My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 341: Two girls against the world

Chapter 340: Father is coming.

Chapter 340: Father is coming.

”What happened? ”

”About a week ago, Ophis disappeared. ”

”What? ”

”She used her power to teleport. Apparently, she wanted to come visit you, but since then no one has seen her since. ” Natalia who was nearby spoke on behalf of her father who gave her this information.

”The probability of her being in the human world is high, after all, Vlad has strength throughout the Nightingale, he wouldn ’t take long to find her if she were here. ” Ruby continued.

Hearing Ruby and Natalia ’s voice, Victor took a deep breath and asked:

Any more information? ”

”I asked Hilda to speak to our contacts in the human world, but even they don ’t know anything about Ophis. ” Violet spoke as she looked at Hilda who was next to her.

Hilda nodded slightly with her head indicating that she was correct.

”Which is natural, after all, Earth is a very big place, she could be anywhere. ” Sasha spoke up.

”Any chance she is in other realms like Hell, etc? ” Victor spoke.

”…That ’s… ” Ruby was silent, she couldn ’t tell if that was possible or not, after all, she didn ’t have enough knowledge of Ophis ’ power.

Looking at the most experienced person in the room, Ruby asked:

”Any idea? ”

”…I don ’t know if you know, but going to any realm like Hell, and realms where the Gods have their pantheon takes a ridiculous amount of energy if you ’re a mortal. No matter how special the daughter of the Vampire King is, she cannot reach such places easily.

”That is true. ” Natalia nodded, even though she only managed to open a small crack towards Hell, small enough for Victor to drop a bomb at that place.

”Even my father would need to use all his power to create a rift big enough to enter these realms, realms whose Gods, and Demons from those respective places could interfere, making it an impossible task. ”

”But there ’s a small chance of her being in any of those places, right? ” Victor spoke.

”Well…Yes. ” Natalia couldn ’t deny it.

”… ” Victor was silent.

”Darling, I suggest you don ’t think that way. ” Ruby alerted Victor.

”I know, it ’s no use getting angry and losing your mind with insufficient information. ” Victor learned his lesson when he was away from his Wives for an entire year and a half.

”… That ’s right. ” Ruby smiled, this was also a lesson for her, after all, she had never been away from her mother for so long.

”… ” Sasha and Violet looked at each other for a few seconds, they only realized that the two knew each other like the back of their hand now.

’But she still hasn ’t beaten me; I have a whole collection of Victor since he was little. ’

”…? ” Ruby looked strangely at Violet who was laughing like a stalking maniac.

”We ’ll go for elimination, I ’ll search the human world first, if I don ’t find her, I ’ll think maybe she ’s lost on the planet of Nightingale. ”

”… Okay, send Natalia for me, I ’ll look for her. ”

”But you just arrived? ” Sasha spoke up.

”Does not matter. ” Victor clenched his fist, and he felt the power of lightning coursing through his body: ”Ophis is priority, as soon as I ensure her safety, I will return to Eleanor ’s territory. ”

Victor couldn ’t leave such a fun place without enjoying everything this place had to offer, and he ’d only been here less than a day.

”Natalia, I ’m counting on you. ”

”Yes, Master. ”

With the girls still on the phone Victor looked at Siena.

”You heard, right? ”

”Yes, and to think the little Vampire Princess would disappear like that. ” Siena put her hand on her chin as if she was thinking about something.

”Let the girls know what happened, when I get back, we ’ll continue our training. ”

”… Okay. ” Siena nodded and soon walked in the opposite direction of Victor, but she stopped when she sees a portal appear next to Victor.

Soon Natalia exited the portal.

”… That was quick. ”

”I have your energy signature, I can find you anywhere, and I have also visited this place in the past. ” Natalia spoke as she looked around.

”…And that ’s not weird at all. ” Siena laughed.

”… ” Natalia shrugged, she just didn ’t want to lose sight of Victor in case something like what happened in the past happened again.

Victor didn ’t care, it ’s good that Natalia always knew where he was, so that something like the incident that happened in the past couldn ’t happen again.

