Chapter 391: God

Chapter 391: God.

”Nero, pay attention. I want to teach you some more. ”

Nero was surprised to be called by Victor but quickly turned her attention to him and said:

”…Yes, Father. ”

”You too Bruna. ”

”Yes, Master. ” Bruna nodded and looked intently at Victor ’s body, something that proved to be very difficult given the clothes he was wearing and his all-enhancing smile.

”This is how you punch. ”

The two women seemed to watch everything in slow motion as they saw the muscles in his leg contract, then a red power seemed to start in his leg and slowly started to run through his body.

This power went up his legs to his hips, where it gained new momentum and spread through the muscles of his back, and when it reached the area of ​​his shoulders, the red power detoured and traveled up his arm to the tip of the fist of Victor ’s right hand.


The moment the fist touched the invisible wall, something happened.


A burst of air followed by several small earthquakes hit the entire mountain.

”What the fuck, is the mountain collapsing!? ” Gintoki held the tree even tighter.

”Probably… ” Shinji wasn ’t sure. He was pretty neutral about this situation, despite being shocked by the strength of the man in front of him.

He wasn ’t called a Count for no reason, so he expected something like this…

…Actually, he expected something like this, but the power level of causing a small earthquake with just one punch is ridiculous!

”Did you understand? ” Victor returned to his starting position and looked at the girls.

”Yes… Lady Scâthach taught that to me, but the way you taught, it was much clearer. ” Bruna felt she understood better when Victor explained.

”Yes… I feel like I can do something like that… But it won ’t have the same strength… ” Nero was honest.

”Hahaha~. Despite being a great teacher, Scathach has her teaching methods in torture, and if you don ’t understand, she will beat you until you understand… A great teacher indeed. ”

”She will literally beat you until you learn, even someone stupid can learn from her… After all, you either learn or you die trying to learn, Hahahahaha~. ”

”…. ” Everyone was silent when they heard what Victor said, not really knowing how to comment on this questionable teaching method.

”And when I delivered this attack, I purposely used my power to direct your attention. Consequently, the attack was weaker than expected… ”

”…Wha-… ” Gintoki and Shinji, including the Maids and Victor ’s daughter, fell silent.

That was weak!? What the fuck is this!?

”Now that you understand, let ’s get serious. ” Victor ’s face change to a serious expression.

Rumble, Rumble.

His body began to glow gold with the power of lightning.

Victor held up both of his hands.

The left hand had the power of fire, and the right hand had the power of water.

”…? ” People didn ’t understand what he was trying to do.

When the water reached a high enough height, Victor threw the fireball towards the water ball.


An explosion occurred in the air, and at that moment, Victor was covered by more lightning power, and his appearance changed. His whole body had turned golden as if covered by lightning, while his legs and fists had become like a beast, and his ears had become more pointed.

He was in his Vampire Count form!

”Let ’s go all out, HAHAHAHA~ ” He disappeared, leaving behind a streak of lightning, then stopped above the clouds and assumed the same martial arts stance he used a few seconds ago.

”…What is he really trying to do!? ” Maria was freaking out a little.

”Hmm, this is similar to… ” Eve, along with Kaguya, suddenly opened their eyes wide when they realized he was going to use the attack he used on Leonardo.

”Get out of this place quick- ” Eve didn ’t have time to say anything when she suddenly found herself in a dark world.

And she understood that Kaguya used her power and put her in the shadows.

Soon she saw the whole group entering this place.

Eve looked at the projection above her.


”Fuck, he ’s going overboard! ” Kaguya complained as she walked further away from the mountain.

”…Ebisu. ”

”Yes? ”

”What did you say about him not being able to enter this place? ” The fox asked in a sarcastic tone as he saw the clouds above the skies glowing gold and several sparks coming out as if it was charged with lightning.

”… Well… I… ” He fell silent and then spoke in a tired tone:

”I mean, this is just fucking bullshit, he shouldn ’t have that kind of power! ”

Ignoring the old man ’s tantrum, he said, ”…Can your barrier withstand this power? ”

”You think I fucking know? Nobody had the balls to provoke a God, and, because of that, I never had to test the barrier. ”

”… Well, this is a good opportunity to test that power, isn ’t it? ”

”… ” Ebisu wasn ’t sure what to say, so he just looked at the sky with a cold sweat running down his face.

He could clearly see the being up there looking at him with a predator ’s gaze, and it sent slight shivers down his spine.

”You better work hard, or we ’re really going to die. ”

”Fuck it! ” Ebisu complained and raised his hands to the sky, and a white power started to leave his body and flew towards the barrier.

Rumble, Rumble, Rumble.

Victor ’s lightning spread through the clouds, and as if he were a battery, those bolts returned towards him, entered his body, and traveled all over his body to his fist.

Ridiculous lightning power was being concentrated in his fists.

”Remember. ”

”…? ” Ebisu looked up to the sky when he saw that the man was speaking the words to him.

”This was your fault. ”

”…. ”

”If you had let me in, I wouldn ’t have had to attack. ”

What the fuck was this irrational man talking about!? Ebisu really wanted to scream right now.

Victor ’s face distorted as his lightning sharp teeth grew, and the power in his fist started to grow even more until there came a point where he would have to let go, or he would do damage to himself, and that ’s what he did.

He punched the air:


A small sonic boom erupted outwards.

”Kirin. ”


In the next moment, a type of demon beast made of lightning shot out of his fists and flew towards Ebisu.

”Motherfucker, this is overkill! ” Ebisu shouted.

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