My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 376:Sasha And Victor.2

Chapter 375:Sasha And Victor.

Chapter 375: Sasha and Victor.

Victor woke up, and the first thing he saw was the peaceful face of his wife sleeping on his chest. He displayed a small smile when he saw this sight, then he looked around and saw the messy room that was broken in several places. It even had even a small crater in the ceiling.

’Finally, I ’m back… ’ After having a long night of lovemaking with his wife, he would expect to wake up this way.

But no! He had to wake up and see that bitch ’s face!

Good thing it all ended quickly since he couldn ’t stand to stay in that place anymore.

”Ugh… ” Feeling his morning erection that was still inside his wife, who swallowed his little brother greedily and never let it go all night.

Victor felt like he was in heaven.

’She ’s very beautiful… ’ Victor couldn ’t help but think when he saw his wife ’s sleeping face on his chest.

Unlike usual, she didn ’t have her hair tied back. Instead, it was loose, free, and a bit messy from past events.

”HmmmHmmm… ” Sasha slowly started to open her eyes when she felt a recognizable hardness, but not when it was still within her.

Despite the unusual situation, she didn ’t panic because she felt her husband ’s calming presence.

When she saw the sight of the violet eyes and the gentle expression of Victor, who was looking at her, she couldn ’t help but put a loving smile on her face.

”…Good Morning…Darling… ”

’Kyaaa~, I always wanted to say that after what happened! ’

”Good Morning, Honey. ” Victor gently caresses Sasha ’s cheek and gives her a loving kiss.

Sasha closed her eyes and enjoyed the sensation while doing her best to ignore the itch inside her from that unknown yet familiar member inside her.

Victor stopped kissing Sasha and adjusted his position a little as he turned to his side. Sasha felt his body touching the bed pillowcase, and then Victor ’s long arms pulled her possessively to his chest.

”How are you feeling? ” He asked as he began stroking her long golden hair and head.

”…. ” Sasha took a deep breath to smell her husband. She pressed her large breasts to his chest and hugged him tighter as if she wanted to unite with him permanently.

”Happy…and fulfilled. ” She can ’t help but flash a perverted little smile at the end of the sentence.

”… ” Victor displayed a small smile and continued:

”That ’s good to know. ”

”… ” Soon, he closed his eyes and hugged her even tighter while stroking her hair gently.

He absolutely loved her long, golden hair.

Words weren ’t necessary for the couple, they could understand each other even if they didn ’t say anything, and now, they just wanted to enjoy each other ’s presence.

Sasha closed her eyes, enjoying her husband ’s caresses, even trying to fall asleep again.

But she couldn ’t ignore the foreign object inside her that was filling all the way to her cervix, and the white fluids that Victor had bombarded her with all night inside her womb weren ’t helping either.

Despite wanting to stay like this longer, she was slowly getting more… horny.

Feeling the tightening around his member that was inside his wife, a tightening as if her important place was demanding more seed, Victor couldn ’t help but flash a slightly perverted smile.

He stops stroking Sasha ’s hair.

”…? ” Sasha looked up, a little confused as to why Victor had suddenly stopped petting her. She was loving that you know?

But the moment she looked up, she felt her husband ’s tongue invade her mouth, his two hands clasped her rear, and they squeezed tightly as if he was using her two defined cheeks and thick thighs as support for something.

”!!! ” Sasha ’s eyes rolled a little.

When she felt the foreign object completely invade her furthest depths and spill another large amount of white fluid.,c`o`m

She tried to moan but couldn ’t because her husband was attacking her mouth too.

In fact, she was getting a little breathless!

She felt hot liquid trickle from her entrance and make a complete mess on her thighs.

’This is just wonderful~! ’ She could understand a little bit why her mother couldn ’t hold back from wanting to be filled by Victor.

Finishing off the morning load he ’s been holding on to, Victor stopped kissing his wife and pulled away a little.

”… ” Sasha ’s blue eyes had at some point changed to a vibrant blood red, and she was looking at Victor with slightly red cheeks, her eyes gleaming with possessiveness, and her breathing was heavy.

Both because of the shortness of breath and because of the excitement she ’s feeling, the feeling of being filled completely, over and over again.

It was very addictive!

’Now, I understand why Ruby got addicted… And so did Violet… ’

, ᴄ`ᴏ`m Sasha ’s insides tightened more, and slowly her fangs began to sharpen as she looked at Victor ’s neck greedily. After a long night, she was hungry!

She pushed her husband aside for a few seconds as Victor ’s lower limb came out of her, and a stream of liquid came out of her inside with an indecent ’Pop ’ sound.

But she didn ’t mind that now, as she quickly straddled her husband and filled her insides again with his member as if afraid of losing her newest precious possession.

”… ” Victor just watched in silence as he looked at the woman with long golden hair, who had two pink bunnies perched on her chest, messy hair, a thirsty expression, and fierce red eyes made her very beautiful…

A very dangerous beauty indeed.

”Darling~. ” She made little motions with her hips, then went up and down a few times, and her eyes couldn ’t help but roll a little as her tongue hung out, and she felt the thump in her womb with that movement.

Soon her expression gets fiercer as her eyes start to shine brighter.

”… Come to me. ” Victor spoke with a small smile.

And that was enough for Sasha to completely lose any sense of control. While connected with her husband, she quickly hugs him, licks his neck a little, and bites him!

”Ugh~. ”

gulp. gulp.

Soon as if she was parched, she started drinking Victor ’s blood.

Victor felt like he was in heaven now, being inside a tight tunnel that was too sticky from the mingling liquids of the two lovers, coupled with the arousal of having his neck bitten.

Victor slowly lost control of his actions as his eyes changed from violet to blood red, and he reached down and grabbed Sasha ’s cheeks with both of his hands, squeezing and spreading them indecently.

If someone were after Sasha and Victor right now, they could see all of Sasha ’s intimacy completely open and her insides being filled by Victor ’s little brother.

Using her two cheeks for support, Victor pushed his member deeper inside Sasha and bit her collarbone.

”!!! ” Sasha rolled her eyes up a little, her expression that of someone experiencing the ultimate pleasure, but even so, she never stopped drinking his blood.

’I ’m going to come… ’ Sasha thought, and she was right since, when she felt her insides being filled again with her husband ’s liquids,

She couldn ’t hold back any longer!

’Cum…! ’

Her whole body shook as she felt something coming out of her most important place, and the jet was so strong that it thoroughly wet Victor ’s belly and the mattress.

She squirted!

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