My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 381: Two Progenitors. Dracul and Alucard

Chapter 380: Victor is playing with fire.

”… ” The women just stared at this scene in disbelief.

”I don ’t think there are any people capable of doing what he just did to Scathach… ” Jeanne couldn ’t help but mutter in shock.

Scathach Scarlett, the strongest female vampire, was standing there lovingly hugging someone while she drank their blood.

Blood so alluring that just the smell of it was driving Jeanne crazy.

A scene that would be impossible for them to see even before they fell into a coma.

”This is my husband! He knows how to deal with Scathach very well. ” Violet snorted in victory.

… But even she was a little shocked by this situation.

Even if it was Victor, she ’d hoped the situation would develop into a fight or some insane training. After all, the way Scathach reacted to discovering her feelings was quite… scary.

And the way she confronted Victor was even worse…but with just a few exchanges of words, the man managed to calm the growing fire of the stronger female vampire.

’And, also that shape… What was that? Is that his progenitor form? ’ Violet thought about it and remembered one memory, in particular, the memory of when Victor absorbed her father.

’…It ’s that same shape…- ’ Violet ’s thoughts stopped when she heard:

”That was the progenitor form, right? ” Anna asked.

”Yes… This feeling of wanting to serve fanatically is only caused when a progenitor is around… ” Jeanne explained.

If before Anna and Jeanne had a little doubt about Victor ’s identity, that doubt was literally thrown into space when they saw that form of Victor.

”…progenitor form… ” Ruby touched her chin as she fell into a sea of thoughts.

”Hmm, how will my mother react to this news… ” Sasha, despite Scathach ’s initial scare, was in her own world now that this matter was over.

She was just wondering what her mother ’s reaction would be to finding out that she was ’loved ’ by her husband.

’Probably, she will jump in joy and will immediately jump on top of him when given the opportunity… ’

Sasha ’s eyes glowed slightly blood-red. She was feeling a little possessive and sentimental now that she had her ’first ’ time with her Darling.

”…Ugh, I need to get out of here. This smell is killing me in so many ways ” Anna put her hand on her head as she rubbed her legs against each other a little.

The smell of what happened to Sasha, the smell of blood, the appearance of Victor ’s black Yukata while his chest was slightly bare, and his handsome face.

All of this was a very dangerous combination for a Succubus/Vampire who is thirsty in every way possible.

”Bitch, stop looking at my husband. Do you want to die? ”

”!!! ” Anna jumped a little in surprise when she heard a dark voice in her ear.

She looked at Violet, who at some point appeared behind her.

’… How? How can I not feel her move over here? ’

”… ” Jeanne narrowed her eyes, quickly realizing that that speed was not that of a vampire baby.

And she doesn ’t even have to think much to understand what happened.

’She ’s the sire of a progenitor, so it ’s normal for her to be strong… ’ She understood very well how effective progenitor blood was on normal noble vampires.

”…Stay away from him. ” Warm air began to leave Violet ’s body.

Ruby, Sasha, and even Scathach or Natashia were acceptable. After all, they were somehow known to them and their ’family ’.

But a stranger who just showed up and she just met? It ’s a big ’NO ’.

Violet didn ’t even think about the Maids, considering that she knew that her husband didn ’t feel romantically towards his Maids. He is possessive of all his Maids, but that ’s natural. After all, he was the one who created them, and he feels quite possessive of those he made. It ’s something like a father loving his daughters a lot, and even though he treats his maids with a lot of affection…

They are still safe…

Violet judged that for now… The maids are out… Yes, for now…

”A mere baby vampire is-… ” Before Anna could say anything to Violet.

She felt four gazes on her back.

”!!! ” She turned quickly and noticed that Sasha, Ruby, Victor, and even Scathach, who had stopped feeding on Victor, were looking at her with a look that promised death.

They had a look that said, ’keep going, if you dare. ’

Violet can be a delinquent, she can have a foul mouth, and she can have her problems.

But just like Ruby and Sasha, she was very much loved by everyone present here.

Not to mention Victor, whose love and obsession with Violet bordered on insanity.

Violet had a special place in Victor ’s heart, she was his first wife, after all, and the woman who changed his life in the literal sense of the word. It wouldn ’t be an exaggeration to say that doing something against Violet was as serious an attempt as attacking Ophis.

The same applied to Sasha and Ruby, who, like Violet, had their ’link ’ established on the same day as Violet.

Therefore, everyone present here would not tolerate any form of threat to these three women, especially Scathach.

