My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 382: Two Progenitors.Dracul and Alucard.2

Chapter 381: Two Progenitors. Dracul and Alucard.


A bolt of golden-colored lightning struck the top of a building, and a man holding two little girls appeared.

He was wearing a very elegant black Yukata.

The two children in his arms were quite different.

One was wearing a black gothic dress that had black gloves.

And the other was dressed in jeans, athletic shoes, and a simple black shirt that showed off her pale belly.

”Ugh… Father… My head. ” Ophis complained as her eyes rolled, feeling completely sick.

”Victor… Ugh. ” Nero put her hand over her mouth with a gesture that looked like she ’s going to throw up.

”Let me know next time you do this! ” She growled angrily at Victor.

She tried to keep the irritated look on her face, but soon her nausea returned, and she held her mouth.

”…I ’m sorry~, I was having a situation there. ” Victor flashed an amused smile.

Victor placed Nero on the floor and moved Ophis to his shoulder.

”And…didn ’t I tell you to call me dad? ”

”…. ” Nero ’s sickened face changed to a slightly embarrassed face.

”I ’m trying, okay… This is all new to me. ”

”Take your time~. ” Victor laughed since, truthfully, he didn ’t particularly care if she called him father or not. He was just saying that to tease her a little.

For better or worse, Nero is very serious.

Which is a reasonable attitude, considering that she needed to be like this to survive in this world and the people who were chasing her. All Victor wants is for her to be more ’free ’ and laugh more.

”Hmm? ” Victor looked down and said:

”Oh, Kaguya. You came at a good time, where is Eve? ”

[Eve is with me.]

”That ’s good news, call her out. ”

Victor ’s shadow stretched, and quickly a dark-haired woman came out.

”Master? ”

Victor ignored Eve and looked at the woman ’s outfit, ”Hmm… ”

”Kaguya. ”

Kaguya appeared next to Victor.

Victor looked at Kaguya and displayed a small smile:

”Do your thing. ”

”Oh? ” Kaguya ’s eyes lightly glowed a blood-red as she looked at Eve:

”What clothes? ”

”A more casual outfit. ”

”As you wish, my master. ” Kaguya turned into a shadow and headed towards Eve with what appeared to be murderous intent.

”!!!? ” Eve instinctively defended herself by summoning black flames.

But before she can even summon her power to defend herself against Kaguya, the woman speaks:

”Done. ”

”Ohhh. Good choice as always, Kaguya. As expected of you. ”

”Kaguya… Fast. ” Ophis, who was a little better, spoke with impressed eyes.

”That ’s a fancy way to change clothes… ” Nero couldn ’t help but comment.

”… ” Kaguya only displayed a small smile, and with a respectful gesture, she said, ”this is nothing for a Maid like me. ”

”…Eh? ” Eve looked confused at this situation, but when she looked down at her arms and body and saw that she was no longer wearing Maid ’s dress, her eyes widened.

”Let ’s have fun today, haha~. ”

”Oh, I forgot to say, Nero, just like you, Eve carries my last name too, so you guys are kind of like sisters? Or something like that… ” Victor spoke confusedly at the end, even he didn ’t know what Eve was to him.

So he spoke vaguely.

”…Oh… ” Nero looked at Eve.

”She ’s your daughter too… ”

”… I don ’t think it ’s that, but you can say it ’s that too… It ’s complicated. ” Victor spoke.

”… ” Eve looked at Nero for a few seconds, then nodded.

’She ’s… ’ Before she had time to think of anything, she felt a hand on her head.

”Don ’t think about nonsense. You are irreplaceable to me… ” He smiled gently as he stroked Eve ’s head. He knew that the woman had a bad habit of overthinking things; maybe that was the fault of having a very high intelligence?

”…Victor… ” This time, she didn ’t call him Master. After all, when she ’s not in her Maid uniform, she ’s not working.

[Take this chance and attack him! Now!] Alter Eve is freaking out.

[Shut fuck up.]

[Tch, pussy!] She turned her face, annoyed.

Victor laughed even harder and ruffled Eve ’s head, then turned his face to Nero.

”As are you Nero… You are irreplaceable to me. ” He looked at the little girl with white hair and red eyes.

”…O-Oh…G-Good, I think? ” Nero didn ’t know what to say, so she just turned away in a bit of embarrassment.

