My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 334: Pepper And Lacus training with her daddy?

Chapter 333: A Saint and a Succubus. 2

”Ahhh~, that was satisfying, I haven ’t had this much fun in a while. ” Anna spoke with a big smile on her face as she walked towards Jeanne which she ’d left with the three Vampires to interrogate.

She was experiencing in that moment, the delights of being single again. She didn ’t need to be in that old manipulator ’s eyes anymore, and now she could do whatever she wanted, whenever she wanted, and for as long as she wanted.

She couldn ’t express how pleased she was at this separation. Her happiness was so great that she was thinking of making this day a commemorative day.

’Freedom! Freedom!! That ’s what I fucking wanted! ’

She was so happy that she could start singing out of nowhere, and be just like those mouse house heroines.

Coming close to Jeanne, she looked into the face of her friend who was shocked as she looked at the Vampires who were now dead.

”Jeanne? Did you discover anything? ” She called her friend.

”… ” Jeanne looked at Anna, and still with a shocked face, she said:

”Do you want the shocking news, the good news, or the bad news? ”

”… ” Anna narrowed her eyes when she heard what Jeanne said:

”Give me the bad news first. ” She was a somewhat pessimistic and realistic woman, because of that, she preferred to hear the bad news.

”Well… This was probably a Snow Clan attack. ”

”What do you mean? ”

”Look. ” Jeanne took a device, and clicked it, soon a holographic image of a man sleeping with Vlad ’s First Wife appeared.

”Is that Theo? ”

”Yes. ”

”So what ’s the problem? It ’s not like their relationship is foreign to us. ” Anna didn ’t understand.

”… The problem is that I remember that day clearly. After all, I was the one who helped the First Wife to catch this man. ”

”This man? ” Anna didn ’t understand why Jeanne didn ’t call Theo that man.

”Yes, I clearly remember that day, and the clothes that this woman is wearing in the video matches my memories. ”

”That day, she kidnapped Adonis Snow, and used him as a personal toy. ” She looked at the video carefully.

”I ’m sure that day it wasn ’t her son. It was Adonis, so this is an edited memory. ”

”After all, I helped cover up this betrayal. ”

”… Why did you do that? ” Anna asked curiously.

”Bribery. ” Jeanne flashed a small smile.

”… ”

”I mean, in our family, it was always nice to have the powers of Wives, after all, we weren ’t as tight as we seemed to be… opportunity to betray each other if given the chance. ”

”…Well… ” Anna couldn ’t deny that thought, even though they got along well, it only applied when their interests were aligned.

Like it or not, they were Vampires, and Vampires would always prioritize their personal desires, that was common sense.

”And why is that a problem? ”

”If this is an attack by the Snow Clan for what happened in the past, I can say that the political climate is not as good as it appears to be, meaning… A civil war could happen in the future. ”

”Our children are in danger… ” Anna was smart enough to realize what Jeanne was implying with her words, she knew that in a Civil War the first to suffer would be the King ’s Family.

”Yes. ” Jeanne nodded, ”Vlad might not lose the throne, but… Our children are not safe. ”

”But that ’s just a guess, right? ”

”Yes, and even if something is happening behind the scenes, that ’something ’ is not going to explode now. ” Jeanne spoke in a reassuring tone, she just said what was possible, bad news.

”… ” A silence fell on the place, and the women started to think about several things, this silence lasted for a few seconds until Anna spoke:

”So what ’s the good news? ”

”The good news is linked with the shocking news… ” Jeanne clicked on a few buttons on the equipment, and then the image of a man using the powers of the Three Vampire Count Clans appeared.

”…What the hell is that? ” To say Anna was shocked would be an understatement.

”Is this edited? ” She couldn ’t believe what she was seeing.

”This is a video of the games between families that happened in the past. ”

”While we were sleeping, a man named Victor became the Fifth Pillar of the Vampire world…. ” Despite having received this information from the Dead Vampire, she was still shocked and not believing such bullshit:

”He is the Fifth Count, the Youngest Vampire in history to become a Vampire Count. ”

Jeanne totally ignored Niklaus…

”What ’s his Clan ’s name? ” Anna asked.

”…This is the even more shocking part… ”

”More shocking than him having the powers of the three Vampire Count clans? ” Anna opened her eyes in shock when she saw Victor appear in the arena and save Natashia from the blade of a man who was transformed.

’What the fuck? A Young Vampire having that power… That ’s against the rules! ’

”His Clan name is Alucard… ”

”…Eh? ” Anna stopped looking at the video, and looked at Jeanne in shock, she took wax out of her ear, she thought that being asleep for too long made her senses numb.

”What ’s his Clan name again…? ”

”Alucard. ” Jeanne repeated in a monotone.

”…. ”

Isn ’t that basically Dracula spelled backwards?

