Chapter 344: Crimson Nightmare. 2

”Will die. ”

Victor ’s statement fell like a death sentence for all those present.

When these words were registered in the minds of all the supernaturals present, in the minds of all the curious supernaturals who were watching this encounter, when those words reached the depths of the hearts of all beings present…

All beings present felt fear, a primordial fear, that consumed their entire existence.

And in response to that fear…

Consciousness was erased, and instinct prevailed.

Therefore, everyone ’s reaction was unanimous.


Nobody knew who screamed, nobody paid enough attention to it, but this man ’s words made the supernatural beings loosen their restraints.

They ignored rationality, and attacked him like crazy.


Yōkai, Vampires, Werewolves, all these beings present showed their true form, and attacked Victor all at the same time.

”…. ” Scathach displays a sneer, and took a step back, and appeared beside the girls:

”Call the Maids, I ’ll need them. ” She ordered Natalia.

Natalia shivered before nodding her head. Evidently, the air that Scathach now had was too frightening, thus, she quickly entered a portal she created.

When all the supernatural beings got close enough to Victor, the man threw his Odachi up, and caught two beings with both of his hands.

The first was a Yōkai that had green scales and reptilian eyes, and the other was a Werewolf.

”Make no mistake, this is not a fight. ” He picked up the Werewolf and threw it at the group.


Crack, Crack.

Sounds of bones breaking and screams were heard as they were hit.

Victor grabbed the Yōkai ’s arm and pulled!

”AHHHHHHH! ” A demonic scream was heard.

Victor ripped off the Yōkai ’s arm and pierced the Yōkai ’s body with his own arm bone.

With the Yōkai ’s own arm protruding from its chest, Victor lunged forward to pierce the Youkai with his two claws, and…

Rip it open down the middle.

Blood exploded around and smeared everyone present, bones and organs fell to the ground.

”This is carnage. ”

He took the two halves of the Yōkai ’s body and used them as a weapon.

He spun around in the area, and the body he was holding hit all the Yōkai present.

All beings flew in the air, and the second they were floating in the air,

Victor ’s Odachi dropped back into his hand. He held the gigantic Odachi in a Iaijutsu stance, eyes glowing for a few fractions of a second with lightning yellow, as he focused his attention above the clouds. With a swift Iai Jutsu Draw further enhanced by his lightning speed,


A rush of air came out as Victor completed the move, and what followed was silence.

To everyone else, it seemed like Victor hadn ’t moved, but they could all instinctually feel the danger emminating from him.

But then, after what seemed like an eternity, it suddenly happened.

Everything in front of him was cut in half.

Not just the Yōkai. The building wall, the water tank, and even the sky itself!

Everything in a row has been cut horizontally.

And in the next second, all beings in front of him disappeared, and in the third second.

They blew up into thousands of pieces.

And in the fourth second, all the clouds in the sky disappeared by the pressure of the wind alone.

When the weather returned to normal, a rain of blood began to fall in the area of the building.

Along with the humans ’ screams of shock.

The humans freaked out when they saw bodies falling from the building, and when they felt the blood on their body, they were petrified.

And their reaction was as expected.

They started screaming and running, none of them had ever seen body parts like this in their lives.

”…What the fuck was that…? ” Anna could not remain silent in the face of such a demonstration.

”A variation of my mother ’s One hit, one million hits technique. ” Sasha responded with a shock similar to Anna ’s.

”Although still not as strong as Natashia, it is still very good. This little monster managed to replicate this technique with a melee weapon… ” Scathach felt quite satisfied, and she supported this feat of the weapon that Victor had achieved.

Scathach valued that weapons were an extension of the user, and because of that, the weapon shouldn ’t break even if used violently.

”How di-. ” Anna was going to continue the question, but she saw Victor releasing the Odachi, watching as it floated in place from where he stood. Soon after, Victor disappeared and appeared before the group that was not hit, and using his fist, he punched with all his strength at a Vampire ’s head.

The Vampire ’s head literally disappears, the pressure around it throwing everyone away.

Victor then burst forth, grabbing the legs of two Yōkai and started using the bodies of the two Yōkai as weapons.

”AHHHHHHHHH! ” Victor ’s new weapon ’s screamed, and the supernatural beings below began to be heard.

’What is with him?!? ’ Jeanne and Anna thought at the same time.

”The way he fights is brutal… ” Jeanne said.

”Usually, he ’s not like that. ” Ruby defended Victor:

”He ’s just pissed off… Very pissed off… ” Seeing him dismembering being after being, using their own bodies as a weapon against them, Ruby felt a little sick, and wanted to throw up, although her face didn ’t change outwardly.

