My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 408: The Love of AnotherMother

Chapter 407: Nero Meets With hergrandmother

A new day, a new morning.

Anna opened her eyes, and the first thing she saw when she opened her eyes was her husband ’s back.

She smiled slightly when she realized he ’d come home, sat up in bed, stretched her body, and looked at her cell phone that was beside her nightstand.

Picking up the phone and checking the time.


’It ’s too early to go to work. ’ When she thought about it, she looked up a little further from her cell phone screen and saw that it was Sunday.

’Oh, today is a day off… ’

Unconsciously, as a natural action of the body, she unlocks her cell phone and starts surfing through social media.

Usually, she just saw some shit posts, memes, and some news.

’Again, these people are talking about serial killers. ’ The United States definitely didn ’t have a good recent history regarding gun ownership, and she knew that most tragedies related to this issue happen here.

Like a teenager buying a gun and going to school…

Well, you already know how the story ends.

… But recently, Anna has noticed that the number of cases of people getting more aggressive is increasing.

People go crazy out of nowhere, cause chaos around themselves and die.

The problem is getting so out of hand that the government is no longer able to suppress this news.

And Anna knew that this problem was related to the supernatural.

Specifically speaking, about the demons…

She sighs a little, closes social media, then opens a messaging app, and instinctively she goes to click on a person ’s name:

Arrogant Bitch <3 / Renata. But she stopped… Usually, she would just type something like: ’Are you awake? ’ And usually, the woman would respond a few minutes later, and a conversation would start. It was her normal routine, although it was annoying to admit, Renata was something like her best friend… Although it was very annoying to admit it… …She ’s Tsundere when it comes to her and her feelings… Anna remembered what happened yesterday. Her friend, from the age of 30, her friend who had been in a relationship with her for over 10 years, was a goddess… and not just any goddess, it was the goddess of beauty, Aphrodite. ”Ugh… ” She dropped her cell phone on the bed, not really knowing what to think right now. She got up from the bed and walked towards the bathroom that was attached to her room. Not only her friend but even the father of her son ’s childhood friends were werewolves. Flipping the switch, the light brightened the dark bathroom, and then she saw herself in the mirror… Looking at her tired reflection, she realized that the news of Aphrodite being a goddess affected her more than knowing that Adam was a werewolf. And that was normal since she had little or no contact with Adam. She only saw the man when she went to pick up Victor from his friends ’ house when he was younger. Or when Leon invited Adam over for a barbecue at their house. Anna sighed again, and soon she started her daily routine, washing her face, brushing her teeth, taking a shower, etc. After one hour… She dressed casually: jeans, sandals, and a simple blue blouse. She looks at herself in the mirror, ”Umu, even if I ’m in my forties… I ’m still hot… ” …Now, we know where Victor ’s narcissism came from. Big breasts, a slightly full belly, not too thin and not too fat, long black hair, and blue eyes. She clearly looked like someone in her 30s. In her work, looking good has many advantages, because of that, she took great care of herself, and to this day, she still goes to the gym… When she feels like going, of course… She ’s too lazy to go every day. Even though, thanks to her son, she almost doesn ’t need to spend money, considering that everything is being paid for by him, she still works… It ’s like an unconscious action right now since she ’s been doing it for so long that she doesn ’t know what else to do, although now her schedule is more flexible… Why? Well, she doesn ’t know when, but she became the owner of her law firm… She went from a simple subordinate to a boss. And her subordinates have suddenly become very competent at what they do, and she doesn ’t even have to work if she doesn ’t want to. Of course, she knew this had her son ’s fingerprints on it too, possibly her friend as well? ’Nah, knowing that bitch, she ’ll only help me if I need it… This kind of attitude is more from my son. He ’s too Yandere for my taste… Although it ’s not a bad thing… If you don ’t provoke him, of course. ’ She felt slight chills as she remembered Victor in front of her looking at Aphrodite, she couldn ’t see his expression, but it was pretty obvious it wasn ’t a gentle expression. Of course, her husband can ’t escape his son ’s obsessive clutches, even if the man is retired and doesn ’t need to work… He somehow became the owner of the bricklayer company that provided services when he wanted. Leon still practices his routine of going to that place every now and then, but he had no idea he owned that place. So it can be said that Anna and Leon hit the lottery and ended their working lives. They have enough money from their jobs and don ’t have to work if they don ’t want to, they were practically retired. And the scariest thing about it is that it happened naturally before she realized that her whole life had changed. Her son slowly and progressively left their lives better, and his hand was anywhere and everywhere. For God ’s sake, even the arrogant men at the place where Anna works are gone. And she was saying that in the literal sense of the word, they really disappeared from the map. No matter where she asks about these men, all she gets is information that they traveled for work. Was Anna annoyed by this? Not particularly. She didn ’t care about these men, she was just curious. After all, it ’s quite mysterious when you walk down the street, and you bump into someone, that someone looks at you with lustful eyes, and the second they turn around and quickly look back… This man disappeared as if he were a ghost… She was clearly being protected from the shadows by her son, and that ’s something she was proud of. After all, she taught him well! …Although Victor sometimes made her slightly scared sometimes, because of his extreme Yandere… But she didn ’t feel uncomfortable? This is one of the most terrible things about him, he did all this, and he did it in a way that didn ’t affect their daily life. If she wasn ’t a good observer and curious who questioned everything, she would be just like her husband, that, as long as it didn ’t affect him directly, would just shrug his shoulders and move on with his life. Ignorance is bliss… About what happens to these people? … Anna decided not to think about it. It ’s good for her mental health, so, no matter what, she doesn ’t want to know… Yes, it ’s a lie, she really wants to know, and she asked Ruby this in the past. After all, the woman was also participating in this matter, the woman just smiled a little and said: ”They have become honest citizens and are living a completely new and honest life thanks to our Charm. ” And then she didn ’t say anything else. It was quite clear what she meant, and Anna ’s curiosity was satisfied. ’ Vampire charm is something scary… ’ Finishing up tying her long hair in a ponytail, Anna walks over to her bed and takes out her cell phone. … Her eyes linger on Aphrodite ’s Alter Ego name for a few seconds, but then she puts her cell phone in her pocket and leaves the room. She didn ’t wake up Leon, considering that it was Sunday. Coming down the stairs, the first thing Anna heard was the noise of the TV, then getting to the bottom of the stairs, the sight of her room completely closed to the sun ’s rays was seen, something she was used to now. She looked around the room, and all she saw was women… Supernaturally beautiful women, after all, they were vampires. Most of them were wearing Maids dresses. ”Hmm? Oh, Lady Anna, you have woken up. Good Morning. ” The first to speak to her was Kaguya. ”Good morning, Kaguya. Where is my son? ” ”Master needed to sort out some business at Nightingale. ” ”Oh… well, isn ’t he a count? So I think he ’s busy. ” ”Indeed. ” Kaguya smiled gently. ”Are you going to eat? ” ”Hmm, it depends. ” ”Who made the food? ” Anna looked at precisely the two maids with the larger breasts and curvaceous bodies, something that almost all the women here had in common. Bruna and Roberta…. Two women, who are a disaster in the kitchen. ’For God ’s sake, they are very hot. ’ Anna felt an instinctive threat from