She wasn ’t used to dealing with stupidly honest people or people who didn ’t want to cheat on her.

Even if she didn ’t want to, she could clearly tell that Victor was speaking from his heart.

And it left her with the feeling of butterflies dancing in her stomach.

”… Father, and I? ” Ophis pouted.

”Hahaha~, of course, I won ’t forget my dear daughter~. ” Victor picked up Ophis like a baby and caressed her face on her cheeks.

”Hehehe~. ” She hugs Victor ’s face and laughs cutely.

”Master, I have a report~. ”

Kaguya stopped talking when she felt Victor caress her head too:

”And just like my daughters, and Eve… You are irreplaceable to me, Kaguya. ” The seriousness in his voice took Kaguya slightly by surprise, and the way he was dressing, along with his unfair beauty and his smile…


Kaguya felt her heart was hit hard now, and she wanted to scream at the judge that the opponent was using illicit tactics!

”O-Oh… ” For the first time in a while, she didn ’t know what to say to Victor.

Victor stroked Kaguya ’s head some more, and completely messed up her perfectly groomed hair, then he turned around and placed Ophis on his shoulder.

The little girl held tightly to his neck with her small hands.

Victor walked to the balcony of the building and looked down, his violet eyes reflecting the city that never seemed to sleep.


He turned around and flashed a small smile, ”Shall we go for a walk? ”

”…. ” Kaguya, Nero, and Eve felt a little twinge in their hearts now. The man was really unfairly handsome.

Not expecting any confirmation, Victor held out his arm, and as if making a leap of faith, he let gravity do its work.

”Eh…? ” The two women and child, not knowing what to make of Victor ’s sudden attitude, acting on instinct, just ran towards the balcony and looked down.

And that ’s when they saw Victor falling towards the ground, and when they were a few meters from the ground, he grabbed Ophis, who was holding his neck and kicked the ’air ’.

But they could clearly see that he created a small ice shelf and used it for support.

And then he ascends to heaven.

”Ohhhh… ” Ophis opened her neutral eyes as she looked like she was enjoying herself.

”What are you waiting for? ” He spoke in a normal voice. If it was any other being or a normal human, the girls wouldn ’t have heard what he said, considering he was already a little far away.

”Let ’s go. ” He laughed and then kicked the air again.

”…He really knows how to have fun. ” Nero can ’t help but comment, ”Sometimes I wonder if he ’s really an adult. ”

”Being an adult doesn ’t mean you can ’t have fun. ” Kaguya spoke, and soon she disappeared into the shadows.

”… Indeed. ” Nero flashed a small smile, she flexed her leg muscles a little, and, with a little boost, she jumped…

Ridiculously far.

”Ugh, this shit is hard to control. ” She complained in the air, and as her body started to fall, she positioned herself to fall into the building.

As she landed on top of the building, a huge crash was heard.


A small crater formed where she fell, and the building shook slightly.

”…Eh? ” Nero looked confused at this situation. Even if she had fallen from a rather high height, this damage shouldn ’t have happened.

After all, she was just a child, her weight shouldn ’t be that high…

”…Did I get heavier? ” She asked herself, she narrowed her eyes a little and decided to test it out on this ’small ’ ride.

[What are you waiting for, follow them! God Dammit!]

[Ugh… Can you shut your mouth?]

[Eve, how can you be quiet after hearing what he said!? You need to be more active, woman!]

[…] Eve was silent, and despite trying to ignore what Alter Eve said, she was right about being more active…

[What are you waiting for!? Go fast!]

[Fine. Just shut up!]

Eve looked at the water tank next to her, she flexed her muscles a little and jumped towards the water tank, she leaned on the water tank, her knees flexed a lot, and with one thrust, she flew away.

”Alexios, Ophis is taking a while, I ’ll go get her. ”

”… ” Alexios unconsciously let the pen he was holding fall from his hand and opened his mouth in shock.

’What did he say now? ’ Alexios felt like he went deaf for a few seconds. Maybe he ’s been working too long?

Alexios looked at Vlad, who was sitting in a very luxurious office chair, and a table full of papers was in front of him. All these papers were ’plans ’ for the event that would happen in a few days.

The meeting of supernatural beings.

