Chapter 358: Your mother is…

While Victor was watching the Yōkai battle,

Victor ’s Maids, and His Wives weren ’t just standing still.

Specifically, Kaguya, Ruby, Sasha, and his master, Scathach.

”Heh~, so he ’s really taken an interest in this woman, huh… ” Scathach ’s voice sounded around. They were currently in an area in the mountains.

Feeling subtle chills from the cold air Scathach was releasing, Kaguya replied in a neutral and professional tone:

”Yes. ”

”Fufufu~. ” Scathach was laughing, but her smile was not a happy one.

’And to think that he would decide to change everything he planned because of a Bitch. ’ She was annoyed that Victor had suddenly changed the plan, but… She felt something else. It was the same feeling a person felt when a thief was trying to steal something very important from them.

”… ” Ruby looked at her cup of ’red ’ tea, and saw that it was frozen solid.

She stared at the ice for a few seconds, and then used her water powers to turn the ice back into a liquid state.

”I warned you. ” Sasha flashed a smile that didn ’t quite reach her eyes.

”I know. ” Ruby nodded.

”Anyway, are we going to continue the offensive? The sooner we finish this part of the plan, the faster we can get back to Victor. ”

”…I will go with that ghost. ” Scathach suddenly stood up after thinking for a while.

”Are you going to use it? ” Sasha asked.

”Yes, the skill is very useful. If used correctly, I can attract that thot from the Divine World. ” Scathach flashed a small smile.

”But Inari is not going to descend from the Divine World just because that fox lost… Oh. ” Scathach suddenly stopped walking.

”What happened? ” Ruby asked.

”I just understood Victor ’s intentions when he said that Inari would show up if that fox lost. ”

”Huh? ” Sasha showed her confused face.

”… ” Kaguya and Ruby started to think, and soon they seemed to understand something:

”Ohhh. ”

”He ’s going to do it, right? ” Ruby commented to Kaguya.

”Yes… He definitely will. ” Kaguya nodded.

”Poor bastard. ”

”Can you please stop talking in code? ” Sasha wore a frustrated face.

”… ” The three girls looked at the blonde:

”Sasha, what happens when Victor makes enemies? ”

”…He destroys them in the worst possible way-…Oh… ” Sasha opened her eyes as she understood the girl ’s thoughts.

”Knowing my foolish disciple, he will wait for the outcome of this tedious fight, and when the woman wins, he will start to act. That ’s when a massacre will happen… Specifically, that fox that will take all the damage. ”

”And when Inari sees her subordinate like this, with her Godly arrogance, she will ’interfere ’, and punish the insolent ’mortal ’. ” Scathach wore a disdainful expression when she remembered the arrogance of the Gods.

Beings who believed themselves invincible yet when they lost, would cry more than children.

”… Let Victor continue with his plan. Send the Ghost to the fox ’s unknown territory, we need information about her. ” Scathach soon turned in another direction.

”I ’m going to visit Alexios, and Maria… By this time, her toys should be ready for use. ”

”…Ugh, I still think it ’s not a good idea to use them. ” Ruby spoke her opinion.

”Using something that could be considered a bioweapon will do a lot of damage to the image of Vampires. ” Ruby felt a headache when she thought of Victor ’s plan. On the logical side, it was the most effective tool. After all, the more chaos there was, the more Count Alucard could do damage.

But Ruby was working on her own agenda as well.

’If I could just blame this incident on another group… ’ Ruby ’s head started to spin, she needed the Vampire image to be relatively ’good ’, so that the plan she was cooking up could succeed in the future.

”We will only use this weapon as a last resort. ” Scathach spoke as she looked at her daughter.

”…Hmm? ”

”Daughter, the number of Shinto Gods this country has are enough to fill a small country. ”

”…But it ’s not like they ’re all fighters, right? ”

”Yes, but just like Vampires, they have a ’predetermined ’ level of strength. Even a Lesser God has the strength of a 500 year old adult vampire. ”

”… I did not know that. ”

”Because of that, Victor and I thought of this method. The Ghouls infection is quite nefarious, even Lesser Gods in all their glory, if not treated properly, would have their body corrupted. ”

”They won ’t die permanently, but they would definitely need to spend thousands of years trying to recover from the damage. ”

”…And as for those with even less Faith Energy… ”

”Yes. ” Scathach ’s smile grew: ”Definitely some Minor Gods will die in this incident. ”

”Of course, that ’s only if they have the balls to get out of their ’safe space ’. ”

”… which they won ’t do. ” Sasha suddenly spoke up.