Victor also valued Natalia a lot, her power was simply very useful, and dangerous. After all, her power ignored any kind of defense.

Is the President of any country in a bunker? Natalia just needed to know the bunkers location, and she could create a small portal in the bunker, and drop a bomb through it.

And voila, the President is dead.

It also served for long-distance spying. She could create a ’hole ’ in space, and see and listen through anywhere she wished.

That ’s how she saw Victor ’s fight with Natashia in the past.

”Natalia, I ’ll count on you, as soon as I find Ophis, I ’ll call you. ”

”Yes. ” Natalia ’s previous portal disappeared, and soon another portal was created.

”Ruby contact our Witches, and Esther. ”

”Yes, Darling… I will also contact my two spies that I have in the Inquistion, Ophis is quite unique, and due to her lineage, the Church that has contacts all over the world must know something. ”

”This is a good idea. As expected of you. ” Victor flashed a gentle little smile, to be honest, he had completely forgotten about those two fools.

”… Darling, before you go, what is this absurd amount of money that comes into your personal Frost Bank account every day? ”

”That money will stop coming eventually. That is just the result of the video I sold to Selena. ” Victor flashed a smile that sent chills down Natalia and Siena ’s spine.

…Especially from Natalia who was aware of what the King was trying to hide, and was succeeding, after all, no one could escape His Vampiric Charm.

She herself only learned about it because of her father had come home frustrated and told her everything.

It turned out that her father ’s job was very stressful, the man just didn ’t go bald because his power wouldn ’t let him grow hair.

’And to think that he was responsible for lighting the fire that caused all that disaster. ’

Make no mistake, Natalia knew Vlad was the one who brought this on himself.

…Victor just lit the fire, and watched the circus catch fire.

Ironically, if Vlad had a more stable relationship with his Wives, this video would have been seen as a very nasty prank, under other circumstances, this video wouldn ’t even cause problems…

It was a simple move, a move that could be considered childish, but… That move was the trigger that caused the entire separation of Vlad ’s wives.

’How will Victor react to knowing this information? ’ Thinking about Victor ’s personality, she understood that he would just laugh like a madman while clapping his hands.

With his newly acquired observation, Victor noticed Natalia ’s micro expressions. The Maid tried to hide it, and she did a good job of it.

If her opponent hadn ’t been Victor, she would have hidden this information very well.

’Something happened, huh… ’ Victor smiled inwardly, he really wanted to know what the result of his ’harmless ’ video was. But it wasn ’t time yet, he needed to keep his alibi innocent.

’I am innocent until someone proves otherwise. ’ He thought.

And if anyone pointed the finger at Victor accusing him of guilt, Victor would use the fist of ’democracy ’ to silence them.

And what was that fist of democracy?

200 KG bomb equivalent to a nuke. Now that he was in Eleanor ’s territory, he could get these goods easily, and that ’s pure democracy! Splendid!

The U.S President should be very proud of his countryman!

He felt like laughing a lot now, but he held it back.

”Video…? ” The three wives spoke at the same time.

”Darling… What did you do…? ” Ruby asked while sighing, was she getting that feeling again, the feeling that someone had thrown the shit into the fan, shit so big the place stank…

Of course that someone was Victor.

”Something really fun. Yes, indeed… Very fun. ”

”…Is this going to bite our asses in the future? ” Sasha asked the main point.

”Of course not… Probably Witches or Werewolves, maybe Gods. ” Victor made several small plans so that it didn ’t come back to bite him in the ass in the future, this was also one of the reasons he gave this video to Selena.

The woman must not have even realized she was used because she was so happy that she finally gained a weakness of Vlad ’s.

”So that ’s good, we ’ll ignore it until you decide to tell us. ” Violet spoke.

”Don ’t worry, I ’ll tell you in person, I don ’t feel comfortable talking about important things on my cell phone. ” It ’s not that he was uncomfortable, he just didn ’t trust technology to talk about very sensitive subjects like this.

”I see, that is good. ” Violet flashed a gentle smile.