Does this man have the balls to say he wants to be Vlad ’s opposite? He ’s basically slapping the King of Vampires with that name!

And to make matters worse, the King of Vampires accepted it!

”What the fuck… ” Anna had no words to express how shocked she was now, not even all the languages in the world would have enough words to express her shock.

This was just too unbelievable.

”And… I think this man, he might be just like Vlad. ”

”…Huh? ” Anna ’s head stopped working, the mere fact that Jeanne could even think of that assumption was absurd to Anna.

”Is this man a Progenitor? ”

”I have my doubts, I ’m not sure, only if we see him in person I ’ll be sure. ”

”…I don ’t understand… He might be strong and irregular for a Younger Vampire, but a Progenitor? ”

”Anna, tell me which Young Vampire has the power to face a Vampire Count? ”

”Well… ” She didn ’t know what to say.

”From the information that this guy said, this man showed up not even 2 years ago, and he already has that kind of power. ”

”…only two years? ”

”Yes, only two years. ”

”You ’re kidding, right? ”

”Do I look like someone who is joking? ” Jeanne rolled her eyes.

”Only special Vampires have the power to break the rules of time, and increase power that fast, and Progenitors are those kinds of beings. ”

”…….. ” A silence fell around them.

The only thing that could be heard was the noise of the video that Jeanne was showing, and the sound of the wind.

Soon, Anna ’s voice broke that silence.

”…haa… hahaa… hahahahahahahahaha~! ”

”… ” Jeanne looked at her friend with a neutral look:

’Has she gone completely mad? I know the news is shocking, but she doesn ’t need to react like that, people will think she has loose screws in her head… Although no Vampire is normal. ’

As immortal, and eternal creatures, they needed hobbies, an obsession, or anything that could keep their attention for a long time. The worst fear they had was ending up in eternal boredom. Boredom could kill and drive any Vampire mad.

Because of this, Vampires who have lived a long time have a quirk or two.

Anna was no exception. Before she turned into a Vampire, she was a High Level Demon, a Succubus. She had already lived for thousands of years in hell, and hell was not a kind place…

In a way, Anna was older than Vlad.

”You do not understand!? ” Anna suddenly stopped laughing and screamed.

”…Noo-? ” Jeanne was surprised by the woman ’s sudden scream.

”If this Alucard is truly like that man, that means he can become a King! ”

”And…? ”

”You still don ’t understand? Two Monsters. Two Kings. Two Progenitors cannot live in the same environment! At some point in the future, they will fight for supremacy! ”

”Which means we can take revenge if we join him! ” Anna took Jeanne by the shoulders and started rocking her with a vicious smile and eyes glowing blood red, she wanted to taste revenge!


”… C-Calm down, calm down! Stay Calm! ”


She slapped Anna across the face.

”Ugh… ” The succubus caressed her face with an irritated look.

”My head is spinning. ” Jeanne complained for a few seconds while ignoring Anna ’s gaze:

”Leaving aside about whether or not he ’s Vlad ’s equal, after all, that ’s just my guess, ”

”Do you honestly think this boy can beat Vlad? ”

”A monster more than 5000 thousand years old? Just remember, that even us Wives haven ’t seen him using his full power. Only the First and Second Wife have seen him doing it in the past, and that was thousands of years ago. ”

”Not to mention those two women are dead now. ”

”… ” Anna was silent, she totally forgot about that fact. Wanting revenge is something, achieving that revenge was something else entirely. After all, that man was not the Strongest Vampire just for show.

”Anyway. ” Jeanne turned off the device, and put it in her pocket:

”Let ’s go to Clan Scarlett, this man is a disciple of Scathach, she can tell us more about him. ”

”Okay. ” The two women nodded at each other, and then the two disappeared leaving behind a pile of dead Vampires.

A few days later.

While events that would change the entire Nightingale were unfolding, Victor was enjoying a rather…exciting sight.

He was now in Clan Adrastea ’s personal area, a place reserved for Eleanor ’s forces to train, and as all of Eleanor ’s Elites were women, he was enjoying a vision of paradise now.

A group of 6 tall women almost the same height as Victor, wearing only a sports shirt, were exercising.

’Abs here, abs there, abs everywhere… ’

By training for six months with Scathach, Victor gained something…

An abs kink.

After all, his Master was a warrior. And befitting a warrior ’s body, she had a very muscular body, but unlike muscular freaks, her muscles were more aesthetic. She was a lean and accented with strong muscles.

Scathach herself had one of the most perfect sixpacks Victor had ever seen.

Because of that, for Victor to see these women, who were clearly warriors, training in such minimal clothing, it was like he was in paradise. After all, these women directly targeted Victor ’s tastes.

Mostly… He turned away and looked at a white-haired woman who was training alone with a greasword.