”Oh? ”

The girls looked at Sasha.

”Looking over all the information we ’ve gathered so far, we know the main culprits in the Ophis incident. ”

”These people are Inari, who ordered Kurama to spread rumors of Ophis, and everything that happened afterwards was because of the interests of greedy individuals. ”

”…And… ” Sasha took a document and showed it to the girls.

”… What is it? ” Ruby asked.

”… ” Sasha was silent, she knew the girls would understand as soon as they read the document.

”I see… I didn ’t know that. ”

”To think that the racism of the Gods against the Yōkai hasn ’t diminished, but only gotten stronger as time went on. ” Scathach felt the irony in this whole situation. Rather than focusing on using the Yōkai, who have various useful abilities, the Gods are more concerned with the ’purity ’, and the ’safety ’ of humans.

Scathach flashed a sneer: ’Humans aren ’t so weak that they need your protection, you pieces of shit. ’

The image of a woman with long red hair while holding a spear and looking at thousands of enemies flashed through her head.

’If you saw this current situation, what would you think, Master? ’ Scathach ’s sneer grew, and she thought:

’You would probably agree with my thoughts. ’

For a woman who ’d lived for over 2000 years, she understood humanity very well, and she knew that there were some amazing human beings. She ’d seen many Heroes, she ’d even trained some of them. She ’d met many great men and great women. And one of those women was actually her best friend, a woman she respected a lot, the woman who was her first human teacher.

Her first Master, the woman who ’polished ’ the savage Vampire into becoming what she was today.

ᴘ ᴀɴᴅ ᴀ ɴ ᴏᴠᴇʟ Because of that, for living a long time, and experiencing many stories,

Scathach was disgusted by these Gods who talked too much. They beat their chests and proclaimed they were protecting humans, but when she herself slaughtered several humans in the past, she didn ’t see a God come down from the sky to help.

They claim to be Warriors, Warrior Gods, but when they realize they have no chance of winning, they don ’t even start a fight.

Greedy, petty, opportunistic, depraved, and above all… hypocrites.

From the beginning, Humanity did not need the Gods, and history proved this. When the modern age arrived, belief in the Gods was even further diminished.

Waking up from her thoughts, Scathach ’s emotions cooled, and she asked:

”What do you think, Sasha? ”

”The Gods won ’t help if Inari intervenes. ”

”After all, they are seeing this situation as an opportunity to eliminate the ’disgusting race ’ from all over Japan. ” Sasha spoke while making quotes with her two hands.

”They ’re treating us like their bug killers, huh. ”

”Well, yes… ”panda novel

”…But they will be very disappointed when they realize that my husband is not going on an uncontrolled killing spree. ” Sasha flashed a small smile.

”… ” Scathach displayed a small smile.

”Those who pick up and use a sword must be prepared to be stabbed. ”

”…Huh? ”

”If an enemy raises their sword against you, whether it be a man, a woman, or even a child, you must face them and kill them. ”

”…. ” Sasha was silent when she heard the last part.

”That is the principle of my teachings, and that fool executes it very well. ”

”…Though he mixed these principles with the ’dogma ’ that his parents taught him. ” She laughed.

”Hmmm…yes. ” Sasha didn ’t know what to say, she could only agree. She had no idea why Scathach suddenly said it.

”… ” With the same smile on her face Scathach just shook her head.

’As expected, she won ’t understand. ’

”…. ” Ruby looked at Sasha with a neutral gaze.

’Sometimes you ’re slow to notice things, but sometimes you ’re quick. Seriously, I really can ’t understand you. ’ Ruby sighed inwardly.

Sasha, like Violet and herself, is an heir to a Prestigious Clan. Even if she did not have proper ’training ’ in her childhood,

Her Head Maid, Julia, who was also like a mother to Sasha, should ’ve taught her how to see a situation and how to take advantage of it.

Because of this, sometimes Sasha would make a correct decision in less than a few seconds.

As was the case when Victor freaked out when he saw Kaguya injured.