Soon a portal appeared next to the girls and 6 women wearing Maid uniforms with variations in clothing came out of the portal.

And the moment they left the portal, the first thing that caught their attention was a scream of pain.


They looked in unison towards the place, and saw their Master causing a bloodbath. He was standing with his foot on the head of a white haired man while holding two bodies by the legs.

”Damn monster! ” August roared.

”…And you provoked this monster. ” Victor released the two bodies that were completely broken. It would ’ve been a divine miracle if those two Yōkai were alive right now.

Victor put strength in his foot and August literally felt his brain being crushed.


”That ’s right. Scream like a pig being slaughtered. ” Victor ’s smile grew, and slowly he put more strength into his foot.

When August ’s head was about to explode like a watermelon being broken,

Someone appeared in front of Victor, and using the two golden daggers, this stranger cut his body into several pieces.

”I can ’t let you kill him yet. ”

Taking advantage of this moment, the woman tried to grab the man ’s body, but suddenly…

The woman felt her head being held by Victor.

Novel ”Sylvie…- ” August tried to do something but his head was squeezed even tighter.

”!!!? ” She didn ’t understand how it happened, she was sure she ’d cut his entire body to shreds.

And indeed had done so.

When Victor ’s entire body collapsed to the ground, his body turned a color of darkness with shades of red. Victor ’s existence became something like a smoke where his entire severed body was connected.

Victor brought his face closer to Sylvie ’s.

”It ’s not you who decides that. ”

”!!! ” Her face darkened with fear, and when she felt both of the man ’s hands holding her face, she started to panic.

Victor brought his thumbs closer to Sylvie ’s face and sunk them into her eyes.

”AHHHHHHHHHHH!!! ” A woman ’s cry of pain echoed around.

Victor ’s smile grew, he ripped off the woman ’s arm like pulling a chicken drumstick off its body, and with a simple gesture, he threw her arm towards a Japanese Vampire who was trying to run away.

The woman ’s severed arm blasted through the Japanese Noble Vampire ’s head, and he fell to the ground.

Victor let go of the woman who was screaming while holding her now bleeding stub. Not sparing her any mercy, Victor stomped on her knee, causing her leg to bend invertedly, forming the shape of a V.

The woman screamed even louder.

He broke her other knee with one foot.

”Stay there, I ’ll be back in a few seconds. ”

Soon he turned to the Japanese Noble Vampire.

”H-How…? ”

”How are you alive after having your body destroyed by that energy? HOW!? ”

”Who said her dagger had hit me? ” He replied as his entire body was rebuilt,

”…H-Huh? ”

Stepping on the bodies of the beings that were still there, making sure to inflict as much pain on them as possible, Victor began to run at a normal speed, using someone ’s head as a boost, he jumped in front of the supernatural beings who were trembling in fear.

The moment he arrived in front of a Vampire Slave, the man used his claws in a panic to pounce on Victor ’s face.

Victor just slowly averted his head, the claws passing by his face, and with a slightly forceful gesture, he hit the man ’s arm, snapping the appendage in two.

In the next move he kicked the man ’s knee, and just like the woman, his knee sank, and his leg turned in a strange direction.


When the man would fall to the ground, Victor held his head by his mouth.

”Why are you screaming? Just smile, smile because today is a joyous occasion for you, right? So smile. ” Victor ’s smile grew, and with a little force, he ripped his lower jaw from his face..

No longer having Victor to support his weight, the Vampire collapsed to the ground, bleeding profusely. However, Victor wasn ’t done.

Thrusting his hand through the Vampires chest, Victor grabbed hold of its spine, before pulling it out of the hole he ’d made. He kept pulling, causing the rest of the spine to split through his victims chest, before pulling the Vampires head with it.

Victor now stood to his full height, holding in his right hand the detached spine of his victim that still had a head fully attatched to the end,

And used the spine as a weapon.


When the top of the skull hit someone ’s head the sound of bones breaking echoed out across the area.

”…This is brutal… ” Jeanne couldn ’t help but twitch her eyes. She ’d experienced wars, and wars have always had conflict, but not on this level.

’As he himself said, this is just a carnege. ’

She felt sick.

”Victor doesn ’t want to kill them all quickly, he could do that if he wanted to. ” Scathach suddenly spoke up.

Everyone looked at her, and she flashed a big smile:

”He wants to inflict pain on all these beings, he wants revenge, and death is just an easy way to get away from him. ”

”…But what about that attack? ” Anna talked about the attack in which Victor used his Odachi.

”He attacked the curious beings that were watching us. ”

”… ” Jeanne and Anna narrowed their eyes, they doubted Scathach ’s words.

