Chapter 367: The love of a Yandere.

Snow Clan.

A woman with long white hair was sitting in a luxurious chair in what looked like an office, while literal piles of paper were beside her and scattered around the room.

She looked quite graceful and was like a perfect vision of a businesswoman, serious, calm and beautiful.

Suddenly, this woman overheard a conversation.

”You are sitting on a throne of lies, mortal. ”

”Don ’t underestimate me, everything I did was necessary. It doesn ’t matter if this was a lie, I ’ll keep going! ”

”…This protagonist is dumb. ” She heard Yuki ’s voice as she chewed on what looked like popcorn, as she could hear the sound of a very popular recent movie.

The name of the movie was: The Vampire and his mortal servant.

Despite the questionable name…

It was a very popular movie that was produced by Nightingale.

”They ’re denser than a black hole. ” She heard another woman ’s voice. It seemed that the Maids were watching the movie in the room next to hers.

”He doesn ’t have the balls to stand up to his master… If it was someone I know… ”

”Hey, he ’s a newborn plebeian Vampire. How is he going to defeat a Noble Vampire over 500 years old? ”

”Overcoming your limits? ” Yuki replied.

”…Does that work in real life? ”

”Shouldn ’t it? … Hmm, but since it ’s fiction, can ’t this protagonist take that ass ’s power away with some dumb explanation and beat the Vampire? ”

”….. ”

”Why are you rooting for the Noble Vampire to lose? ” Another maid asked.

”I don ’t like his attitude that seems to say; ’I know everything, kneel before me, mortal ’. It ’s really disgusting. ”

”Why doesn ’t he calm down a little and get his dick out of his ass? ”

”…. ”

”Yuki… You ’ve got a really dirty mouth! ”

”Eh? ”

”You must not be influenced by Lady Violet ’s example! ”

”… ” A vein bulged on Violet ’s head. She ’s a bad example!? Why!? She ’s changed, you know!?

”…I mean, I wasn ’t being influenced by her… It ’s just that Countess Agnes… ”

”…Oh… ” The Maids understood now. If Violet was a delinquent, Agnes, when pissed off, seemed to be the leader of the delinquents. She had an extremely foul mouth.

Although the woman had gone to train in an isolated location, her influence still lingered on the maids and the women of the Snow Clan, who looked to Agnes as an example.

Wait… In the end, isn ’t this all Agnes ’ fault!?

This may not be well known to Noble Vampires because they hardly ever saw a member of the Snow Clan, but when a Snow Clan woman got angry, they started acting like delinquents.

”Mortal, I will give you my blood, use it for revenge. ” The maids and Yuki looked at the movie:

”Use it to kill your enemies, Hahahaha~. ”

”…. ”

”Well, that was cringe… What laugh was that? ” A maid spoke.

”How is this even popular? ” Yuki was seriously questioning the Vampire ’s tastes.

”Well, this was the first production of Vampires. Unlike humans, we are stronger and have powers, so all the fight scenes don ’t need stuntmen… And since it was the first production, I think false rumors were made? ”

”…I see. ” Yuki looked at the movie and saw the Protagonist accepting the Vampire ’s blood. A power show ensued, and he appeared completely changed:

”I now… am the hunter. ”

”… Pfft… HAHAHAHAHA~. ” Yuki laughed in amusement as she pointed at the protagonist.

”This man is so weird. He gained the weak power of a slave vampire and is acting like he ’s the Big Boss! ”

The maids around Yuki started laughing too.

Hearing her subordinate ’s voices of amusement, the rather elegant pen that the woman in the office was holding was broken by the woman ’s own strength.

”GAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! ” She squealed awkwardly as she shook her hair, making the papers fly around her, causing a huge mess.

”I hate this! ” She had finally reached her limit.

”… ” Hilda crouched down and started gathering the papers in an orderly fashion.

”How about a rest? ”

”That sounds like a good idea. ” Violet didn ’t refuse, as she laid down with her head on the table and complained:

”Ugh. Why does it never end? I write, write, write, organize, finish organizing, complete my work, and more paperwork appears! ”

”It ’s an endless cycle of torture! ” Violet stood up as she banged on the table. She felt that if hell was like this, she wouldn ’t be surprised if the Demons went crazy.

And to make her mood even worse.

Her friends went to Japan with her Victor! Her beloved Darling! The love of her life, her reason for living, the man she would literally cause a nuclear-level catastrophe for if he asked with LOVEEEE!

But she couldn ’t go since she needed to take care of the Snow Clan because her mother was somewhere training in seclusion!

She was very frustrated!

And to make her mood even worse, much more than before, she was thirsty! Thirsty for his blood!

Victor ’s body!