these women. Even if they weren ’t even wearing a provocative outfit or anything, their charms were very high. After all, like it or not, her husband was a man too. Though he has principles, and he ’s always tired. [Thanks to her.] She still kept her guard up. Although… She noticed that all the women present here don ’t have eyes for any man, even her husband, they just talk to him, and he treats her with respect because he is the father of my child. ”I was the one who cooked it this time… I promise it ’s delicious by human standards. ” Kaguya spoke. ”Ugh. ” For some reason, Bruna and Roberta were struck by Kaguya ’s words. ”Don ’t mind, don ’t mind. We know you guys are bad. ” Maria spoke comforting words as Eve and Roxanne nodded. ”Ugh, that doesn ’t help me at all! ” Bruno complained. As ex-humans, they should at least know how to cook, but even when they were human, they were terrible at it, and it only got worse when they became vampires, considering that they lost their taste for normal food. ”In that case, I will accept. ” She nodded. ”Okay~. ” Kaguya walked towards the kitchen. ”Ugh, Father left me… ” ”…? ” Anna looked at the couch and saw a red-eyed, white-haired girl. ”Don ’t be like that, Nero. He didn ’t leave you, he just went to solve the problem of two… Hmm…- ” Ruby was trying to find the right words. ”Bitches? ” ”…War assets. ” Ruby corrected. ”Why didn ’t you let me go with Luna? She returned to Nightingale… ” ”Well, Luna is back in my territory since my mom is getting ready for an event she ’s going to have and needs her help. ” ”Since my sisters aren ’t in that place, you would be alone in a huge mansion. ” ”… Hmm… ” ”Hahaha~. ” Ruby laughed when she saw Nero ’s pout. ”You ’re getting more and more attached to your father, huh… ” ”Ugh. ” Nero ’s cheeks turned a little red, and she looked away. ”Kyaa, my daughter is so adorable! ” Ruby hugs Nero to her full breasts. ”Uhgjuhsadjh! ” Nero looked like he was drowning because none of her words made sense. ”… Eh? ” That was the only rational thing Anna could say when she heard what Ruby said. ”….? ” Ruby looked at the sound and saw Anna frozen. ”Well, Shit. ” She completely forgot that Anna didn ’t know about Nero! And she was so focused on her adorable daughter that she didn ’t pay attention to her surroundings. After all, this was a safe place, which was made even safer thanks to the witches from The Lost Club, who came to reinforce the place and put more security, and traps of illusion. ”H-Hold up! ” Anna practically ran and got in front of the girls. She looked at Nero deeply. She looked like a girl who entered adolescence, with white hair, red eyes, and an innocent expression; she looked like a tomboy. Thinking about the women around Victor, the only one with white hair was Violet…or Violet ’s mother. Anna ’s face darkened even further: ”Is she Victor ’s daughter!? Am I a grandmother!? ” ”Hmm, yes? ” ”…. ” Nero, despite not showing it on her face, was in emotional turmoil when she saw Victor ’s mother in front of her. ”Whose daughter is she!? ” ”Our? ” ”Ugh, that isn ’t what I meant! I ’m trying to ask who Victor snu snu without using protection!? ” ”Hmm, all of us? ” Ruby was honest, she, Sasha, and Violet didn ’t care much about protection, and since they ’re vampires, they can keep doing lewd acts for quite some time. Consequently, her entire interior has already been completely filled over and over again. One of the reasons for this is his low fertility which has already been proven by Scathach that the progenitor is different from other vampires, but even knowing this risk, the girls did not stop. They were so used to being filled that it got to the point that if they didn ’t have their uterus completely filled by their husband, they wouldn ’t be able to sleep comfortably. Well, at least that ’s the case for Ruby, but she was pretty sure Sasha and Violet thought the same. ”Eh…? ” She looked at Ruby with wide eyes, and unconsciously her gaze went to her private parts. Anna ’s face darkened even further; ’The garden has already been sown! Holy fuck! ’ She crouched on the floor and held her head: ’Should I expect more grandchildren? Knowing the young, they should do it whenever they get the chance, and since they ’re vampires, they can do it over and over again and again… ’ Thinking of the vampires who, in Anna ’s mind, were degenerate beings with almost infinite endurance and who could practice dual cultivation for as long as they wanted and sink into depravity. She can ’t help but think: ’… So jealous-. ’ She shakes her head several times to get that thought out of her head. But even if she was trying to get rid of that thought, it wouldn ’t get out of her head for the single, simple reason that humans didn ’t have much resistance when it came to sex, and Anna knew that beings like vampires could have sex for days at a time if they wanted to. And that ’s something that made her slightly envious because that ’s impossible for humans unless the human takes pills. ”Hmm, Lady Anna? ” Hearing a child ’s voice. Anna lifts her face and looks at the girl. ’…She looks like Victor. ’ … She doesn ’t look like it ’s just a hallucination caused by a mother ’s delusions… Anna didn ’t even think about the girl ’s age, which didn ’t match considering that, if Victor had a child, she should be a baby now, right? But in the woman ’s mind, supernatural beings are beings capable of ignoring that and making a child grow into a girl in her early teens, which she wasn ’t wrong about either. While it was fun to see Anna ’s expression and misunderstanding, Ruby didn ’t want to play with the woman too much and let this misunderstanding spread even further. Ruby lifted Nero and placed her on her lap. ”… ” Nero raised her brow slightly when she felt Ruby ’s bulging breasts on her, and a thought couldn ’t help but pop into her head: ’Nuke bombs… Mt. Everest… The Holy mountains… ’ Her brain filled with adjectives for the sensation she was feeling behind her back. ”Anna, meet my adopted daughter, Nero Alucard. ” ”Adopted… ” Anna repeated to herself, understanding what was happening. ”Nero, meet my husband ’s mother, Anna Walker. ” ”She ’s your grandmother. ” ”Grandmother… ” Nero repeated to herself with a cute face. Anna felt several arrows piercing her heart in front of such cuteness and controlled herself as much as possible not to scream in excitement as she always does, and assumed a kind face. ”Grandmother? ” She looked at Anna as if she had asked something. Anna ’s face became kinder and more motherly as she spoke in a tone that took Nero by surprise: ”Welcome to the family, Nero. ” She approached Nero and knelt in front of the girl: ”My granddaughter. ” ”… ” Nero opened her eyes wide, and tears threatened to fall from her eyes, but not wanting to show weakness, she buried her face in Ruby ’s breasts. ”Mm. ” And just made a simple sound as she shook her head.

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