Chapter 393: God.3

”I was looking for you~ my longtime friend~. ”

”…. ”

Friend? Who? Me? I would never befriend a terrifying being like you!

The fox really wanted to retort Victor ’s words, but he was silent.

Victor got up from the thorn of ice and passed by the god and the fox. Then, as if he owned the place, he entered the temple.

”Whistle~. ”

”You really have a minimalistic place. ”

”… ” Ebisu didn ’t know if this was a compliment or an insult.

Seeing Victor ’s back disappear, Ebisu breathed a sigh of relief, but soon his entire body shuddered.

”H-Hey! ” Now he finally remembered that Victor had entered his temple!

He quickly entered the temple, dragging the fox with him, and saw Victor sitting where he was before.

”Oh? Welcome to my humble temple, strangers. ”

”… ” Veins started to appear on Ebisu ’s head. This damn Vampire was treating the house as if it were his own!

And the worst part of it all is that he really could do nothing about it! After all, technically speaking, the temple was a public place, so the Vampire guest rule didn ’t apply here.

But that wouldn ’t be a problem for this man since he was sure that even if this was private property and this Vampire wanted to enter, he wouldn ’t allow it to stop him.

He ’s sure he would destroy this place, he ’s proved himself capable enough for it.

”Sit down, sit down. We need to talk. ”

”…. ” Ebisu did as Victor said and sat down… Along with the fox, of course.

”So, what are your names? ”

”Ebisu, the God of-. ”

”Whatever. Ebisu then. ” Victor wasn ’t interested in fancy titles.

”And you little fox? ”

”Okama. ”

’Huh? gay? ’

Victor narrowed his eyes, is the translation device working properly?

”Wrong, it ’s Okama. ”

”…Gay? ” He asked again.

”Okama! ”

”… Is that your name? ”

”Yes. ”

”…Did your parents hate you? ” Victor just managed to say that.

”… ” The fox was silent, not denying or accepting Victor ’s words.

”…Hmm… uhh… Anyway. ” Victor wasn ’t interested enough in his personal life.

”I ’ll call you Oka, it ’s easier for me. ”

”Okay. ”

”Why did you come here, Count Alucard? ” The God asked:

”What interest do you have in me? Why did you even almost destroy my temple? ” He asked several questions.

”Huh? ” Victor looked at the God with a surprised look.

”I have no interest in you. ”

”…Eh? ”

”About the temple, like I said, right? You wouldn ’t let me in, so I forced my way in. ”

”…Huh… ” Ebisu didn ’t know what to say.

”To be honest, you ’re just an extra here. You were just in the wrong place at the wrong time… Don ’t overestimate yourself too much, my business is not with you. ”

”…. ” Veins started bulging in Ebisu ’s head.

’I, Ebisu, the God of Luck and Fishermen, just an extra! How dare he! ’

Victor wasn ’t even trying to offend the God, but his very existence could even make stones that were inanimate beings spit blood, imagine what he does to a God that has a big ego?

”So, Oka. Why did you hide the Noble Vampires from me? ”

”…But I didn ’t hide them? ”

”Huh? ”

”I mean, they took refuge here, and as I owed them a debt, I couldn ’t refuse. ” Oka spoke softly.

”… ” Victor narrowed his eyes. He could see that the man wasn ’t lying, as his entire facial expression, micro-expression, and even his heart proved he was honest.

Nothing could escape Victor ’s vision.

”Did you know they were after Ophis? ”

”Yes, but is that my business? ”

”…Huh? ”

”I mean, they ’re just refugees here. It ’s not like I ’m their leader. You may not know, but the Noble Vampires were considered one of the great Clans around here, but that all changed when the last Onmyoji mage destroyed them. ”

’Mizuki, huh. ’

”And after this destruction, they sought shelter here. After all, I asked for their help several times in the past. ”

”…Hmm, don ’t you have anything to say if I catch them? ”

”Are you going to catch them? ”

”Yes. ”

”Thank God! ”

”Me? ” Ebisu pointed to himself

”Not you. ” Oka said.

”But I ’m a God… ”

”You ’re not the only one out there. ” Victor snapped.

”Ugh. ” Ebisu couldn ’t deny Victor ’s words.

”Anyway, if you want to take them, please do! It ’s really boring to deal with beings with egos bigger than the planet. Just one god is enough, I don ’t want to deal with Vampires too. ” Oka started to speak and let all his frustrations out of his mouth.

”Ebisu only knows how to order. He has his ego inflated and doesn ’t realize he ’s a lesser god, I only work with him because of his luck. ”

”The Vampire Nobles are even worse, they just came knocking on my door in a time of need, which was not something I would refuse, but they started demanding things and treating my Yōkai… The ones you destroyed, like they were slaves. ”

”Oh, I don ’t mind that you destroyed those Yōkai, they were just my secondary strength, i.e. cannon fodder, and I didn ’t particularly like them. ”

”As you may have noticed, I gathered all the misbehaving Yōkai close to this God, considering they are the same. ”

Oka looked like a rapper who never stopped talking, throwing all his frustrations in the air.

Even Ebisu was looking at his subordinate in shock. He never thought that this quiet man had so many complaints about him and his actions.

”…. ” Victor looked at the fox with surprised eyes.

’Actually, this fox, was he a surprisingly nice guy? ’ Victor flashed an amused smile when he realized this.

Looks like he wouldn ’t have to kill anyone today, and he could get what he wanted without bloodshed.

… He completely ignored Nero ’s massacre. After all, he didn ’t do it. That was his daughter.

Although he was the one who encouraged and organized everything.

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