The first thing Eleanor did when she returned home was train.

She said she ’d got quite rusty from standing still for too long.

Victor, of course, asked if he could see her training, and Eleanor agreed.

Despite appreciating the sight of the women around him, Victor didn ’t have a lusty look on his face. After all, for that to happen, a woman needed a certain ’spice ’ that attracted him like a moth to a flame.

And as far as his instincts could tell, only one woman out of all these women had that.

And to top it all off, she was a battle maniac!

”…You have this weird smile on your face. ” Hearing the familiar voice, Victor looked to the side and saw Mizuki who were being accompanied by a strange group.

”…That ’s rare; seeing you guys are together. ” Victor deftly changed the subject.

”As companions who were kidnapped by a rude man, we should get along. ” Siena was quite prickly.

”Ugh… Victor…You kidnapped me and brought me to this place! ” Pepper was irritated.

”Yes. ” He spoke with an innocent smile on his face.

”…. ” She pouted and turned her face away. She felt like she couldn ’t be mad at this man, and she couldn ’t either, after all, according to her sisters, this was also her mother ’s idea.

Victor could not kidnap Scathach ’s daughter without his Wife ’s permission.



”Ugh… ” She felt like crying. How was she going to survive in this place that had nothing! Nothing! There ’s no Manga, there ’s no anime, there ’s no television! No entertainment!

And to make matters worse… There is no internet!

”Hahaha~, don ’t make that face of despair. ” Victor chuckled as he patted Pepper ’s head.

”This isn ’t as bad as you think, believe me. ”

”Victor… ”

”Because it will get worse. ” Victor ’s smile widened.

Pepper petrified just like the victims who looked at Medusa.

”Moron! I hate you! ” She removed Victor ’s hand from her head, and hugged her older sister.

”… Sigh… ” Lacus had already given up. She knew she couldn ’t run away from this place even if she wanted to, and even if she did, and came back home, her mother would kick her out and tell her to go back to this place.

Looking at Victor, Lacus realized something: ”Victor, where ’s your Odachi? ”

”Hmm? I don ’t know, the last time I saw her, she was in the carriage. ”

”…It ’s okay to be so carefree, it ’s your weapon, right? ”

”Yes, only I can touch her, because of that, I ’m carefree. ” Victor raised his hand to the left and waited.

Suddenly sounds of things breaking could be heard by everyone, and in less than a few seconds, the Odachi appeared in Victor ’s hand.

”…. ” Mizuki, Siena, Lacus, and Pepper looked at the destruction caused by the sword with a lifeless gaze.

”…Is it okay to destroy-. ” Mizuki was going to say something, but Eleanor ’s scream shook Mizuki a little.

”Victor, don ’t destroy my house! ”

Victor looked at Eleanor who stopped her training, and spoke with an apologetic smile: ”… I ’m sorry. ”

”Humpf, just don ’t go around destroying things. ” She huffed and went back to her training.

”… ” Watching Eleanor training for a few seconds, Victor turned his face and said:

”Now that I think about it, why are there more strong female Vampires than males in this place? ”

”…well, male Vampires are…lazy? And they usually leave everything to the women, and since the Four Big Clans are run by women, society kind of become centered around them? ” Siena didn ’t know how to give a proper answer.

”Although there is no such thing as feminism or anything like that like in the human world, Vampire society is more of a consequence of male Vampire choices. ” Said Mizuki, who spoke this time.

”… At least that ’s what I learned from my old organization. ”

Mizuki also found this situation quite strange. It ’s not like there weren ’t powerful male Vampires. Examples of this were Niklaus, Vlad ’s royal guards, the coliseum leaders.

All of them were powerful men, but the problem was that only a few men held a post that was being watched by everyone like the Vampire Counts.

Because of this, there was a misconception that there are no powerful male vampires, the only problem being that these vampires don ’t want to assume a very influential position in society, and just prefer to play around.

An example of this is Vlad ’s royal guards, they work 12 hours a day, and after they leave work, they can do whatever they want, it ’s stable and honorable work.

There are several male warriors that are part of the royal guard, and because of the high demand, they may put up a trading system.

Every 12 hours, a new group takes over the defenses of Vlad ’s Castle.

Of course, to avoid possible spies, there is a group that never stops working, and these are the king ’s personal guards, they live inside the castle, and they are always prowling the area to protect the place.

But the demand for this job is very low, after all, you have to give up your freedom, to work in this place, and only the most fanatical about Vlad take on this role.

”…. ” Victor was silent for a bit when he heard what Mizuki and Siena said, and soon understood something:

”Basically, male vampires don ’t want to take on the troublesome jobs and leave everything to their wives and wives, right? And because of that, as time went on, women took on important places in society while men just played around? ”

”Basically that ’s it. ” Siena and Lacus agreed.

”Bruh… ”

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