Vlad is a very cautious being, and he wouldn ’t go to a meeting where the representatives of each race would go without a decent plan.

Ironically, all of his plans were more focused on a certain existence.

The witch queen.

Vlad, of all beings, knew how troublesome, irritating, difficult to deal with, petty, hateful, etc, etc. this woman was.

He had a lot of adjectives he could give this woman, but to sum it up, she was very sneaky, and her spells were very dangerous.

Though he ’s also sure she won ’t be doing anything in a place where all her customers are, but… It ’s never too good to be prepared.

And that was what Alexios was working on together with his king.

”What did you say now, My King? ” Alexios spoke in a calm, neutral tone, ”I ’m sorry I was so focused on work that I didn ’t notice. ”

”… Hmm. ” Vlad nodded his head, indicating that he understood, and then he said:

”I will go get Ophis, my daughter. Make a portal to Japan. ”


’Two progenitors of a race in a small country on Earth… ’

Alexios felt that if he heard the news tomorrow that Japan had exploded in the literal sense of the word, he wouldn ’t be surprised.

But whoever was Alexios, he was a servant, the most faithful servant of Vlad, the king of all vampires.

If his king wanted to go somewhere, his duty was to grant that wish.

”As you wish, My King. ” Alexios stood up and spoke in a respectful tone, then he looked to the side of the room, and a portal appeared.

”This portal appeared in the sky of Japan, its location is 100 meters away from Ophis. ”

”Good job. ” Vlad gets up from the chair where he was, and as he walks towards the portal…

His appearance of a black-haired man with black eyes slowly began to change. His eyes turned green, his hair turned blonde, and a white suit appeared, replacing his armor-like clothes.

This was the form he used when he went to Earth, the form most familiar to him there.

As he will appear in a public place, he will go with this form.

”I ’ll be back in a few hours… and hopefully with my daughter. ” He said this because he knew that everything depended on Ophis ’s will.

”I will be waiting for your contact, My King. ”

”Hmm. ” Vlad nodded and walked through the portal.

A man walked out of the portal, and the moment he left the portal, he felt several gazes on his body, several of which held hostile intent.

He looked up at the sky, his eyes glowing blood-red, as a small smile grew:

”Do you have the balls? ”

The moment he said that, he felt the gaze of all the gods changing to neutral observation.

”As expected. ” He flashed a sneer.

He looked around for a bit and felt his daughter ’s presence.

He disappeared from where he was and appeared in the middle of a street.

And then the vision of a child sitting on the shoulder of a man wearing a black Yukata, who has at some point reached the same height as him.

This man was accompanied by a Maid, a woman with long black hair, and a girl with white hair.

”…? ” The man turned his gaze, and his violet eyes fell on the blond man ’s green eyes.

The moment Vlad saw the man ’s violet gaze, his eyes opened slightly in shock.

He could feel it. His whole atmosphere changed, he had the presence of an older vampire and the attitude of a noble vampire who has been a clan leader for several years, and that ’s impossible. You don ’t get that attitude overnight.

What remains is only one option, an option that only progenitors have access to.

’Can he already use this…? How? ’ Once again, he marveled at the pace of how Victor grew as a progenitor. This power shouldn ’t have been accessed now! He needed to be an adult vampire first!

’How can he already control souls? ’ From Victor ’s violet gaze, he could deduce which vampire he ’d absorbed.

In fact, he didn ’t even need to see his gaze, as his stupidly beautiful figure already gave away which being he ’d absorbed.

’The cunning of Adonis and the attitude of Scathach… ’ He couldn ’t help but think that in the future, he would indeed become a troublesome existence.

”Evil Father? ”

His thoughts were cut short when he heard his daughter ’s voice.

He felt his gaze flicker a little when he heard the way Ophis called out to him, but he wasn ’t going to make a fuss about it.

”Heh~, you came at a good time, Vlad. Shall we go for a walk? ” Victor acted very casually, ”I just shooed away a boy who came to hit on my daughter. Having support from another father would be welcome. ”

’Two progenitors against a normal human? This could be that human ’s worst day. ’ Vlad can ’t help but think about fun.


His eyes couldn ’t help but glow slightly blood-red when he heard that someone had hit on his daughter.

’Who dares to hit on my daughter?

”Sure. ”

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