it was like he switched from Windows Xp to Windows 10.

The difference was stark, he could think of many things much faster now.

”Hmm, I have to do more tests, but for now, I should solve this problem. ”


Agnes kicked the door open.

”Time out. Darling needs to rest…? ”

”Darling…? ” Agnes looked at Victor, confused. She felt like she was looking at Adonis, but at the same time, it was a strange feeling.

But she was sure the man in front of her was her husband, she could smell him miles away.

And another proof that this man was her husband were those violet eyes that she loves so much were with that man.

”… ” Agnes looked at Adonis ’ bed and didn ’t see her husband anywhere.

”… What happened? ” She asked in a neutral tone, and slowly her face started to get more worried:

”Why am I feeling the ritual connection in you!? ”

’Shit… Is that what he meant when he said he would leave everything to me? That mother fucker. ’ Victor focused his feelings on the connection he only had with his wives, and as expected, he could feel one more person.

He could feel Agnes.

”…fuck. ” Victor facepalmed.

Why did this always happen? Every time he tried to fix a problem, he ended up creating another, even bigger problem.

”You wouldn ’t believe me if I told you, Agnes. ”

”!!! ” Agnes ’ entire body shuddered when she heard Victor ’s voice.

It was him! It was her husband! But… Wasn ’t him at the same time!?

Agnes ’ feelings were in chaos, and she couldn ’t think straight.

”What have you done!? ”



A few minutes ago, before Agnes ran into Victor.

With Kaguya and Hilda.

The two women were looking at several piles of bodies with a wistful gaze.

”To think that one day, I would have to point my daggers at a member of the Snow Clan. ” Kaguya muttered.

”Traitors are not to be forgiven. ” Hilda commented.

”Rotten seeds must be eliminated. ” Oda continued.

Oda was wearing an entirely black outfit that made it difficult to identify his identity.

”I know. ” Kaguya replied, ”I ’m just a little shocked by this development. ” She looked at the man in Hilda ’s hand.

”Are there more traitors? ”

”According to this man, everything is clean. ” Hilda lifted the man ’s body.

”We must not let our guard down. If seeds of betrayal have been planted, that means there may be more individuals. ”

”I agree. ” Hilda nodded at Oda ’s reasoning.

”…? ” Suddenly, Kaguya felt her whole body tingling.

”…Kaguya? ” Hilda looked strangely at the maid, who was looking around warily.

”It ’s nothing. ” Kaguya spoke, but inside, she was:

’Master did something again. I ’m having that same feeling as when we broke into that devil ’s son ’s hideout… ’

’The feeling of a big and irritating problem. ’ Kaguya trusted the judgment of her instinct, and, because of that, she decided to act soon:

”I will go back to my master, the work here is done. ” She turned around, and just as she was about to step into the shadows, everyone in the mansion heard a loud explosion.


”Tell me! What did you do to my Darling!? ” Everyone heard Agnes ’ voice.

”Lady Agnes? ” Hilda and Oda spoke at the same time.

”…I knew it… ” Kaguya sighed as she facepalmed, she was right! Ever since she met Victor, she started to sigh more.

’Anyway, what did the master do this time? ’ She slipped into the shadows and headed toward the noise.

Yuki Snow was having a great dream.

Even though the world was ending outside the room, she didn ’t care, she continued to sleep like a baby.

Nothing could break her sleep.

Unless an explosion happened, of course.


”W-What!? ” The maid fell out of bed while she was completely confused.

”Tell me! What did you do to my Darling!? ”

”Hot, Hot, Hot! ” Yuki started jumping around when she felt her entire room heat up to a level she couldn ’t handle.

”Was that the countess ’s voice? ” She walked to the window and saw an amazing sight.

Countess Agnes Snow was on top of a man lying on the floor while she was holding the man by the collar of his suit.

She had a furious look on her face.

The other counterpart was the man, who had a neutral look on his face.

”That man… Master? ” It took a while to recognize Victor. After all, he had a lot of obvious changes, but she could easily recognize him thanks to the suit he always wears!

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