After all, one of those women was her daughter… And everyone knows how overprotective she is towards her daughter.

For God ’s sake, she single-handedly attacked the fucking Vatican just because a general hurt her daughter ’s arm!

”…. ” Anna was covered in cold sweat now, and she could tell she was stepping into a minefield by the way everyone was looking at her.

But luckily, the ancient saint of Orleans came to her rescue!

”You don ’t have to look at her like that… Anna has a delinquent attitude, and because of that, she reacted like this. ”

”…Don ’t make a fool of me, Jeanne. ”

”… ”

”All her micro-expressions, presence, and attitude indicated that she was going to attack Violet. ”

”,,,, ” Jeanne narrowed her eyes. She had forgotten how irrational the existence of a progenitor was.

”Darling, you-. ” Violet was going to complain that she didn ’t need Victor ’s help to keep bitches away from him.

”She ’s an older vampire, Violet. ”

”… ” Violet was silent when she heard what her husband said.

”And a former general of the demons… ” This time it was Scathach who spoke while her voluptuous body still hugged Victor, as she licked Victor ’s neck a little and cleaned up the drops of blood.

When she saw that the small wound she ’d made to suck his blood had healed, she nodded in satisfaction…but didn ’t pull her body away from Victor.

She felt very comfortable… much more than before.

”Such treatment is not an exaggeration when it comes to dealing with someone who might be considered a former general of Lilith. ” Ruby spoke.

”To touch anyone in this room is the equivalent of provoking a conflict with everyone in this room… ” Sasha ’s smile grew distorted and amused, ”Wow, having Clan Fulger, Snow, and Scarlett as an enemy when you lost the support you had as former queens… ”

”It ’s basically a death sentence… ” Jeanne added as Sasha ’s crooked smile grew.

”I ’m glad you understand. ”

”…You really are that woman ’s daughter. ” Jeanne couldn ’t help but say when she saw Sasha ’s face.

”I ’ll take that as a compliment. ”

”… ” Victor was silent as he ignored the tense atmosphere. He could see that the girls didn ’t want to let it go, and, to be honest, he didn ’t really care what happened to the two women, as he just met them a few days ago, so, despite having a relatively neutral relationship with them,

He will always prioritize his wives.

He hugged Scathach a little tighter.

”…? ” Scathach looked at Victor as she felt his embrace tighten.

But then something happened that she didn ’t expect.

”!!! ” Victor lightly kissed Scathach ’s mouth.

”…. ” Ruby opened her eyes in shock when she saw this scene.

Tongues battled to decide who was the winner, but that fight had to stop when his opponent, with an unpredictable movement, bit his tongue!

Victor stops kissing Scathach, and blood starts to drip from his mouth.

”What are you doing? ” Scathach ’s voice was dark and menacing.

But Victor didn ’t care and just flashed a bloody smile. When his tongue healed, he spoke:

”You are mine. ” He lightly touches Scathach ’s cheek with his hand and caresses her.

”Only mine… ”

”!!! ” Scathach ’s entire body trembled as she felt Victor ’s dark gaze watching her.

’He really is the best~ ’ She felt something wet coming out of an important place, even though they had basically declared war on each other.

Victor didn ’t change, he wasn ’t scared, and, just like the first time they ’d met, he ’d openly challenged her authority and herself.

”…. ” Her smile grew distorted. She loved his personality, that ’s how a man had to be!

”You ’re really teasing me a lot… If it was another time, you would have been raped now. ” She could tell with just that sentence how much she ’d changed over time.

After all, her mother did exactly that when she found her father and liked him.

Although nowadays this is a questionable attitude, in the past… 2000 years ago, only the strong had the final say, it was a more primitive society.

”Heh~, I assure you, before that happened, I would kill myself. ” He spoke this way so casually that it shocked everyone present, but everyone knew he meant it very seriously.

His innate pride, his pride as a progenitor, his very blood would not allow such humiliation, so there were only two alternatives.

Get revenge on the person who humiliated him… But that person was Scathach, he wouldn ’t have the power to do that, and he didn ’t want to either.

So there was only the last option left… Suicide.

”…That ’s a problem… You can ’t die yet… ” She joked, but someone didn ’t seem to take her joke very well.

”Problem…? ” A dark aura exploded from Violet ’s body, and everyone unconsciously looked at her.

”That ’s a big problem, you bitch! ” Violet appears in the middle of the two and forcibly separates them as she stands in front of Victor.