Thirsty to have her insides filled with his white and viscous liquid!

She urgently needs her vitamin V!

She hadn ’t seen him in days, and that never happened! She was always around him!


From the moment she met him until he became an adult, she was always around.

Always! Always! Always! Always! Always!

She could count on one hand the amount of times she ’d been away from her Darling! The longer she was away from him, the more she felt like she was going to freak out at any moment.

…. Although she did thank the circumstances a little, gratitude the size of her little finger.

She was grateful that she ’d been away from him for so long, and she ’d had the opportunity to clear her mind and look at things differently, and finally…accept her father ’s death.

She saw his memories, felt what he felt, and it was as if she was making that decision herself.

And by understanding Victor, she could finally come to peace with herself about what he ’d done.

After that weight on her shoulder was taken care of… She felt lighter.

More free of thoughts…


… She was Horny.

”Fuck it, im out! ” She quickly grabbed her phone and called someone.

”What!? ”

”Natalia, come here! ”

”Yes! ” In less than a second, a portal appeared where Violet was.

”Wait! You can ’t go out and leave all the work-. ”

Violet looked at Hilda with her blood-red eyes, ”Hilda, that mountain of paper. ” She pointed to one side of the room:

”It ’s all about the economy, personal belongings, and sharing the money of the Snow Clan. ”

”That side is about our connections that need to be nurtured. ” She pointed to another mountain of paper.

”That side is about the back wages of all Snow Clan members. ”

”That side is about the lesser Clans that serve the Snow Clan and their current situation. ”

”These papers here that have black markings are Vampires with particularly questionable tastes. They are pedophiles. I don ’t want this filth on my turf, you can set them on fire and send them to Hell, and I won ’t care. ”

”…. ” Natalia and Hilda opened their eyes in shock. She ’d really done several weeks of work, the two of them couldn ’t help but look at Violet, surprised.

Where is Violet? Where ’s that lazy girl? How did she become so competent!? She is Sus!

Despite having watched the entire process alongside Violet, Hilda still couldn ’t believe what she was seeing.

In truth! She didn ’t want to believe it!

’She is progressing more smoothly after she made peace with her mind. ’

”That side over there is your retirement plan. ”

”…Huh? Retirement plan? ” Hilda woke up from her stupor.

”You ’re old, you ’re older than Jesus! For God ’s sake, you might even be older than Scathach. ”

”Oyy! ” A vein bulged in Hilda ’s head.

But Violet ignored it since she wasn ’t finished with her showers of words:

”You need to find a Vampire as a mate. ”

”A Vampire that is NOT my Husband, are we clear? ”

”… ” Hilda was speechless when she saw Violet ’s dark eyes.

”My Husband has filled his quota of antiques near him, not just Scathach, but even Natashia and possibly in the future… My mother… ” Violet wasn ’t stupid. Now that Victor had absorbed her father and the wedding ritual was passed to him, this kind of future was more plausible than before.

Though she knew it wouldn ’t be that simple because Victor wouldn ’t accept being anyone ’s replacement, and he had given his word that he would take care of Agnes himself.

That is, he would respect the woman ’s decision, regardless of what it is.

… But the probability of a future where her mother stayed with her husband was quite high, much higher than before, especially now that her father ’s irresistible beauty along with her husband ’s dominant attitude had merged.

Adonis, the most handsome man alive. Even the Gods were jealous of his beauty.

Victor, the man who had the attitude that most female Vampires loved, that dominant attitude, but was, at the same time, kind… And to top the icing on the cake, he was strong and had great future potential. With all of it together, he was considered 100/10 for female Vampires.

Although they were a little afraid of him because every time he appeared, he was always in a chaotic state…

This fear was often overcome when they believed it would overwhelm them!

Which meant, Adonis + Victor = A good partner every female Vampire wants.

He ’s like a juicy steak any female Vampire was willing to taste.

”…Eh? ” This time Hilda was speechless.

”Since he seems to have a Milf-attracting charm, I ’m creating a backup plan for you. ”

’I need to keep the Thots away… Unfortunately, I can ’t kill Hilda like I did the others… She ’s like a mother to me too… Ugh, hard… ’

”… Huuh? I have no child, woman! You ’re talking nonsense! ”

Violet completely ignored Hilda and continued:

”Oh, you don ’t have to think about your retirement if you want to, just stay away from my husband! ” This time, she was less subtle.

Hilda had a headache, she couldn ’t keep up with Violet ’s madness:

”…For starters, I ’ve never been interested in him that way, and he ’s your husband. ”

”Good, that ’s good… Really really good. ” Violet waved several times in satisfaction.

”Umu, Umu. ” She nodded over and over, and over, …and over, she was actually VERY pleased.