’But… Sometimes, she ’s just too slow. ’ Ruby thought a few seconds ago that Sasha was confused by Victor ’s actions.

”Kaguya, have you passed Victor ’s orders yet? ”

”Yes, Gintoki is on his way…- ” Kaguya stopped talking.

”Actually, he ’s already arrived. ”

It was night, and a man was walking peacefully through the streets of Japan.

This man was absolutely uncharacteristic or interesting.

If a random person looked at him, they would just ignore the man.

He was just an ordinary salary man.

He was neither too tall nor too short. He wasn ’t even very handsome, or very ugly.

He wasn ’t even too fat or too thin.

… He was just normal.

Yes, everything about him was just normal.

… That ’s if you ignore one thing.

”Hey? The man saw a 10 Yen coin on the ground, and bent down to pick it up.

The moment he crouched a ’wind ’ passed over him.

”Hmm? ” He looked up confused: ”Is it going to start raining? What sudden gale was that? ”

”…. ” A little Yōkai with red skin and big claws that seemed to pierce through anything, this same Yōkai that just attacked the man just looked at him like an idiot.

’What happened? Did he dodge? ’ Before he could understand something, someone appeared behind him, and grabbed him by the mouth, and soon his entire body was covered by fire.

He tried to scream but it was useless, in less than a few seconds he felt completely weak, and all that was left was to be slowly engulfed by the fire.

”… ” Eve looked at the man, her eyes twinkled for a second:

[That ability is absolute bullshit.] Alter Eve spoke as she watched the man walk.

[Agreed.] Eve thought so too.

”Eve, don ’t get too close to him. ” Hearing Roberta ’s voice, Eve spoke after glancing at the man for a while.

”… I know. ” She disappeared and appeared on top of a house where Roberta was.

It had only been a few hours since Eve and Roberta were tasked with watching the man.

And they couldn ’t help but notice how unfair his skill was.

Literally, everything that happened around him in an attempt to harm him, this man avoided it as stupidly as possible, and in the end, it was the people around him, or even his own abuser who suffered the consequences.

The image of a 3 meter tall Yōkai Oni slipping on a banana and having its skull pierced by a pole was still very fresh in the minds of these two Maids.

”… ” The man kept the 10 Yen coin in his pocket.

”By the end of this night, I ’ll be rich, baby! ” He squealed excitedly, and soon started walking again.

He was heading towards an ancient Japanese mansion to personally meet the much feared Oni, Gyuki, an Oni who loved to devour humans.

But even though he was heading straight for the tiger ’s mouth, he didn ’t seem worried.

’They ’re protecting me, right? ’

Well, he would be lying if he said he wasn ’t a little worried.

He knew that he was strangely lucky. He ’d avoided a lot of life and death situations, but at the same time, he believed he was unlucky.

After all, if he was lucky, he wouldn ’t have to eat cup noodles every day!

’Life is a pain. ’ He sighed inwardly, and walked towards the mansion.

Arriving in front of the old mansion, he looked at the gate with various thoughts.

But soon he took a deep breath, and convinced himself that this was for the money!

”Hello!! I am Count Alucard ’s messenger. ”

”…….. ” The Maids looked at the man with a blank expression.

”Why is he talking like he ’s visiting a childhood friend? ” Eve was really questioning the man ’s sanity.

”…don ’t ask me. ”

”Hello! Gyuki-kun? ” He actually looked like he was going to visit his childhood friend.

”…why-… ”

”Don ’t ask me. ” Roberta quickly spoke up.

”…. ” A silence descended on the place, and soon the two maids heard the sound of the door opening.

The door opened and a tall muscular Oni came out.

”… What you want? ”

”Hmm… ” Gintoki didn ’t say anything, he just grabbed his phone, and checked a picture. Seeing that the picture on his phone matched the person in front of him.

”I have a message for you from Count Alucard. ”

Gintoki remembered the words that Victor, the Fifth Count of Vampires, the being that was feared by almost all Supernatural Beings, had said to him. He remembered his precious words.

”Go to this residence, knock on the door, and say… ”

Victor flashed a smile like he was a middle school kid:

”Your mother is so fat, that when God said; Let there be light, she had to get out of the way. ” Gintoki repeated what Victor had told him to say with a serious face.

”…. ”

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