”You won ’t do anything to him! ”

”…Heh~, you- ” When Scathach was about to say something, she heard:

”Hold that dry pussy of yours that hasn ’t been filled by a dick in thousands of years, and have a little self-control! ”

”… Excuse me? ” She felt like she ’d never heard so much nonsense in one sentence before.

”Just because you found out you love my husband doesn ’t mean you can treat him like your previous husband! ”

”…. ” Scathach ’s eyes went cold. It ’s not like she was actually going to do that. She was just speaking an objective fact. If it was in the past, and she had these feelings she had now, Victor definitely wouldn ’t be safe close to her.

But in having her daughter, she learned self-control, and she knows that if she does, she will earn her daughter ’s hatred, and Victor ’s.

”…. ” Another even worse silence fell around them.

”And you, Darling. ” She turned her eyes to Victor.

”Me? ”

Violet punches Victor in the stomach.

”Ooof. ” Victor pretended to feel pain:

”Stop teasing this vampire who is in heat, and go play with your daughters! ”

”Vampire in heat… ” Victor ’s smile couldn ’t help but grow slowly, and the image of Scathach looking at him like his wives when they were aroused couldn ’t help but pop into his head.

That was a very beautiful sight for Victor.

”… Pfft… Hahaha~. ” Victor laughed amusedly.

Violet looked at Victor, confused.

Victor takes Violet ’s hand and pulls the long white-haired woman into his arms:

”You are definitely the best, Violet. ”

”…? ” Violet didn ’t understand. Why was he stating the obvious? Of course, she was the best, she ’d known that since she was born.

”Seriously, I really can ’t tell if she ’s brave or stupid… Maybe a little reckless? ” Ruby still needed time to get used to the sight of her mother being kissed by her husband.

”… ” Ruby looked at her mother and saw the woman looking at Violet with a dry look. It was obvious that she was jealous and slightly irritated.

”Well…she ’s Violet. ” Sasha laughed amusedly, ”Only she has the ability to do what she did now. ”

”…That somehow makes a lot of sense. ” Ruby flashed a small smile.

Victor lightly kisses Violet, ”Call me if something happens, okay? ”

”Mm. ” She felt a little sweet now as she felt Victor ’s gentle gaze and her head being stroked by him.

He kisses Violet again on the mouth, then he walks over to Ruby and gives her a kiss on the mouth too while talking in her ear:

”Remember what happened when I met Mizuki? ”

Victor was talking about the year and six months he had Ruby stuck on Earth.

”Yes. ”

”This is the same situation. ”

”…. ” Ruby ’s eyes gleamed slightly as she understood what Victor meant.

’Keep your eyes on Anna and Jeanne. ’

He used Mizuki ’s situation as an example because only a few people within Victor ’s group knew what happened when he was out with Ruby.

Victor didn ’t need to say anything else since he knew that Ruby understood what he wanted to convey.

”…You two, I ’ll talk to you when I kidnap-… I mean, when I visit some vampires. ”

”That ’s a good idea… We really want to talk to you. ” Jeanne took the initiative, not wanting to let Anna speak, the situation was already complicated for them, and she didn ’t want to risk Anna ruining everything.

Victor nods in agreement while he walks over to Sasha to kiss his wife, then he looks at Scathach.

He showed a small smile, his body flashed with lightning, and he appeared in front of Scathach.

”Don ’t look like that. ”

”Hmmm-…? ” She was surprised when her mouth was captured again by Victor, and this time, he went much further.

He cupped her voluptuous rear and squeezed tightly as he spread her cheeks. With that act, he could clearly feel something wet leaking out of Scathach ’s important place.

”!!! ” Scathach felt as if an electric current ran through her entire spine.

Then Scathach ’s eyes began to glow a dangerous red.

Victor stopped kissing Scathach and displayed a sly smile, ”See you later, honey. ” He caressed Scathach ’s face, and quickly his body began to be enveloped in lightning.


Victor disappears, casually kidnaps his two daughters without them noticing, and flees their location, all he hears is an angry scream from Scathach:


”…Darling really likes to play with fire. ” Violet couldn ’t help but say this when she saw Scathach ’s angry state.

”I think he ’s playing a little too much… ” Jeanne couldn ’t help but speak.

”I can agree with you on that… ” Sasha said.

”… ” Anna and Ruby just looked at Scathach with complex looks. They couldn ’t help but think that the way Scathach was acting now looked more like a frustrated girlfriend than hate…

And the scent Anna was sensing that was leaking from Scathach only cemented that thought in her head.

’She ’s horny… ’ Anna chuckled internally.

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