”Darling, I ’m heading to Clan Adrastea territory as well. ” Sasha suddenly spoke up.

”Why? ”

”Violet is fine, and she doesn ’t need my presence here, after all, I ’m not helping much like Ruby. Basically, I ’m bored… ”

”… ” Violet blushed a little when she heard what Sasha said, seeing someone talking about their well being in front of her was quite… embarrassing.

But it was a really good feeling.

Victor laughed: ”You haven ’t even been there for two days. ”

”Well… I ’m bored… And I want to get away from these mountains of papers. ”

”Oh… ” Victor understood now.

”I had made a proposal to put everything important on a personal server… ”

”And I thought this proposal was really good. ” Violet spoke.

”Ruby has something similar in her personal lab, I ’ll ask her to buy it and put one here in my clan. ”

”That ’s a good idea, Ruby is better at this kind of thing. ”

”Your server must be a little bigger than mine… But we ’ll talk later. ” Ruby spoke

”Are you going to the human world now? ” Ruby continued to Victor,

”Yes. ”

”…Please don ’t destroy a country, don ’t cause the apocalypse. If someone hurts Ophis, just kill the person responsible, okay? ”

”… ”

”Okay? ” Ruby broke out in a cold sweat a little as she listened to Victor in silence.

”…Talk to you later, Honey. ” Victor spoke in a gentle tone, and hung up the phone.

Victor quickly jumped into the portal.

”…. ” An uncomfortable silence fell around the girls.

”Should I prepare to report that a country has disappeared from the face of the planet? ”

”…Darling wouldn ’t go so far as to kill innocent people from an entire country, after all, he follows the philosophy of a Warrior, he only kills the people who raises his sword against him, and who harms his family… Probably, it will only cause a war. ”

Violet thought that he would only destroy an entire country if he got really angry, and got lost in that rage, something like what happened with Scathach when Ruby was kidnapped in the past.

”… ” The girls looked at Violet silently.

”How is that better? ” Sasha felt a slight headache.

”Hey, at least the country will still be intact. ”

”…. ” An uncomfortable silence fell over the place.

And then Ruby visibly sighed as she spoke:

”… I hope nothing happened to Ophis. ”

”… ” Violet and Sasha were silent, but they thought the same as Ruby.

Victor looked around and saw only a blue sky, he quickly used his power and floated in the air.

”She threw me into the sky… ” He muttered to himself.

He heared a noise nearby, and saw a plane passing by him.

He waved lightly at the child who was absently looking out the window.

The child opened his eyes wide in a comical way, but before he could react, the plane was gone.

Victor laughed lightly. He looked at the sun, and for a few seconds he felt the sun warm his whole body. He closed his eyes and enjoyed that warm feeling, his black hair fluttered in the wind, giving a very unique contrast.

That scene in itself was quite ironic, a Vampire, a creature of the night, enjoying the sun that was something of his mortal enemy.

A privilege that only Vampires of the Snow Clan bloodline had.

Victor knew that to look for Ophis, he had to use all his senses to the fullest, he just didn ’t need to use lightning, he needed to go to every city in the world, close his eyes, and try to hear everything.

With his enhanced hearing, he could hear an entire city if he wanted to, but his biggest tool was definitely going to be his eyes, he could see in a very far area around 300 KM, and that increased even more, reaching almost 1000 km [A/N: It was 300 km in chapter 288.

By absorbing Adonis, and the blood of thousands of beings that Roxanne had given him, and never stopping to train his basic abilities,

Victor got a pretty sizable Boost on his base capabilities.

Despite not being able to increase his power because of the bottleneck of age, he was improving a lot in controlling his powers.

Combined that with his speed, and his reaction time, Victor was now a scout of the highest order.

Everyone would want him in their war.

A few minutes pass, and Victor opened his eyes which glowed with a golden spark for a few seconds.

Rumble, Rumble.

His body was covered by the power of lightning.

”Hang on, Daughter. Father is coming, I will find you. ”

The moment he said that, he disappeared leaving behind streaks of lightning.

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