”You are rusty. ” Scathach smirked.

”… ” The two women felt uncomfortable when they heard the woman say this.

”Master Scathach, why did you call us. ” Kaguya spoke without taking her eyes off her Master that was dismembering all the beings present with his hands.

She knew more or less what happened thanks to Natalia, and she knew that her master only reacted like this when someone close to him was hurt.

And this time it was Ophis, someone he saw as a daughter…

”It ’s time to hunt. ”

”… ” Kaguya looked at Scathach with a confused look.

”You will hunt down all supernatural beings responsible for this incident, all beings who wanted to take advantage of this situation. You will hunt them all down, and bring them to me, alive. ”


Nero swallowed and unconsciously, she tightened her grip on Ruby ’s body.

This woman was scary, she was on the same level as that man down there!

”… No need to be afraid, Nero. She doesn ’t bite… well, only when she wants to. ” Ruby commented with a small smile.

”….. ” Nero was speechless as she looked at Ruby, she didn ’t even know how to react to those words.

Looking at Ophis, she saw that the blond haired woman was covering Ophis ’s ears as she forced her to look at the landscape. She had a tense smile on her face, and next to her was the blond man who appeared from a strange portal. They were trying their best to keep Ophis from seeing or hearing the Hell below.

’I sincerely wanted this treatment too… ’ She felt quite nauseous… But on top of that, did she feel satisfied?

Seeing those beings suffering so much made her very happy.

”Kaguya will be in charge, you are responsible for capturing everyone. ” Kaguya ’s power was very convenient for kidnapping people, the person just needed to be knocked unconscious, and she could drag that person into her shadow.

”…Master… ” Roxanne held up her hand.

”Yes, Roxanne? ”

”…By everyone, you mean literally everyone? ”

”Yeah, everyone you suspect has tried to take advantage of this situation, it doesn ’t matter if you have just the slightest suspicion… Bring them all in. ”

”… ” They all nodded indicating that they understood.

”Oh yes, if you see a God, or any being stronger than you, don ’t be ashamed to back down. ” Scathach flashed a small smile.

”Yes, Master-. ” Before they could complete their sentence, they heard the loud sound.

Everyone looked in the direction of the sound, and saw Victor holding a man by his clothes while slamming his fist into his face.

”The worm. ”


”Wishing. ”


”My daughter ’s blood. ”


Victor, with controlled force, hit the man on the head several times, the man ’s skull sunk in, blood sprayed all over the place.

He waited a few seconds to repeat the process.

Over and over again.

He punched the man in the face.

”S….- ”


A web-shaped crater was starting to form beneath the man.

”SS-Stop… Please-… ”

Victor lifted the man by the neck, and lifted him into the air.

He pulled on his right arm.


He pulledon his left arm.

He threw them towards Yōkai who were trying to run away.

The arm bones pierced the Yōkai ’s spines, causing them to collapse mid-step, paralyzed.

He threw the man ’s body to the ground, and pulled both his legs. Resting his foot purposely on his victims genitals, he used it as leverage and slowly pulled the legs off the man ’s body.

Sounds of flesh tearing, sounds of bones breaking, sounds of man screaming like a pig being butchered alive were heard.

And that caused even more fear in everyone.

Dismembering the man completely, all that was left was his head and torso.

His organs spilled to the floor, and Victor lifted him by the neck off the floor again.

”C-Count, please… forgive me. ”

Victor ’s face returns to normal, and he displayed an innocent smile.

The Vampire ’s heart leapt, he had a small hope that he would make it out of this place alive, but Victor ’s own words left him completely hopeless.

”My congratulations, thanks to you, all the Noble Vampires of Japan will go extinct. ”

He decided to finish Mizuki ’s botched job.

”…H-Huh? ”

”Rejoice, you will definitely be remembered forever in Japanese history as the Vampire who brought disaster to your country. ”

”… That… If there are any survivors, of course. ”

”… ” Looking at Victor ’s innocent smile.

The Vampire ’s brain felt like it had short-circuited.

Suddenly, the surroundings changed, and a red moon appeared in the sky.

Of course, the Vampire didn ’t notice this, he was too focused on looking at Victor.

”Bastard-. ” The moment he opened his mouth, he felt something enter his mouth.

Victor ’s smile changed to a cruel smile, and he looked in one direction.

Holding the Vampire by the head, he threw the Vampire in a direction towards the sky.

”Count Alucard, you are trespassing-. ” The crows that had just arrived suddenly saw a body coming towards them.

”Huh…? ” That was all they could say before they were engulfed in a massive explosion.



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