”…Now, I ’m out. ” She turned to Natalia:

”Send me in front of Victor. ”

”…literally in front of him? ”

”Yes. ”

”… Okay. ” Natalia opened a portal again, and without thinking too much, Violet jumped in.

Victor was in a room alone while taking off his clothes to take a shower.

Currently, he was making preparations to go hunting the unknown nine-tailed fox. The place he ’d sent Shinji to had become completely empty, as if it had been abandoned.

Which only meant one thing, the fox ran away when he realized the danger and went into hiding.

And also, the red-furred nine-tailed fox ran away when he realized that his Master Inari was put to sleep.

Now, Victor had two foxes to hunt and Nobles to capture. He wanted to learn their strange power!

But it wasn ’t all bad news.

Just as he expected, Gintoki managed to single-handedly destroy an entire Yōkai Clan.

Now the question remained, how did a weak and powerless man like Gintoki achieve this feat?

Well, believe it or not, this was all a result of Scathach ’s fight. When the woman threw the barrage of weapons at the giant fox,

One of those ice spikes ’conveniently ’ bounced off the fox ’s tails, passed through a different dimension, flew to Gintoki ’s location, and landed directly on Gyuki ’s head.

Effectively killing the Yōkai.

….. Yes, that power was ridiculous.

Just seeing Scathach ’s surprised expression when Victor informed her of what had happened made Victor ’s day 1000x better.

Victor was currently in a room reserved just for him and his Wives. Normally he didn ’t use the room, considering that, as a Vampire, he didn ’t need to sleep.

And sleeping… was something he ’d never do now.

The last time he ’d slept was when he returned to Scathach ’s mansion, and that time, he met Persephone.

The reason he never wanted to sleep?

It was Persephone herself.

He knew that the moment he fell asleep, he was going to meet that woman again.

And he wasn ’t in the mood to play a game of cat and mouse with a Goddess.

Although he was better at schemes thanks to Adonis, it was still very tiring and tedious.

When he had taken off all of his upper clothing, a portal suddenly appeared in front of him.

”… Natalia? ” He asked, confused. The woman didn ’t usually appear in his private space like that.

But soon, a white rocket came out of the portal, flying towards him.

”Oof. ” Victor feigned gasping for air as his belly was hit and gently hugged the woman in his arms.

She was smelling the man like a maniac:

”Darling~, Darling~ ” And repeating those words over and over again.

”I missed you…Violet. ” Victor spoke in a rather complicated tone of emotions.

He was homesick for his little snowflake, but he was also worried about her reaction.

”… ” Sensing Victor ’s concerns through their connection, Violet stopped doing her thing and looked up.

And the expression on Violet ’s face took Victor by surprise. When had she ever looked so… mature?

”Don ’t think about it too much, Darling… I had time to think about your decision… And while I still don ’t agree with you making this decision yourself, I understand that in the end, this was the best choice… I prefer ten thousand times to have my father ’s soul with you than with some random bitch. ” She caressed Victor ’s face as she looked into his violet eyes.

Violet eyes that were just like hers, the eyes of a person she knew all too well.

”Honey… ”

”Shhh, you don ’t have to say anything… ” She caressed Victor ’s face.

”I only ask for one thing…Actually, two things. ”

”… Which are? ” he asked in a gentle tone.

”When we ’re alone, change your eye color to blood red. ” Despite having accepted what happened.

She still felt weird looking at Victor ’s face. He was divinely beautiful, but that wasn ’t what she felt weird about. It was his eyes. Eyes that reminded her so much of her father.

Victor didn ’t question why Violet asked for it since he could understand why she did it.

Victor ’s eyes softly began to change to a blood red.

”My second request is… ” Violet ’s eyes also changed to red, but it was a dark, obsessive red, and, as the smile on her face grew, her expression turned red.

”!!! ” Her appearance now piqued all of Victor ’s sensitive spots, and his face couldn ’t help but change. Just like her, his eyes turned an obsessive dark red.

”Fuck me. ”

Victor ’s aura exploded toward Violet, lust, love, obsession, care, concern, and kindness.

Various emotions and thoughts flooded Violet ’s entire existence.

Victor threw Violet onto the bed and ripped her clothes off, so that her two white bunnies were visible to him, an attitude that Violet really appreciated.

”Eat me, fuck me, love me! ” Her eyes lit up, and her two legs wrapped around Victor ’s waist as if she were holding him in place. He wouldn ’t leave this room until he gave her what she wanted!

”You don ’t have to say it twice. ”

”Ahh~ ”

Soon groaning sounds began to fill the place as the two lovers battled through the night. Not even 15,000 words of description would be enough to describe what they had done.

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