My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 404: The past that definesus...

estined to die for their fellow men…

”Who is it!? ”

”Show yourself! ”

This was supposed to be my destiny…

The fate that thousands of demons suffered…

The world around her changed, and she found herself in a place where the sky was red.

”This place… ”

”Correct. ”

”!!!? ” Morgana turned around and saw a shadow that looked just like her.

”That was the place where everything changed. ”

The shadow turned its face to a mountain that had a huge castle on top of it.

”At the time, everyone knew that Lilith existed. ” The shadow continued.

”It was common sense. ”

”…But no one knew where she was living. ”

”No one could feel her presence. ”

”No one could tell her intentions. ”

”No one could know if she was hiding or just decided not to show off. ”

”None other than the Succubus, of course. ”

”Being born a Succubus really was both a blessing and a curse, we had a special connection to our mother, and that was not a good thing. ”

”We? ” Morgan spoke.

The shadow just smiled.

Soon the world changed again, and this time a small red demon with tiny wings was at the entrance of the great castle.

A memory Morgana remembered all too well.

”A succubus, huh. ” A long-horned demon spoke, a demon Morgana had come to learn was Lilith ’s personal butler.

”I need to pass. ”

”You really are lucky… My master is very fond of your race. You can pass. ”

The mangy little demon just shook their head after looking deeply into that long-horned demon ’s eyes:

”…Mmm ”

”We didn ’t know at the time. ”

”…. ” Morgana was silent as she bit her lip.

”We didn ’t know that walking through that gate would be the beginning of our hell, a hell far more painful than being killed by a random demon or remaining weak. ”

The world changes again.

And this time, the little demon was armless as they hid in a cave.

”The entrance to Lilith ’s castle was a trap. ”

”I came to learn in the future that that entrance was only to trick unsuspecting demons. ”

”If you want to enter Lilith ’s castle. ”

”You need permission from Lilith herself. ” The shadow continued.

”The moment we entered that gate, a forest appeared, and we were ambushed by several lesser demons. ”

”We lost our arm, and the pain consumed our body. ”

”But… Did we stop because of that? ”

”…. ” Morgana shook her head in denial:

”We gritted our teeth, got up, and while we were injured, we went hunting. ”

”… ” Morgana just watched her younger self do what the shadow said, and as she watched this scene before her eyes, it was as if she could feel all the feelings she had felt in the past.

”The world of demons is cruel. If you show weakness, you die. ”

”If you cry, they ’ll laugh at you, and you die. ”

”If you feel sorry for another demon, they will use it to their advantage and kill you from behind. ”

”Compassion, mercy, kindness… Love. None of that exists in hell. ”

The little demon walked to a red river and bathed, then something started to happen, the river started to heal their wounds, and soon their arm grew back.

”That river was our lifesaver. ”

”It doesn ’t matter how many times we get hurt. ”

”It doesn ’t matter how many times we fail. ”

”It doesn ’t matter how many times our limbs have been cut off. ”

”We ’ll bathe in that river, and… We ’ll be better again. ”

Morgana watched her younger self get hurt as they fought the demons that fell into Lilith ’s trap, over and over again.

The demons that came looking for Lilith were definitely not weak demons, they were all high level.

After all, you needed a certain amount of influence to know where Lilith resided…

And that was also a trap for Lilith herself.

That is why being a Succubus was both a curse and a blessing.

We didn ’t need it since we instinctively knew where our ’mother ’ was.

And our curse is that since we know where she was, we would go to her and end up dying a dog ’s death because of her cruel trap.

Morgana was literally trapped in a forest full of sharks, and she was just a little fish.

”After trying 101 times… We finally succeeded. ”

”Using dream magic, we managed to put a high-level Imp to rest, and we sneakily killed him with our claws. ”

”He didn ’t feel anything because, in his mind, he was still sleeping. ”

”…An empty victory after so much suffering. ” Morgan spoke.

”But it wasn ’t in vain… What did we do after killing the Imp? ”

Morgana ’s smile grew a little, and her gaze gleamed slightly:

”We ate it. ”

”What about eating them? ” The shadow ’s smile grew.

”We got stronger. ”

”And…? ”

”I returned to the cave and planned to hunt down another prey, this time more efficiently, more quietly, using my birth powers to my advantage. ”

”…And then, I killed another demon and ate it again. ”

”And this was repeated… ”

”Again, again, again, again, again… ”

The world around them changed over and over again, like a movie playing on X16, and all it showed was a demon feeding on another demon.

Each time she fed, she grew stronger, her body grew, and she acquired a more demonic appearance, as she became more ruthless and cruel, while her illusions began to affect her targets more easily.

Agility, strength, endurance, everything was amplified.

With each death, she grew stronger.

With each kill, she got more efficient.

”And after thousands of years… ”

”We had a visitor. ”

Like a fallen angel descending from the heavens, a beautiful woman landed softly in front of her.

Lilith, The mother of demons.

Just like her daughter, she was also a Succubus.

And without any ceremony, the goddess looked at her and smiled gently:

”Your name will be @#$%… ”

She became paralyzed, and a change began to occur.

Her demonic appearance started to become more human, and all that was left of her former form were her horns, wings, and tail, which was much thinner than it was.

But had she gotten weaker?

Far from it, she got much stronger than she ever was.

”Lilith… ”

”…. ” The woman smiles gently and says something:

”You did well. ”

”… ” And at that moment, the Succubus felt something positive for the first time.

A feeling of accomplishment, a feeling of a job well done…

She was no longer a weak demon. Instead, she was a high level demon in Lilith ’s forces, and less than a few years later, this same Succubus would win the title of The Reaper in a war against the Diablos faction.

The world breaks.

Morgana was back in the dark place.

”A former general of the demon mother Lilith can ’t kill some weak monsters. ” A sneer appeared on Morgana ’s face.

”Disappointing… Right? ”

”…. ” Morgana turned her head and saw her shadow again:

”Yeah. ” Morgana reached out to the shadow, her eyes gleaming intensely, while a small smile was pasted on her face:

”…. ” The shadow looked at Morgana ’s hand and smiled:

”You softened. ”

”Love does that. ”

”Wrong. ” The shadow took her hand and said:

”That man did this to us. ”

”Always holding us captive, not letting us have our way. His blood had imprisoned us. ” Slowly Morgana ’s shadow began to transform into a younger version of her, the same version that was in her memories when Lilith first named her.

”But the man who killed us… He ’s different. He wants to see us shining… He wants to see our best, all our potential… ”

The shadow ’s tail swung back and forth:

”I want to have his child. ”

”…. ” Morgana slightly raises her eyebrow.

The shadow pulls Morgana closer to her:

”Never forget our past. ”

”It is what defines us for what we are today… ”

”Never forget that before a general, warrior, or even a mother. ”

​ ”You are a survivor. ”

Crack, Crack,

The world breaks.

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